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My Wife Discovers New Desires

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My wife is Carrie, I am Jack, in our late 40’s. You would consider us an active fit couple. We often hike, bike and enjoy the outdoors. Carrie attends yoga twice a week, I work out at the gym, together keeping our marriage strong over the years. A couple years back we started talking about swinging, watching porn of couples together and threesomes. The porn really sets us off, it makes us vocal as we fuck while watching. We joined this SLS site to dip our feet in the waters, attending a few swinging parties. Each time, we have enjoyed watching the people. Being voyeurs is a big turn on for us. Carrie has not accepted the step of joining another couple for a full swing, though we did once share the same room with another couple. The final step to actually trade partners was a step too far for Carrie, and I accepted her decision. That all changed in June this summer.

We have friends/neighbors who have a son, Peter, who just spent our last winter in Australia, on some sort of rowing team program, that is somehow tied in with his college. Peter’s parents asked around for any extra jobs anyone may have for Peter to earn some extra money, as he wanted to go back in September. Carrie and I agreed that maintaining our back garden and yard would be a great way for Peter to help us out and to contribute to his financial goals, especially since our kids were old enough that they had summer jobs and activities of their own. We meet Peter and hired him. The schedule was every Tuesday, Peter would come by and mow the lawn, and maintain the flower beds. About 2 – 3 hours of work. We were always gone when he was there, Carrie and I both have full time jobs, and the kids have their schedules. That is until one Tuesday, I had a mid-morning meeting on site of a project, that gave me the excuse to leave the house later than usual. As I was puttering around the house, I hear Peter coming into the back yard and thought I would go tell him he was doing a great job. As I walked out of the back porch, I watched Peter, undress, taking off his t-shirt and shorts, down to only a short, low rise pair of trunks that exposed a very large amount of his pelvis area. Any lower and I am sure it would be bordering on exposing the point of where his dick meets his pelvis area. I was a bit shocked, and Peter was surprised to see me. He apologized for his dress, explaining these were popular with the rowing crowd in Australia and he wanted to work on his tan over the summer to blend in with the other rowers. He said he was not expecting anyone to be home while he worked. I let him know it was not a problem if no one was home. He assured me he would be careful.

What I learned later were Peter’s trunks are low rise square cut swimming shorts. These were very low, showing that he must shave his pelvis area smooth, the inseam being 1 inch at the most, if that. When Carrie came home, I told her all about Peter mowing the back yard in these trunks. At first, she was not believing me, but by the end of my story, I could tell she was interested in what I saw. Through the week, I pulled up some examples I found on the internet to show Carrie what Peter was wearing, leaving her uncertain if I was telling the truth or not. When the following Tuesday rolled around, Carrie and I headed out to work late, waiting to see if Peter would show up in his low-rise shorts.

Peter arrived his usual time, again arriving wearing regular shorts with a t shirt. Once he was set up with the mower, he pulled off his t-shirt and shorts, proving me right, standing in the back yard in a bright pair of low rise square cut swimming shorts, different colour, but the same minimal inseam and very low waist. As we watched Peter undress, Carrie gasped at air seeing him in our yard like that. The fabric was tight enough and thin enough that you could make out where his cock and balls laid in the pouch area in the front. Carrie just stared as he started his work. These were low enough that he had to constantly pull his back waist up, as the shorts creeped down his ass, exposing his ass crack. I mentioned to Carrie that the front was so low, I am sure any hint of an erection would jeopardize the cock to exposure out ever the waistband. Carrie was amazed.

As we watched Peter work from the kitchen window, I stood behind Carrie, rubbing her breast, first through her shirt and bra, but soon her top and bra were open and pants off. Bending her over the kitchen sink, I slowly fucked her from behind as she watched Peter. We carried on a hushed conversation with my cock sliding in and out of her, talking about how can those shorts hold so much with so little fabric. The more we talked and watched, the wetter Carrie got. I was fucking her, but her eyes were on Peter. It just amplified the heat when we talked about how the pants would never hide an erection, it would clearly pop out past the waist band of those trunks. Carrie started to whimper as she said she could make out the outline of his cock’s head. I put her over the edge asking her if she slid her hands up along the front of the trunks, if she thinks she would feel if his balls were shaved like his pelvis area. This had to be the hottest fuck in our lives, in the kitchen, watching and talking about this scantily dressed young man. Carrie never looked away from him, watching him all the way through our cuming together. Even after our climax, there was no hurry on Carrie’s part to get dress, she remained leaning up against the counter, shirt wide open and my cock still in her, watching Peter, so I continued to slowly slide my softening cock in and out of her. My cock finally slides out and, reluctantly, we cleaned up and left for work, but when I arrived home, Carrie was ready to fuck again. I talked a lot as I fucked her, pointing out details on Peter’s appearance this morning, things she did not miss herself, but I wanted to make sure she was thinking of him as I fucked her.

