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Our fmf that turned out different

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We've been chatting with a gal that is very bi, or at least according to her Myspace site and her SLS site. This gal found us first which made it better for all. We got to learn about her and what she is into. Well one night the wife asked her what she thought of me. (NAMES CHANGED TO PROTECT THE INNOCENT) Karen said that I looked hot, specially with the beard. Karen wanted to play with both of us and even described how she would love to have the wife in a 69 position. Then have me fuck her while the wife ate her pussy.

The wife then asked her if she might ever want to just do me, ALONE. Karen said yes, but wouldn't my wife have a problem with that. My wife told her that she trusted me and that the condition would be that I'd come home and fuck her and tell her everything. Now the wife told me this one night during sex and it almost caused me to cum too soon. My wife told me that if I didn't believe her to go and read the messanger archive in the morning. Well I normally do just that, and I was shocked to see that I had been OFFERED OUT!

Well, as I was given the "green light" to play without the wife and with no strings attached, I saw her online that night and talked to her about what the wife told me. Karen was very interested in the idea, but really wasn't sure that the wife was ok with it. However while I was talking to her and the conversation was getting hot, the wife came in and as I was on the webcam, Karen got to see my wife's reaction and even type on the keyboard that it was ok.

The next night, Karen got online about 5pm and I was so fucking horny that I couldn't stand it. I asked her if there was anyway that I could play with her tonight but her daughter was home and couldn't get away. So we arranged to get together the next night. We met at a motel that wasn't high quality, but was about halfway between each other. When she got to the room, we were both a little nervous but then I walked to her, gave her a kiss and after that, things only got better.

We were both trying to see who could undress the other first. Since I had gotten to the room first, I had got the room temp just right. Well, Karen got me naked first and started to play with my cock. Karen got on her knees and started to lick it and suck on it. Teasing me with her talents. Then Karen took my whole cock into her mouth and started sucking like I was the last cock she would ever have. I started to get weak in the knees as she was sucking me so good, that I told her that if she didn't stop, I was going to blow. That is when she grabbed my cock and jacked me off onto her tits.

I told Karen that her blow job was about the best that I'd had with the exception of the wife's. But now it's my turn to please her. I got her panties off and they were soaked as while she was sucking the life out of me, I was telling her how badly I wanted to lick that hot pussy and fuck that pussy till she couldn't take it any more. I got Karen on the bed and went straight for her pussy. Lifting her legs apart, I started to lick her pussy good. I was even gently knibbling on her clit making her squirm. Then I moved so that I could slip a finger into her while my tounge was doing everything I could do to make her get wetter and wetter. Karen is now moaning telling me how good it is making her feel, and how badly she needs my cock in her pussy. I tell her to see if I'm hard yet and stop playing with her pussy.

Karen looks at my cock and it's not completely hard, but getting close. Karen then asks me if I like toys. Karen then asks me if I trust her not to hurt me. I said maybe, that it depends on what she has in mind. Karen then reaches for the bag that she brought into the room. In the bag was a midium sized butt plug and a strap-on harness with what seemed like a 6" cock on it. See Karen had been talking to my wife a WHOLE lot more than I thought she had and had told her that she fucks me with an 8" strap-on toy. Well, I told her that I thought that I could handle what she had brought. With that Karen got the lube out and started to lube up the butt plug. Karen started to suck me gently as she massaged my ass with her fingers. Then she grabbed the plug and started to work it into my ass.

As soon as the plug was in my ass good, I was rock hard. Karen wanted to ride me first and had me lay on my back. Now despite how wet she was when I was licking her pussy and fingering her, she seemed very tight now. Karen rode me and rode me till I told her that I was going to cum. Karen told me to hold on and climbed off me and had me once again cum on her tits. Now I'd put two loads on her tits and Karen told me to clean her tits up. I started to get a towel and she grabbed me bythe cock and told me to use my tounge. Now when I got up, the plug slipped out of me and she told me that if I'd clean her up, the next load would go whereever I wanted it to go.

Well, I told her that I wanted to doggy fuck her and started to lick the cum off her tits. It tasted great, not what I had imagined. Not too salty or nasty. Now while I was doing this, Karen was telling me how I would be a good cock sucker and how well she is going to do my ass. I started cleaning her tits even faster now and when I got done, she went to her bag and started to put the harness on. Now the 6" toy was on the harness now, so she lubed it up and told me to get bend over the bed. While I did, she grabbed her bag and put it close so she could get back in it. Then she started to push her "cock" into me. After she got into me all the way, she started to fuck my ass slowly. She asked me if I was enjoying it that she was having her way with me. I told her that it felt good, but when it was my turn, that I was going to fuck her pussy and maybe HER ass.

Well, Karen said that if I was going to do both, then I needed something more. She pulled out of me and reached into her bag and came out with what seemed like a 8"+ toy. I started to protest that I couldn't handle that much but without any hesitation, she had it on, and lubed up. Karen asked me once again if I trusted her, and I said that I wasn't sure now. Then she said relax, and pushed this cock into me. I could tell that there was a HUGE difference in the two toys, and asked if she had it all in me. Karen said taht she didn't, but for me to hang on. Then she shove it all inside my ass. I hadn't even had time to catch my breath when Karen was pumping me good and hard.

Karen was fucking me good and hard while telling me that this is exactly how she wanted me to do her. She wanted me to fuck her ass and ram my cock into her filling her ass with my finally load. After I agreed to do jsut that, she pulled out and unhooked the harness. Letting it fall to the floor. Then she got on all 4's on the bed. I was rock hard and had she not stopped when she did, I'd blew my load. So I grabbed soem lube and put it all over her asshole and my cock. I pushed it in slowly, but never stopping. After she knew that I was all the way in her, Karen told me to fuck her till I cum. That is exactly what I did. My balls were slapping her pussy and she was growling loudly, screaming at me to cum. Well I couldn't go any more and unloaded deep inside her ass.

I pulled out adn started to head for the bathroom to clean up. Karen asked me if she could spend the night with me rather than me go back home. I told her that I was expected home. Karen grabbed my phone and asked if she could get permission for me to stay, as she wanted more later. I told her that I wouldn't be allowed to stay, but she called my wife anyway. Now the next thing that I knew was that my wife was enroute to the motel to join us. As that was the plan along. Karen told me that clean up but that mywife was on her way. Now I didn't believe her so I got on the phone and talked to her. My wife asked what room we were in and I told her. She told me that she was 10 minutes away.

By the next morning, I had been fucked by both harnesses one more time, had fucked both the wife and Karen, and watched the girls 69 each other and use the harnesses on each of them.

I guess the best part was that during the night, Karen put her harness on and curled up next to me. She had the 6" on and was poking me during the night till I woke up and fucked her pussy while her harness stayed on.

I'm glad Karen found us and that the girls hit it off so well. We've had mind blowing sex ever since and about half of the time it's just me and Karen playing. That is trust in a relationship!

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