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Paid to be watched Part 4

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Marge had just gotten off the phone with Cindi. Cindi had heard about the slave couple that she and Alan were renting out. Cindi told Marge that she was having a little get together this Saturday and would like to hire her couple. They were to serve all her guests needs. Since some of them would be ?bi?, she asked if her couple would be up to it. She knew Elaine could handle both men and women. Alan told her about Barry?s experience at his last assignment and knew that he would be up to the task. So, Marge was confident that there would be no problems. Before she hung up, Cindi asked Marge if she and Alan could join them that evening. Marge was so excited she would finally get to see her Elaine and Barry at work. Alan?s idea about hiring this couple they met at a swing club was really paying off. She was pleasantly surprised that this 50 something couple was in such demand. Marge called Elaine and told her that they had another slave assignment this Saturday and that she and Alan will pick them up.

Cindi had asked Marge to come early so that her slaves could help prepare for the evening. She walked into the house with Elaine and Barry. Cindi eyed them both up and down and told them to remove their clothes. ?Right here? asked Elaine. ?You will do as you are told,? exclaimed Cindi. ?Yes, right here in the entry way, and please hand them to Marge.? Elaine and Barry did as they were told and handed Marge all their clothes. Cindi looked them up and down, grabbed Barry?s cock and asked, ?What?s with this hard on?? ?Just a little excited,? he says. Cindi handed them both a pair of black spandex shorts and told then this was their uniform for the evening. Elaine and Barry put on the matching shorts. They were a form fitting, short hot pant type outfit, cut so that the bottom of the ass was exposed. There were no tops to the uniforms.

They helped Cindi get ready for the evening. They took the furniture out of the living room. Cindi had them place a large piece of plywood on top of cinder blocks on the floor. This would be the table. Everyone would sit on pillows on the floor and eat with their fingers. This was the theme of the party. Barry and Elaine covered and prepared the table. The candles were placed and the dishes set for everyone. George, Cindi?s husband, walked in and asked for help unloading the car. Cindi told Elaine to help him. ?The car is outside, you can?t expect me to go out like this? ?Elaine, just do as I say.? They lived at the end of the street in a gated, adult community. Cindi wasn?t worried, besides the neighbors were invited. Elaine walked, in her little slave outfit, to the car. Their neighbor was in the driveway and told Elaine that he loved her outfit. She was so embarrassed, but did as she was told and emptied the car. It took several trips and the neighbor watched Elaine on each one.

The doorbell rang and Cindi told Barry to get the door. Barry opened the door and invited the couple in. They introduced themselves as Anna and John. You could describe Anna as a ?BBW?. She was around 5?5?, weighed over 200 lbs, and had an extremely attractive face. John was the opposite, tall and thin. Cindi walked out drying her hands, ?Can I get you anything?? ? A couple glasses of white wine.? Cindi told Barry to take care of it. He brought the wine back. As Anna watched, John cupped Barry?s ass with is hand and said, ?I hope to see more of this later.? His hand stayed there as Barry handed over the drinks. Not knowing what to do, Barry just stood there as John continued to rub Barry?s ass. Noticing the bulge in front, John moved his hand over Barry?s hard on and rubbed his cock through the shorts. ?Why don?t you show us what you have there.?? Barry pulled down his shorts relieving the pressure on his cock as it popped out. John continued to stroke it commenting how beautiful it was. ?What do you think, Anna?? Now she stroked it saying, ?It will be just fine.? Marge spotted John stroking Barry?s cock and smiled. She didn?t know which turned her on more, a man playing with another man, or just watching her slave with someone else. Cindi looked on from the other side of the room and was happy her party was getting off to a good start. Elaine saw this as well, her pussy getting wet, watching this couple play with her husband?s cock. This is going to be some party she thought to herself.

Alan arrived with the other guests. Linda and David, a couple in their mid 60?s and Gail and Bruce both in their early 70?s. Linda, blond had a medium build and breasts that were so big, they turned heads. Gail was a brunette, slim, with looks that screamed money. She also looked 20 years younger than she was. With Anna and John keeping Barry busy, Cindi had Elaine serve the others drinks as they arrived. She noticed that Bruce had taken a liking to Elaine. He was talking to her constantly and kept touching her as he talked. First it was an innocent tap on the arm, but then she saw Bruce fondle her breasts and rub her pussy through her shorts. It wasn?t so innocent. Elaine was having quite the effect on Bruce. Cindi thought of having the slaves, wear nothing, but that would take away from the surprise later on. Besides she thought the outfits were quite sexy.

Anna came up to Cindy and asked she and John could have some private time with Barry. Cindy told them to use one of the bedrooms, but they had to leave the door open. The slaves were there for everyone?s enjoyment.