The rest of the week, we fucked hard and often, always talking about Peter, and I started to plant the seeds in her mind about how his cock would pop out past the waist line if he got an erection. I went further, softly daring Carrie to tease Peter, make him get an erection and see it pop out. She resisted, telling me she did not want to fuck another man, and how we need to keep this just a fantasy, but I planted new seeds in her mind after one nightly fuck. I told Carrie that I just wanted to see if she could make him so excited that his cock would get hard and poke out the top of the trunks. She did not have to fuck him, just tease him. And once it was out, then the game would be over, she could retreat in embarrassment and we would fuck about it later. Carrie asked me how would it seem innocent if he got hard from her teasing him and touching him. Simple, I said, you don’t have to touch him at all, just dress sexy and show off your body. That alone will get him hard. That argument there, started to get Carrie to think. I reminded her how much great fucking we would get from her story of what happened once it happened.

Within the next 24 hours, we agreed, Carrie would take half a day off, in the morning, and would tease Peter, without touching him, but by dressing in such a way he was bound to get an election and see if it would be enough to pop out the top. She will then tell me all about it, leading to some more over the top sex. She was a little concerned about the whole plan, but she conceded that she contributed enough to the plan to feel safe that there would be no contact between her and Peter.

Tuesday morning arrived and Carrie spent time getting ready for her goal. She decided to wear this dark blue string bikini, with ties on each side of the bottoms, and small triangle breast covers. It was perfect, showing off all her legs, most of her ass, riding low on her pelvis. Then the top showed off the inside and outside of each breast, exposing lots of skin. She purchased this set for a trip we took several years ago, and did not find any opportunity to wear it again, until today. She looked so hot, even a little flustered if I am honest. We did not fuck the previous two days to build up tension that would make her a little braver. I even bought Carrie a little cocaine to help her nerves (something we have enjoyed in the past on special occasions, but never when the kids are around). I hung around just until we saw Peter arrive, but before I left, she reminded me that she would tease Peter, see if she could make his cock poke out of the waist band of his shorts, and that was it. So, I needed to come home right after work and be ready to fuck her when I got home. In fact, she told me to take a Viagra, because she wanted a long fuck if she pulls this off. Also, no jacking off all day. Before I left, together we watched Peter strip down to his low-cut square cut swim trunks again. This time, they were black.

As I started to drive down the block, I suddenly stopped and parked a couple blocks from the house. I had to go back and see her tease Peter. I could not help myself. I cautiously moved up to the house, looking inside to make sure the coast was clear. There I saw Carrie still in the kitchen, looking out the window, watching Peter. As she leaned on the counter, her ass was beautifully exposed from the small amount of fabric of her string two-piece. She seemed like she was having second thoughts as she fidgeted, but she pressed forward and outside carrying a towel and book, wearing sun glasses. As soon as she shut the back door, I entered the front door, made my way out to the kitchen, in a location I hoped I would not be seen. The day was overcast, but still very warm. Her sunglasses were not necessary, but it gave her the advantage to look over Peter without him seeing her eyes. My sexy wife of over twenty years in that sexy two-piece instantly caught his attention. They struck up a conversation, talking about the over cast sky. Carrie said she took the day off and hoped to get some sun today, but picked the wrong day. The conversation was normal in every way, except the way my wife was attempting to passively tease Peter. He tried not to stare at her body, but any time she looked away, his glare went to her exposed skin, eyeing the smooth, fleshy details. I grabbed the binoculars to get a better look at what was happening, and at first, I could not tell if this was having any effect on Peter, but then at a time Carrie was pointing over to some flower beds to Peter, Peter quickly reached down and adjusted his cock before she turned back to see. And there it was, laying sideways, the outline of a young man’s swelling cock, tight under the stretchy fabric. Carrie was doing a good job.

