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Long Limbs

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Long Limbs,

I have a friend that owns a tree removal and trimming business that I work part time for. He takes a lot of clean up jobs from people with rental properties at various locations in and out of the city. Not long ago he accepted a job where we had to trim a very large oak tree that was between two rental houses. I usually trim the limbs from a bucket that extends high into the trees. We started early as usual with me high in the tree looking for the best place to start. The property beside us had a small in ground pool that had a high privacy fence surrounding it. Soon we were cutting the smaller limbs away when I noticed movement next door. I glanced over and about fell out of the bucket to see a beautiful redhead walking to the pool with the smallest bikini that I have ever seen. She glanced up and smiled as I stared from high above. Joe, who I work for, yelled up and asked if something was wrong. I snapped back to reality and said nothing you need to worry about. I knew if I told him, he would pull me off the truck so he could enjoy the sight. I wasn?t going to share this and knowing that he hated bees, I told him that there were a few bee nests I was having to work around. The redhead was very well built with large tits and long smooth legs. She proceeded to slowly rub lotion on her firm tanned body while glancing up with a smile. I made no attempt to hide the fact that I was watching her every move. She lay on her stomach to reveal a firm round ass as she unhooked her top. She had no tan lines that I could see. After about 15 minutes she slowly rolled over while holding her top on. She looked up as she smiled and slowly let her top fall off. I stopped when I saw her beautiful full tits, they looked around a full D size with large round nipples that were dark in color. She started laughing when she saw my eyes straining to see every detail. See looked around and with a devious grin, she slowly started to rub oil onto her tits. When she had them oiled up she worked her way down and pulled her G-string to one side as she rubbed her shaven pussy. Joe started yelling again asking why I had stopped, thinking quickly, I said the bees were stirred up and I was waiting for them to calm down. Hearing this, she just smiled as she rubbed her pussy slowly giving me a show. She slid one finger into her wet hole as she arched her back forcing her tits out further. She was really starting to heat up when her back door opened and out walked her husband. She quickly pulled her top back up and jumped up to send him off to work. I went back to trimming again as nothing had happened. I figured the show was over and came down for a break. When I finally went back up, she wasn?t at the pool, so I continued cutting. Since we were being paid for the job and the old oak was huge, I knew we were going to be here for a few days. Around noon I saw another man come out to the pool which was strange since I thought she was married but since it wasn?t any of my business, I kept my eyes open for another show. He jumped in the pool and splashed around for a minute then lay down beside the pool. He was well built and looked to have a nice package from the bulge he was displaying. She finally came out, she looked up to see if I was watching. She said something to the man and he started smiling and nodded his head. She kneeled down and gave him a long wet kiss, then stood up and stripped her bikini off. To keep Joe quiet I yelled down and told him the bees were back and I needed to stop for a few minutes. He said he had enough on the ground to keep himself busy for a little while. She laughed at me, then in one move, she straddled him and started to grid her pussy into his face. He was licking her deep as she moved her hips back and forth over his face. She rubbed her tits as she forced her pussy down harder. While he was enjoying the taste of her wetness, she was rubbing his growing cock. She reached down and pulled his swim trunks down to reveal a smooth hard cock that was throbbing for attention. She lowered herself down and in one motion swallowed his hard cock down to the base. He immediately thrust his hips up as she rapidly deep throated him over and over. She slowly lifted her head as she let his cock slide from her mouth and looked right at me, she had a glazed look in her eyes as she slowly licked her lips of precum. Smiling, she raised herself up and slowly squatted on his cock. I could see that he was thick and about eight inches long. She slowly rubbed his swollen head against her wet pussy lips as he tried to thrust up into her. She kept herself raised just high enough so that only his head could brush up against her. She looked into my eyes as she was teasing his stretching cock. She lowered down just enough to let the head of his cock enter, then slowly worked