Marge notice Anna and John lead Barry down the hallway towards the bedrooms. She and Alan followed them. They got to the bedroom. Anna was sitting on the bed. Barry?s shorts were already off as he stood on front of John. John held Barry?s face between his hands as he pulled it close to him and kissed him on the lips. Then they embraced and kissed harder. John told Barry to undress him. With just his boxer shorts left to be removed, Barry knelt in front of him as he pulled them down so that John could step out of them. Barry grabbed John?s cock, already rock hard and stroked it before placing it in his mouth. John looked down at Barry, stroked his hair and told him he was a good slave with a good mouth. Marge felt herself getting wet and continued to watch, holding Alan?s hand. John pulled Barry up and laid him on the bed. He knelt over him and took Barry?s cock in his mouth. Anna lay next to Barry and rubbed her hands over his chest. Then she placed her mouth on his lips and kissed him. Barry opened his mouth to receive her tongue. Next he realized John?s lips on his cheek and then John kissed him. Both Anna and John taking turns with Barry?s tongue. John turned around placing his balls over Barry?s face. Barry reached up, held them and lowered them in his mouth. He gently sucked them and rubbed his tongue over his balls. Barry feels John?s mouth on his cock and moves his head so that he could suck John?s cock at the same time. Marge was so turned on watching her slave 69 with John. John asked Barry if he had ever been fucked in the ass. Barry said no. John said he would be gentle. Having agreed to be a slave Barry could do nothing but go along. Anna took some lube from her purse and rubbed it on Barry?s asshole. First she stuck in one finger, then two and told John he was ready. Barry lay on his back, with his legs spread as John coaxed his cock in Barry?s hole. He leaned over and kissed him as he pumped Barry?s ass. Marge didn?t know what Barry was feeling but she noticed that his cock was hard as John thrust in and out of his ass. She heard John shout and watched his body shudder as he unloaded inside Barry. After John pulled out, Marge asked Barry to get on all fours and show her his ass. She wanted to see John?s cum as it leaked out. She noticed the creamy substance oozing from his asshole and down his legs. She also notice his cock was till hard. Such was the life of a slave to please and not be pleased in return. Cindi came in to catch the tale end of Barry?s ?act? and then told him to clean up and get ready to serve dinner.

The room was dim, candles were lit as Elaine and Barry served dinner. Everyone sat on the floor and ate with their hands. Both Barry and Elaine made sure that the wine and water glasses were filled and that the guests every need during dinner was met. They served fruit for dessert. Bruce asked Elaine to feed him. She sat between him and his wife, Gail, and lovingly placed each morsel in his mouth. Gail couldn?t keep her hands off Elaine as she tended to her husband. She ran her hands along Elaine?s back, reached in front and cupped her breasts. The she placed a nipple between her fingers and rubbed them back and forth. The goose bumps let her know she was having some effect on Elaine.

Desert was over and Cindi moved the guests to another room while Elaine and Barry cleaned up. She had them remove the tablecloth and covered the plywood with a mattress from one of the bedrooms. Cindi also placed several bottles of Astroglide and vibrators throughout the room. Soft music played in the background. She brought all the guests back to the room for the evening?s entertainment.

They all sat around the table. She told Barry and Elaine to come in, remove their shorts and instructed them onto the mattress. Cindi tells Elaine, ?I want you and Barry to make love while we watch, but first I would like our guests to get to know you more intimately. So I?d like you to spend a little time with each couple. Elaine, I noticed Gail and Bruce both found you interesting. Why don?t you sit in front and spread your legs.? Elaine did as she was told. Her pussy inches from their face as she sat on the mattress, while they sat on the floor. Gail instinctively reaches out and ran her finger in her pussy. ?Gail if it?s not wet enough why don?t you take some lube and see how Elaine reacts with the vibrator.? Gail greased the vibrator and slipped it in Elaine?s pussy. She turned it on and watched the expression on Elaine?s face. It was a strange feeling pumping the vibrator up someone else?s pussy. She was surprised to find herself aroused. She notices Bruce fidgeting with his crotch and asked Elaine to help. Elaine traded places with Bruce and sat him on the mattress while she knelt in front of him. She takes his cock from his pants, strokes it and places it in her mouth as Gail looks on. She rides his cock with her mouth; he stiffens before he unloads in her mouth. Cindi watched the whole thing and told her to ?swallow it.?

