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Pleasures and Pain

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The night was ominous and dark. The air outside felt heavy with the approaching storm, lightening sizzled and boomed in the distance. She briefly wondered if the storm might somehow stop this nights events. The electricity in this part of the countryside was prone to failure during the worst of the storms which swept the land. With a grunt she let that thought go. "What do you need light for when you are blindfolded?" she asked herself. Of all the nights for the wind to blow, this was the most inopportune one. She knew that he would be annoyed if her hair was out of place. She had taken great care to arrange it just so. With a sigh, she quickly opened the car door and stepped out into the stiff breeze. "Its going to be a storm all right." she thought as she hurried to the door of the house. This door had always seemed a portal to her. A portal to a world where her fears and her worries were taken from her. She took a deep calming breath, and reached out to quickly knock on the door. Suddenly, before she could touch the knocker on the door, it was forcefully opened from inside. She gave a startled squeak, and gazed at the man standing there. He looked at her, a strange gleam in his eyes. With a slow and practiced care he let his gaze slide over her face, through her hair, down across her breasts which strained at the thin clingy fabric which the dress was made of. He let nothing show on his face as he continued to inspect her, looking for one thing out of place, never saying a word; only his eyes moved as his look swept across her torso, and down each leg to the beautifully manicured toes in each of the stilletto heels she wore. With an achingly slow motion he had used many times before with her, his gaze returned to her face. His eyes were like blue rays, searing her soul, wiping away her doubts. The sight of the man standing before her excited her, and caused the shaking in the pit of her stomach to jump to a fevered pitch. After what seemed a very long time, he gave an almost imperceptable nod and moved aside of the doorway, inviting her in. Trying to contain her excitement, she stepped into the house. The heels of her shoes gave a strange clacking knock on the tiled floor as she took a step into the room and stopped. She listened to the door as it gave a soft yet terrifying click of closure, as if to say 'Here you shall never leave'.

He stood behind her and continued to gaze at her, sweeping his eyes again through her hair, making a mental note to pretend anger at the way it lay on her shoulders. The wind had already left its mark on her. Soon he would add his own. Her hair was dark in color, and styled in a very attractive cut. He had known for some time now that a womans hair was one of the things that most attracted him. He let his eyes take in the colors of the dress across her back, trying not to be in a hurry as he looked down across her beautifully shaped legs and ass. If she had been looking at him she would have seen the tightening of his face as he looked with longing at her rounded butt; the way dresses hugged her curves and shape always drove him mad with desire. The fragrance of her perfume, a mix of her desire and vanilla, floated on the air. He had told her that she was only to wear her favorite spray, as if she ever wore another. The smell of her seemed to ignite his desire; already his pants were becoming uncomfortable in the groin. He knew that they had all the time in the world if that is what they wanted. But he liked to give the impression that he might be impatient with her. It was all part of the silent domination; this was the reason she had given herself to him so completely. A large bolt of lightening lit up the windows as he wiped a quick smirk from his lips; the thought of what lay in store for her this evening lay heavy on his mind.

With a practiced carelessness, he held out his hand and simply pointed toward the side room. She turned her head and started toward the doorway. She knew that she shouldnt keep him waiting; he wouldnt be patient for long. This room had a variety of furniture and accessories in it. There was a place to hang up a persons coat, and a row of stand hangers for a persons clothing. There were dressers full of different types of undercloths, and a huge mahogany vanity for touching up ones make-up and hair. She quickly doffed her dress and hung it with a care on the rack. He liked it when she left looking just as good as when she had arrived. She left the stillettos on; any woman knows that a man truly appreciates the way a womans ass looks in high heels. Her bra was part of a matching set, bought at an expensive boutique on one of their rare shopping trips. She stopped and glanced at her reflection in the mirror overlooking the vanity. She did like the way the bra and panty fit her curves. The material was was of Japanese silk, very soft and quite sheer. Certainly nothing was left to the imagination, she thought. Fortunately for her she wasn't embarrassed by nudity. The outer lace of the garments was hand stitched, and seemed to have been made with her figure in mind. With a sigh she removed the all too sexy garments; sighing partly because it felt good to be naked again, and partly because she always felt as if he were somehow touching her skin when she wore the things he gave to her. She quickly placed the clothing in a drawer and returned to the outer room where he stood watching her. With a shiver of excitement she realized that the crotch of his pants had a pronounced bulge. Had his eyes had that fire in them when she walked through the door? With the feeling of a runaway train rushing through her, she stopped in front of him, and began her service to him.

