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My husband me and Walt

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My hand ran the length of my bald sloppy wet pussy. I could feel the different textures of wetness on my puffy outer lips and in between them. The texture of my own thin slick, silky juices drawn to the surface by Walt's thick cock. Then there was Walt's cum... a thicker texture, warm and oozing from my well fucked hole. I could feel his sperm leaking from my tunnel to join the puddle in the sex drenched sheets. I smoothed some of his cum across my abdomen like trowling cement into sweaty flesh, working it onto my natural, 36c firm breast. Not something I normally do, however I was feeling somewhat extra lustful tonight and it felt appropriate. Walt shot a massive cum load inside my pussy and Greg, my husband now lay between my outspread legs assessing the damages left behind in the wake of Walt's thick cock fucking me through three orgasms. Greg stroked his cock and stared at my gapped open, oozing slit. I wondered if watching and helping Walt fuck me was as rewarding as he'd fantasized for so long. I hope so, I love Greg.

I'd had a sparse few lovers before meeting and falling in love with Greg. Now some fifteen years later as his wife, I'd just barebacked the long fat cock of a man I hardly knew in a threesome with my husband. I agreed to it, liked it and unexpectantly came three times on the meaty shaft of a stranger from a swingers site, SLS. I like SLS.

"Goddamn, that was so fucking hot" Greg said softly. "Look at all that cum, man, Walt shot a wildcat inside your pussy, baby". Greg's hand trembled as it crept towards my comatose cunt. He extended his middle finger and eased the digit into my freshly fucked hole. "Oh mother of god sweet baby Jesus that feels so damn nice" my husband exclaimed. "You should feel it from my point of view" I laughed. "Oh, I know you was enjoying that fat cock" Greg smiled while working his finger in and out of my pussy, curving his middle finger up against my swollen G spot. "It was so hot watching you cum on his dick" my husband said. "You liked that eh, me cumming on his hard cock" I asked. "Oh ablsolutly every thing about it" Greg said. Walt had fucked me well. I liked cumming on his sizeable dick.

We'd not really gotten bored with our sex life, the door of swinging, swung open quit by accident. A little drunk and a little high, Greg and I were two blocks from home at our local watering hole, enjoying our once a week hang out time when from out of no where, hands were on my shoulders and I hear "Janet, how the hell are you"! I turn to see Grant, a former short term lover from college days gone by, whom I'd not seen in since college when he moved out of state. We were friends with benefits and had sex maybe a dozen times before he moved. He was still very cute and kept his running body from school days. I introduced him to Greg as an "old college friend" and they shook hands seemed cool with each other.

After a few minutes of small talk and playing catch up, Grant said he needed to get back to his group, but it was great to of seen me. He hugged me and strode off, looking back over his shoulder with that grin that spoke of more intimate times not fogotten. Grant was a good memory, I liked Grant.

"Damn, why don't you just fuck him" Greg said with an off laugh. I about chocked on my drink, wipped my mouth off and said "Nah, I already have". Greg's eyes grew bigger than his drink, so I explained my relationship with Grant back in our college days together. We had a good laugh over my witty comeback and Greg seemed to be really at ease in meeting someone whom I'd had relations with years ago. He is a very understanding realist.

Later that night as we snuggled up in bed, I began giving Greg oral, sucking his cock slow and methodical. Out of nowhere, he asked me if I had sucked Grant's cock. I slowly slid my mouth his length and answered yes, then took all of him back into my throat. My husband's cock pulsed, stiffened in excitement. It was unmistakeable. I moved down and took one of Greg's balls in my mouth as I stroked his cock. "Did you do that to Grant too, suck his balls" my husband asked. "Often" I truthfully answerd my husband. There it was again, Greg's cock jumped a hard throb in my hand as I softly sucked his left nut. I have good intuition and it was saying Greg was finding it stimulating to know what I did to Grant. I was actually a tad shocked, but also equally inspired. Dicks don't lie, my husband was getting turned on by hearing about my haing sex, with another man. This knowledge fueled my own lust. Lust has it's place.

Perhaps booze and pot inspired, I simply raised up and said, "Grant like it when I deep throated his cock like this", then took my husbands cock deep into my throat and rolled his balls about as I sucked his dick like a total slut. It was brave, spontaneous, and brought an immediate moan from Greg. He began to move his hips up to fuck my mouth as I blew him. I backed off and began to lick his hardon in long slow licks. I love teasing my husband's cock, but I never would of ever guessed how great a tease my sexual past could be. This was a powerful tool I'd found. I love sex talk.

"That feels so good, baby. Shit he had to of loved that" Greg said. "He did", I replied. "Goddam, it makes me oddly proud, that he knows how good you suck cock, and I get it all the time" my husband said. "Do you want to see how he fucked me" I asked as I took his all of his seven inches inside my mouth again. My husband moaned again and took my head in his hands held me in place a few seconds. I could feel his cock swell and pulse against my tongue several times. "Show me how he fucked you, baby" Greg panted. I love making my husband sex crazy for me.