They walked around the yard, looking at different flower beds, with Carrie giving him some directions on how to care for each one. At one point, when Peter was not looking, she adjusted the triangle of fabric covering her ass, making it narrower, showing off more ass cheeks. It looked magnificent ridding up her ass as she bent over or crouched down. Then when opportunity provided, she did the same with the little triangle fabrics over each breast. She almost over did these, the fabric just covering enough to hide the nipples if you ask me. This required some more adjustments on Peter’s part. His cock was still sideways, but noticeably larger. Carrie noticed too, I could tell. One time she was looking down, like she was looking at flowers they were standing by, but I could tell, she was staring down at Peter’s cock, straining against the fabric. Another time, she crouched down, talking about some plant and then when it appeared her face was turned up to look at Peter’s face, I knew her eyes where actually looking straight ahead at Peter’s swollen cock under the fabric, right there about 18 inches from her face. Peter did not do much to hide this growing problem, he couldn’t, there was nothing he really could do to cover it up, the shorts did not have that much to them. And being a single solid colour instead of a pattern, just made it that more obvious. Carrie took an opportunity when Peter was not looking, to tweak her nipples over the fabric. To this day I do not know if she did it to make them harder and poke out more or to give her some sexual relief. I think it was the later, as her nipples were obviously hard under the blue thin fabric.

By this point I noticed Carrie was carrying less and less attention to how she was staring at his straining shorts. Sure, she still had on the sunglasses, but her facial direction told me she was having trouble not staring at Peters straining cock under the shorts. Peter, was almost as bad, staring at her barely covered breast, hoping to catch the fabric to give way and slide off a nipple each time she bent over. I could see his eyes locked on her breast, and without him wearing sunglasses, I am sure Carrie could tell also. Once when Carrie bent over to pick at some plants, legs straight, ass back, bottoms pressing against her crack, butt cheeks on both sides, Peter reached down to give his cock a stroke through his shorts sliding his fingers along the horizontal length of his cock, whiles staring at her ass. He was in need of some relief. This may have been his undoing. All Carrie had to do now was somehow get the waist band to loosen up to allow his cock to spring to its natural erect position, and that would mean sticking out of the top of his shorts. Her goal.

From my view point, and with the binoculars, I could tell the sexual tension was high in the yard. His cock straining to stay in the trunks, her gaze hardly hidden toward his cock’s silhouette against the fabric. She complimented his trunks, expressing how well they seemed to fit, then asked the brand (she told me latter). She moved around him, standing along his right side and looked under the back of the waist band for the tag, with her left hand gently pulling the trunks away from his waist, her right hand gently slid under the waist band along his right side. She hoped to move enough of the waistline away from him to let that cock pop free. When the back of her right finger tips reached his pelvis, Peter flinched. His flinch twisted his body to the right and his hips jerked back a little and that was all it took, his cock popped free. Carrie fingers of her right hand lost the tension of his waist band, but it was all done, his cock popped free. Standing straight up, visibly smooth head and top part of his shaft fully exposed, pressing against his shaved pelvis, almost reaching his bellybutton. It took them both by surprise. They both froze in their tracks; Carries left hand, frozen and still under the waist band, her right hand gently resting against his stomach, Peters cock exposed. At first, they did nothing, and I thought “there it is, she reached her goal and the will be done now”, but I was shocked when I saw Carrie return her right hand under the waist bank on the other side of the cock, and together, her hands gently pulled the elastic band away from his pelvis. Peters cock stood on its own will. She gently brushed the back of her fingers along his smooth pelvis skin, just staring silently at his exposed cock. They were both silent. Peter’s hands were on her arms, uncertain what was happening, looking unsure what to do. After a silent minute, of Carried gently touching his pelvis, but not his cock, Peter moved his hands up her arm, paused for a reaction, then tested Carrie, gently stroking her breast then nipples over the fabric. The tension was thick, neither acted like where this was going. I watched as Carrie’s hands worked their way closer to his cock, until the side of her index fingers were rubbing the length of his cock, up and down, gently. I stood in the kitchen, shocked, but so fucking hard. I was still looking through the binoculars, and dared not pull out my cock, and risk being seen.

Carrie was memorized by this young man’s cock, staring at it, not flinching when Peter moved his hands and in one smooth stroke, brushed the small fabric off her breasts, fully exposing the nipples and breast to his touch. As he teased and stroked her nipples, Carrie became more animated with her touch, sliding her hands along his shaft, down to his balls, pressing the trunks down below his balls. His smooth cock and balls exposed to her and Carrie freely exploring this young man. At this point I hoped I would witness Carrie giving him a hand job, I was so excited for the chance to see her stroke this young man off.

