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Lunch & Desert

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Let me start by saying that I have always admired the beauty of a woman?s body, but I never felt a sexual attraction to another woman. I?m 5?6?, 130lbs. with shoulder length brown hair and my boyfriend loves to watch the guy?s heads turn when we are out. I don?t pay attention to it, because he points them all out to me. Sometimes he likes to take me out looking my sexy best and show me off to the world.

Yesterday I stopped at a small café to grab a light lunch in between appointments with clients. The hostess seated me at a table towards the back of the small dining room that offered a view of the entire café. After pacing my order, I started to read a book I received for Christmas.

About one page into my reading, an absolutely stunning woman walked through the door and requested a table for one. She was also a brunette, but kept her hair in a short business like style and was dressed very professionally. Her facial features were almost angelic and her body appeared to be athletic, except that she had larger breasts than you typically see on petite woman. She moved with a grace and confidence that I found completely alluring. As the hostess was grabbing a menu for her, the beautiful diner quickly scanned the room and requested the table next to mine.

As they approached, I could feel this woman studying me. At first, I felt a little unnerved, but then soon realized that I was excited. After she was seated, she leaned over and said softly that she was glad to see another single woman diner as she can get uncomfortable when dining alone ? even if it is only lunch. I had to agree, because I usually just grab a salad bar at a grocery store for lunch.

She introduced herself as Jennifer, but said most people call her Jenna. I replied ?I?m Jill and that?s what most people call, except for my kids who call me mom.? She chuckled at that and I offer to share my table with her if she?d like and she accepted. When the waitress came back to greet Jenna and take her drink order, Jenna asked me if I? like to join her in a glass of wine. I don?t know why as I had an appointment in 45 minutes, but I said yes and she ordered a bottle of Pinot Grigio.

She told me that she is an attorney and she just left the court house after winning a rather dull case, but was one that her firm?s partners told her was a huge stepping stone for her career. When the wine came she reviewed it like a connoisseur, and asked that the kitchen hold my entrée until hers was also ready. To which the waiter replied that they would make a new one to ensure it?s freshness. I blushed and said it was ok to bring it now, I have an appointment shortly. Jenna gave me a mock frown showing her displeasure at the prospect of my leaving her celebratory luncheon.

I was momentarily stunned, but I could feel my pussy start to tingle and immediately relented. With that I took a large sip of my wine and told her I still don?t feel like working after the Christmas / New Years Holiday break, and would call my appointment and tell them I was experiencing car troubles and need to reschedule ? my car is only 1 month old, but they don?t know that.

We continued to drink our wine and chit chatted about our lives like life long friends through a second bottle of wine and lunch. As the conversation continued, our voices

became softer, almost a whisper and forced us leaning in closer to each other to speak and hear. I also noticed that the tingle in my pussy had not gone away, but had actually become stronger and was becoming wet.

After our meal I excused myself to the ladies room and the door had barely closed, when it flung back open to allow Jenna entrance. She said that the wine had gotten to her too and figured since women always go to the bathroom in two?s, she?d join me. The wine had definitely gotten to me because I accepted her explanation at face value and continued on my mission of the moment ? relief. She came out of the stall as I was washing my hands and checking my makeup, slid behind me and whispered in my ear that she wanted me for desert. I was shocked! Although I was definitely attracted to her like no woman in my life and was sitting in a small puddle, I never thought of actually acting on it.

Obviously the attraction went both ways and she had not only thought of acting on it, was doing something about it. As I was thinking of something to say, she gently turned me around to face her and gently kissed me on the lips. I was speechless. Jenna took my lack of objection as permission and kissed me again, this time softly running her tongue on my lips. Without any thought I parted my lips and accepted her proffered tongue into my mouth.

I had never even kissed a woman before, nor really thought about it and here I was in the ladies room of a café that I wandered into by chance, with a stunning woman?s tongue in my mouth.

As she broke the kiss, she looked deeply into my eyes and said ?that feels wonderful doesn?t it?? I shyly nodded. She followed up with, in brilliant attorney fashion, ?Does it feel as good as when your boyfriend kissed you??

?No, it feels better much softer and sensual.?

?Do you want more??


?Let me pay the check and we?ll get out of here.?

I was in a trance. She had me so horny. More horny than I can ever remember being. ?Yes,? was all I could reply.