I was enjoying sucking and teasing his cock, but rolled over on my back and told Greg to get between my legs. He got in position and I said "Take my heels in your hands". Greg grasped my ankles in his hands and I told him "Now fold my legs way back, to my head". Greg folded me up like a taco and moved closer. "Now stick your cock in me" I told him. I felt his cock at my pussy, pressing, spreading my cunt around his lust filled hardon. I felt him sink into my generous wetness until he bottomed out and had all he could stuff into me. "Perfect, that's exactly how Grant liked to stick his hard dick inside me,,,then he would watch his cock slide in and out of me as he slam fucked me hard " I said.

Greg fucked me hard, with enthusiasm. He looked down at me, watched my tits sway back and forth and heard me grunt with each thrust. I was so wet, each time Greg slammed into me it sounded like a wet wash cloth smacking against flesh. Then he looked down and watched his cock, shinning wet with my juices, go in and out of me like a machine. Without thought, the words "That's it, that's how Grant fucked me, baby" spilled into the air. I was lost in the intoxicating feeling of being flesh, pleasured. Greg was power fucking me and soon I began to cum. "I'm about to cum " I told my husband. "Cum, baby, show me how you came on Grant's cock" Greg almost shouted at me. He wants, he gets.

And boy did I cum. My orgasm hit like a train wreck, I felt myself squriting aound Greg's cock and heard the liquid smacking noises increase as my orgasm trashed me with violent shakes and quivers. I'd not came so hard in way too long, and Greg just kept on slam fucking me thru a second powerful orgasm. After about fifteen minutes of him simply owning my pussy "Im going to cum" Greg announced. "Where did Grant cum" he managed to asked in choppy breaths. "All over me, he came on my tits, ass, came in my mouth, but he liked filling my pussy with his cum the best" I answered in a panting frenzy. Maybe I went over board, took it a bit far, but it seemed the words flowed from a stranger not me "Cum in my pussy, fill me with cum like Grant did". I almost gasped in shock at my own sentence. I'd never felt so, filthy, slutty. I loved the feeling.

"Did he cum inside your pussy like this" Greg moaned out as he pushed hard and as fully as he could get inside me then paused. It seemed like forever but was probly ten seconds when I felt his cock burried so deep, jerk and pulse a massive load deep inside me. Greg's orgasm was good, I watched him as his body was taken over with pleasurable jerks and quivers, his cum just seemed to go on an on spewing inside me. "Oh shit, fuck, ah, ah wholly fucking shit" was all he could mutter. He didn't take a single stroke, just kept deep and hard against me until he was drained. I love satisfying my husband.

Greg unfolded me and lay on top catching his breath while his cock softened inside my sedate pussy. "No, you came much better than Grant" I said. He laughed and said that was a bit wild. I had to agree it was wild, but it was also a turn of the door knob on the door of swinging. That door was just pryed open a bit and we took a step inside, and liked it. It seemed taboo. I loved it.

Over the next few months, our bedroom time increasingly included dirty talk about past lovers I'd had. I can't blame it all on my husband, lord knows my pussy never failed to flow like a river when our sex included some backdrop of other dicks inside me. While Greg's hardon may not lie, my pussy floods told Greg the same thing his cock was saying. Other men in me, made us crazy lustful and our sex was off the charts. I was loving sex.

One evening we were getting dressed to go out to our local watering hole when Greg asked that I wear something sexy, he stated he wanted to show me off a little. I enjoy dressing sexy for Greg once in a while and had not found his request odd. I choose to wear a thin black short dress that plunged in the front and showed off copious amounts of breast. Being thin, my nipples could not hide and the mirror reflected my nice round ass was still eye fuckable. I wore my hair down to my shoulders and finished off with black heels and a small pearl necklass. I looked hot, I was pleased.

We made it to our watering hole and were soon on our second drink, so was feeling pretty good. Greg kept scanning me up and down and said how sexy I looked. I guess I was doing ok because I noticed several men staring at me long enough to develope a fantasy in their heads. "Damn, you are one hot thing" tonight Greg said to me. He'd been rubbing my thigh and that was making me feel my drinks in a more sexual way. I liked the attention.

We are honest with each other and sometimes this honesty pops out as a querky random thought let fly. "I'd love to watch you orgasm on long, fat cock" Greg let loose about as random as it could get while looking over the rim of his pilsner glassed beer. I laughed a bit then gave him my best sexy look, "Ah, if only I had that long, fat cock to leave my come on for you" I teased.

Greg turned his head to his right and gave a slight nod in that direction. I looked to see what was going on and that's when I first saw Walt. He'd gotten up from his bar stool and made his way to our table. He walked with purpose and had an air of confidence about him. "Lisa, this is Walt... Walt Lisa" my husband introduced us to each other and bid him to have a seat. To say I was a bit shocked would be a great understatement. But we sat, drank and talked about a variety of topics, including sex. Greg had found Walt on SLS while looking at singles profiles. Greg handed me his cell phone and I looked at Walt's pics. He had seeveral nice pics and one very revealing pic showing off nearly 9 inches of thick hard cock. "Greg was right about you Lisa, you are beautiful, and I agree with him that you absolutly radiate sexuality" he said. It was made clear this was simply a no pressure meeting, and the expectation was to meet and have a drink or two but, my drinks hit me hard and I did the unexpected yet again. "Would you like to see him put that big cock inside me, watch me cum on Walt's cock,".. Greg smiled real big and Walt injected "I'd love to see that!". I leaned over and kissed my husband as my hand rested in his lap atop a frim hardon. I gave his dick a squeeze and said "Your dick wants, your dick gets".