Peter reached up with a hand, pulled Carrie’s sunglasses off her face, and gently tossed them on the grass, returning his hand to her breast, with more forceful contact, he leaned in as she raised her head to look at his face. Their lips locked and were suddenly locked in a long wet passionate kiss. Making out as they touched each other. The kiss became more animated, more forceful, grinding their tongues together. I felt a pain a jealousy as I watched them make out like lovers, but I continued to watch. Their bodies came closer, Carrie’s hands rubbing and exposing his hips and ass, Peter’s hands working to stay on her breast but as their bodies pressed together, his hands roamed to her ass, under the light thin fabric of her bikini bottoms. I watched as that hard-ridged cock pressed against her pelvis as they made out. His hands pushing her bottoms off her hips and ass, freely falling to the ground. No attempt by my wife to stop him. Together, they worked Peter out of his trunks. They pulled each other tight, their hands exploring each other’s naked body. Without any word I could see exchanged, Peter grabbed Carrie’s hands and lead her to the covered porch and laid her down on the porch bed we have.

What I call a “porch bed” is a piece of furniture we bought some years ago for the covered porch. It is about 6 ft by 4 ft with arms on each end, but no back. We often use it to recline on to relax and read on Sunday mornings. Carrie likes to nap on it on lazy weekend afternoons, and of course we have sex on it when the kids are not around. It is one of the best outdoor pieces of furniture purchases we have made. But it sits back against the house when not in use, and this is where Peter and Carrie went. I could not see them from the kitchen window. I moved to a bathroom that has a window that has a better view, but the window was very close to the porch bed. I had to be very careful when peering through the blinds, and what I found was my wife on her back, knees bent, feet placed flat on the bed, and Peter between her legs. I arrived at the window just in time to see his hard-erect cock, hanging from his shaved smooth body, before he placed the head against Carrie’s pussy. She offered no resistance. No words were exchanged that I could hear. In a couple strokes, Peter was balls deep in my wife. There he laid heavily on Carrie, and they continued their kisses. She wrapped her arms around his body, grabbing his ass and rubbing his back. With her feet against the bed, I watched as she pressed her pelvis into his thrust, fucking him back, their movements timed together. The kissing continued, along lips, mouths, necks, shoulders. Any bare spot reachable. My wife became more vocal, grunting, panting, noises of approval, until what I am certain was an orgasm. Her body went a little limp, and moved a little less. Peter looked at her in the face and smiled, then they kissed again, Peter continuing his assault on my wife’s pussy with that young cock.

Peter then moved one hand under her right leg, holding it up with the knee toward her chest. His other hand under her body on what I guess was holding her ass. Carrie went vocal again, but the grunts and moans of approval evolved into verbal approval. From her lips came “yess, yessss, fuck, oh fuck “ and “ oh that cock, oh fuck, fuck, hard, fuck” along with some “don’t stop..fuck, yes….dont stop…fuck me, fuck me….harder….oh fuck I am cumming again…”. She gave herself up to him. His grunts became louder. She squealed her pleasure. He said “I can cum. Can I cum?”, and Carrie did not hesitate with “Yes! Cum, fucking cum. I am cuming, oh fuck I am cumming. Pump me. Pump me harder. Fuck me! Cum with me. I am cuming again. Fuck me!” I could not have stopped it if I wanted. Instead I had my cock out and was cuming with them as I watched. Shooting my cum all over the bathroom in front of me, un-ceremonially, stream and stream of my own cum up in the air as I watched Peter fuck my willing wife. I was still stroking my spent cock with my cum, watching Peter unload his cum deep in my wife, grabbing her body tight, and holding his cock deep in her body. I watched as Carrie’s nails dug into his back as he did.

Their movement stopped, they paused, caught their breath, then as Peter pulled his face from her neck, looking at her face, they both gave a childish giggle, and resumed kissing. I grabbed a towel and quickly whipped up what cum I found around the bathroom. I took one more look before exiting the bathroom. He was still in her, they were exchanging tender kisses, but I could not stay to watch. I knew they would be getting up for a towel to clean themselves and hopefully they were done. As quietly as I could, I exited out the front door, and made my way to the car and drove to work. My whole day was much like my drive to work, replaying the events that unfolded, wondering where this was leading. Carried loved the fuck. No way to deny it, she loved the fucking she just received from Peter. Oh, how it escalated so quickly. I was upset, jealous, and very excited at the same time. I was very confused also….and concerned.

