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Paid to be watched Part 3

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Marge called Elaine with an unusual assignment. She received a call from two Black couples, who wanted a white ?slave? couple for an evening. The slave couple would be expected to wait and serve as well as clean up. Marge also explained that they were expecting a live sex show and she could only guess at what else would be required. She asked Elaine if she and her husband Barry wanted the job. They were willing to pay triple the fee for the evening. Elaine agreed and Marge set up the appointment for the upcoming weekend.

Alan drove Elaine and Barry to a middle class house in the San Fernando Valley outside of LA. They all walked to the door. This gave Alan a chance to check everything out to make sure everything would be OK for his couple. The fees for booking Elaine and Barry was a nice added income and he wanted to take care of his investment.

A heavyset Black woman greeted them at the door. She appeared to be in her late 30?s. She introduced herself as Steen and invited everyone in. Steen?s husband Paul then met them. Another couple came over and introduced themselves as Louis and Mildred. Steen asked Alan if he would like anything to drink. Alan said he could use a diet coke. She told Elaine to go to the kitchen and get the drink. When Elaine came back, Steen told Elaine, she listened well.

Now that you know how to listen why don?t you hand me your shirt and pants. Wearing only her bra and panties, she had Elaine walk over to Louis and Mildred and ask them if they wanted anything. Louis rubbed his hand inside her thigh and said maybe later. But Mildred told Elaine to get her a gin and tonic.

Paul went over to Barry and had him take off all his clothes. Barry was aroused watching Elaine being ordered around. So his stiff cock sprang out when he pulled his shorts down. Paul grabbed the stiff cock and asked Barry if he liked boys. Barry said no but Paul continued to hold and stroke Barry?s cock. Paul said, ?Doesn?t seem that way to me?. Go get me a vodka and tonic. Barry did as he was told. When he came back with the drinks, Paul sitting in a chair, grabbed Barry?s cock again and told Barry he liked boys. He took a sip of his drink and put Barry?s cock in his mouth. Barry felt the cold mouth surround his cock. He never realized that a guy could turn him on like this.

Alan saw what was going on and asked if Barry was OK. Barry said it?s fine. Alan asked Paul for the fee, took the money and said he would be back before midnight.

Steen had Elaine get her a drink. When she returned she had Elaine turn her back to her so that she could unhook and remove her bra. Then she had Elaine remove her panties. She moved over to Elaine, put her hand on her crotch and fingered her pussy. ?I see my little bitch slave is wet,? says Steen. ?Please take care of it.? Elaine looked bewildered, not knowing what to do. Steen had her sit in a chair, opposite Louis and Mildred. ?Show them your wet pussy. I want to see your fingers play with it and make yourself cum.? Elaine lay back and relaxed in the chair. She closed her eyes and ran her fingers through her pussy. She found her clit played with it and rubbed it going faster and faster. Her body got tense, convulsed and then relaxed as she brought herself to a climax. Mildred called her a good little ho and told her she needed another gin and tonic.

Paul saw Barry touching his cock as he watched Elaine. He motioned him over to where he was sitting. If you feel like stroking a cock why don?t you do mine. Barry stood there not knowing what to do. Paul says, get on you knees and pull down my pants. Barry did as he was told, and Paul?s rock hard 10? cock sprang out as he brought his shorts to the floor. Barry stroked it, when Paul then directed him to suck it. Barry could barley get the thing in is mouth, but got a good rhythm going with his mouth and hand. Then Paul called Elaine over and said he wanted to see if Elaine could suck a cock as good as her husband. So Elaine kneeled next to Barry as he handed her Paul?s cock. He watched as Elaine expertly put all of Paul?s cock in her mouth and jerked her head up and down for his pleasure. Paul, already worked up didn?t take long to unload into Elaine?s mouth. With Paul?s cum dripping out of her mouth, he told her to kiss Barry so that he could taste a real man?s cream. So, while still kneeling in front of Paul, Elaine took Barry?s head and turned it to her and placed her lips on his. Barry kissed her back as she forced the salty cream into his mouth. He was so turned on that he didn?t mind this unusual request. Steen came out and yelled at Paul. You want this white bitch, you can have her later, but I need her now. Elaine, get in the kitchen and start getting the food ready. Barry you make sure everyone?s drinks are filled. So he went over to Louis and Mildred. Mildred ask Barry is he could suck pussy as good as he sucked cock. Barry said ?of course.? And he went to fetch another round of drinks for the couple.

Elaine came out later with a platter of appetizers and passed them around. When everyone was finished Barry and Elaine, picked up all the dirty dishes and cleaned up as the two couples socialized.

