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My fantasy of your first bi experience.

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I have been fantasizing about watching you and the short lady with big tits who is into light BDSM and watching you be dominant with her.

In my fantasy we are all naked and I see you having her lay down on her back on a bed. You tie her hands together with a silk scarf and tie them over her head to the head board. You take a sleep mask and blindfold her. Then, so she is not able to stop you from exploring her body you have her husband and me hold her legs apart. She is now fully exposed for you to explore how ever you wish.

You tell her husband and me that we can not participate until you ladies say we can and that you expect us to play with our cocks, but not cum, so we stay hard to please you when you want us to.

You start kissing her face and jaw. You nibble on her ears and run your tongue along her neck while your massage her breasts and gently pinch her nipples. Her breathing quickens as you press her breasts together and kiss her lips.

You then kiss your way down her neck to her tits. You bring her nipples together so you can suck and lick on them. You suck one of her nipples into our mouth and flick your tongue over it to make it harder. She moans and writhes arching her pussy up begging for attention. You look back down towards her feet and see her husband and I watching totally captivated and stroking our rigid purple cocks with one hand and holding one of her ankles with the other. You see little beads of pre-cum glistening on the tips of our cock heads. I wipe up the pre-cum from my cock on my finger and bring it to my mouth. Her husband is working his cock in long slow strokes and he milks more pre-cum out and spreads it over the head of his cock so that is glistens in the soft light of the room. You feel your pussy getting wetter as you watch us.

As you were watching us you slid your one hand down to her shaved pussy and rub her mound. You return your attention to her tits as you pinch her outer pussy lips together so that you use them to massage her clit. You feel her hard clit even through the outer lips. She moans as you tease her. You run one finger between her lips and find she is totally soaked. You rub your finger in her wetness to gather as much of it as you can and raise that finger up to her mouth so she can suck it dry. Her hungry mouth devours your finger and she wraps her tongue around it to collect every drop of her juice you offered her.

You decide to make your first close up inspection of another woman’s pussy. With a final squeeze of her ample tits and with one last kiss of her nipples, you pull away. You walk around to the foot of the bed and climb between us guys. You decide to stop for a moment to play with us. You brush our hands away from our cocks and replace them with your own. He is larger than me by a little, but I am just as thick. You caress our cocks gently feeling the bulging veins and taut velvety skin. You slide your hands around our hips to our asses and under to our balls. His hang low and loose, mine are high and tight. His are shaved smooth and mine have a little fuzz. You give our balls a gentle squeeze and lightly kiss the tops of our shafts (teasing us by avoiding our heads) savoring our scents. You leave us to go back to your original mission but pause to watch our cocks twitch for a moment, and then you command us to start stroking again. We eagerly obey.

You have us spread her legs just a little wider open and settle down between her thighs. You reach up with both hands and spread the outer lips of her pussy open. She moans softly and whispers “Oh, yeah…open me up.” Your nose is just inches from her pussy. You smell her scent and gaze upon her rock hard clit and dripping inner lips. Her pussy “blows kisses” at you as it pulsates awaiting your touch.

You use one hand to hold her pussy wide open and reach up with a finger on your other hand and rub her clit. She writhes and pumps her pussy up and down as you finger her. You now know why I sometimes lose your clit when I finger or eat you. As her hips gyrate you find it isn’t easy to keep up with her movements and keep your finger on her button.

Since we are comfortable with this couple and feel sure they are as clean as we are, you remove your finger from her clit, slide both arms under her hips and around her to her belly and plant your mouth on her dripping wet pussy. You take your first taste of another woman as intimately as possible. You bury your face in her pussy and drive your tongue deep in side her. She groans loudly and murmurs “Ohhh…Fuck yeah.”

Your face is down in her pussy and your ass is up in the air giving us a beautiful view of your wet pussy. You lick and suck on her clit for a few moments and command us to sit on her feet and play with your body while we keep stroking our cocks and return your attention to her. A moment later you feel his hand clamp on your pussy, and mine slide over your ass, around under your hip and up to your tit. His hand is meatier than mine and you feel is thick finger dive right on to your clit. His touch is a little firmer than mine, but not enough for you to complain. I see you tense as we play with you. You grind your pussy on his hand and I feel your nipples harden as I play with them. Not wanting to let him have all the fun, after a few minutes I move my hand around to your back and slide it down over your ass and under his hand. He keeps fingering your clit, less firmly now because my hand is there, and I slide my middle finger inside of you. I feel you suck my finger with your pussy and your asshole kissing the palm of my hand. He eventually moves his hand up to your tit and squeezes it gently leaving me to my pussy.