She knew that if I had a chance to think about what was happening and what I was about to do that I would chicken out. So, once out of the bistro, she led me to her car and opened the passenger door for me. Between the wine and her complete seduction of me I was incapable of resisting.

We drove a short distance to a luxurious condo. The entire trip she was telling me how turned on I made her and that she had never seduced a stranger before. She had immediately felt something the moment she saw me sitting by myself at the table, and the more we spoke and laughed throughout lunch the wetter her pussy had gotten, and she became more scared that I would leave without her ever having gotten to kiss me. I remained virtually silent the whole ride, scared out of my mind, yet touching my drenched pussy and feeling how wet it had become.

Once inside the condo she offered to take my coat and started kissing my neck as she helped me out of it. With our coats neatly hung up, Jenna took my hand and led me to the bedroom. She asked me, or rather told me I had never been with a woman before, to which I meekly nodded. She took my face in her hands and asked me if I was ok? Yes, yes I was. The fear was dissipating and my excitement was building. I leaned itoe her face and lightly pressed my lips to hers, letting my tongue play as she had done earlier in the ladies room. I let all my senses take it in. The sweet smell of the light perfume she wore the wonderful wine on her breath, the softness of her body and the angelic beauty she radiated. I was completely entranced by the experience and there was no way I was turning back now.

She gently eased me down on the bed and lay next to me. As she started whispering in my ear how wet I was making her pussy, she started to undo the buttons on my blouse. With every button that came off, she would take her time to explore with her fingers and her lips the skin that was just exposed. OH MY GOD! The way she caressed my breasts just above the bra line was driving my pussy crazy and I just wanted to scream at her ?Just Do Me!? But I was enjoying her slow tender advances so much I couldn?t bring my self to say a word. When she finished unbuttoning the blouse I leaned up to allow her to remove it and unclasp my bra and totally expose me from the waist up, but she never made the move for the clasp. Instead she brought her mouth to mine and kissed me passionately, tracing my bra covered breasts with her finger tips. She had me insane with desire.

The kiss lasted what seemed like forever, and only made me hotter and wetter than I have ever been. We had been on the bed for more than a half hour and the only clothing removed was my top. By this time with almost any guy I?ve ever slept with, I?d be listening to him snore. Jenna really knew how to seduce a woman.

Jenna asked me again if I was ok? Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm and a huge smile was my response.

She started to kiss my breasts around my bra and I felt her fingers lightly trace their way down my body. She removed her lips from my breasts when her fingers could go no farther so that she could continue her tracing down my calf. When her mouth got to the waist of my skirt she reversed and worked her way back up, all the way to my mouth.

She whispered in my ear ?This isn?t fair, you are far more undressed than I. Can you help me out of my blouse??

I rolled off the bed, offered Jenna my hand to help her off the bed too. When she stood, I took a seat on the edge of the bed and pulled her to me so that her pussy would grind on my leg as I looked up into her face. She watched my every move as I slowly unbuttoned her blouse. There was no way I could take the same amount of time she took, to disrobe her. I was a crazed woman at this point. I think she sensed it too because and I was undressing her she unclasped my bra and started caressing my breasts and lightly pinching my nipples.

When I had most of her buttons undone, I reached behind her and unclasped her bra. I lowered the cups to allow access and felt another woman?s breasts for the first time in my life. They were perfect. Probably a C cup, with a perfect shape and slight upturn so that her little pink nipples were pointing just north of the horizon. I then quickly undid the rest of the buttons and ripped both blouse and bra off and flung them on the floor. I pulled her ass towards me, grinding her pussy against my leg and I could feel her wetness through her hose and panties. When I moved my hands back to her breasts to start my thorough inspection, her pussy continued to grind on me.

I ran my fingers over one of her nipples while I suckled the other, and felt them stiffen to tiny pebbles. I couldn?t believe how excited I was becoming making love to another woman.

She only allowed me a moment and pulled me to my feet. She undid my skirt and let it fall to the floor and then fell to her knees and started planting delicate kisses as she removed my pantyhose. With only my panties on - God was she killing me - she helped me back on to the bed and the went to the foot of the bed. She lifted my left lag and started licking the sole of my foot. No one has ever done that before and it tickled so much, but I couldn?t resist as it was also shooting lightning bolts through my pussy. When the tickle went away she sort of bent my knee to enable her to suck on my toes and free her other hand to trace it?s way up my inner thigh towards my aching pussy.