Steen had Barry and Elaine return to the living room. ?I promised my Paul a white bitch for his birthday?; she says so why don?t you go to the bedroom with Paul. About 15 minutes later Steen went to check up on them. She found Elaine kneeling over Paul, giving him another blowjob. Elaine took Paul?s cock and guided it into her pussy. She watched as Elaine impaled herself on her Paul?s cock. She was a little jealous, but at least she didn?t have to worry about him doing anything behind her back. And what was that thing with Barry, she though to herself. She never saw that side of him before. She would have to remember to ask Paul about that later. But she had to admit she was getting turned on herself watching Elaine with Paul. She turned around and walked back to the others.

Elaine and Paul returned and the next few hours were uneventful as Elaine and Barry tended to everyone?s needs.

Mildred said she would like to watch Barry and Elaine. Steen directed everyone to the bedroom. Chairs were placed around the bed so that everyone could sit and enjoy the show. Barry and Elaine embraced each other. They were so close that Mildred and Louis were able to run their hands over the back of Elaine as she kissed Barry. Barry lay on the bed as Elaine smothered his body with kisses, starting at the head and working her way down to his cock. She put it in her mouth and gently stroked and sucked it. Soon she stopped so that she could straddle his face for her pleasure. She didn?t realize that Paul had gotten in bed and straddled Barry behind her. She was surprised when Paul hugged her from behind. She tuned around so that Barry could still lick her pussy and she could kiss Paul at the same time. Paul fell back on the bed and Elaine got on top as she took his cock in her mouth. Barry was so aroused watching Elaine suck that big black cock. Then she moved down so that she could place Paul?s cock in her pussy. Barry watched as Elaine pumped that black cock. Her asshole was staring him in the face. Barry couldn?t help but lick and tongue her hole. Steen said why don?t you stick your cock in there. Barry asked Elaine if it would be all right and she told him she would let him know if it hurts. He opened her hole with his fingers, so that he could push his cock against her hole and gently coaxed it in. Paul could feel Barry?s cock as it entered her hole. Mildred gasped when she saw Elaine?s two holes filled. She never saw that before. Louis just sat there rubbing his crotch. Paul unloaded again in Elaine and so did Barry. Louis wanted to see the cum dripping out of her holes. So Elaine obliged by sticking her ass in Louis? face so that he can watch Barry?s cum drip from her asshole. Then she put her pussy to his face as Paul?s cum dripped out.

The doorbell rang. Expecting Alan, Steen sent Elaine to answer the door. The couple standing there were surprised seeing a naked white woman open the door. Elaine told them Steen and Paul were home and invited them in. Elaine introduced herself to Marcus and Shondee. Steen walked over and explained that Elaine was Paul?s birthday present. Marcus, noticing the cum dripping down Elaine?s legs said looks like we missed the show. Steen said stick around and we?ll have a special one for you. Steen told Elaine to get them something to drink, which she did. And then Steen told both Elaine and Barry to get cleaned up. Steen caught them up on the details of the evening. Shondee told Steen she found Elaine attractive and asked if she could get to know her better. Paul overheard the question and his eyes lit up with the anticipation of what was to come.

Barry and Elaine entered the room looking as fresh as ever. Shondee walked over to Elaine and ran a finger down her face. Then she ran her finger over her pussy and smelled it. ?I?m glad you cleaned that up. I hope you?re up for one more.? She held Elaine and kissed her. Elaine opened her mouth and found Shondee?s tongue. Shondee?s hand went to her pussy; she stroked it and fondled her clit. Shondee took Elaine to the bedroom. The others followed and took their seats around the bed, so that they can watch. Elaine took off Shondee?s shirt, pants, and bra. As she knelt down to remove the panties, Shondee shoved her pussy into Elaine?s face. She licked it as Shondee kept grinding her face. Marcus stood behind Shondee rubbing her backside. Shondee laid Elaine on the bed so that she could sit on her face and continued to grind her pussy into Elaine. Marcus was so turned on he took off his clothes and joined them in bed. As Elaine continued to suck his wife?s pussy, Marcus took his cock and slid it into Elaine?s pussy at the same time. He was surprised how easy it slipped in, almost as if it was prelubricated. Little did he know. But he kept pumping until he unloaded his cream inside Elaine. Taking a cue from Marcus it wasn?t long before she came and was able to give Elaine?s face a rest.

Elaine looked up and saw Alan standing against the wall. Even Alan, having seen Elaine in action before had to admit that this was quite the show. Steen told Alan that Elaine was a good bitch, Barry was a good sport, and that she?ll be using the two of them again in the future.


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