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My Wifes Real Estate Agent

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My wife and I decided to put our house on the market recently. Of course, we decided to use the same agent that sold our house. Let me just fill you in on something, I always told my wife that I thought that Kathleen had the hots for her. There was something there that I could not explain. Before I continue, let me describe my wife. Typical Puerto Rican woman. Sexy body and WHAT AN ASSSSSSSSS!!!!!

Anywho.....Kathleen is a plain jane type of Irish woman. Decent looking . But nothing to write home about. They had been comminicating every now and then. Kathleen put the lock box on the door and told my wife that occasionally she would show the house, but what time would not be good. My wife works nights, so she told her not before 3:00 in the afternoon.

Well, one day I came home to a unexpected sight. This is the story from the two of them.

Kathleen told me she always felt nervous around my wife. There were times she wanted to run her fingers threw her hair or to caress her ass. So that day, she figure to take a chance. When she arrive at my house it was 12 noon. She saw my wife's car and decided to take a chance. Kathleen opened the lock box and took the key and entered my house quietly. In front of the steps to my hallway she prepared herself. She slipped her clothes off and left her calf high boots on. She reached into her bag and took out a strap on dildo. Kathleen tiptoed up the stairs with just boots and a dildo on. She said she could not even believe she was doing what she was about to do. She finally got to my bedroom door and saw my wife sound asleep. She put on her last item of clothing. A pair of long leather gloves. She walked over to my side of bed and climbed on top.

Now as this story was retold to me.......WOW She carefully pulled back the sheet to reveal my wife's naked body. Kathleen later told me she couldn't even swallow. Kathleen placed her leathered hand on my wife's hip, carefully not to wake her. she started to caress her ass. She felt her own pussy quivering. My wife just happened to shift her body to Kathleen's delight because she now lay on her back. She pulled her legs aprt even more. To her surprise she still didn't wake up.

It was now or never, kathleen told me. She palmed my wife's pussy gently. She took the bottle of oil she brought and poured some in her hands. She was now oiling my wife's privates. Now was the time to violate her. Her finger entered my wife ease. Her dreams were coming true, because now my wife's hips were coming to life. All this time she was watching her eyes. Waiting for the right time and now was it. She pulled her finger and climbed on top of my wife and shoved the dildo into her hard. The first thrust into her pussy woke my wife and startled to no ends. My wife later told me she thought she was dreaming. She yelled Kathleen what are doing? She at first was trying to get her off of her, but all of a sudden Kathleen hit a spot in her pussy. Her whole attitude changed. She begged Kathleen not to top and grabbed her ass. All of a sudden she couldn't stop cumming. After Kathleen finally pulled out. My wife couldn't believe what had happened. She looked over at Kathleen and said for a white girl you know how to fuck. She got off the bed and went to the bathroom to get a cup of water. As she was in the bathroom, she heard Kathleen get off the bed and saw her enter the bathroom. As she was standing behind her, my wife couldn't believe how horny she was. At this point, Kathleen started caressing her ass with her leather gloves still on. Kathleen still had some unfinished business. Her fantasies revolved around her ass. She looked doen on the dildo and it was drenched with oil and cum combined. THIS WAS HER CHANCE!!!!

Kathleen grabbbed my wife's hips and started to kiss her neck. At this point I had just parked my car out front. She knew she would have to work fast ans be aggressive . She grabbed her hair and bent her over hard and shoved that dildo in my wife's Big Puerto Rican ASS.

I have never been that lucky, but shit today was my day. When I walked into the bathroom ------ there was this plain jane type of woman butt fucking the crap out of my wife. I have never had that chance. And wouldn't you know it she was loving it. All I could hear was her yelling KAAAATHLEEEEEEN!!!!!

Now my wife didn't seem me but Kathleen did. As she stood there watching me grab my crotch , she started spanking her harder. I figured I had to join . So I came up behind her and got on my knees and slid my tongut up her ass.

Anyway our house is still on the market. Kathleen still shows the house to prospective buyers. And she still comes over to check on her property..... My wife's ass.

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