I was feeling like I?ve never felt before. Jenna was doing things to me that no one has ever done and it all felt so good, and so natural. She didn?t touch my pussy like anyone else either. As she was send me into orbit by sucking my toes, she was very lightly, through my soaked panties, stroking the outside of my outer lips. The second she touched me there I came. It had been building for almost 2½ hours through 2 bottles of wine, surprising kissed in the ladies room, and the slow seduction in the condo. I had an orgasm the likes of which I have never had with a guy in 30+ years of sexual activity.

It didn?t consume me and make me SUPER sensitive like my typical self or male induced orgasm. It was more like an elevation to a higher level. After my body quivered for a few moments I felt like I was feeling currently at that heightened state and proceeding upward from there. I didn?t have to take a couple of minutes to recuperate and desensitize.

She switched feet and instead of sucking my toes after licking the right sole, she started to kiss up my calf, never removing her fingers from my pussy lips. She still hasn?t gotten closer to my clit than the outside of the hood and I?ve cum ? WOW.

When she got to my knee, she starting kissing and licking it behind the kneecap. Another OMG! The combination of her tongue there and her gentle caressing of my pussy lips brought me to another orgasm. Not as intense as the first, but then there wasn?t the monumental build up either. As soon as I came through to the other side of my second orgasm in five minutes, her mouth continued its trek north. She started to caress my whole nether region through my panties, from the bottom of my landing strip all the way to my asshole. She had me squirming and begging her to remove my panties. When her mouth got to my pussy she lifted my ass and legs as though she were removing the last barrier to my total nakedness, but she instead rested my ass on her thighs and looked me in the eyes and licked her lips. She blew me a kiss and asked me again how I felt?


Jenna reached under her shirt and removed her hose and panties. How, I don?t know. Maybe she had worked them down around her ankles while she was driving me to an orgasmic bliss. She pulled her skirt up and knelt to allow me to see her fingers access her drenched pussy. I could see her push two of them all the way in, squishing as they disappeared. She worked them in and out for a moment and then withdrew them completely. Jenna brought them to my face so I would catch a whiff of her essence.

?Have you ever tasted pussy?? Then she replaced them.


?Not even your own??

?Well, yes mine.?

?Did you like your taste??

?It?s ok, I guess.?

She pulled her fingers back out her pussy and rubbed them on my lips. She smelled musky, just like I do, I guess. When she did that I could feel my pussy swell and the wetness pour out. She leaned back and I watched her place three fingers in her pussy. She started fucking herself at a pretty good pace and then suddenly pulled them out and shoved two into my mouth as far as she could get them. The third was rubbing my top lip just below my nose.

I CAME AGAIN !!! OH MY GOD. This woman was driving me crazy.

She looked dead into my eyes. ?You like the taste of Pussy, don?t you?? I could only nod, but I did so giving her fingers the best blowjob I could.

?Do you want to taste me? Do you want to lick my pussy? Do you want to make me cum?? She didn?t give me a chance to answer. She rolled over onto her back and then pulled me on top of her in a 69 position. She then asked me to sit back on her face for a moment. I didn?t understand but did as she asked. Before I knew it, she had tied my hands behind my back with her pantyhose and lowered me back down to face her pussy. I couldn?t get to her with my mouth, she positioned it just out or reach, so I could only see her wetness glistening on her lips and smell her now intoxicating sexual scent. Jenna then rolled me onto my back, jumped off the bed, opened her purse and took out a silk scarf and what looked to be a small vibrator. She lay down next to me and started kissing me passionately and telling me how turned on she was.

I whispered ?What are you doing??

Her reply was to cover my face, turn on the vibrator and place it next to my ear. She whispered in my ear ?I am going to take you to an orgasmic place I don?t think you?ve ever been.? I felt her leave the bed, heard her search for something in her purse again and felt her return. Jenna then picked up my head and blindfold me with her scarf. I could still see a little light, but could not make out any images. The humming of the vibrator was increasing my excited anticipation.

