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Naughty Pictures

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Sam was in a bad mood, He was a photographer and heâ??d lost an envelope filled with pictures. Explicit pictures. Heâ??d done a few errands- made some copies at the printers, then made a few stops on the way home like Home Depot and the library. The pictures must have fallen out of his pocket on the way home. He wouldnâ??t care much as he still had the digital images on his computer but the envelope had his personal contact information printed on it and the pictures were, well, damn explicit.

He retraced his steps but didnâ??t find them. Well, all he could do is hope that heâ??d dropped out at Home Depot and that right now some guy was jerking off to them.

The next day Sam got a message on his answering machine. It was a womanâ??s voice saying sheâ??d found something of his at the library and if he wanted it back he could come to the library at closing time and ask for Miss Nicky. Ok. That didnâ??t sound too bad. The had been found by an adult, not some kid. And he didnâ??t even have to reprint them.

A few minutes before closing time Sam pulled into the library packing lot and walked into the building. There were no more customers and the staff were packing up to go home. Sam went to the check out desk and asked for Miss Nicky. He was directed to an office at the back of the library. As he walked across the floor the last staff person dimmed the lights and locked the door. She called out, â??Iâ??m locking up but you can get out after Iâ??m gone.â??

Sam went to the office at the back. The door was closed and he hoped Miss Nicky wasnâ??t gone yet. Or maybe it would be better if she were and the envelope was just sitting on her desk. But, no, a womanâ??s voice called out, â??Come in.â?? Sam braced himself for the embarrassment of getting his pictures back.

The desk light was glaring in his eyes so he couldnâ??t see very well but he could make out a woman behind the desk. He couldnâ??t see her face. Sam stood there waiting for her to acknowledge him but she kept on typing something on her computer.

â??Iâ??m here to pick up the envelopeâ?? he said. She kept on typing, making him wait. Damn, Was she going to give him a hard time?

â??Wellâ??, she finally said, looking up. â??That was a nice little surprise you left on the reference desk. Youâ??re lucky Iâ??m the one that found it, not someone else. She opened the envelope and pulled out the pictures, looking at each one slowly.

â??Look, leaving them here was an accident. Are you going to make it hard for me?â??

She got up from her desk and went to the door behind him and locked the door. â??Yes,â?? she said simply. â??Yes, I expect Iâ??ll make it hard for you.â?? He got his first good look at her now. Proper librarian starched shirt but just a little too tight, tight knee length skirt, wide black belt, high heels. Red hair up in a bun, glasses.

â??Those are some very naughty pictures you have there, Sam. What do you think should happen to someone who takes pictures like that and leaves them around for others to findâ?? Miss Nicky asked with in a stern tone of voice. â??Sam you know that you must repay me in some fashion for not exposing you." She paused and walked right up to him brushing her breasts against his chest and looked him sexily in the eyes. â??I think you need to be punished for leaving these explicit photos here. I see by your photos that you are the kind of man that desires a real woman that can keep you in line and satisfy your secret desires. You will be my sex toy and slave and in return you may have your photos back.â??

Reaching down she brushed her hand down his leg in a sensuous manner and gave his tight ass a nice squeeze. â??In other words Sam you are mine, at my beckon call and believe me I have plenty of plans for you. Meet me tomorrow afternoon at my house and come prepared to be and do anything I ask of you." None of this was what Sam was expecting but he was definitely excited by her boldness. â??Yes Maâ??am. I will be there as you wish and I will do anything you ask of me" Nicky jotted down her address and handed it to Sam. Then suddenly remembering that they were completely alone in the building, she walked back to her desk and pulled her skirt up high enough for Sam to see she wore no panties. Sitting back on the edge of the desk she motioned him to her and guided him to her shaven pussy and told him to lick her softly.

Finding this all very erotic Sam did as he was told. Nicky leaned back and supported herself with one hand; the other gripped his hair and pulling his face into her. After a wonderful orgasm Nicky composed herself and reminds him to be on time and be prepared to act out some of his photos with her.

