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Medical Mischief II

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Chapter 2

I was rudely awakened by a feeling of being violently and continually shaken. As my mind hazily swam around the edges of consciousness, I became aware the shaking was regular and rhythmic. I felt as if my breath was being forced out of my body in short bursts. At first, I was at a loss to understand why I was lying on my back and why I couldn't move my arms and legs. Then the stark memory of what had happened to me in the Medical Centre came flooding back and I suddenly realised that the shaking was caused by someone bouncing up and down on top of me.

My cock was painfully hard and felt like it was being tightly gripped by something hot, wet and slippery. My vision slowly cleared to focus on Julia Horney's attractive face bobbing above me. Her mouth was open and her eyes closed and she looked flushed. I still seemed to be naked and tied by my wrists and ankles. But it felt different to before, softer with freshly smelling sheets.

"I think he's coming round Julia," said an amused feminine voice.

Julia gave me a breathless smile, but she continued her bouncing movements and I realised she was straddled across my thighs with her skirt hitched above her waist. My head was sort of propped up on a pillow and I could see my rigid cock rudely sliding in and out between her shapely thighs. Her garter belt and stocking tops providing an appropriately erotic frame for the scene.

Nurse Susan's singsong voice came at me from one side. "Sorry Tommy, you looked so sweet lying there with your cock still ready for action that we simply couldn't resist having another go on you."

I turned my head towards the direction of her voice. She was standing by the bed pulling her panties back on and adjusting her stockings and skirt while behind her a grinning Angela fastened the remaining buttons on the front of her own uniform.

Julia hung on to my shoulders as she rode up and down my shaft, gasping and moaning softly with joy. Her pussy felt like a tight velvet glove, gripping my cock firmly. The bed began to shake violently as she rode me faster and faster. Suddenly the sexy receptionist grunted and her pussy tightened around my cock, spraying hot vaginal juices all over my shaft and onto my balls. Wild spasms gripped her and I cried out in pain as she dug her fingernails into my shoulders while she climaxed.

"Oh, God ... GOD! I'm ccuuuummiing ...!" she squealed.

My entire body stiffened in total erotic release. I gasped and jerked and writhed as I felt myself spurt helplessly into her hot vagina.

"Noooo!!! Noooo!!! Aaaggghhhh!! Aaaaawwwwwww." I cried out as my balls felt as if they were being milked dry by the squeezing action of her pussy.

She collapsed on top of me and did not move for several minutes. She snuggled against my abused body and smiled softly.

"Mmmm! Riding you just gets better and better."

She slowly rose from the bed and my cock, still long and hard, popped out from between her shapely thighs.

"That alprostadil still seems to be working well," grinned Susan as she wickedly ran her fingernails up and down my shaft and gave my balls a tickle.

I gasped and flinched at her touch. My erection seemed so hypersensitive. I realised my hair was damp as if it had recently been washed and my face and body felt clean and freshly scrubbed.

"Where am I?" I croaked.

"We managed to cover you in a blanket and smuggle you out of the medical centre" said Angela sweetly.

I stared around the room, "Is - is this not still the medical centre then?"

"No," said Susan, "this is Julia's house. You're in her bedroom."

I gaped in surprise.

"Yes, we thought you would be safer here," explained Julia, pulling her panties up over her long shapely legs and smoothing down the front of her skirt. "After all we couldn't have you wandering around telling everyone of your adventures could we?" she grinned.

"With a cock full of alprostadil, someone might actually believe your story and that would do our reputations no good at all," added Susan sweetly,

"But when are you going to let me go?" I pleaded.

"All in good time Tommy," said the grinning Nurse Susan, "In any case we have to wait until the effects of the alprostadil wear off."

I stared at my steel-hard erection pointing rigidly at the ceiling and groaned. It certainly did not give the slightest impression of slackening yet. "But I won't tell anyone," I pleaded hopefully.

Nurse Susan brought her pretty face down close to mine. "Listen Tommy," she cooed softly, "We've enjoyed riding your young hard cock so much that we've decided to keep you here and use you for our pleasure until the alprostadil wears off." She gave me a light peck on the lips. "Even then we might just feel like giving you some more to prolong our amusement," she laughed wickedly.

"Face it Tommy," grinned Angela, "You're going to be our captive boy-toy for a while."

I just couldn't believe what was happening to me. Until nurses Susan and Angela got their lascivious hands on me, I had not had much in the way of any sexual experience at all (at least not with an actual female) Now the realisation was slowly dawning that I had been kidnapped and repeatedly raped by three lascivious women. You may think this was every red-blooded male's fantasy but now it was my reality, and reality has a habit of turning unpleasant.

The three women further amused themselves by running their hands over my nakedness for a while, paying particular attention to my cock and balls. I felt very weak from the sleeping drug and all my previous exertions. I certainly did not have the strength to resist as they fondled my balls and pumped my cock.

"Just think girls," said Nurse Susan thoughtfully, "we have in our possession what every woman dreams of, the ultimate girl-toy. No more singles bars, no risk of disease, no misunderstandings, no unwanted children, no costly marriages, no awkward relationships, no commitment. A perfect young male captive to do with as we want.

"With a perfect body for a woman to pleasure herself on," grinned Julia.

