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Make me a cocksucker

I am in your bedroom and we are lying on the bed. We have had a night of lovemaking and experimenting and having several fantasies fulfilled. The mood is soft lights and candles. We converse and chat about the nights activities and I begin to tell you how much fun I have enjoyed tonight.

?I really love doing all of this stuff for you my beautiful lady, because it is fun?. ?I think I have already said when I am horny like I am now ? I will let you do anything you want? I say. ?Anything? I add for emphasis. ?Anything? you say, ?OK? you say. You should be careful what you tell me sometimes, it is how you wound in panties and hose you know? you say. ?Do you know what role play is?? you continue. ?I used to do that a lot and it was fun as long as the other person is having fun too? I say.

?What do you think, do you want to do some role play?? you say. ?Yes?, I say, ?I have not done much of it, but I would like to do some if you would.? ?I feel like role playing with you for a little while? you say ?and I hope you like your new Mistress.? Then you start to take on a new persona as you say, ?Think of me as your mistress, you trainer, your personal dildo and dick sucking instructor?

After you say this you move your face down and sensuously take my manhood in your mouth. You begin to suck my manhood and you deliberately move your mouth back and forth on it, slowly, moaning sensuously while you do it. You pause, ?This is how I want you to suck dildos and dicks for me? you say as you look at me in the eye. ?Hold it upright in your hand like this, and then you work your mouth up and down on it ? like this?. You move your mouth up and down on my shaft a few times. ?Suck them just like this? you repeat this move again for me.

You pause as you develop your new role play persona - and then you say firmly ?You will remember my hottie - to suck every dildo or dick that I or anyone I say can give you orders to suck ? just like this ? before you get fucked with it? you say. ?You should kneel or sit or position yourself in front of your lover to be ready to do this every minute you are with him or her, and you should suck all dildos or dicks to your best ability especially if they aren?t going to fuck you with it? you say. ?You must make it your best blow job every time you put a long thick dildo or cock in your mouth? you say.

?Now a most important thing you must do my little white hottie? you say. ?Most women won?t do this for their own man, but I know you will want to and I want you to do this every time ? be ready to take the cum when he shoots off if you are sucking a real dick? you say. ?Encourage him to cum in your mouth, even if he doesn?t want to?. ?Let him pump his cum in your mouth to show how turned on you are?.

?Oh my Sweet Lady, are you sure this is what I must do?? I whimper. ?Is this what you want? I beg? ?It?s one thing to suck a dildo, it will be more of a challenge to be sucking on a real dick which I will gladly do for you my Sweet Mistress, but to have a man pump cum into my mouth and on my face is asking a lot my Mistress? I say in my role play. ?Tasting and eating cum must be an acquired taste? I say. You say ?It will be an acquired taste, and I am very willing to help you with that? you say with the continued devious grin. I am beginning to wonder how much of this is role play and how much will really happen to me.

?I have to be able to count on you to do your best on any dildo or dick you suck whether I am there with you or not? you say. ?I don?t want anyone that I have been telling about you ? yes people know that I have been teaching you about sucking dildos or dicks - to come up to me in a store or at the mall or in line at the grocery store and start telling me you did not impress them with how you sucked their dildo or dick? you say to me. ?You are expected to impress anyone I choose to share you with?. I give you a look of mock horror.

?Oh yes my hottie, I have been telling a select group of open minded mature black women all about you?. ?I have told them about how you will love be taken to their homes and be led by the hand into their bedrooms?. ?They have been told that you will gladly strip naked for them and surrender all your clothing to them to do with as they please?

?They already know you will love having them force you go their dressers and closets and pick out lots of undies from their lingerie drawers and storage boxes?. ?They know that you will get so hard just putting on their pretty panties and bras while they watch you?. ?I have been told that several of the full figure women of this group have already rounded up lots of their extra panties and bras and stockings and slips in preparation for your visit? you say. ?They want you in that big smooth nylon they own as much as you want to be in them too.

?As a matter of fact, all of these women are so excited about you coming to visit they are going out and purchasing ton?s of new bra?s and panties and slips an hose; pretty dresses and blouses and shoes just for you to have to wear for them?. ?You will have so much to wear and so many black pussies to please?. ?I hope you like tall thick full figured black women with big round fat protruding asses to worship and kiss and lick and suck on and tongue fuck?.

?I told them that it makes you so horny when you put on their hosiery and slips and blouses and dresses?. ?They know you get so stiff when you wear their lipstick and eye shadow and mascara, lipstick and rouge, high heels and their wigs? you say. ?I have told them that they should be wearing nothing but their lingerie while you are in their bedroom as that makes it more exciting for you - you love to lust for their dark skin in their nylon panties and slips and hose?.

?They will make sure you get to massage and feel all of their wonderful bodies in the lingerie they are wearing while you are forced to suck their asses or ? their dildos?. ?Oh my hottie, you are in for many wonderful hours of cross dressing female worshiping with my many beautiful African American friends? you say.

?You will relish spending days at a time with them as you both wear nothing but lingerie?. ?They may even get together so that you may serve 3 or 4 of them at a time?. ?I can see you now in my mind on your knees between two of these women as one thick full figured black woman pulls a huge black dildo she is wearing out of her girl friends hot creamy pussy and quickly feeds it past your lips and makes you suck all of that creamy hot dick she is wearing into your mouth?.

?Yes, I am sure you will also look so good with your face buried in a black woman?s ass while she is fucked in her pussy by another black lady with a long black dildo ?.. a dildo that you will have to lick and suck between strokes?.

You say to me ?My friends will say when they report to me about you ?It was obvious he loved every minute of it and there were lots and lots of those minutes for him last weekend?. ?He really did a good job when I made him suck that strap-on fresh from a hot cummy pussy for me?. It was the biggest blackest one I have, yet he was such a good cock sucker and really worked hard to take it all in his mouth?.

?She will say to me, ?I even had the pleasure of watching my other girlfriend wear her own black strap-on dildo and fuck him all the way up inside his panty covered ass while I had my own creamy dildo deep in his throat?. ?She will tell me, ?I am glad to say he made sure that my pussy and especially my big fat ass was made very happy as many times as I wanted him too because he really loves big black asses? you say. ?That?s what I want all of those women to say to me? you tell me.

?My hottie? you say, ?I won?t tell you which one, but one of these special women has a husband who a tall gorgeous black cross-dressing shemale who loves panties as much as you do?. ?She has already told me that she will love having you come to her big mansion and have the two of you dress and play together while you service her and some of her friends?. ?We may go visit her soon? you say. ?She has told me about the big long thick black strap-on dildo she has; we both think will look good being stuffed into you by several different women who will be there to break in some nice white hottie meat? you say. ?She says her husband is so beautiful and he looks so gorgeous when he lets his big dick swing out from under his mini skirt?. ?She says he has really natural looking breasts and he is hung like a mule and cums in quarts?.

?She says he has been looking forward to the day when his wife brings home a white slut to use and take the pressure off of him during the many panty and bra parties they hold for her friends?. ?It sounds to me like you may get some experience with having two dicks in you at their house, a nice big fat dildo being fucked into your ass by a host of hot looking black women, and a hot black shemale will be choking you with his horse cock in your mouth?. ?You will have a fantastic time at her house my hottie?!

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