As Sam left the library that night he is felt as though something surreal had just happened. Wow he thought as he opened the envelope of photos that he had just retrieved. To his surprise he did not find the original photos. Those had been pictures of him in a three way with two girls. Instead he found just one photo- a picture of Nicky dressed in a super sexy black leather outfit, looking oh so dominating with a whip in one hand and wearing a strap on cock. Sam stopped in his tracks as he got some idea of what Miss Nicky had in mind for their encounter. This woman who wanted to play with him actually wanted to FUCK HIM IN THE ASS! From time to time he had thought of what it would be like to be dominated and sexually consumed by women- who hasnâ??t? But now itâ??s not a fantasy and she has me by the balls so to say. Laughing to himself he headed home all the while dreaming of what may be ahead, Deep down knowing that he really is turned on by just the thought of it all.

As he arrived home suddenly that photo flashed vividly in his mind. He opened the envelope and took another look. Sure enough in the photo Miss Nicky is wearing wrist and ankle cuffs on MMMM.. So she also likes to be dominated! This gets more interesting by the minute.....

Sam drove up to Nicky's house as she requested and parks on the curb. Feeling a bit nervous he sat in the truck for a moment before getting out to walk to the front door, He knocked and waited for her to come to answer the door. Much to his delight she opens the door dressed in a very sexy outfit obviously ready for his arrival. As Nicky invited him in she asks him if he is ready to be punished! Sam lingered for a moment as he looked at her up and down before he stepped inside.

"Yes, I am ready for to be your sex slave today and to pleasure you in more ways than you may know!â??

Sam instantly embraced her pulling her close and kissed her with all the passion that he has. He had his own plans for the day. The kissing and exploring continued for what seems like a long time. Sam eased away and opened the bag that he brought with him. He pulled out a blind fold and puts it on Nicky! She started to protest only to find her words smothered by his kiss. Without hesitation Sam over powered her and puts wrist cuffs on her instantly clipping her hands behind her back. Then she felt him attaching a collar around he neck and then ankle cuffs!!! Resisting Nicky tried to take back the control she thought she had and simply is over powered as Sam puts tape across her luscious mouth. She is now as helpless as she could be!

She heard him moving about and she sensed an unbelievable feeling of raw sexuality as Sam circled her, brushing occasionally against her with very light touches, first on her face, then her inner thighs. Sam forced her legs a part clipping a bar to her ankle cuffs rendering her totally defenseless. Sam continued to circle and caress Nicky as he enjoyed seeing her in this wonderful state of helplessness.

Opening his bag again he removed a camera and took a few photos knowing the Nicky can't stop him. He stepped close to her not touching and whispered in her ear that she looks extremely hot all tied up and that he can't wait to take his time with her. Back to the bag he retrieved his own outfit for the occasion. Nicky heard him as he removed his clothes especially the sound of his zipper going down! She was hot with anticipation as to what Sam was going to do to her and could feel her wetness beginning to seep out of her pulsating pussy. More noises. Something is about to happen, but nothing..... Then she felt something cold on her hip. What could it be? All of the sudden her panties are off! She is totally exposed. He cut the side straps and now has access to her now dripping cunt. Sam moaned with delight as he brushed a finger ever so lightly and tasted her wetness.

Stepping behind her Sam guided her over to the nearest couch. Bending her torso over the back of it, â??MMMMMâ?? he murmured as he reached for his whip and lightly caressed her wonderful ass with the leather strings of the whip. With one single finger Sam started to lightly rub against her ass and soon she feels him sliding his finger inside her. Sam pulled out gently and licked her, teasing her ass hole with his tongue and then slid something larger into her. Nicky is so hot that she feels almost faint. Suddenly her ass is vibrating and it felt outrageous. She heard the click of the camera and then the slap of the whip! Nicky was helpless and knew now that SHE was about to get fucked in the ass, not him! Then Sam stopped the whipping and grabbed her hair pulling her up from the couch to a standing position. He turned her around removing the tape from her mouth and kissed her ever so passionately. She was shocked as he removed her blindfold as she noticed the leather outfit that he had on, his cock and balls protruding in all their glory through a harness much like a strap on harness. He also wore a chest harness that complimented his physic and looks very hot to say the least!