He stood there, looking into her eyes again. How long ago had she taught him to read a persons thoughts, glimpse their soul by looking into their eyes? He had only to look, and all of her secrets were there for him to see. He saw that she was ready for whatever the night would hold. He turned and silently commanded that she follow. He slowly and quietly walked up the stairs, past the other rooms in this house, and walked into the master bedroom. There was a huge four poster bed to one side; he had made sure that the bed would be fresh and comfortable, a haven she would want when his hunger was satisfied. Curtains hung from the posts, surrounding the bed, blurring the sight of anything or anyone who might be on the bed. It seemed to make a private area for whomever might sleep there. Although he was tempted to command her to service him on the bed immediately, he knew that what he most craved was something else entirely. He stopped in the middle of the room and turned. She had done as commanded and followed him. He stared intently at her, trying to find any doubts or fear she may have. Had she changed her mind in the last few days? He saw almost immediately that she was ready, wanting to experience this with him. He allowed the wash of his emotions to show in his eyes. He felt buried in the wave of love and lust for this woman, a wave which threatened to overcome him. With a deep breath he took control of his emotions, commanding himself to be calm.

She stood there, her heart rapidly beating, waiting for him to begin. She had been mildly surprised when he had explained what this night entailed. After he had explained fully what he desired, she had been close to shock. She was unsure whether she could do the things that he had asked. It wasnt that anything had rubbed against her limitations, for she knew that there was nothing she wouldnt do for him. But what he most desired was something she had never tried. She was determined to follow through with this evenings activities. So with a mental shrug she decided she would do her best to satisfy him. They both asked only that of each other, for each to do their best. She stood there, looking at him, loving this man who embodied all that she had ever wanted in a man. He was a man of many faces, with a single layer of vulnerability underneath. He was ruggedly handsome, and had a quick smile. His eyes sparkled with the deep blue-green of the ocean when he was happy; they twinkled with a spark when he was being a wise ass. She loved his way of respect, both for himself and for those around him. But what she most loved was the way that he treated her, with a passion and a level of control she had craved all her life. He had captured her heart soon after they had met, and she knew that he had no intention of letting it go any time soon. She watched his face as he let his guard slip just a bit, watched as his emotions took hold of him and became a raging torrent in his eyes. She could see the love and the lust warring for domination inside of him. She gasped as a wave of energy came forth from him, washing over her. She was frightened by the intensity of his emotions; yet she saw this as his challenge, the opening shots in a war for control. With a grip on her own emotions, she straightened her stance, and sent her own love pouring out toward him. A wave of her own love washed over her, came pouring out of her core, and met his in the no-mans land between them. This was the moment, this was the time he would either give up control, or she would be asked to leave. Their eyes seemed almost to spark and flash with their own power as they stood there in a silent war, the lightening crashing and roaring in the windows with the storm outside. She stood there, allowing him to see her love for him, refusing to give in to him. Soon, she noticed that his eyes were softening, his stance was bending ever so slightly, the intensity of his gaze was becoming more and more vulnerable. Then, he closed his eyes in a long extended blink, and the control was hers. She had won this silent war. She now had the control to do what she desired with him, to try to satisfy his hunger. The night could finally begin.