"And Alprostadil to keep him nice and hard no matter how many times he is used," added Nurse Susan, her long fingers wrapping themselves around my cock and stroking it gently.

"Uuuunnnhhh ... Please ...!" I garbled. "I ... we ... oooooohhhhhh ..."

"Better be careful Sue, " warned Julia, laughing, "or you'll make him spurt all over my sheets."

"Seems a shame to keep him just for ourselves," mused Susan, her eyes twinkling.

"Why - are you suggesting we rent him out or something?" gasped Angela incredulously.

"Well - why not?" grinned Susan. "We can keep him here at Julia's and charge by the hour for his use. I bet there are lots of women out there who would pay plenty to have a whole hour of raw uninhibited sex with Tommy here."

I opened my mouth to protest but Julia got there first.

"I don't think I'm too keen on that idea" said Julia firmly. "Remember I've got my two daughters to think about. I know they are only 12 and 13 years old but I think even they might get curious about a string of strange women trooping in and out of the house accompanied by lots of squeals and gasps upstairs."

"Hmmmm, perhaps you've got a point there," said Susan frowning.

"We've also got to think about where he came from," added Julia.

"Someone's bound to notice he's missing if we keep him too long."

Nurse Susan grinned mischievously. "Don't worry, I've already taken care of that. As far as Miss Mountjoy at the halls is concerned Tommy here has volunteered himself for a new style of medical therapy and will be in our care for some weeks to cum."

The room exploded with high pitched female laughter.

"Wow - some therapy!" chortled Angela, "I do hope he can keep it up over the cumming weeks."

Again the women nearly fell about laughing. The exchange of lewd remarks continued from one to the other accompanied by lots of slightly veiled references to male body parts and sexual function.

Needless to say I did not see the funny side at all.

Angela dabbed at the tears of mirth running down her cheeks. "Well,"

she said in a more serious tone of voice. "How about keeping him here just for our personal use and taking him somewhere else when we rent him out?"

"Wow, yes that could work," said Susan enthusiastically.

"And remember you'll be able to use him for your very own personal needs every night Julia," added Angela temptingly.

Julia's eyes widened as the young nurse's suggestion sunk home. "Well, I don't know..." she said hesitantly.

"It's been quite some time since your no-good husband ran off with that secretary of his." continued Susan relentlessly. "I think you could probably use some raw, regular sex every night - right?"

The curvaceous receptionist was visibly weakening. "Well I suppose -

oh, alright," she said with a final shrug of her shoulders. "But I can call it off any time I like - can't I?"

"Of course you can, " said Susan reassuringly, "and we'll make sure you have an ample supply of Alprostadil capsules in case you want to -

er - prolong your enjoyment." There was a wicked gleam in her eye as she gave my cock another squeeze.

The women laughed again. I didn't like the way this conversation was going at all.

"B-but you said you would let me go," I protested.

"Yes, but there's been a teensy-weensy change of plan," grinned Angela fondling my balls. "We will let you go - eventually, but we have a few more uses for you first."

"Just think Tommy" cooed Nurse Susan gently. "Lots of sexy females queuing up to screw your brains out - every young man's wet dream isn't it?"

I tried to tell them that dreams were a very different kettle of fish to reality. I also tried to tell them that being tied down while being forcefully and repeatedly raped was not my idea of a wholesome sexual relationship. But they didn't appear to want to listen. I was more or less ignored as they bustled around the room, tidying themselves up.

Susan unfastened the Velcro straps holding my wrists and ankles to the bed frame. It felt so good to be able to sit up and rub some circulation back into my aching limbs. The women broke into fits of giggling at the sight of my cock sticking out lewdly at right angles to my naked body.

Julia brought some food from downstairs and set it on a small table and I suddenly realised I was very hungry. I began to devour the food with relish and my attention was so focussed on the meal I almost forgot about my predicament. When I had eaten my fill, I noticed the women were gone. The sense of relief I felt was almost tangible. For the first time, I was able to take a few moments to look around my prison.

It was a largish bedroom with a double bed against one wall and two doors on opposite sides. There were no windows. The room was tastefully decorated with flowered wallpaper and pink curtains with matching bed sheets. The carpet was also pink, although darker. There was a small dressing table with a mirror on one side of the room and a wardrobe on the other. The d├ęcor was obviously feminine, enhanced by a subtle but sultry perfume that pervaded everything.

I tried one of the doors but it was obviously firmly locked. The other door opened to reveal a small on-suite bathroom and I was suddenly aware of an urgent need to answer the call of nature. I abruptly realised that my cock had shrunk back to its normal limp state and I moaned with relief as I emptied my bladder for the first time since my capture. How long ago was that? I had no idea.

The clock on the bedside table registered 4-30, but I had no way of telling whether that was AM or PM. Hoping to find something to cover my nakedness, I spent a few minutes going through the wardrobe and the drawers in the dressing table. All I found was feminine attire. My cock gave a slight twitch as I examined the neatly folded piles of panties, bras and stockings. No tights. This woman obviously liked to wear sexy underwear. The wardrobe was full of skirts, dresses and blouses but nothing I could wear unless I wished to be mistaken for a transvestite.

Contenting myself by wrapping a towel round my waist, I suddenly felt very tired and crawled over to the bed.

Within a very short time, I was fast asleep.

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