Sam looked her in the eyes and said, â??Now you have some idea how I like to play. Itâ??s up to you if you want more of where I'm headed or do you really want to take back the control you thought you were going to have over me.â?? Nicky hesitated, and then simple says â??Turn me loose and letâ??s see where this goes.â??

Sam turned his eyes from hers and grabbed the camera for a few more shots from all sides as she looked at him, waiting to be released. Then he put down the camera and really really slowly slid his hands and tongue down the length of her body till he is kneeling in front of her and slowly unhooked the cuffs on her legs. Nicky found taking off the cuffs as hot as putting them on. Moving this slowly the moment when her legs are released gives her an erotic jolt. Sam stepped back for a second to take a picture as she stretched her legs while her arms and hands were still bound. He put down the camera and stretched himself against her back, holding her arms with his, still his captive. They ground their bodies together like this for a delicious moment, then he undid the cuffs on both hands.

Sam turned to her with a smile. But Nicky was not smiling. Her eyes were blazing and the energy she was putting out is totally different than it was less than a minute before. Sam inadvertently took a step back and wondered if he did the right thing releasing her bonds.

Looking in his eyes and without saying a word she handed him the cuffs. She didn't need to say a word. It was perfectly clear that she expected him to put them on himself. "Ok, he thought to himself. Here we go." He slipped them on both hands.

"Turn Around. Don't you look at me." He complied. Nicky- or should we say Miss Nicky- grabs the chain on both cuffs and roughly jerked his hands behind his back. Sam lost his balance and she eased him onto his knees. Then she cuffed both hands together behind his back. Then nothing. No sound, no movement. Just Sam, on his knees facing away from her, wondering what will happen next. Then he heard a click, click from the camera and again more silence. Sam started to turn around.

"Don't move. At all," she said. "I will tell you when you can. Do you understand?" "Yes.â?? he replied "Yes what?â?? she asked?

"Yes, ma'am" She moved one hand down his back, very slowly, trailing her fingernails along his skin. Miss Nicky reached between his legs and stroked his cock. His mouth opened and his breath was comes hard now. He let his head fall back and groaned. She stopped touching him.

"I told you that you couldn't move at all, and now you have. That's not acceptable to me and you will now pay for that," Miss Nicky told him, firm voice in control. He shivered with the thought of what she might do to him.

"Don't move," she said and walked over to the armoire and opened it. Miss Nicky reached for the top drawer and slides it open, revealing a selection of toys. Selecting what she wants she returned to stand in front of him. ?"Your ass is so fine." she told him. "You know what I'm going to do to it, don't you?" she asked. No answer. A quick slap with a leather whip makes him gasp. "I didn't hear you." she said.

"Yes, ma'am, I do." "Bend over, and lean forward." she told him. He did, very slowly. Miss Nicky watched as he bent over. All she could feel was her own desire.

"Tell me. I want to hear you say it. What am I going to do to you, Sam? " Sam hesitated. Crack. Another snap of the whip. "I don't like to be kept waiting, Sam. " "You're going to fuck me." "Yes I am. Tell me, Sam, how am I going to fuck you?" "You're going to... to fuck me in the ass".

"Hmmmm. It sounds so nice when you say it. Tell me again. " "You're going to fuck me in the ass." But this time when he said it he could feel his cock throb.

