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My search for the real thing

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My Search for the Real Thing It has been many years since I learned about bondage, and the exciting things related to that style of living. Just word ?Bondage? got me excited and learning more about that style of living. Information was sparse until the computer came along and then, using one of the various search engines I found out enough to get me seriously excited. One thing I did know, my wife considered calling her lawyer when I asked her about it, but?not to worry?.she did that a lot.

I read magazines and watched videos and gradually realized that the scene was what I wanted, so I started a search for a ?parlor,? as they call them, to give me a more professional view of the subject, I lived in the Philadelphia area at that time, and I had some serious help in my search. I found a group of newspaper boxes with every sort of subject covered by one paper or another. Most of the ads were on more serious subjects and spoke a language of S&M slang that I had not yet learned.

One week business took me to New York, and it took me a very short time to find a similar publication that was much more frank than the other papers I had found. I read them all a couple of times after a full day?s seminar on business topics. The lady?s name was Russian sounding, I leave the real name out of this so that I don?t get her in trouble.

I called the number in the ad, and found out that her ?parlor? was for real and was easily found. Her home was on a street that ran along one side of Central Park, about 2 blocks?(We call them squares in Philadelphia) I made an appointment for the afternoon, and the tone of her voice was exciting in itself that my cock was hard and I felt excitement building in my brain and groin.

I arrived in the lobby of the huge apartment building and the guard grinned and said 12th Floor, right? I wondered what it was in my dress or my manner that he knew the right floor, so I said yes and he grinned again and said just a minute and made a quick phone call and when he hung up he said ?One of tem will be down in a minute?. He kept on grinning and said ?first time?? I said yeah and he continued his smile and said when you?re finished stop by and I?ll have something for you to suck. I was paralyzed at that remark and nodded my head.

Just then the elevator door opened up and a spectacular young lady stepped out and said my name and then she added with a grin, follow me, boy. The guard had one more laugh and the elevator door closed and she said ignore him. Once the elevator started moving she said strip boy and be quick about it. I did so with shaking hands and legs. She had a clip board and was very business like, when she read of a list of possible scenes that, she said, I could choose the scenes that interested me. She stopped after 5 or 6 possibilities and said how do you feel about eating pussy, boy? I said it?s my favorite thing Ma?am. Her first few suggestions thrilled and excited me and she grinned at my growing cock. Then she really shocked me and lifted her skirt to her waist and said show me how you eat pussy, I?ll give you two minutes, do a good job and we?ll both be happy. Her pussy was shaved, something I have never seen before, She was hot and wet and I loved the taste of her wonderful juices. As she suggested, we both were happy, and I hated when she said that?s enough boy and started the elector again and it opened one more time when we reached the 12th floor. A short, older woman with her own spectacular body showing off great legs, huge breasts and more. She took the clip board from the lady who had brought me upstairs. She turned to another woman and said prepare him, darling, and the new lady took my hand and led me down a short hallway and into a room with a large bed, and all sorts of sex toys hanging on the walls of the room. I saw huge dildos that really scared me, and lots of ropes and chains and so on. This was the first time I saw toys like that in person. And my cock got even harder. The lady had me lay down on the bed with my head hanging off the top end of the bed. The bed was just the right height and the latest lady stepped up to the top of the bed and she straddled my face and fed me her pussy, also quite wet and sweet tasting. As I did that another lady came into the room and I was quickly strapped down to hooks all over the bed. I got even harder, of course. And she smiled and in another quick move she wrapped a thin cord around the base of my balls. And, once attached she pulled the cord down to the food of the bed and firmly attached my balls to the eye hook on the bed. It pinched a bit, but the stretching actually felt good and got me even more excited. Now, with the lady straddling my tongue and being unable to move in any way all of the ladies, 5 of them came into the room and began to play with me from head to toe. They dropped hot was from a burning candle here and there making me wiggle and gasp and pinched and pulled at me everywhere. It hurt some but mostly thrilled me as they played with me all over.

The lady in charge walked around the bed telling the ladies to do this and that, making me moan and wiggle all over my body, but most of all I enjoyed the pussies, one at a time and licked and sucked them, in most cases making them as happy as I was. I tried not to show pain, as they played, because I did not want them to stop.

They did not stop, but they sure did shock me, as they started to unhook the lower part of my body while one of the ladies brought in another naked man, much taller than me. He was helpless in all ways except he could move his fee to walk. Two of the ladies now undid everything from my waist down and lifted my feet and legs up over me and then I knew what was going to happen. The naked man was now climbing onto the bed and he grabbed my ankles and spread my legs apart as one of the ladies lubed his very hard cock.

The Mistress said fuck him boy, he?s a virgin and wants to have your babies. Everyone, including me laughed or smiled at that and then I felt someone?s hands spreading my cheeks snd then IK had a feeling I never had before. He pushed and pushed and in a minute or so I could feel his bally against my ass cheeks. It did hurt, of course, my ass hole had never been stretched like that before. It was my first fucking, and even with the pain I loved it and once all the way in the Mistress slapped his ass and said fuck him good boy, he wants it and he wants it badly.

I did want it, of course, but hopefully not badly. It was painful and wonderful, at the same time and when he filled me with his load, and all of the ladies applauded I was moaning with the thrill and the pain at the same time.

When that was done and he had pulled out of me, I knew I would be sore. They walked him away and ten I was allowed to dress and the Mistress said honey, the guard in the lobby is looking forward to seeing you. She grinned and said you wanted to suck him off?is that right? I answered, he said you ordered a blow job from me?and the ladies laughed and one of them said you will love his cock, honey ? it is a beauty. Suck it good and swallow it all, then she added I?ll be down to watch and take photos of your fun and games.

I was allowed to dress and was escorted by the lady with the camera and once in the lobby the guard smiled and motioned for me to follow him into the room off of the lobby. His cock was really a mouthful and he came so hard I thought I would choke. Part of his hot terrible tasting load dribbled down my chin and both he and the lady with the camera laughed. Cum was dripping down onto my shirt, and I wondered how the hotel would act when they saw me with cum dripping from my face. They were professionals, as it turned out and never said a word. They did look at me, of course.

I went back to see Mistress Tanya many times, but after that event I did find some other first class torture parlors. Next time I will tell you about the Dominant Lady I found in Philadelphia, actually in one of Philly?s suburbs.

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