I did not call or txt Carrie during the day, not sure what to say. I was a bit hesitant to go home, unsure what the night was going to be like. I did like I was told, though, and took a Viagra before I left the office, hoping there was still a chance this night would be as erotic as we planned. Both kids were out of the house until later in the night, it would be just Carrie and I and we had a secret that we have not shared yet. I left work about 30 min early. Arriving home, I found Carrie in the kitchen, dressed in one of my favorite sexy outfits; one of my long sleeve dress shirts and nothing under it. When she saw me, she was surprised I was home early, and a bit hesitant I think, but she then walked up to me and gave me a loving deep kiss, best described as the same kiss I watched her share with Peter. My hands went for her bare ass under the shirt. She started to undress me in the kitchen. Kissing silently. At a moment when the kiss broke for her to remove my pants, I asked her how did it go, “Did you release his hard cock?”. Looking back, my question was not coming out sincere, like I needed to know. It came out like I had to ask a question to an answer I already knew.

We made our way to the couch, both of us naked by the time we reached it. Our bodies intertwined, as we made out. It was very quiet and a moment with few words. I asked her again how it went. She replied with her face in my neck kissing me with “I did see it”. “It popped out of the trunks?” I asked. She just gave an affirmative with a “umhum” her face still into my neck, kissing me. I ran my hand up her legs, and at first, she did not spread them, but when she did, she was so fucking wet. I asked her to tell me about it, as I ran my finger up along her wet pussy, stroking her clit. “Tell me” I asked again. She pulled back and had the most worried look on her face, a look of pain and fear, forcing me to stop rubbing her clit. My heart sank when I saw her expression. She took a deep breath and said “I will tell you, but please don’t get mad, please don’t leave me.”. it was the way she said it that broke my heart. I felt so bad that she had this secret that I already knew and did not stop her, but watched, that I had to say “You and Peter fucked. I know. I watched it”. She was stunned. I leaned in and kissed her, then pulled back. Our naked bodies were still intertwined, but her look of hurt and confusion killed my erection. I gently stroked her face and hair and confessed that I snuck back in the house and watched what unfolded. It was completely turned around from how I thought this would play out. Instead of her telling me, I told her what I watched. While I told my story, I mixed in reassurances that it was erotic, I found is so damn erotic. It seemed to comfort her a little when I told her how I came all over the bathroom. When I was done telling her my story, I insisted that she tell me, her own words, what happened. That I wanted to hear her tell me and as she did, she softly stroked my cock, and I rubbed her naked body, my hands exploring her as she opened up on what happened. I had her tell me details: What was going through her mind. What it felt like. How erotic it was. My cock became erect again. The more she talked the more she relaxed, she answered my questions with details, making it erotic. By the time she reached the end, the point when I left, I was fingering her pussy and rubbing her clit.

I told her I wanted to fuck her, but she replied she had some more to tell me first. I insisted I get to fuck her while she tells me the last remaining details. I was going to relive this morning together with her and we were going to fuck while we did. When she saw that I could not be deterred, she relented, but asked that I fuck her from behind. We moved to the floor, stacked a couple pillows, and she laid on her stomach with the pillows under her waist, forcing her ass up. I straddled her, and slide my hard cock in. I was amazed how wet she was. My cock was hard, but I went slow, ready to hear the story again as I fucked her. “David”, she said, “there is some more that I need to tell you.”. “Ok, tell me.” I said as I held on to her ass and softly fucked her. This is her story…..

“Honey, after what happened on the porch, we got up. I searched for my bikini, but could only find the bottoms. Peter was holding out where my top was. I put on my bottoms and went in the house for a towel for us. I was feeling guilty, realizing I went too far. I grabbed a towel, but stopped in the kitchen for a drink of water before going back out. Peter came inside. He was still naked. I am so sorry, his young body is so smooth, I just starred. I was still topless. He accepted the water I offered him. His body was right there. I cleaned his cock with the towel. I over cleaned it. I guess I wanted to touch it some more. I was not thinking straight. One minute I am worried about how to tell you what happened, the next I am holding his cock and balls in my hand again.”

