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Maria Turns Me Out

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I had come from the office I had been sent to and spent an hour with a very voracious woman, her flavor was still on my lips as I turned into the house where I was told to be at 7PM. Maria met me at the door. Good, you are early, here, go shower and put this on. She reached over and gave me a long gown and showed me to the bathroom. I got in the shower and turned it on nice and hot and took my time, I was relaxing and feeling very good after the shower because it always helps my muscles let go and loosen up. I touched up my pussy making sure it was nice and clean shaved. I got out and dried off, making sure my hair was dry and I put on the gown, I was nice but did not flatter my figure except that the way it hung it did accent the fact that I had big titties and the way it hung showed if my nipples were excited. At this point they seemed to be all the time. It was 5 till 7 and I walked out into the living room. Maria was there with 4 other women. Maria wore a very tight dress, cut very short so that her cheeks were showing at the top of her legs and her breasts were very prominant bulging from the top of the low cut dress. She wore medium heals and stood as if in charge of everything. Very good she said, you have on the gown and nothing under? No, nothing under. Good, get in line now all of you. The 4 other women stood in line as if in a military formation and in fact they were in the military, student at the academy I found out later. 3 were very slim with small tittis and nice firm hip and the 4th was more buxom and her gown also was the way mine was accenting her chest that was larger than mine but her titties were firm as if silicon filled. I found later that they were natural. The door bell rang at 7 exactley and Maria brought in a group of men and women, aboput 10 or 15, all dressed well and very much looking as if they were in a market to purchase stocks. Before they had gotten there Maria told us, You all will do as you are told without question, instantly and not objections like last time Darla, remember? Yes Maria Darla said. You will keep you mouths shut unless asked to speak and will say only exactly what is needed to answer the person speaking to you. No matter what a client says or does you will not complain but will go along with them to the letter, understood? we all said Yes Maria and then the door bell rang. Maria introduced all of us and told the people that they had the whole evening to enjoy the "Club" and that there were no limits for their pleasures. This made me uneasy and I hoped it did not show on my face for even though I was there I felt I could not escape. Two men went to one of the slim girls and looked at her, nice , very nice one was saying then her gown ffll to the floor, we will take her for a while they said. Good, enjoy Maria said. I was not really wanting to have a man much less one that was to control me and was hoping that a woman or women would take me. Darla sighed as two couples came to her and tok her hand, we want this one and Maria smiled. Maria stopped her and whispered in her ear "Do better this time dear" and Darla promised she would. The other women were taken and no one had seemed to have ever looked at me. Then I noticed that there were 6 women sitting on the couches after everyone had left. Two men were kissing and hugging Maria so I saw that the Boss was also available for customers. The women all looked to be excutives or such. YOu are Liz? one said. Yes I said back. And do you do as you are told? Yes I said again remembering that were were to say only what we had to. She stood up and walked to me and took off my gown, Maria was right, you are hot, I love the tits she said pinching the nipples making me moan. Ahh, good they are sensative. No use haiving big tits if they don't do something for you. The ladies laughed then the woman turned and slapped me across the face, not really hard but enough to sting. She looked at me then grabbed me and kissed me hard as if to make me know she was in control. She will do she said as she took off her clothes and dropped themn to the floor. Karla, undress and come here dear she told one of the women. Karla did as she was told and came to her. Lay her down and get her hot, I want to see how she is. Karla came to me and led me to a type of couch and laid me on it and began kissing me all over, my body tried to not respond but could not help it, my pussy began getting wetter. Karla was expert in getting a woman hot and before I knew it I had several orgasms that made me moan and cry out. All the time the woman stood over us as if watching a science experiment. Very good Karla now go back and sit down dear the woman sid and I was laying spread out and quivering from an orgasm. Now we begin the fun the woman said...

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