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When I arrived home I could tell my wife was angry. The neighbor girl who lives next door was sitting on our couch; seeing her there was not unusual for she often helped out with little task around our home, things like feeding the pets or collecting the news papers when we were away. But this time was different for she had the look of fear on her face as my wife stood over her shaking her finger at her as if though she had been scolding her. Before I could ask what was going on my wife grabbed the young girl by the hair, turned her face towards me and announced that Melissa here has been snooping in areas that she does not belong. Melissa’s eyes looked to the floor in shame as my wife told me that she came home to find her on our computer looking at our pictures and videos. I looked at my wife for clarification and as she recognized my quizzical expression, she said yes Melissa here has been reviewing all our X rated files. Now it was I who had a scared and embarrassed look, for we have some pretty raunchy pictures and videos we have collected over the past few years of our kinky life. At least kinky and raunchy by most people’s standards and certainly by this young neighbor girl of ours and her very strict parents.

Just out of high school and having lived a very sheltered life, Melissa was somewhat a homebody and did not seem to have much social life which is perhaps why she found our graphic files so tempting. And these pictures and videos are as X rated as they come. We have pictures and videos of my wife taking on several guys at once with large black cocks stretching her ass and dumping huge amounts of cum in her mouth. Several times I was able to shoot close ups of cocks in all her holes at the same time as she frantically bounced up and down on the stiff hard veiny shafts of strangers. There were plenty of pictures of my wife sucking and licking pussy and fucking other girls and being fucked by other girls with multitude of foreign objects. It was easy to understand what was at stake here but my wife seemed to have things under control fore she was threatening to tell Melissa’s parents if she did not do exactly what she was told or if she ever spoke a word of what she saw.

Melissa’s expression went numb when my wife pulled her by the hair forcing her head back and exposing her smooth young neck line and the top of her chest which was visible due to the top button or two being undone on her blouse. My wife instructed me to come over and she positioned me in front of Melissa and told me to take out my cock. I began to get aroused as I slid my pants down to my thighs and watched my wife slip her hand down Melissa’s top and begin fondling her perk little titties. I was instructed to rub my cock on Melissa’s face and around her mouth and when my dick was nearly fully erect my wife pushed Melissa’s face towards my cock, pinched her nipple harder and harder until she opened her mouth and let me in. Melissa slid off the couch and onto her knees as my wife held her hair by the back of her head and pumped my throbbing erection with Melissa’s mouth. Occasionally Melissa would gag when she would get shoved down to deep onto my shaft, but for being what may have been the first cock in her mouth she was doing quite well for my cock is nine inches long and as big around as her wrist.

Mean while my wife had Melissa’s blouse completely unbuttoned and was now working on her pussy from up under her skirt. Melissa was lightly moaning and gagging as my wife had slipped her little white cotton panties aside and began inserting her finger into Melissa’s sweet little pussy. Occasionally my wife would pull her fingers to her mouth and suck Melissa’s juices off them, reach up between her own legs and under her skirt, rub her own clit and then back into Melissa’s little pink hole. I took over Melissa’s head and I continued to fuck her face while my wife pulled her panties off , sat down on the couch next to where Melissa was kneeling, hiked her skirt up and began banging herself while watching me pump my cock in and out of our young neighbor’s mouth.

It took all the control I had to keep from exploding in Melissa’s soft little mouth especially when my wife lifted Melissa’s skirt from behind, pinched together her little white panties forming a small cotton thread between the cheeks of her tight little butt and then began hoisting them upwards until they were buried in the crack of Melissa’s young ass. Melissa would moan and twitch when the thin white cotton material would cinch up into her pink little slit.

Soon my wife grabbed a hold of Melissa’s hair again, pulled her off my cock, spun her around on her knees and shoved Melissa’s face down between her legs and instructed her to start licking. Melissa did as she was told and licked and sucked on my wife’s wet pussy until my wife told me to stick my dick in Melissa. With that Melissa tried to pull her head up in protest, mumbling that she had never been with a man that way, but my wife shoved Melissa’s mouth back down on her juicy cunt and insisted I fuck her virgin pink hole. As Melissa’s voice was lost in my wife’s wet box I slid her panties off over her firm round ass. I spit in my hand and wet the head of my cock, rubbed it up and down her pink moist slit and slowly began inserting the tip of my dick into her young little pussy. It was tight but moist and as I pushed in deeper Melissa’s head wiggled frantically between my wife’s legs and soon my wife through her head back while holding Melissa’s face to her cunt with one hand and pinching her own nipple with the other she let out a huge orgasm and gave Melissa’s face a major cum bath for my wife is a serious squirter.

As Melissa backed up to catch her breath from the spray of my wife’s orgasm I was thrusting forward causing nearly the entire length of my shaft to sink deep into her pussy popping her cherry. With that Melissa got extremely excited and began shoving her pink little pussy back onto my cock like she could not get enough of it in her. My wife was enjoying the dominate roll and wanted more, so she instructed Melissa to remove the rest of her clothes and to come lay back in her lap. When Melissa laid the back side of her naked little body on my wife, my wife immediately reached up over her and began probing Melissa’s wet little pussy and playing with her firm young breast. I stood between their legs and watched Melissa began to play with herself as my wife had a couple of fingers from one of her hands probing her own wet hole while one finger from her other hand was penetrating back and forth between Melissa’s squeaky clean little ass hole and her freshly fucked pussy.

Soon I was then instructed to take turns stuffing my cock in their pussys for my wife wanted to feel their juices get passed back and forth. My wife’s pussy was by far the wettest but after my cock had made several trips back and forth between my wife and Melissa they were both getting pretty sloppy. After a couple more gushing orgasms from my wife, she reached down and pulled Melissa’s legs up to her chest, holding them spread open exposing the hole of her young little ass. I was then instructed to take it her ass, I am not sure if Melissa knew what anal sex was about for she did not say a word and just kept rubbing her clit. So with the combination of their juices being the silky cum from my wife mixed with a little red tint from Melissa’s cherry I slathered as much on my cock as I could and then finger painted the opening of Melissa’s sweet little ass hole with the same. Now with things well lubed I began inserting my cock into the tight virgin ass of our young little neighbor, as the pressure would get to great I would pull out, dip my cock into my wife’s dripping wet pussy and then back into Melissa’s ass. Eventually I had most of my nine inches of cock buried in Melissa’s ass as she was violently rubbing her clit and squeezing her perk little nipples. Just as Melissa reached a wild orgasm I too was pounding her with all my might as I filled her sweet little ass full of my sperm. My wife went crazy and grabbed Melissa by the hips and pulled her used little ass up to her face. With that I took charge of Melissa’s face and again thrust my cock in her mouth so that she could suck the juices off of me while my wife licked her little crotch squeaky clean.

By the time we were done with our little neighbor that day we turned her into a little sex slave slut and over time not only did we have her fucking all our friends, but also had some great pictures and videos of her getting gang banged by my wife’s black studs. Needless to say at least with Melissa our secret is safe.

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