Barry sat on the other side of the table in front of John and Anna. John sucked Barry?s cock and then handed it to Anna. They both took turns, but instructed Barry not to cum, so they had to stop after a while. Then they had Barry turn on all fours and place his ass in front of them. His hole looked a little bigger than before, but Anna lubed his ass with her fingers while John greased the vibrator. Then he shoved it up his ass and told him to show the table. John then told Barry to lie on his back and pump his ass. Elaine was surprised to see Barry with a vibrator in his ass, but she also noticed his hard cock. It seemed a little bigger than usual, so she guessed he was more than just OK with it. She saw this ?bi? side once before and was pleased to see him getting into it. Marge was dripping at this point. She didn?t know whom she wanted more, her husband or her slave. Linda and David got on the table and Linda continued to pump Barry?s ass with the vibrator. She felt powerful pumping this male slave?s ass. David knelt over Barry and played with his cock. It didn?t take long before Barry exploded covering himself, David and the table. David told Barry it was now his turn. Barry undid David?s pants and put his hard cock in his mouth. Linda told Elaine to take off the rest of David?s clothes so that he could be properly serviced. Barry helped Elaine get the rest of his clothes off and then went back to servicing his cock. Elaine kissed David passionately, her tongue searching David?s in his mouth. She moved down to his cock and took it form Barry, placing it in her mouth. Barry rubbed his hands lightly over David?s body increasing his sensual pleasure. Linda asked David, ? Who gives better head, Elaine or Barry?? ?Let me have Barry try again.? Barry trades places with Elaine and again places his cock in his mouth. Barry stroking David?s cock with his mouth and hand. It wasn?t long before Barry felt David stiffen and unloaded in his mouth. Cindi told Elaine to kiss Barry and taste David. Elaine placed her lips against Barry as he unloaded David?s cum in her mouth. Some of it leaked down their faces. Cindi told them to lick it off each other and ?swallow it.?

Anna directed Elaine over to her. She handed her a glass of wine so that she could clean her palate. She asked Elaine to open her legs. Then she asked Elaine, ?Do you find me attractive?? as she stroked Elaine?s pussy. Elaine nodded yes. ?Answer the question so that she can hear it? shouted Cindi. Elaine said, ?Yes.? She greased up the vibrator and placed it in her pussy. ?Am I turning you on?? Elaine said ?I prefer the vibrator on the outside against my clit.? ?Like this,? as Anna repositioned the vibrator. ?Yes.? ?Kiss me Elaine.? Elaine bent over giving Anna a passionate kiss. ?Make love to me? says Anna. She gets up on the table and Elaine helps her out of her clothes. She removes her shirt and then her bra. She?s a big woman. Elaine takes her enormous breasts in two hands lifts them up, kisses and sucks the nipples. Anna stands up; Elaine kneels in front of her to take off her dress and underwear. He belly hangs below her pussy, so Elaine lifts it with one hand and try to reach it with her tongue. Anna makes it easy and lies on her back, and spreads her legs. She pushes the flesh out of the way and dives into her tremendous pussy, sucking and licking. Anna pulls her head up to hers so that they can kiss again. Elaine climbs on top on Anna, their bodies touching sending erotic shockwaves throughout. Anna says she?s ready and asks to Elaine to suck on her some more. But first Elaine takes turn with each breast, hold them with two hands, sucking and kissing each. Adding to Anna?s pleasure. Then she places her face on her pussy licking inside those tremendous lips, finding her clit, biting and sucking on it, bringing Anna to a long awaited orgasm.

Elaine is aroused and ready to cum. But as a slave this evening her purpose was to pleasure others. Yet her body was screaming for relief. Cindi sensed Elaine?s frustration and had her sit in front of her. ?Elaine I can see your tense and need some relief. Show me how you take of yourself.? Elaine opened her legs and ran her hands over her body. She took the vibrator, placed it against her clit, and laughed and cried as her body spasmed with a climax.

Barry watched all this with David sitting between him and Linda. Barry and Linda took turns stroking David?s cock. David was so hard after Elaine came, Linda asked Barry to suck him off one more time. Barry positioned himself so that he could piston David?s cock with his mouth and hand. Linda looked on and rubbed Barry?s head as he went up and down on her husband?s cock. It didn?t take long for David to fill Barry?s mouth with his juice.

Marge couldn?t wait to get her slaves home that she and Alan could enjoy them in private. She was ready.

Cindi was more than pleased with the outcome. Although she never got to see Barry and Elaine make love, she was pleased with the way they took care of her guests. She had to end this party soon so that she could have some intimate time with her husband.

The guests got dressed and started to leave. Marge would not let Elaine and Barry get dressed, so they walked outside to the car naked. Cindi and George walked them to the car and hugged them. As George hugged Barry, he stroked his cock and brought it to life. George asked Barry, ?How about one for the road before you leave?? Barry knelt before George as everyone looked on. He pulled down his pants and was surprise when his stiff cock slapped him in the face. It wasn?t long, but it was fat. Barry put his head under George and licked his balls before putting his fat sausage in is mouth. He stroked that cock with his mouth and hands. Within 5 minutes Barry had another load of cum in his mouth. Cindi pulled him up, wiped the cum from the corners of his mouth and told him to ?swallow it.? She kissed him o the lips and called him a good sport. ?You were good slaves,? she said as she kissed him good night.

Barry and Elaine got into the car with Marge and Alan and headed over to their house.


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