After a few minutes of this arrangement you pull away from her pussy and remove our hands from your body. You smile and kiss us letting us taste her juices on your face. You back out from between her legs and go around up to her head. You pull off her sleep mask and straddle her face; you are facing the head of the bed. You grab on to the headboard and settle down on her eager mouth. You reach down and untie her hands. As soon as they are free they clamp on to your tits. You grind your pussy up and down on her face and smile to your self knowing I am going crazy and am about to explode.

You tell her she has been a good girl and ask if she wants anything. She hums “uh huh” while she continues to eat you and suck out your juices. The vibrations you feel when she hums her reply are so good it makes your pussy pulse with pleasure. You rise up enough to let her speak…and breathe.

“Spank me” she moans.

You turn back to us guys and say “You heard her, she wants to be spanked”. You climb off her face, turn around to face us guys and remount her face. You tell us to hand you her ankles. We raise her legs up to expose her sexy ass. You pull her legs up towards you and she is licking you with even greater intensity now anticipating her treat. You remind us to keep stroking while we spank her. Following her husbands lead I join him in firmly smacking her bottom, but not hard enough to raise a welt…just a firm smack followed by a hungry grab of her ass cheek as if to massage the smack in. You pull her legs apart slightly to see her wet pussy. With every smack you see her get wetter and wetter.

Finally you ask her if she is ready for some cock. You rise up enough off her face for her to tell you that she is ready. You release her legs and crawl forward down her body to her husband. You pause in front of him for a moment and look over at me, take his cock in your hand and hold it in front of your open mouth for a second. I nod saying it is ok and you take his head in your mouth. You let her up and she makes a bee line for me. I lay back and raise my hips up to present my cock to her. As she positions her self you release his cock from your mouth to tell her not to let me cum yet and that I like having my balls and asshole licked. She gives my cock a quick suck and starts fucking my asshole with her tongue and burying her nose in my balls.

You tell him he is too big for you to take all his cock in your mouth as he is asking you to do, so you move from it to suck on his dangling balls while you stroke him. You suck one ball into your mouth and rub your tongue against it. He tastes a little saltier than me and his musk is a tinge more acrid, but still sexy and good. You let his ball free and suck on his scrotum. You look up to me as you lick his balls and nod towards her pussy. I take the hint and she and I move into a 69 position. You slide a couple fingers in your pussy to get them nice and wet and offer your dripping digits up to him to taste you. He eagerly licks them clean.

After a couple minutes you pull back from him and fondle his balls one last time as you reach over to place a hand on me and say “I need cock in my pussy”. I leave her and return to you. We reposition ourselves at the head of the bed. You whisper to me that we should watch them for a bit.

I sit with my back against the headboard and you straddle me so my cock is in front of your pussy like when we watch fuck movies on the computer. You rub your clit with my cock as we watch them fuck. He has laid her on her back at the edge of the bed and impales her with his big cock. He then leans forward and wraps her arms around his neck. He slides his arms under her legs and picks her up off of the bed. We watch in amazement as she bounces up and down on his cock taking every inch deep in side. From the angle we see, her back to us and him facing us, his cock looks 8 inches long as she slides nearly the entire length of it. With his knees braced on the bed we easily feel their motions as they fuck for us.

I move my cock away from your pussy and start fingering your clit. You massage your tits as we continue to watch our private fuck show. It doesn’t take long for you to cum. As you do you moan loudly and the other couple turn their heads to watch us. The scene is enough for him to make him blow his wad deep inside of her. He buries his cock up to the hilt and grinds his pubic bone against her clit we can see a mixture of their cum trickling out of her over his balls. Before long she cums too. As they are doing this you let me pop my cock in you and fuck your beautiful wet pussy. We bounce for a few moments and I can’t hold back any more. She has no sooner finished cumming and I groan loudly while I pound my hips against your ass and explode inside of you. He collapses with her onto the bed. He is dripping with sweat. He looks at her and then to us and pants “Holy shit.”

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