"Stand up and walk over there" she said, pointing to a soft, padded armchair. He did as he was told. "Now bend over. Again he followed her directions. "Hmmmm. You look so nice like that. I bet you've bent your share of women over just like that, haven't you?" A funny feeling, kind of helpless, isn't it? Especially with your hand tied behind your back like that. I think I'd like a picture.â?? And he heard the click, click of the camera. "Oh, wait. I've already got a picture, don't I?" and Nicky slipped one of Sam's own photos over where he could see it. It was a photo of himself, bent over an armchair, much like he was now, with a woman with a strap on cock standing behind him, apparently about to fuck him.

"Tell me about this picture, Sam. Tell me what was happening. I want to hear about it in great detail." "There is nothing to tell. We were stoned and just fooling around and took these pictures for fun. Nothing was going on." Smack, smack, smack. Miss Nicky's whip came down left, right, left on Sam's ass. "Sam. If you want to be able to walk out of here and even more important, if you expect to sit down in the near future you'd better do what I want when I tell you to do it. Now, I'll ask you again. What was going on in this picture?" "I told you nothing was going on. We were just fooling around. I know what it looks like. But I've never been fucked in the ass." Miss Nicky said nothing. There was a pause, and then he felt her whip on his ass, his legs, his back. It was starting to sting when she finally stopped.

"You know Sam, it doesn't really matter to me what REALLY happened when you took this picture. This picture is telling a sexy story. As the photographer you certainly had a story in mind when you took the picture. You know, I haven't shown these pictures to anyone else, but I could. If you'd like to get this one back tell me a sexy story, Sam about what was happening in this picture. I'm waiting. But I warn you, Sam. I don't wait long or very patiently." Sam thought for a moment as he enjoyed the view of what he could see of Nicky. â??I had these two women come to my studio that wanted to have some sexy photographs taken with a man that that they were going to bring with them. One of them explained that they really wanted to have fun with it and get some wild pictures for their own pleasure; I hesitated to ask what the content might be and just assumed that they would be pictures of the two of them together and the man doing them as is most normally the fantasy that prevails.

The day the photos shoot was to happen they showed up as scheduled but only the two women showed up. They told me their male partner cold not make it and asked if I could set up a remote and fill in for him, Sounded like fun to me so I agreed and asked them how they wanted me to dress, they said in short fashion that they would like any kind of hot looking underwear that I might have. We all had a few drinks and I offered then some smoke and soon we decided it was time to get dressed for the occasion. I was the first one back in the main room and here they came, wow did they look hot in their black leather outfits.

I staged an area and took a few photos of them together and they seemed very hot for each other as they kissed and touched one another. Click click my camera was on fire and so was I. One of the ladies got up and retrieved a bag she had brought along and pulled out a large cock and harness and put it on. Man this is getting super hot now and she offered her lover a taste of her cock! Click click they proceeded to make some great opportunities for some fantastic photos as she proceeded to fuck her friend, and I was right there putting it all on film.

We stopped for a break and had some more smoke and whiskey, and then as if planned the other women reached into the bag retrieving a cock and harness of her own. I thought to myself that this is going to get interesting, as she sat down on the couch in front of me and asked her friend to suck her cock! The view was fantastic and the photos that I was taking were going to blow them away!

Then they stopped and they both came towards me and started to caress my body and kiss me every place they could think of. All of the sudden my thong was being pulled down and one of them was sucking my cock the other slid down behind me and started kissing the checks of my ass and then began stoking my balls, I thought this must be the ultimate sexual experience that any man could ask for, The camera was on a tripod and I reached for my remote and click click click I was getting it all on film.

