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Paid to be watched Part 5 A slave story

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Marge decided to check her messages as they were driving away from Cindi?s. Steen left a voice mail asking if they could drop Elaine and Barry at her bar that evening. It was already 11:00 and Marge was looking forward to that much needed relief from watching Elaine and Barry at Cindi?s. Marge was planning to use her slaves for her own personal use. She called Steen to beg off, but Steen told her she would make it worth her while. Besides, Steen and Paul were turning into good customers and her slaves were her business. So, she told Alan to drive over to Steen?s Place as the bar was aptly named. One good thing about slaves, she didn?t need their permission. Elaine and Barry had signed the slave contract to last the entire weekend.

Alan pulled into the parking lot. Elaine noticed the sign ?Steen?s Place? and asked, ?What are we doing here?? ?Steen asked us to come over,? she replied. ?You can?t expect us to walk in like this, we?re completely naked.? ?Elaine my dear slut, that?s exactly what I expect you do. Now be a dear, get out of the car and open my door.? Elaine did as she was told. Barry also opened the door for Alan, a sign of respect for his master.

A group of couples noticed Elaine and Barry. They endured the barrage of whistles and catcalls directed towards them. A woman?s voice said, ?check out the white pussy.? They walked to the bar with Marge and Alan. A couple just leaving noticed Elaine and Barry as they walked in. They decided to head back into the bar to see what was going to happen.

Paul, Steen?s husband, spotted them as they walked in and directed them to a booth near the dance floor. Steen was already sitting there. Marge looked around and noticed everyone in the bar was Black. She also saw that everyone was checking out her slaves. It was a semi circular booth and Paul placed Elaine and Barry at each end for the customers? enjoyment. A steady stream of traffic passed by to gawk and stare. All the attention made Elaine uncomfortable, but there was nothing she could do. There was a stage at the end of the dance floor. Some times the customers would put on their own shows. But, Paul thought he had to help things along tonight.

A handsome young Black guy asked Paul if he could dance with his white bitch. ?Go ahead.? Barry watched as he took Elaine?s hand and walked his naked wife to the dance floor. Another customer saw the effect on Barry as he watched his cock grow under the table, and shouted to Paul to check out his other slut. Paul sitting next to Barry, felt around for his cock. He was surprised that it took so little to get him hard. Paul knew that this was going to be an unusual night. Barry, watching his wife on the dance floor sandwiched between two guys, and Paul?s hand on his cock, couldn?t believe he was so aroused again. If only he knew what else was in store for him.

Marge told Paul that Barry got fucked in the ass earlier that evening. ?Really,? said Paul. ?Get on the table on all fours and show me your ass.? Barry did as he was told. He saw the crowd watch him as Paul stuck his finger up his ass. Then he felt two fingers. ?He likes it,? someone in the crowd yells, ?Check out his hard on.? ?Clean my fingers,? says Paul as he placed them in Barry?s mouth to be licked clean. Elaine saw all this from the dance floor. Dancing with two cute guys, whose hands roamed every inch of her body, and watching her husband on the table, she got herself all wet. This did not go unnoticed by her dancing partners.

Paul called Elaine over and told her to get up on the bar and dance. Make sure to give the customers some personal attention. The glasses were eagerly cleared from the bar for Elaine?s dance. The music started as the crowd shouted to Elaine and egged her on. At first she stood and danced to the music. By the second song, she sat on the bar, in front of some of the patrons, both male and female to let them lick her pussy as she worked her way down the bar. Marge had some vibrators and lube in her purse. She handed them to some customers to use on Elaine. On the next dance they took turns shoving the vibrators up her pussy, and shouted their appreciation when she gyrated her pussy around them.

Some of the men shouted for Barry to get on the bar. Since Paul was bisexual he attracted a small Black, gay crowd. He had Elaine get off after the next song. Barry got on the bar. There were more shouts and catcalls as Barry danced above the crowd, his rock hard cock swaying with the music. A patron caught his eye and Barry sat in front of him as he took his cock in his mouth. Barry worked his way down the bar letting whomever wanted play with his cock. Some were content to stroke it, but most wanted to taste it. Marge was getting wet watching the Black lips surround Barry?s white cock. The vibrators were still on the bar. One customer had Barry, lie on his back and spread his legs, exposing his ass, balls and cock. He felt Barry?s hole, already wet from the dripping saliva from having his cocked sucked so many times. His placed one finger in his hole and then another and had Barry lick his fingers like he did to Paul. He then rammed the vibrator up his hole and told Barry to pump it with the music. The customer sitting on the next stool rubbed his cock at the same time. Paul shouted at the customer to be careful, he wasn?t ready for Barry to cum yet. There was on more song. The next customer told Barry to get on all fours. Again he was told to pump the vibrator as it was in his hole. Paul and everyone else noticed the extended hole after the vibrator was removed. The evening was going to be better than he thought.

