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Paid to be watched #11 The Artist's Model

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Elaine looked at the crowd seated behind their easels as she undressed. There was no partition, so the students watched as she removed her clothes. She got up on the platform and posed for the life drawing class. Sitting there naked, her thoughts roamed as they sketched her body. She thought about the add in LA’s alternative newspaper for artists’ models. She thought about the 100-dollar fee she would receive for this evening. She thought about her husband, Barry. Although the money wasn’t as good, this was a better way to earn some extra income. Their last few jobs as sex slaves were just too excessive. She didn’t mind turning control of her every move to her masters. But she didn’t like the pain, and the last job almost cost her, her marriage.

Lost in her thoughts, she was startled when the instructor tapped her to let her know the session was over. He asked her to follow him to his office. Elaine was surprised when he picked up her clothes and instructed her follow him as she was. It was evening and there weren’t many students in the corridors, but the few who were there stared as she walked by them. He sat behind his desk and pulled out his calendar as she stood on the other side. He told her he could keep her busy 3 nights a week, maybe more. He reached across the desk, and pulled Elaine closer to him. His hands roamed her body, knowing no boundaries as he touched her breasts and probed her wet pussy. He grabbed her hand and pulled her down, forcing her to kneel in front of him. She knew what was expected of her and wanted to please her instructor. After all she was trained to think this way. She unzipped the instructor’s pants, and looked into his eyes as she took his cock in her hands. His member grew and hardened as she gently stroked it. Her lips kissed his cock’s tip. Then she licked it with her tongue before gorging it in her mouth. She felt his hands on her head keeping up with the rhythm from her mouth. She closed her eyes to concentrate on the hard cock, the sensation turning her on as well. His hands shifted as he lifted up her chin. She looked him in the eyes once more before she turned around allowing him to enter her from behind. Elaine was already wet so the instructor had no problem penetrating her pussy. No sooner did she close her eyes when she felt his warm cum inside her. She knew it was over and she was just starting to get warmed up herself. Well, she’ll have to wake Barry up when she got home. Elaine ignored the cum as it dripped down her legs. They continued to go over the schedule. The instructor asked Elaine if she would be available the following evening. “Of course”, she answered.

She arrived to class early giving her a chance to chat with some of the students. She noticed an extremely handsome Black guy that she didn’t see the night before. The instructor told the class that they would be sketching two models in erotic poses. He told the models to undress. Elaine watched the Black male model take off his clothes, and she undressed as well. She noticed some of the female students smile as he strode onto the platform. The instructor placed them in a simple pose, with Elaine standing in front of the male model as he wrapped his arms around her, his black skin in contrast to her own. She felt his cock grow hard as it wedged itself in the crack of her ass. Neither of them could do anything and kept the pose as the class sketched them. They were told to take a break and the class gasped when they spotted his 10” erect cock. Normally this would be frowned upon, but the instructor was up to something. He wouldn’t let the models cover up during the break, and the erect cock had no interest in subsiding. The instructor then had them pose in various sexual positions. The class sketched the two as he penetrated Elaine from behind, the front, and while they were on their side. Then he told them to make love as the class observed. Since they were both turned on, they didn’t need much encouragement to go forward. The class watched as he kissed Elaine Their tongues fighting to get into each other mpuths, their lips exploring each other’s body, oblivious to the crowd around them. They were a couple in love, their passion intense, their desire to please each other so evident. Elaine was sitting on the black cock beneath her, their bodies moving to the same rhythm when she looked up and saw Barry standing against the wall, watching. She forgot that she told him to meet her. He must have been OK with everything because he smiled when their eyes met. She also noticed the Black woman next to him and surmised that it was either the wife or the girlfriend. She put them both out of her mind and focused on the cock inside her. She loved the feeling and the connection to her lover. She bent over, kissed him and felt him explode inside of her. She still needed to climax and moved her pussy to his mouth so his tongue could caress and stimulate her clit. She wasn’t sure how he would react to licking his own cum, but he didn’t miss a beat and performed for her pleasure. She ground her pussy into his face as she felt relief on it’s way. That shudder of ecstasy flooded her body and she laughed as she came over and over again. The class clapped when it was over and the instructor asked if they would be interested in doing that in front of a camera. He also taught a film making class and wanted to do a few lessons on porn. Elaine and the model looked at each other and said “yes.” At that point he held out his hand and introduced himself as Jon.