He stood there wrapped in her gaze, feeling the powerful desires of the body mix with his love for her. He wanted more than anything to be with this beautiful woman, to simply feel her touching him; to feel the sweet agony of release with her. He stepped forward to embrace her. He desired nothing more than to begin kissing her soft lips, speaking of his aching need for her through their passionate kisses. He wrapped his strong arms around her, enfolding her body in his bear-like grip, and bent his head to kiss her. Her soft lips on his was like putting a flame to gas. The heat of his passion ignited into a raging explosion of lust. He felt his manhood become hard and stiff with wanting her. She moaned in her soft way, telling him that she too felt the need to have him inside of her. His hands traveled down the length of her body. His fingers softly brushed against the folds of her inner core, feeling the wet evidence of her passion. He began to pull away from her, so that they might go to the bed and satisfy their lust for one another. She, however, had different plans in mind.

Control is a funny thing. Having control of him did not mean that she wanted to tell him what to do, or wanted to be treated as a master. For her, control meant that she was able to do what she wanted, when she wanted it. To her, control meant she was the one who decided how they would pleasure one another, and for how long. With a wicked little smirk on her face, she turned and pushed him down into the chair nearby. She giggled as he bounced in the chair, gazing up at her with his need clearly written in his eyes. She wanted to tell him how she desired to have him inside of her, how much she loved and wanted this man to ravish her and leave her screaming in orgasmic bliss. But more than that she wanted to hear him begging for her, watch him as he strove to keep from begging her. She stood there with her eyes locked with his, relishing the feel of her own powerful feelings wash through her. She stared intently at him and softly said I love you to him. She bent over and began to kiss him, darting her tongue between his lips, tagging his tongue with hers while sucking on his lips. Her hands began to loosen his belt, pulling it slowly from around him. She dropped the belt to the floor. Her deft fingers began to brush lightly against his hard and pronounced lump in the front of his pants. She pushed down at his center, squeezing him in her grip. A low moan escaped his lips, the first of many this night she thought to herself. Slowly her hands moved up to his chest, rubbing his broad chest through the fabric of his shirt. Her hands continued up, rubbing and touching him, her lips and voice telling him how she enjoyed and loved him more than any other. She kissed him again, forcefully, feeling her own fluids begin to gush inside of her. With a surpised jerk she gripped the collar of his shirt and began to pull it open. Not wanting to wait for him, her own lust nearly consuming her, she simply ripped open the shirt, pulling the buttons from the material. She felt his years of working with his hands through his muscles, quivering and twitching beneath her. When he could stand the temptation no longer, he began to touch her skin with his hands, rubbing and touching her back, sliding his fingers along the folds of her legs. She quickly slapped his hands away, telling him to calm down. With a look of surprise and a touch of irritation, he gripped the arms of the chair and obeyed. Stepping back, she told him to stand up. He stood up, wanting to run to the bed with her. She stopped him with a hand to his chest. With a quick bend of her knees, she pulled his pants down to his ankles and commanded that he remove them. He stepped out of them and kicked them to the side. She then pulled the shirt from his chest, and told him to get naked. In a flash he did as she asked, tossing everything in a pile to the side. For the second time she pushed him down into the chair. He gazed up at her, grinning that grin of his which reminded her so much of the proverbial kid in the candy store window. She thought to herself, We will just have to wipe that smirk right off your face.

