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Like Father, Like Son

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I thought I would share a very unique experience that me and my husband recently experienced. My name is Linda and I have been married to my husband Paul for about ten years. We are both in out mid forties and have been swinging ever since we met. Swinging doesn’t rule our lives, but we have always had very open minds about sex and both enjoy pushing our sexual boundaries. It is the second marriage for both of us. I have a 23 year old daughter from my first marriage, who decided to live where she went to college. Paul’s 24 year old son Steve, from his first marriage, still lives with us. Steve has a girlfriend, Tanya, who just about also lives with us. Tanya and I are very close and we do a lot of things together.

Recently, I was in the kitchen with Paul and Tanya had walked in. Tanya dropped a napkin and when she bent over to pick it up, I saw that her thong was sticking out from the top of her skin tight stretch pants as she bent over. I looked over at Paul and he was admiring the sight as well. I teased Tanya that her ass looked very nice today and I really liked her thong. Tanya laughed and stuck her ass out to pose it for me saying “how’s this”. I asked Paul what he thought and he responded “that’s an ass to die for”. Tanya loved the attention and giggled at us before leaving the room.

This type of thing was not an uncommon occurrence as Tanya was a little hottie and she loved to show off her assets. She is a very nice typical 23 year old girl who loves to have fun. She reminds me of a young version of me, which is probably why we are so close. She knows that me and Paul like to swing since I had confided with her about it. She always teased me about it, but she also confided in me that she thought it sounded like a lot of fun and wanted to experiment with it one day. My response was that if she was with the right guy then she would love it. I added that if Steve was anything like his father, then he would be the right guy. Later that day, Tanya and I were out shopping and she asked why it doesn’t bother me that Paul looks at her ass and that he said she had an ass to die for right in front of me. I laughed and explained to her that every guy checks out girls they are not with. Paul is just honest about it, as am I. I asked her if she checks other guys out. She giggled and said of course. She said she always tries to guess how big their package is. We both laughed and I said see what I mean now. Me and Paul are just able to talk about it just like we are doing now. Tanya asked “but you don’t get jealous?” I explained that Paul and I love each other deeply and we both have complete faith in each other. That’s kind of how we can have sex with other people for fun, but we both know that we are completely committed to each other. It just adds to what have together, kind of like having fun with your best friend. I asked Tanya what was with all the questions. She explained that she had just been thinking about how she thought it was so cool that we had such an honest relationship and we could talk about things like that. It’s like those are things that you would only talk to your best friend about, but not your husband or boyfriend. I said “exactly” now you’re starting to see why me and Paul swinging is not only fun, but it actually brings us closer together by sharing even those taboo thoughts. Knowing now that Tanya was more curious about the subject, I impressed on her that the sex was secondary and the primary thing is communication. I told her that if she wants to do it, she needs to talk to Steve about it and find what works for them. Not everyone is the same. Tanya was quiet the rest of the day and I could see that her wheels were spinning.

That same night we were all home and we were having some cocktails while playing yahtzee believe it or not. At one point, Tanya and I were in the kitchen making more drinks for the boys when Tanya told me that she had seen Steve looking at my ass earlier. I was wearing tight stretch pants and I still had a pretty nice ass, at least I’ve been told. I laughed at her and told her that he always checks out my ass, asking “are you telling me this was first time you noticed ?”. Tanya admitted that it wasn’t the first time she noticed and said that she wanted to say something to him. I said “knock yourself out, but you should probably say whatever you need to say in private so you at least don’t embarrass him” as I laughed it off. I asked if this had anything to do with what we were talking about earlier. Tanya did her usual giggle and said “of course it does”. She then asked me if it would be okay if she sat on Paul’s lap and grinded him tonight because she wanted to see Steve’s reaction. I dropped the knife I was using to cut a lime and said “well look at you, I see your mind has been busy”. Tanya wasn’t sure how to take my reaction and said “I’m sorry, I just thought it would be fun”. I answered “are you kidding, I fucking love it. You’re just like me and I would love to see not only Steve’s reaction, but Paul’s as well”. We both giggled together as we anticipated her plan.

The night went on and after playing several games I was wondering if Tanya had chickened out. I was wrong. Tanya announced that she that she wanted to be a stripper for a Halloween party that was coming up and asked Steve if that would be okay. Steve had a devilish grin on his face and asked “well how skimpy of an outfit are you talking ?”. Tanya said “I don’t know maybe like a string bikini under a long lacy see through shirt”. Steve commented that it didn’t sound too bad. Tanya then said that she could even give out lap dances, which Steve said “hold on now”. Tanya said “what you don’t think I can give a good lap dance ?” As she said this, she got up and strutted over to Paul. Paul’s eyes got bigger as she seductively approached him. She pushed him back in the chair, pulled the chair sideways and straddled his lap. She threw her arms around his neck and began to motion her hips like she was fucking him. I busted out laughing at the expression on Paul’s face. He was in complete shock, but was smiling from ear to ear!! I looked over at Steve and he was smiling, but not laughing. Tanya then turned around and pretended to ride Paul cowgirl style. She would drop her ass every other time and grind it into his lap. I said “damn you got some moves Tanya”. Tanya looked over at Steve and asked him in a seductive voice “do you like what you see honey ?” Steve sat there shaking his head, but now he was smiling ear to ear just like his dad. Paul was now holding onto Tanya’s hips and he was pulling her down onto him. After a few minutes, Tanya got up and asked “well what do you guys think ?” Paul gave her a three thumbs up and we all cracked up. I told her I thought it was a great idea. Steve conceded “I guess you’re gonna be a stripper”, but didn’t seem too sure about it. I told him to lighten up and enjoy it. Paul told him the same thing and Steve finally said “yeah I guess you’re right, she would be a hot stripper”. I told him to dress up as her pimp and he thought that was a great idea. Tanya even said “yeah baby, I would love for you to pimp me out” as she went over to him and starting giving him a lap dance. I was amazed at how she had thought up this whole scenario to make it seem like sitting on my husband’s lap and grinding him was a spontaneous thing and kind of a harmless joke. And to add the cherry on top, by the way the conversation went she was even able to open the door to her swinging curiosity with Steve!!