Her face was facing right, her eyes were closed as she talked. She was going to tell me the story, honestly, but she could not face me as she did. I did not stop fucking her slowly, but I was very curious where this was going. I told her to continue, not to hold anything back, tell me everything, answer my questions honestly. She continued “We started to kiss again in the kitchen. Yes, we were making out again. Yes, it was long deep kissing. We moved into the living room and on the couch. Yes, our bodies were interlocked just like we just were. At first my bottoms were on, but he untied the sides and pulled them off. Yes, I lifted my ass for him to take them off. I did, I stroked his cock. His cock and his balls. Yes, both are very smooth. His hand, one on my back, the other ended up in my pussy. He fingered me. Just my clit at first, then he fingered me deep in my pussy.”

I could not believe this, just right here, on the couch, were we just sat, she was there with naked Peter, fingering and stroking each other again. I continued to ask her questions, but I lost any hesitation to me polite, I wanted the dirty erotic details, and as she gave them to me, I became more excited and worked up. I had to slow down my cock. I did not want to cum to quickly. I laid on top of her with my cock still in her, but reached down with my hand, under her body and fingered her clit. My face against her head I was able to whisper my questions in her ear as she continued, “Yes, god, yes, he held me tight. I could feel his firm body against me. Yes, I was wet and he was hard. God, honey, he was so hard. The cock was ridged in my hand again. He leaned down to suck on my nipples, but he kept fingering my pussy. I wanted to feel his finger deeper in me. I laid a leg up on the back of the couch, spread wide for his hand. Oh god yes, he finger fucked me. Yes, his mouth felt so good on my nipples, oh god did my nipples ache for him.”

I could feel Carrie pressing her ass back against me as I continued to finger her clit, but I kept my cock locked deep in her pussy afraid to move it and lose my load before the story was up. Carrie was becoming more excited, losing her inhibitions, being more truthful with her wording “Oh, god, honey, he laid me back on the couch. I was already wide, my legs spread wide from his finger fucking. My body was inviting him in again. I was staring at him as he finger fuck me, honey. I was pressing my pussy against his hand as he finger fucked me honey. Yes, my body was telling him to take me again. He made me cum, honey, finger fucking me, he made me cum as I sat back on the couch staring at him as he did it. Oh god yes I was wet. I could feel the moisture drip down my ass. I was whimpering ‘fuck me, fuck me’ softly as he finger fucked me. His hand was moving so fast.”

I had to move. I removed my hand from her clit and stood back on my knees, straddling her, holding her ass, feeling my cock take long slow strides deep in her pussy. I felt her move her hands under her body and took over fingering her own clit as I fucked her from behind. She continued, but her breathing was heavy and her voice cracked. She was very excited, but she continued. “After cuming on his hand, he moved his body between my legs. His cock was so hard. It was pointing straight at my pussy. I watched him slide in my pussy. I moaned, yes, I moaned, it felt so fucking good, his cock felt so fucking good in my pussy. This time he held himself up on his arms as he fucked me. I grabbed and rubbed his bare chest. Fuck yes, I moved my hips. Yes, I fucked him back. I watched how happy he was as he fucked me. He told me to rub my own breast as he fucked me. I grabbed my breast, I fingered my nipples as he fucked me. It made him so happy. I was tweaking my nipples like he did in the yard. It made him so happy. He fucked me harder. Honey, I taked dirty. Yes, I dirty talked him. Talked dirty as he fucked me. Fuck me honey, fuck me like he did. Yes, I told him dirty things as I played with my breast, feeling him fuck my aching, wet, hot pussy. “

I grabbed Carrie’s ass hard and fucked her hard. She started to dirty talk me, telling me to cum in her used pussy like he did, “Fuck me, honey, fuck my used married pussy. Fuck me, yes, fuck me like that young stud. Don’t slow down, fuck me, fuck me.” Her dirty talk turned into pleasure screams. I could feel her fingering her clit fast and hard. It put me over the edge. I jackhammered her from behind, the buried deep in her pussy and let go my load. I don’t remember what was coming out of her mouth when I was cuming, I was in the orgasm high. I remember her ass clinching up tight, very tight, around my fingers as she had he orgasm. I was breathing hard, my cock emptied of cum, but still hard from the Viagra. My muscles sore from the hard fucking I just gave her.