First, she needed to get her head back to where it was supposed to be for this evenings activities to work. And for that, she needed to climax. Soon! Quickly she knelt and reached for the buckles on the legs of the chair. When he saw what she intended, he began to protest, claiming that it wasnt fair, blah blah blah. She quickly stood, and with a bazing fire in her eye, she commanded that he be silent. She glared at him, her irritation clearly seen in her face. When she was sure that he understood that she was in charge, she commanded that he buckle each of his legs to the chair. She then buckled each of his arms to the chair, and stepped back to view her work. He was secured to the chair, with no way to touch either himself or her. Feeling satisfied with this, she walked over and sat in the chair opposite his. She reached into the cabinet to the side, and pulled out her favorite little toy. She knew that the common name for this toy was a 'bullet'; she couldnt care less what it was called. Quickly she took the controller and set it to vibrating. A low buzzing noise filled the room, sounding like an angry bee waiting for its honey. With a hurried sort of casual motion, she dr*ped her legs over the arms of the chair, exposing her wet and throbbing slit to his eyes. She gripped the bullet between her fingers, and began to touch herself. Practice had taught her where she most liked to use this toy. She closed her eyes and lay her head back, sighing with a heavy breath, sounding exactly the same as an addict who has just pushed his next fix into his veins. The buzzing became muted, sounding more muffled. Within a minute there was a sound as of rain sprinkling the pavement. She gave a low cry as she climaxed, rubbing ever more furiously at her own core. She was completely mindless of anything other than her need to climax, just enough to take the edge off. With a cry of mixed pleasure and pain, she climaxed so hard that her honey came pouring out of her middle, soaking the chair she was in. She continued rubbing and stroking her core for a few minutes longer, until it was apparent that she was over the initial explosion. With a final sigh she opened her eyes and gazed with lust at him. What a sight he was to see.

He had sat there, watching as she pleasured herself. He had been surprised at the frustration he felt as he strained to touch himself. So close, and yet utterly unable to stroke his cock as it grew while he watched her. He had tried to tear at the buckles holding him in place; that had only increased his frustration. Sweat covered his body, matting his hair to his forhead and running in rivulets down across his chest and into his crotch. He had sat there, feeling the desire build until he thought that he might actually go insane with the need to cum inside of her. The head of his thick and stiff cock was showing a tiny pearl of the precum which was even now occasionally leaking down the side of his penis. He sat there with a beaten and worn look on his face. And yet, deep within his eyes, there still burned a flame of lust, desire he harbored for her. Even as he settled into the chair to wait upon her pleasure, he felt the carnal desires building inside, wanting to be released. Oh how he ached with the need to spill himself inside of her.

She watched him, feeling the flush of her orgasm slowly diminish inside of her. She had not realized how much she wanted to feel the explosions inside of herself. With a touch of laughter she looked at him, enjoying the sight of his desire mixed with agony. He was normally so strong and in control of himself; she had fallen in love with him because of his unrelenting take charge attitude. She could see that he wanted to break free of his bonds, take control of her and pleasure her into sweet bliss. His lust and frustration was evident by the growling which came from him; a low rumbling, as a snarling dog before it attacks. She knew that he was as harmless as a new born puppy. Oh, he could send her into orbit with just the touch of his hand, of that she had no doubt. She had felt the edge of his roughness, had seen the look in his eye when he wanted to ignore her cries for release. And she knew that he would sooner cut off his own arm than to hurt her in any way. God how she sreamed in agony when she felt her love for this man welling up inside of her.

With a deep breath to clear her head, she stood and walked over to him. Slowly she bent at the waist, feeling her breasts sway with the movement. She liked the feel of her legs in the stiletto heels. She arched her back and ran a hand over her ass, knowing what would happen. Instantly his eyes widened, taking on a crazed and wild look. With a sweet smile, she continued to tease him, running her hands over her breasts and across her stomach. She pinched and pulled at her nipples, feeling a moan escape her lips as she did so. A fresh spring of sweat began to pour off of him. His cock seemed about to split in half as it grew even larger, threatening to blow its head clear off. She continued to torture him, thrusting her sex directly into his face, rubbing at her own core a hairs breadth away from his tongue. God how she wanted to feel him using his tongue on her. She crouched down, kneeling on the floor at his feet. Slowly she ran her hands over his thighs, watching as he broke out in goose flesh. She lightly stroked her nails across his sack, hearing him almost cry out with the need for her. Slowly, achingly, with minute movements, she lowered her head to the crown of his cock, until she could feel her lips just tickling the soft skin of his cock. He tried to thrust up into her open mouth; she had expected this, and quickly pulled her face away from him. An angry grunting came from him, and she again looked at his face. She could feel her own juices running down her leg, and ached with the need to feel him inside of her. With a giggle she realized that this was probably exactly what he was feeling. Again she slowly bent at the waist until she was mere inches away from his cock. She lifted her head, and with a wicked and teasing smile she looked him straight in the eye as she ran her tongue across the crown. She could taste the fluid which now ran constantly from him. She stood, and slowly turned in a half circle, showing her beautiful round ass to his now buldging eyes. Slowly she lowered herself until she had impaled herself on his throbbing cock. She felt that her head might jump off of her shoulders and go screaming across the room on its own if she didnt get him thrusting inside of her soon. And yet she forced herself to stand again, removing him from her inner walls. He began to moan, a low wailing sound of grief and desire. She walked over to the cabinet and removed a small dark bottle which he knew was her favorite lubricant. Kneeling again in front of him, she poured a small amount of the clear fluid into the palm of her hand. She reached out and began to stroke his cock with her hand, all the while watching his face, smiling up into his eyes. After re-applying the lube again to him, she stood and turned her back so that he could see how wet she was at the thought of him.