Barry got off the bar and took his place in the booth next to Paul. Someone asked Paul if he could borrow his bitch for a dance. ?Take her,? he said. ?No, I want him.? The young man grabbed Barry?s hand and took him to the dance floor. The music was fast paced and Marge watched her Barry dance and twist with the Black stud. The music changed and slowed down. It had the desired effect the DJ wanted. Marge saw the stud pull Barry close, embrace him, put his hands on Barry?s ass and pull his body in. Barry could feel his partner?s hard cock against him. Then he kissed him, a tender passionate kiss. Barry opened his mouth to receive his partners tongue. The crowd around them watching. Marge never realized watching two guys could be so erotic. She asked Paul if he was planning on doing more. Paul called over Jermain and asked him if he wanted to do a show with Barry and RJ. ?RJ is already dancing with him, get them both on the stage.? As he walked away, Paul shouted don?t cum in his ass, I?m saving that for me later.

Jermain directed the two dancers to the stage. He could sense Barry didn?t know what to do, so he told him to kiss RJ and then undress him, but leave on his shorts and then do the same to me. Barry did as instructed and then was told to kneel in front of RJ and take off his shorts. But he couldn?t use his hands. So he grabbed the top of the shorts with his mouth and pulled them off his hip. Then he did the same with the other side of the shorts. He kept alternating back and forth until the shorts were down to RJ?s ankles. Then Jermain told Barry to suck RJ?s already rock hard cock. Jermain had Barry do the same to him and had him suck his cock as well. Marge watched as Barry alternated between the 2 black cocks. She noticed the entire crowd focused on the stage and could help but wonder if this would bring in extra business.

Both Jermain and RJ knelt down with Barry and took turns kissing him. Then Jermain laid Barry back and sucked his cock as Barry sucked on RJ. Elaine was aroused watching Barry?s white body between these two Black studs. Of course, Alan?s finger playing with her pussy just added to the excitement. The boys changed positions, and Barry was now sucking Jermain?s cock. Then Jermain placed Barry on all fours. He shoved his cock up Barry?s ass. It felt good and tight. He told RJ to fuck his mouth. Barry couldn?t believe what was happening, but seeing the crowd?s response pushed him to go on. Elaine?s expression on her face let him know she was also turned on. Of course he couldn?t see Alan?s assistance. Jermain set the rhythm pumping his ass, and Barry kept it the same with RJ?s cock in his mouth. Barry felt Jermain pull out of his ass and then felt the warm fluid all over his back. With Jermain?s cock out of his ass, Barry was able to change positions allowing RJ to stand as he continued to fuck his mouth. He pulled his cock from Barry?s mouth and emptied his load all over his face.

Someone through a towel at them. RJ helped Barry wipe the cum off his body. They got off the stage and walked around the crowd as everyone, both men and woman told them how great they were. Many reached out a grabbed Barry?s cock as he walked by. A Black hand, grabbed his cock, and pulled him into a table. A guy with an attractive face asked if he could stop by for a drink later. Barry explained that he would have to ask Paul. ?So, your Paul?s bitch tonight, huh?

The crowd screamed for Elaine to get on the stage. She got on the stage and started to dance. Paul rounded up 3 more Black guys to join her on the stage. They all danced as Elaine undressed them one by one. Elaine took turns sucking the Black cocks, as they strutted around the stage for the crowd?s enjoyment. They then laid her down as one licked her pussy, the other played with her tits, and one black cock was in her mouth. The turned her over on all fours, spread her ass and exposed her asshole for the audience to see. One of them licked her hole, stuck in his finger, and then another. Elaine then sat up on a Black face while he licked her pussy, with another Black cock in her mouth. She was pumping the guy?s face and stroking another?s cock. And, kept working one while pleasing her pussy. She popped the cock out of her mouth and concentrated on her pussy as she climaxed with a shout and a laugh. The crowd responded in approval. Now she had to please the rest of her team. She impaled her pussy on the cock belonging to the guy lying on the floor. She bent over to let the other cock in her ass. Now there was one more to put in her mouth. With all three holes plugged she gyrated to take care of each one. Marge couldn?t believe what she was seeing, her slut Elaine taking on three gorgeous Black hunks. What a sight. With no instructions from Paul, each of Elaine?s holes were filled with Black cream when they had finished. She exposed her leaking holes to the audience from the stage. The cum oozing from her mouth, asshole, and pussy. She walked around the crowd. She let some of the crowd put their fingers in her cum soaked holes and was surprised that both men and women were eager to check her out. One older gentleman, sitting with his wife asked her to bend over and show him her ass. She obliged him as he stuck a finger up her asshole and then used it to mix his drink. His wife put her finger up Elaine?s pussy and did the same with her drink. The old couple smiled at each other. Everyone told her how much they enjoyed the show and wanted her to come back.

Paul and Steen couldn?t have been more pleased with the outcome of this impromptu event. It kept the customers in the bar. Watching Barry get fucked in the ass and the mouth at the same time was more than Paul could take. He wanted Barry all to himself. But first he had to help Steen close the bar.