Barry, followed by the black woman, walked up to them. Elaine introduced her husband to Jon. Who in return introduced his wife, Nancy, to Barry. Nancy and the instructor walked away while Barry stayed and talked to the naked couple. A few students came over and asked if they could get some poses with the three of them. Elaine asked Barry to take his clothes off and join them on the platform. The students asked Elaine to kneel in between the two men while she held their cocks in each hand. As the students sketched them, Elaine looked over and saw Nancy take her clothes off as she stood in front of the instructor. She didn’t know why but she felt a tinge of jealousy. Elaine let the instructor have his way with her yesterday. And she went along because she hoped this would encourage the instructor to book more modeling hours. She certainly didn’t love him, but she still wanted to be considered his exclusive whore. She didn’t want to share the instructor. But there was nothing she could do now. She wasn’t about to break the pose. Nancy knelt down before the inspector and took his cock in her mouth. Barry didn’t know why, but felt Elaine’s grip tighten around his cock. Elaine couldn’t help it, her whole body tensed as she watched Nancy and the instructor. She wanted to get between them and break them apart. Nancy looked back and smiled when she saw to look in Elaine’s eyes. The instructor was her’s now and she wasn’t about to give him up to that white bitch. Nancy clasped her lips tighter, drove the Instructor’s cock deeper in her mouth. The students told the group to take a break. Elaine got up and walked briskly to the engaging couple. She kissed the Instructor on the lips as Nancy continued to pump his cock with her mouth. Elaine knelt next to Nancy stroking the Instructor’s thighs. Nancy gave Elaine a hard shove pushing her to the floor. Elaine jumped back up, grabbed Nancy by the hair and tore her way from the Instructor and his cock. He could only smile as he watched the two women fight over him. The students held Barry and Jon back from stopping the fight. Elaine knelt in front of the Instructor, his cock in her hand, ready to place it in her mouth, when she felt herself being grabbed by the hair, forcing her on her feet. She spun around and was face to face with her black opponent. Elaine grabbed both her shoulders, shoving Nancy back down to the floor. As Elaine was catching her breath, Nancy sprang up from the floor in an arc falling back down to the floor with Elaine underneath her. She pinned her arms back and ground her pussy into Elaine’s pussy. She looked at Elaine underneath and spit on her face. “Bitch” she screamed with such venom. She maneuvered her body on top of Elaine’s head, grabbed her by the hair and forced her face into her pussy. Elaine struggled to breath as Nancy cut off her air supply with her body. She relaxed her grip on Elaine, letting her head fall back so that she could catch a breath. Nancy reached behind her and pinched Elaine’s nipple with a free hand. Elaine whimpered. Nancy told her to lick her. When she got no response from her, she squeezed her nipple even harder. Then she felt Elaine’s tongue explore her pussy, looking for her clit. Elaine found it, licked it, and sucked it between her lips. She hurt and was exhausted and did anything to stop the pain. Nancy’s legs still pinned her arms down with all of her weight. She relaxed letting Elaine’s arms free and told Elaine to rub her backside lightly. Elaine complied and Nancy was happy to see that she was able to dominate this woman so quickly and efficiently. She was now hers. “Listen bitch,” shouts Nancy, “I’m his whore and now you’re my whore. Lick my pussy and make me cum.” Elaine didn’t want any more pain and did what she was told and even more. She put all her effort into pleasing Nancy. Elaine wasn’t sure where to put her hands to add to Nancy’s pleasure. So, she let her hands explore Nancy’s body, listening for cues that she found a sensitive spot. As she lay under Nancy licking her pussy, she let her hands run light touches down her back. Then she reached around the front, cupping Nancy’s breasts in her hands, massaging them. Her nipples were hard and Elaine played and pulled on those as well. Physically, Elaine knew that she was having an effect, but she was still looking for something that would make Nancy moan. Her hands went to her back, and cupped her ass. Elaine moved her body allowing her tongue to lick Nancy’s other hole. “Mmmmmm” moaned Nancy. Elaine found what she was looking for. She changed positions, now behind Nancy as Nancy automatically went down on all fours. She kissed Nancy’s ass, and then she licked her asshole, rubbing Nancy’s clit with her fingers as she reached around her body. “Mmmmmm” Elaine heard it again. That was all the encouragement she needed to keep going. “Ohhhhhh, ohhhhhh” Elaine kept it up hearing, hoping that Nancy was about to cum. Then she felt Nancy’s body tense, and shudder, with joy and relief. Elaine was relieved as Nancy now relaxed.

Although Elaine was now aroused, she knew it was her place to pleasure and not be pleasured, so she just accepted her fate and expected nothing would happen. When all of a sudden Nancy ordered her on the platform and told her to spread her legs for everyone in the room to see. “You must be terribly horny right now, aren’t you?” Elaine nodded her head. “Answer me whore!” Nancy screamed. Elaine said, “Yes.” “Then show us all how you play with yourself.” With her legs wide open, Elaine took her fingers and rubbed her pussy with it. Then she leaned back supporting herself with one hand, using the other to rub her pussy and then her clit. She took her clit between her fingers, pulling and rubbing it. The crowd watched her facial expressions as she brought herself closer and closer to orgasm. She laughed and sighed as she brought herself to a final climax.

Nancy walked over to Barry, grabbed him by the hair and walked him over to one of the students rubbing his crotch while watching Elaine. She forced Barry on his knees and told him to take care of this student. Barry looked up in his eyes as he unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down. He pulled down his under shorts exposing a very erect 6” cock. The student stepped out of his pants making himself more comfortable, and then removed his shirt. Now standing nude in front of Barry, he placed his hands behind Barry’s head as he guided his mouth onto his cock. Barry grabbed the student’s ass to give him leverage as his pistoned the cock with this mouth. Then he focused his mouth on the tip of the cock, as he stroked the rest of the shaft with his hand. It was not long belong before Barry mouth was filled with his hot salty, cum. Nancy saw what happened and told Barry to swallow every last bit of it. She ordered Barry back onto the platform, and back on his knees. She then told him to jerk himself off as he knelt before the crowd. He looked everyone in the eyes and watched the faces watching him as he stroked his own cock. He felt that itch rising from his groin, his body tensing before he released his load onto the platform. Nancy handed him his shirt and told him to clean it up. Then she said,” Elaine is my whore and she will please me and me only, do you understand.” “Yes’” Barry said. He couldn’t believe what was happening, what started out as a modeling job for Elaine was turning into a nightmare.

To be continued: We encourage any suggestions for the next chapter from our readers.


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