the tip of his cock in and out. He was straining to hold back the orgasm that was ready to explode but she toyed with him for a while longer. I saw him grip her waist and force his cock into her as he finally couldn?t hold back any longer. With each wave of cum, he thrust up deep inside her until his cum flowed back onto his balls. He pushed her off and onto her knees as he shoved his cum cover cock into her mouth. She sucked and licked his cock clean until he was completely limp. When she had finished with him, she looked up and licked her fingers clean as a smile came across her face. After they played in the pool for awhile, they went back inside the house but not before he gave me a thumbs up as they left. I went back to work and tried to keep my mind off the raging hard-on I had. We worked for a few more hours until the chipper broke down that Joe was using. I told Joe to leave me there while he went to try to find the parts to make repairs with. Although we never let anyone work alone, I stayed and cleaned up the small brush that was left behind. I was about to leave around 5:00 when I heard some noise form her house. I went back up in the bucket and she immediately saw me looking. She had a low cut dress on that showed her curves and her ample cleavage. The first guy was talking with her and they were about to leave. She told him to get the car out and that she would be there in a minute. Since it was quite without the chipper running, she walked over to the fence and said hello. I moved the bucket closer and said hello back. She asked if I enjoyed the show and I told her it was the best day I had at work in a long time. She laughed, said her name was Dawn and hoped I could keep secrets which I assured her that I could. She asked if I would be back tomorrow and that if I were, she would make sure to give me a show to remember. I told her I would love to be involved in her show but she only smiled as she walked away. The next morning I was early to work and looked forward to seeing Dawn. I thought about her and what she had planned all night long without sleeping to much. The morning was warm, a perfect day to spend by a pool as the rest of the neighbors rushed off to work. Around 9:00 she came out to the pool and gave me a wave. She had a thin robe on that went down to here knees. She sat down with a book and read for a little while until the guy she was living with came to join here. He must have had the day off because he was wearing a tight bathing suit. I could tell from the thick outline of his shorts that he was well endowed. They talked for a few minutes and then waved at me. He smiled as she slowly pulled his shorts down. Even at semi-hard, his cock was long and very thick. She told Jay ( his name I found out later) that he must be in the mood for something as she started lightly kissing his head while pulling on his low hanging balls. He massaged her firm tits while his cock was growing to its full size. He looked about ten inches long with a thick mushroomed head that was tanned with the rest of his body. She moved down to her knees as he sat down in front of her. His cock was so big, she could hardly get passed his massive head. She slid her tongue around his head before sliding along his long shaft. She gently took each ball into her mouth and slowly pulled down to stretch his sack before licking her way back up. Then to my surprise, she stood up and let the robe fall down to reveal a long hard strapon. The dildo was at least eight inches long and two inches in diameter. She grabbed the back of his head and forced the big dildo down his throat. He didn?t struggle with it but hungrily sucked it deep. She looked up at me with a devilish smile as she thrust his mouth harder. When he would slow up, she would pull the dildo out of his mouth and slap his face with it. I could tell he was enjoying every minute of it because his huge cock was hard as a rock. She face fucked him for ten minutes or so before she ordered him to his knees. She made him stay in that position while she went inside to get a bottle of lube. When she came back, she made him crawl across the rough cement as she slowly stroked oil on her rubber cock. She told him to tell her how much he wanted to feel the cock deep into his ass and to beg for it. He must not have convinced her enough because she slapped his face red with her cock. She told him he didn?t deserve her cock and that he would have to eat her wet pussy for it. She squatted in front of him and again grabbed his head and shoved his face into her. She held him there, as he licked and sucked her wetness down his throat. She thrust her hips into his face with so much force that her cock beat down on the top of his head. As this was happening the other guy walked out of the house with a nice hard on. He must have been watching to and was part of the show. He walked up behind Jay and reach under to stroke his hard cock that was about