When she came down from her orgasm, I leaned down and kissed her face, telling her how much I loved her. She told me she loved me too. She also told me not to take my cock out, leave it in her. I sat back up on me knees and gave her slow strokes with my still hard cock. I wanted to hear what was going on in her mind. I asked her if he left after that. She said “Yes, we kissed and caressed each other on the couch. He kept his cock in me for a while, but then is slide out. He dressed and left. Don’t stop honey, keep fucking me, please.” I continued fucking her slowly. We planned on a long night of fucking, that is why I took the Viagra, but this was different.

“Honey, he came back.” I was stunned. I did not answer, I just let her continue. “I stayed home from work today, all day. I wanted to make it better between us when you came home. I cleaned up, made you dinner, dressed in your shirt for you. Then there was a knock at the patio door this afternoon. Peter was knocking at the door. He was dressed in one of his trunks. I was not expecting him, please believe me, I was not expecting him.” I started to increase my speed in her pussy. “I opened the door, asking what he was doing here. I was mad he came back, but he was only wearing one of his hot trunks. When I let him in, he kissed me. I felt his smooth body against me again and it was all it took. We kissed, honey. We kissed and he removed my shirt, and I removed his trunks. He was semi hard already. I did not want to invite him in, but after making out and undressing in the kitchen, we went back to the couch. Yes, he fingered me as we made out, his finger worked my clit. He made me wet again. We went to the couch and made out. Naked again, yes. Yes, he was hard, so hard and smooth. I did not want him to fuck me again before you came home. I wanted to leave my pussy for you. I was so hot and wet again, but when he tried to lay me back to fuck me, I slide off the couch and between his legs. Honey, fuck her harder.” I fucked her harder, I was getting excited again. She laid her hands by her head for support and for leverage to push back against my thrust. She was fucking me back as she told her story. “I sucked his cock, honey. I was between his knees as he sat there and took his cock in my mouth. I took his cock and balls in my mouth, honey. I rubbed his naked body with my hands as I sucked him. Fuck me harder, honey. I wanted to get him off and suck him, I wanted to leave my pussy fresh for you. Yes, he was leaking precum. Yes…I tasted his precum. Yesss….i was swallowing his precum. I did take his balls in my mouth, yes. God, he talked dirty to me as I sucked him. Fuck it was so hot, I was so hot. Yes, I was his little whore sucking his cock.” Now her telling the story was getting really dirty and I found myself fucking her again. “I wanted to make him cum so he would go. Yes…yes, honey, I wanted him to cum in my mouth. God yes, I was hot for him. No, no, he did not cum in my mouth. He stopped me, got off the couch and fucked me from behind while I was bent over the couch. He grabbed my hips like you are now and fucked me so hard from behind.” I lost it, I jackhammered her pussy. I fucked her for the fuck. There was no passion, no love, just a fuck. Not that I did not love her, I, we were both so worked up, it just became a fuck right there on the floor. She told me in detail how he fucked her from behind, held her hips, made her cum again, and came deep in her pussy again. She told me how they laid together on the floor, naked bodies wrapped around each other, making out, cum oozing out of her pussy.

They spent time making out, caressing each other, Peter exploring her body as they laid together naked and exposed on our livingroom floor, he was starting to get hard again, but she made him leave as it was late and I would be home soon. In fact, I was home sooner than she realized and had just enough time to clean up the living room and throw on her shirt. She was just about to jump into the shower when I came home. That wetness between her legs, yea, that was Carrie & Peter’s cum.

From this story, I continued to fuck her from behind, and emptied my second load in my wife. I have….we have never fucked like that before. It was so intense. It was unbelievable. We calapsed on the floor, catching our breath. Wrapping our naked bodies around each other. We said very little at first, almost falling asleep, only realizing that the kids would be home soon. We got up, cleaned up, and acted like a normal married couple when the kids came home.

From that experience, Carrie and I re-looked at the prospects of swinging, we considered it in a whole new perspective. After many talks and openly sharing, we agreed to find another fit, interesting couple that we are both attractive to, and explore a full swap. But the search has just begun. Summer is over, Peter went back down to Australia. In some ways Carrie and I are disappointed, in other ways we are relieved. Carrie & Peter continued to fuck this last summer, meeting 1 – 3 times a week. She told me about them all, and I managed to watch a few of them without Peter’s knowledge. But our marriage is about equal terms, and we agreed we both should enjoy the fruits of swinging, not just her. It was an amazing summer for Carrie. She experienced new levels of sex, and together she and I experienced new levels of sex, love and trust. Wish us luck.

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