Finally, when she could stand it no longer, she knelt down and removed the buckles from his chair. She told him that she wanted him to lie on the bed, that tonight she was going to work for her pleasure alone. He quickly agreed, knowing that he would have no problem cumming inside of her again and again. He lay on the bed, and watched in awe as she straddled his waist. With one clean thrust she impaled herself on his buldging and throbbing cock. Immediately it seemed as if a thousand suns went off inside of her as she struggled to stay on top of him. A powerful orgasm went ripping through her core, shattering any thoughts she had. She fell forward and braced herself on his arms, pinning him to the bed as she ground her flowing pussy juices into his crotch. When she again had control of herself she began to grind her clit into him, feeling the waves of her orgasm crash through her again and again. She rocked forward and backward, thrusting herself onto his pulsing and stiff member. She didnt care whether he had an orgasm or not. She could only barely even use the energy to look down into his face. All she wanted was to feel him inside of her, pulsing and thrusting as she rode the wave of her cum.

After some time had gone by, he had no idea how much, she rolled over onto the bed and told him she wanted him behind her. He wasted no time jumping up and kneeling at the foot of the bed as she positioned herself. With a growl and a touch of rage he forcefully thrust inside of her again. He grabbed each of her hips and began to pound himself inside of her, grinding himself into her core. He knew that the head of his cock would rub at the backside of her clit in this postition; it was the reason it was one of her favorites. He absolutely loved the feel of her pussy, grabbing his cock and milking it as she experienced wave after wave of orgasm. After a few more thrusts, he told her thqat he was going to cum inside of her. Suddenly, without warning, she pushed herself off of his turgid cock. With an evil and totally lustful look in her eye she looked back, and told him to fuck her in the ass. In total shock and still not believing her he asked if she was sure. She looked at him and commanded that he fuck her in the ass. With that said he positioned himself at her puckered opening, and with a smooth motion he slid inside of her. With a sound that was half yell and half moan, she told him to take it easy and give her time to adjust. After a few moments she began to rock herself back and forth on his cock. He struggled with all his might not to scream like a jibbering idiot as he felt his own orgasm beginning to build inside of him. No words can describe what he felt at that moment. No beauty in the world could tear him away from this moment in time. As he felt himself pass the point of no return, he grabbed ahold of her hips, and with an angry yell began to thrust forcefully into her. He felt his own loins impacting her buttcheeks, and could almost hear her screams of pleasure as she shook with her own orgasm. With a yell that he was going to cum deep inside of her, he finally surrendered himself, and felt his seed spill into her core. A blinding white light seared his brain, and for a time he knew nothing but the sheer bliss of love with her.

After a few moments, they lay side by side on the bed, both spent from their excercise, both waiting for their energy to return for another go round. She lay with her head on his shoulder, her arm dr*ped casualy over his chest. His arm lay under her, cradling her to his side. After a time, when their breathing had returned to a state of normal, he whispered into her ear, feeling the tickle of her hair on his face.

"I love you", he said.

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