dragging on the concrete to. When she was satisfied with his licking skills, she told them both to suck each other as she sat down. They immediately went into a sixty-nine position and started to suck each other. She would tell one that he wasn?t sucking hard enough or she would tell the other he wasn?t sucking deep enough. This went on for awhile as she would read her book some or slip from a drink. She would encourage them with a slow stroke on her oiled up cock and ask who wanted it more. Finally she told both of them to get on their knees as she walked behind them. They looked like two whipped dogs waiting for their master?s treat. She would smack their asses as they begged her to fuck them. She positioned herself behind the one with an eight inch cock and started slowly rubbing the head of her cock against his hungry ass. She toyed with him as he begged her to shove it in but then she moved over to Jay. Without warning, she thrust it into him in one forceful thrust. He made a loud grunt as his knees went weak and his breath escaped his lungs. She was a woman possessed as she pounded his ass deep and hard. She called him her slut while she repeatedly slapped his ass hard. When he was about to cum, she stopped and told him he didn?t have permission to cum yet. She jerked her big cock out and moved to the other guy. He was begging her, telling her he would do anything for her to fuck him. She finally eased her cock into his ass. She told him to enjoy it because he would have to earn the fucking that Jay received. He was moaning with each long slow thrust as he stroked his cock back to life. She motioned to Jay to get up so she could suck his softening cock. She sucked his huge cock back to life in a matter of minutes as she pulled out of the guy she was fucking. She told him it was time to earn her full lust by taking a real hard cock. She lubed Jay?s huge tool up and told him to fuck the guy until he was begging for her to stop him. Jay placed his big throbbing head at the guys ass and slowly started to stretch him wide open. The guy started to pull away until she walked around and smacked his face telling him to take it or she would never fuck him again. She straddled him and cinched her legs around his waist as Jay started to stretch him again. The guy was moaning from the pain and begging Jay to stop but she would grip him tighter with her legs and order Jay to push his cock in. Finally, Jay thrust his cock deep into his tight asshole, with a deep grunt he relaxed to take in all ten inches. She started telling Jay how she liked seeing his cock deep in another guy as Jay increased his strokes harder and harder. She reminded him that he wasn?t allowed to cum until she told him to. He pounded the other guys ass for awhile working up a sweat as she licked up and down his chest and telling him how wet she was getting. She told Jay to pull out and had the other guy roll onto his back. She said he had earned the right to taste her cum. She straddled his face and told Jay to fuck his ass hard. Jay pushed his huge cock back in as she ground her wet pussy into his face. As Jay was pounding his ass, she leaned down and started to suck the guys cock. It wasn?t long until she had all eight inches deep into her throat. The guy was moaning hard from his ass being fucked and his cock taking a deep sucking. Every time Jay went deep into him, the guys cock would spring out from having his ass stretched deep and wide. He started begging for Jay to cum because his ass was raw from all the friction. Jay only thrust harder as she sucked deeper. Finally after she was satisfied with his begging, she told Jay to fill his ass with cum. Jay stroked faster until with a few hard deep thrust which made the guy grunt from pain, started filling him with hot cum. Jay shot so much cum from his massive cock that it spilled out around his balls and ran down his leg. Feeling hot cum in his ass, he bucked his hips up and shot load after load deep into her throat. She swallowed as fast as she could, only to have globs of cum escape to run out of her mouth. He relaxed but she continued to grind on his face. As his cock started to go limp and being very sensitive from his orgasm, she licked his cum from around his shaft and balls. The closer she came to her orgasm, the harder she sucked his limp cock. She finally started to cum with a long squirt that covered his face. She bucked and moaned with each wave that seemed to last minutes. She collapsed down onto him, licking her lips and fingers of leftover cum as her swollen clit started to relax. She finally got up and walked to the fence, she asked if I enjoyed the show. I told her yes and maybe I could join in some time. She said I could fuck her anytime but would have to earn the strapon like everyone else. I have taken a few days off next week and will let you know how it went.

Thanks mustangfire321

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