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Mardi Gras

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I mentioned before that while helping Bill and Karen I had gotten pregnant on purpose. I wanted a baby and since they were best friends Jean and I thought it would be good. Almost through my 3rd month all was going good then I began bleeding and went to the E.R. They admitted me and after a lot of examines told me that it was not likely that I could go full term because of a problem with my cervix. I had a procedure called cervical cerclage to close the womb so that I could carry the baby full term. There are a few reasons for this but mine was damaged the doctors said from something in my life, too much activity or a couple other reasons. They tried to close it off but the next month I lost the baby and was depressed to the extreme. Jean did her best to cheer me up but not much worked and Donna was helpful but again I sank into the depression when I was alone. Bill and Karen came in one day and said, "Hey everyone, Mardi Gras is soon, lets all go. We can leave the baby with Karens folks and make a party of it." I though why not and so we all packed up and went. We got a hotel north of New Orleans and Jean and I got identical outfits except for cup sizes of course. The pregnancy had taken me from 38EE to 40EEE and I was not getting smaller. I had begun to eat and gained weight. My breasts were lactating and I spent some time expressing milk and Jean liked sucking them which of course made the milk come more. She was in effect breast feeding at least twice a day with me being the feeder. I began having orgasms as she did and began to feel sexy again. On the drive I wore very little and Jean and I sat in the back seat while Karen and Bill drove. We had fun flashing truckers and people in vans and it was great. On I-10 going accross Texas Bill said he thought that we were being followed so we all put on out most tasteless clothes to cover up. Hiding my chest was not easy and a few times at rest areas it seemed that the same car was there with 3 people in it. One a dark haired woman that was tall and buxom but when we tried to approach them they took off. We spoke to police about it but they said that a lot of people were heading the New Orleans. Well, we got there and got the hotel and all. Jean helped put some body paint on me and I her and Karen enjoyed teasing Bill and us. She put on a thong and painted a tank top on and said that when she got to the festivities the blouse was comeing off. She dared me to do the same and after a couple drinks I did, letting Jean paint a bikini top on my breasts that leaked at the slighest attention. I changed and wore a pair of tight shorts and took a full jersey with me to cover up if I wanted to. We got the Burbon Street and finally found a parking palce far from the crowd. We walked around in the crowd and were really having a great time. Jean and I kissing and fondeling each other and getting lots of attention from the guys and girls and lots of beads. Bill and Karen having a good time showing off her chest and his bulge. I was on the street watching floats and Jean had go into a bar for drinks. Bill and Karen had moved away a little but I could still see them about 30 yards away. Suddenly I felt a sting on my hip, like a needle prick, I reached around to see what it was and then went dark. I thought I saw a familiar face as I lost all consciousness but that was impossible I thought, "What would Maria be doing here?" I woke up and tried to sit up but my arms and legs were tied. I opened my eyes and Maria was standing over me, smiling and ahd a small leather whip like a cat of nine tails. As my eyes opened it came down across my breasts. I cried out. It looks like I have my little slave back Maria said, almost cruley with her whip in her hands as it came down again. again I cried out. Maria, please, no, please let me go. I was straining at the leather ties that held me down. Please Maria, I can't do that anymore. Do what Baby she said, do what you like doing so much? Fucking? Sucking? Getting laid by everyone I tell you to? No please I was begging. Crying and then another stick and I was out again. I woke to something ramming into my ass, it hurt and I was bent over tied to a rack. My hair was a mess and I was naked. Three cameras were around me and there were multiple men, naked around me waiting their turns to take me. Maria was sitting in a chair like a movie director, telling them what and how do do. Another one pushed his rod into my bottom and I tried not to cry out. Go ahead guys, do as you like, she is not going anywhere. ONe said, man her titis are leaking milk all over. Well, Maria, nice, have we been a Mommie Liz? No I told her. I never did get all the way through. Oh Baby too bad. Anyone want to suck her titties, feed on her milk. Two men got on that side and began painfully sucking and biting my titties making me cry more and the milk to squirt from my breasts. My titties were already sore from the whip that Maria had applied I suppose even when I was out. The man behind me finished and Maria got her ever present whip and stood behind me. Now to whip the little slut that left me she said and the whip came down across my ass. It stung and again it came down. Feel good Slut she asked me. Feel like you want to run away again? I cried as she kept up the whipping. Bring in some more she said and a door behind me opened. There were voices all obviously drunk. All men, Okay guys, 20 bucks a pop, get your nuts off. Enjoy. Then it began, one after another behind me, in my ass or pussy, shoveing into me, humping slow or fast, small of big, until they shot their load and laughed at me tied on the rack. I don't know how many men Maria let have me but she got up at the end and again used the whip. Men were laughing and cat calling, More, beat the bitch more and it seemed that as they did Maria got more frantic. I felt something dripping down my legs and thought it was cum from the abuse but it was worse. I was not enjoying the torture at all and Maria was getting more and more engrossed at how she could degrade me. Go get some more customers she growled again and a door opened behind me the sounds of the street coming in. Adjust the rack, get her on her knees. Lets feed her some cock. I was crying still begging her not to but the men came in and she showed them the place to put their loads. I don't remember how many but I gagged again and again as cocks were shoved into my mouth and down my throat and men shot their loads in my mouth and in my face and hair. again I was moved and again my ass was assaulted over and over again. I don't know how long it lasted but I woke to the sun coming a window and I was on a bed, leather on my wrists and ankles, cum all over me and yet I was not tied down. Jean was wiping me with a wet towel and Karen was crying. Bill was just plain pissed. A sheet covered me and several police officers were getting a description of the people that had brought me in and left me from the desk clerk. That was 10 or 12 hours ago he said. I gave the name of Maria to the police and that was their best info. In a box were tapes, "For my best whore" the label said and it was tapes of my humiliation. I spent 3 days in the hospital and finally they let Jean and Bill and Karen take me home. So much for the fun of Mardi Gras. Maria was found eventually but got a minimum sentance, her lawyer made it look like I was somehow part of the plan.

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