Jenna moved slightly on the bed and I was treated to her lips meeting mine. It was a very slow sensual kiss and when I tried to increase its urgency, she backed off. She brought a finger to my lips and could tell by the sent that it was coated with her pussy, I engulfed it in my mouth and sucked it like it was a mini cock. I hoped she enjoyed my show. When she withdrew it from my mouth, I felt it her hands ay the waistband of my panties and she worked them down my legs to totally expose my naked body to her. On her way back up she took plenty of time running her fingers along my drenched pussy lips, just as she had done before. This time she started to work my labia as well, and finally ran her finger from my opening to my clit and sent shivers through my body. Jenna fingers entered me and she made a few deep strokes and then she brought my pussy to my mouth. I sucked them in and sucked my pussy feverishly off her fingers.

Jenna alternately treated me to her and my pussy and with each delightful serving I became more and more intoxicated with our tastes. I begged her to sit on my face so I could really taste her but she denied me. Instead, she traced her tongue down my body and started to gently lick me from my asshole to my clit. Occasionally she would stop and pay special attention to the area between my asshole and my opening. This sent chills through me as my toes curled at this newly found erogenous zone. She then spent time licking my asshole and this quickly brought on an urge to cum, and I would have if she had continued for another 10 seconds.

I felt her move again on the bed and the buzzing was no longer in my ear. I felt her place it on one nipple as she took the other in her mouth and bite sharply. Jenna?s bite shocked me, but the contrasting sensations on my nipples felt very good. I felt the vibrator trace down my body and enter my pussy deeply, removed and placed on my in my mouth. As I sucked the tip, Jenna started to insert more and more until I started gagging on it.

Jenna lay down next to me and slipped the vibrating cock all the way into my pussy. ?I love to watch you suck pussycock,? She said as she removed it from my slit and again inserted it all the way into my mouth. This time I didn?t gag so she started to fuck my mouth with it. ?Tell me Jill what do you want??

?I, I, I want to taste you and give you some of the pleasure you have given me.?

?Ah my sexy Jill, I am teaching you how to please me right now. I want you to remember everything about this day and replicate it, either on me or someone you seduce.?

With that she moved between my legs and started and started to gently such on my clit. I could feel her teasingly insert just the head of the vibrating cock into my hot slit, remove it and do the same to my asshole. She continued this until she could tell that I was getting to the point of no return. She sucked my clit harder and rammed the dildo deep into my ass and I lost it. My entire body was over come with my orgasm. Every nerve was hyper-sensitive and my body quaked uncontrollably for what seemed like an hour. Every movement, every touch, every lick sent me deeper into the throes of the most explosive orgasm I can remember. I was still tied and blindfolded, so I was powerless to do anything to stop her, so I begged her to stop, to not lick me, to take the dick out of my ass. After about a minute she finally did as I requested. Her face was nuzzling my stomach and the vibrator was thrown on the floor as I lay on my back trying to regain some control over my body. As I was cumming down, Jenna would deviously take a lick on my clit and send me right back to where I was trying to come from.

After about 10 minutes, I had that peaceful contented ?post-orgasm? feeling. Jenna had excused herself, but had not yet returned. I called out her name, but she didn?t respond and I got scared, really scared.

I heard a door and Jenna entered the room before I could call her name again. She told me it was getting on 8:00 PM and she really had to be going, as this was a corporate condo and one of the firm?s partners would be arriving with his mistress around 9:00.

?Won?t they be surprised to find you naked, tied up, blindfolded and freshly fucked in the bed??

OMG ! She wouldn?t.

Jenna then started laughing uncontrollably and said ?They will be here, but they won?t find you. She helped me up, untied my hands and graced me with the most tender and passionate kiss of the day. We stayed in that embrace for about ten minutes with Jenna in complete control of the situation, and my total experience. When we broke she removed the blindfold and I was greeted by that beautiful, angelic, beaming face I fell in love with about eight hours earlier.

I wanted to reciprocate some of the pleasure she had given me all afternoon, but she would have none of it. She said we really needed to leave as she didn?t want to advance her career and end it all in the same day.

On the drive back to my car, she told me that if I want to return the favor, to show up here next Tuesday at 4:30. She added to bring my favorite toy, something to bind and blindfold with, and be prepared to start my training, whatever that means. She also said that if I?m more than 5 minutes early or 1 minute late, I?ll never see her again. She then looked me in the eye with those gorgeous eyes and told me she had to go because her husband expected her hours ago, but she could tell him she was working late and he?d never know.

I have never cheated on anyone before, but haven?t told my boyfriend and don?t plan to. I don?t think he?d be mad, but would want to be included ? what guy wouldn?t. I want to meet Jenna next Tuesday and if I do, I?ll pass along the details.

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