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Our Domme

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After a 2 hr. drive I looked in the hotel mirror applying makeup and fixing my short hair. Not without some nervousness. I could see my husband in the mirror behind me doing what I was, dressing as ordered by the Mistress we had "interviewed" with last week. I slipped my simple dress over my naked body, and slipped into heels. I could see him adjusting his sport jacket over his jeans. I noted his broad shoulders and flat belly and again wondered how we came to be here in this hotel preparing to present ourselves to Mistress Janine.

Well, after 20 yr. of happy marriage he had revealed to me his need to be a sub, which I already was, and asked if I could understand that. I didn't. But, with some research I came to understand that men, powerful men looked up to by many, need to release their inhibitions and be totally removed from the reality of the daily stresses. Much like I enjoyed at his hands for many years with orgasms while tied or restrained. I had tried to be dominant, but it wasn't me and came off ridiculous. It was then we sought out a professional. Meeting Mistress Janine for the interview she demanded was the answer. She sat with us both seperately and probed all of our innermost thoughts and wishes. With that, she made the arrangements that we prepared for now. I looked at the man I loved and he asked if I was ready. And without reservation, I replied that I was. And without really knowing what awaited, as we'd met with her apart, I followed him naked under my loose dress, and with very plain heels and left the hotel to Mistress Janine's house, not far.

There she greeted us at the door in a very conservative suit (god knows, I expected some black leather ensemble!) and directed us to a bar area where she made us both a drink. We chatted, and I felt the tension leave the air until she simply stated, "Ok, now both of you strip and put these collars on, and I'll be right back"! Not harsh, just firm. She left the bar area and we looked into each others eyes knowing that this was the point of no return. With a nod and kiss, we did as told and were soon sitting naked with only collars around our necks. In short order, she returned clad in black toeless heels and black bustier and with a nod of approval, quietly ordered us to our knees and to follow her lovely heart shaped ass down the hall. Mistress Janine, as we were to call her, was my height 5'4" but but had long beautiful legs topped by a perfect ass that accentuated her natural breasts and short blonde hair. At the end of the hall, her two leash led naked subs entered a dark room. Quickly, she slipped a blindfold over my eyes, and led to the wall where I felt leather wrist cuffs fastened over my head. She casually ran her hands over my naked body and explained that at first I was just to listen. She turned me slightly sideways and I felt the stinging bite of a paddle? on my ass. "What do you say, bitch?" she snarled in my ear. "Uh, uh, yes Mistress?" Better, she said as I felt her tongue circle my lips, and then the wet of her spit on my face!

I then heard her orders to my husband, "climb up here slave, now bend, that's right, give me your hands". The next sounds were of buckles being joined, and ending with his muffled protests that were answered by a series of loud cracks that could only have been leather to flesh. I knew he must have been gagged as he could only answer her demands with a muffled and garbled attempt at the answers of "yes, Mistress". This went on for some time until I heard the leather again and heard her commands to lick her feet and grovel at her toes. I then felt her next to me and touching my sex. She thrust her fingers into me and then in my mouth ordering me to clean them. I did, and began to feel the warm sensation of total giving in to another. Standing naked with my hands over my head I heard her order me to be licked and felt a tongue probing between my legs, which had to be my husband. "Enough" she barked. Ordered back to his place (?) I again heard the straps and then her warning that this is what you want, to him, and I heard him gag. I could hear wet noises, slurping, and her laughter. She was suddenly at my side and cupping my breast with one hand and my pussy with the other, she asked if I'd like to see. I nodded, and the blindfold was snatched from my face. In front of me, my husband was tied over a bench and was being fucked in the mouth by a man with large hard cock! As she touched me, and then fingered me, ordering me to watch, I found myself getting wet at the sheer depravity of it all. In short order, Mistress Janine had me panting and on the verge of cumming! She quickly turned stating she's ready. With that, the stranger pulled his cock from my husband's mouth and strode to me, and in one move lifted my legs to his waist and shoved all of his cock into my pussy. I struggled, but helplessly, and soon I could feel my soaking pussy cumming from his pounding. I almost passed out until Mistress ordered him to stop and sent the stranger back to the bench where he again started fucking my husbands' mouth. She demanded he keep begging for it, which he did. "You like that don't you cocksucker?" she said. He could only nod until she laughed and with that the stranger pulled out and started shooting gobs of white cum into his mouth and on his face.

The stranger left, and after we licked each other clean for Mistress, and once again adored her feet, we were sent out the door carrying our clothing to talk later, but not be late in the morning for our next training session.

We slept in our room and gently made love, secure in each other, but happy with who were now, and would become.

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