Marge and Alan watched as their slaves helped the crew clean up the bar after closing and loved watching Elaine?s breasts sway every time she bent over to do something. They weren?t the only ones noticing Elaine. Steen saw Destiny, working near Elaine, constantly touch her whenever she could. First it was innocent little touches, on different parts of her body. But the lingering touches to her nipples, and they way she cupped her ass told Steen Destiny wanted more. She over heard Destiny ask Elaine how she enjoyed her time with the three studs. Elaine told her ?pleasing three men at the same time was an awesome experience.? ?Do you still have some cum in your pussy?? ?Yea, it?s still wet.? ?Can I feel it myself?? ?Sure? says Elaine as she let Destiny place a finger up her pussy. Destiny took the creamy substance and rubbed it between her fingers. Steen was glad to see that Elaine knew her place as a slave. Even though Destiny was a waitress, and 25 years younger than Elaine, she was still Elaine?s superior. Steen thought maybe it was time to give Destiny a treat that everyone could enjoy.

?Destiny, would, you like Elaine to do to you what she did to those three guys?? ?Oh can I?? ?Take her over to the stage and do whatever you want with her.? Destiny took Elaine by the hand and led her to the stage. Marge couldn?t believe she was going to watch another show and was thrilled with Elaine?s stamina. She is turning into such a good business. She and Alan took chairs next to the stage to watch Elaine with this little Black girl. Paul grabbed Barry?s hand took him over to the stage so that he could watch his slut wife. Elaine started with her shirt as she began to remove Destiny?s clothes. She knelt down in front to remove her briefs. ?Take them off with your mouth like Barry did with those guys earlier.? Like a good slave she tugged at her panties with her mouth coaxing down her legs. Elaine had to alternate sides forcing the panties down a little at a time. She got them down to the floor so that Destiny could step out of them. ?You made me wet watching you. I want you to smell and lick my panties so you can see what you did.? It was a strange request, but Elaine had to obey. The crotch tasted salty and Elaine didn?t even want to think about what she was licking. Elaine looked up at and Destiny told her to lick her. Marge was a little aroused with this power play by Destiny. She watched as Elaine grabbed Destiny by her ass so that she could get some leverage and force her tongue up Destiny?s pussy. ?Stick you tongue up my hole.? Elaine found her hole with her tongue, forcing it up as much as she could. Destiny?s face was contorting with the pleasure she was receiving. Destiny then laid on the stage on her stomach and told Elaine to lick her asshole. Again, Elaine followed her instructions and forced her tongue up this hole as far as it could go. Destiny turned over and told Elaine to lie on top of her. She wanted Elaine to grind the 2 pussies together. Elaine went to kiss Destiny as she lay in top of her. She pushed her away saying ?Not after your tongue was up my ass.? Elaine couldn?t believe what she was hearing but did as she was told. Destiny let her suck her breasts and bite her nipples. Then Elaine went to finish off by licking her pussy. She did with a vengeance thrusting her tongue as hard as she could. Then she licked Destiny?s clit when Destiny said ?Bite me, bite me.? She gently bit down on her clit when she got a rush of fluid in her mouth as Destiny climaxed.

Barry could hear what was going on but he couldn?t see anything. He was on his knees in front of Paul sucking on his cock as Paul enjoyed the show. Marge beamed as she saw both sluts in action. She told Paul to put Barry on the stage and do with him what he pleased. Paul dragged Barry on the stage. Destiny and Elaine sat in the corner of the stage. She asked Elaine to hold her as she watched Elaine?s husband with another man. She also had Elaine stroke her pussy while they watched.

Barry couldn?t tear Paul?s clothes off fast enough. Paul took Barry?s head in hands and pulled his face close to kiss. He planted little kisses over Barry?s face before he knelt in front of Barry and placed his cock in his mouth. Marge couldn?t get over the massive Black hands and face on Barry?s cock. Then Paul laid Barry on the floor placed his cock in Barry?s mouth as Paul bent over to get to Barry?s cock. They stayed in this 69 position. Then Paul stood up and told Barry her was going to fuck his mouth. Barry kneeling before Paul pumped his rod with his mouth and hands. Paul had Barry lie on his back and spread his legs so that he could ram his cock up his asshole. Paul pumped the hole as hard as he could. When he noticed the grimace on Barry?s face, he bent over, kissed him and said it would be OK. Paul pumped harder and harder until Barry could feel his hot fluid in his bowels.

Destiny told Barry she wanted to she Paul?s cum in his ass. Barry went over and presented his ass to Destiny. She wiped Paul?s cum with her fingers and had Elaine lick it. Next, she told Elaine to lick her husband?s ass clean. When she was finished she had Elaine kiss her husband so he could get a little taste of Paul.

Paul and Destiny got dressed. It was late and Marge and Alan needed to go home. Paul walked the four of them outside to the car. He looked at the two slaves and said you both did a great job. He kissed Barry, played with his cock and told him he was great this evening. Steen came running out hugged Marge and thanked her for coming by. She handed Marge a thick envelope and said thanks. There were still some people in the parking lot gawking at the slaves' naked bodies. Barry opened the door for Alan. Elaine did the same for Marge, before they both got in the back seat and drove off. Marge smiled, as her slaves seemed to be getting more comfortable with their roles. She was trying to figure out how she can get them for more than a weekend at a time.


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