Thirty minutes later, my husband watched me suck another man's cock for the first time. Greg's dick was hard as stone, and Walt held my breast while I took all of his cock I could get into my mouth. I raised up and fisted Walt's massive cock and this strange scene, this weird event just sank in and became clear. Greg was turned on stroking his hard cock, while another man's dick filled my mouth bringing him joy and my pussy flowed juice freely into my soaked panties, and the world would go on, nothing would change and tomorrow would come as it always does. It was odd, different, lewd and sexy, taboo and perfectly okay all that same time. So, I relaxed, and sucked Walt's cock back into my mouth to give it my very best. I'm a slut, I thought. I smiled.

"Goddamn, that feels so awesome" Walt moaned. "Indeed it does, I know how your cock feels right now, she can suck like no other" Greg replies. I stroked Walt's sizeable cock with my fist as I sucked on his balls. My hand could not fully wrap around it's thick girth. I liked that feeling.

As I sucked Walt, Greg slipped under me and began to lick my pussy. "Damn you are so wet" he gasped as his tongue darted in and out of my hole. We played for a short while but I had to have Walt's cock inside me. I crawled on top of him and his dick was on point at my entrance. I looked back at my husband as the thick head of another man's cock pushed inside my wet hole. Greg looked in awe, excited and starring at the site of my pussy being stretched wide and another cock besides his, seating fully inside his wife.

It felt great. Greg finally looked up at me, his eyes locking into mine and I could see an array of things going on in his mind. "Fuck him, baby, fuck that cock dry" he said. "I will baby, I'll fuck him good" I promised. I settled fully ontop of Walt and began to rock my hips back and forth fucking this man with one thought, enjoy this moment. After a few minutes of joyful grinding, Walt grabbed my breast and scooted low enough to fuck me with long hard strokes. I could hear the wet smacks of each thrust and feel his nine inch dick going deep, spreading me wide and hitting places no other cock has touched. It was not long when I felt my orgasm approaching. I looked back at Greg, stroking his cock and watching Walt's cock trash my pussy. "I'm going to cum" I said to my husband. "I'm about to cum on that fat cock" I again growled. Greg's eyes grew with excitement and looked deep into mine, "Cum on it, cum on his cock" Greg coaxed.

I did. My orgasm was strong and I felt my pussy gush even more liquid around Walt's cock. My body jerked and quivered with pleasure but Walt didn't slow down one bit, he kept pounding his fat cock hard and deep inside me. I wanted to do more, try more things, so I rolled off Walt and got into doggy style.

Walt was instantly back inside me, holding my hips and fucking me like he owned me. I had Greg move infront of me so I could suck his cock while Walt fucked me doggy. I took all of Greg into my mouth and looked up at him. Greg looked at me, his cock in my mouth and he was feeling each of Walt's thrust forcing my mouth back and forth on his dick. I liked that. I smiled at him and asked "Is this called spit roasting". Greg grinned and replied "yes baby, you're being spit roasted". "I like spit roasting" I said, then sucked his cock like a whore. "Holy shit Lisa, I can't take much of your doggy style, Walt moaned, this is, so dame good". I felt my next orgasm building really fast and went into some weird panic mode. It seemed Walt was about to toss in the towel and I was so close. I reached up and took Greg's face in my hands and shoved my tongue into his mouth. Walt kept slamming his dick in and out my pussy and the wet smacking noice excited me. I dropped one hand into Greg's lap and started to jerk his hard cock up and down, matching time with Walt's thrusting. "Shit, shit, where do you want this cum" Walt asked out loudly and obviously urgent. My lips never left my husbands as I called out, "Cum inside me, cum in my pussy". I felt Greg's engorged cock swell even more, steeling up from my words, posturing upright and full. Walt pulled my hips in closer and he sank one final deep push into me and held tight. I felt his cock pulse and jump inside me, once, twice, then a warm wetness deep inside me became apparent. Another man was cumming inside me. My orgasm was released at that instant and I just stiffened up and quivered, shivering with goosebumps as I came on Walt's fat cock. I then noticed the presence of a warm thick liquid seeping around my hand clutching Greg's cock and his moan of orgasm panting out into our kiss. We kissed passionatly.

Walt stayed put a few seconds, then ever so slowly backed his spent cock from inside my pussy. After Walt thanked and praised me about ten times he left and Greg came back into the bedroom and lay between my thighs. He was assessing the carnage left behing in wake of Walt's cock. I rubbed Walt's cum across my body as I looked lustfully into my husbands eyes. I was sure of only one thing, that this would happen again.

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