The women behind me started to circle my ass hole with her finger and it felt very tantalizing! Soon she spread my checks and positioned her self so that she could lick me, which felt even better. My body was quivering with the sensations that I was feeling and the sights that I was seeing as these two sexy women where consuming me, Soon I felt a finger slipping onto my wet pulsating ass. Then it was two. She was massaging places I did not know existed and I was so into the sensations that I didn't realize that the other women that had been sucking my cock was no longer there and was taking pictures as she circled the scene in front of her. Click click click. I was so enjoying all of this that I never thought about what they where up to. The now camera women set it down and produced some cuffs from the bag and sexily puts them on my wrists and ankles. All the while her friend is now sucking my cock and balls while she probes my ass with now at least four fingers. This all feels so unreal but it is real and it is happening! It feels so fantastic Together they walk me over to the sofa and bend me over the back of it. Within seconds I feel a well lubricated hand probing my ass and massaging my spot. I feel my cock dripping with anticipation of what may happen next and for the sensations that all this brings. I hear the camera clicking away as I feel the women behind me trying to push her strap on cock up my virgin ass. At this point it all sounds like a great thing to me so I help her by pushing back at her and positioning my ass to have her fuck me! The other women is now standing on the couch in front of me and is waving her cock in front of my face and stroking it as though she has had it for all her life. Soon she brings it to my lips and offers it to me to suck 

I am so mesmerized by all of this and I do just what she asks of me and now. I am being fucked in the ass by one of them and sucking the cock of the other. On and on we go they trade places over and over again. Eventually I find my self waking up on the floor my hands and feet still bound, my ass is throbbing but in a sensual way that I have never known. I wait and listen are they still here?â??

While Sam tells his story Nicky quietly strapped on a cock of her own. She walked around in front of him and posed like the girl in one of his picture. She said to Sam, â??look up!â?? and the self timer on her camera went off capturing the moment- same photo but this time starring Nicky.

Nicky released Sam's hands from behind his back and quickly attached the cuffs to the legs of the chair. Then she stood behind him and started to caress him. His back, his thighs, his ass. Now aware this was his first time getting fucked she was proceeding slowly, playing with his ass, one finger, two fingers inside him, reaching around with the other hand to fondle his cock and balls. Sam starts to rock his body against her hand, fucking her fingers. Nicky stops and, without dislodging her fingers, manages to give him 4 or 5 slaps on his ass and thighs.

â??I have not given you permission to move, Sam. I'll let you know when you can move." "OK, Nicky. Enough is enough". Sam forgets that he is shackled to the chair and starts to get up. But his cuffs hold him bent over the chair.

"You're not very good at following directions, are you Sam? And my name is Miss Nicky." She dislodges her fingers, grabs the whip, and proceeds to whip his shoulders, his upper back, his butt, his legs, lightly, rhythmically, then a little harder, a little harderâ??Whatâ??s my name?" "Miss Nicky" "And what am I about to do to you, Sam?" "Fuck me in the ass." "Ask me to fuck you, Sam." "Like hell I will!" Whack, whack, Whack. Miss Nicky wasn't fooling around any more. Left, right, left, right, her whip came down.

Sam is trying his best to get free but Miss Nicky has him strapped into the very place she wants. Grabbing his hip bones she probes at his ass with her cock until she finds that sweet entrance and slips her cock deep into his ass. Now she has him exactly where she wants him on the end of her cock and she proceeds to fuck his tight ass in and out she undulates her hips as she draws her cock in and out, she sees the reflection in the mirror on the wall and can see herself fucking this hot man and she performs as though making a movie for her memories, savoring all that she sees. Reaching his cock with one hand and gripping his broad masculine shoulders with her other she strokes him to nearly the point of no return, Sam begins to work into the rhythm that she sets as she continues too sexily fuck him in the ass. Without warning Nicky stops and slowly withdraws her cock... Sam continues breathing hard and waits for her to start again. But she doesn't. Instead she says â??Ask me to fuck you, Sam.â??

He hesitates only a second, and then says, â??Fuck me.â?? She doesnâ??t move. â??Please fuck me, Miss Nicky.â??

He feels her slide herself into him again. Her other hand reaches around and encircles his hard cock. She strokes his cock while she strokes his ass and they move together for several minutes until he is about to explode. Then she stops and gently withdraws. He hears her unclick the cuffs that were holding him down and she says quietly.

â??Fuck me Sam! Please fuck me!â??

And he does.

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