I got up, went over to Paul and told him I might as well start working on my lap dancing technique. I then starting giving Paul a lap dance. I whispered in his ear asking him if he wanted to see Tanya’s ass and he not surprisingly said “sure”. I got up and went over to Tanya still working on Steve and pulled her off of him. I stripped her stretch pants down to her ankles and told her that she needed to do it right. She giggled and finished taking her pants off. She was wearing a red lace thong and I have to admit that she did have an ass to die for. She started to go over to Steve when she turned to me and said “practice what you preach” as she pulled my stretch pants down. I found myself giggling and admitted that she was right. I finished taking off my pants and I was wearing a white lace thong. I remember thanking god that I had on sexy underwear since I wasn’t prepared at all for this situation!! I went over to Paul and continued his lap dance as Tanya did the same to Steve. I saw that Paul had that lustful look in his eye and he was completely focused on Tanya’s ass as she worked Steve. I teased him that he wouldn’t know what to do with that ass. Paul whispered “oh my god, I would be in heaven”. I laughed and said “let me see if I can get you a little closer to heaven”.

I got up and told Tanya that if we were going to be real strippers that we needed to switch customers. Tanya agreed and jumped off of Steve and pushed right passed me to get to Paul. It made me wonder if she had thoughts of fucking Paul. I smiled at Steve as I approached him and he still had that smile from ear to ear. I got on top of him and asked if he liked what he saw. Steve nodded his head in approval. I grinded my mound over his lap and noticed that he was hard. I asked “Is that from me or Tanya ?” and Steve replied “you did it, you look so hot in that thong”. I thanked him and told him to hold my ass. His hands immediately grabbed both of cheeks and he was squeezing them with desire. I seductively whispered in his ear that he was making me wet and Steve let out a moan. The thing is, I wasn’t lying about him making me wet. I could feel my crotch getting hot as I got more and more turned on. I looked over quickly at Paul and Tanya and saw that Paul was reaching around her ass and had one hand buried in the crack of her ass with his fingers undoubtedly working her pussy over. His other hand was holding her ass cheek and she was without a doubt enjoying grinding him beyond the point of “acting out” our little stripper game. I looked at Steve and he had his head tilted down watching me rotating my pussy over his stiff cock. I knew this was moving in a direction that could be dangerous and I needed to think quickly. I announced that us girls need to take our break now and would be back. I slowly raised off of Steve and rubbed my fingers up and down over my pussy to hold his attention on me, so he hopefully wouldn’t see his father’s hand up his girlfriend’s ass!! I quickly looked back and saw that Tanya was now off of Paul. I turned around, grabbed her hand and dragged her into the kitchen, telling the boys to stay put while we get them more drinks.

Once in the kitchen, I seriously asked Tanya if she knew what she was doing. She giggled and said it looks like we are having some fun. I told Tanya that I needed to talk this over with Paul before it goes any further. I said lets go in and put our pants back on and I will let them know that there may be another show tomorrow night if they are good. Tanya smiled and said she liked that idea. I asked her if she had talked with Steve about the subject and she said that she hasn’t yet. I sarcastically told her that tonight would be a very good night to start that conversation!! We walked back into the dining room and put our pants back on as the boys watched us intently. I announced “that’s it for tonight boys, now that you guys are all worked up by the strippers you’re gonna have to go home and attack your girlfriend or wife – just like real life”. Everyone laughed and I felt a little easier about the situation.

I asked Paul if he was ready to go watch some TV in our room and he just about ran to our room. I asked Tanya if she was sleeping over and she said yes. I said then I will make you guys breakfast in the morning and kissed them both goodnight as usual.

When I got to my room, Paul was already in bed waiting for me. I said “we gotta talk first”. Paul agreed and asked why I hadn’t let him know that I was going to do this stripper thing with Tanya tonight. I had to swear on my life that I had nothing to do with it. Paul knows me better than anyone and knows I enjoy to do stuff like that, so he logically thought I was behind it. I explained how Tanya had been recently asking me questions about how we handle swinging in our relationship (Paul already knew that I had confided with her in the past about our swinging). I gave her advice and then tonight she asked if I minded if she sat on your lap and grinded you to see Steve’s reaction. I had absolutely no idea how she was going to do it or anything. I just said it was okay with me and I played along. Paul’s reply was “holy shit, really ????”. Paul said that it was actually pretty fucking hot. I reminded Paul that of all the kinky stuff that we have talked about and done, we never considered your son or my daughter ever being involved. Being that it’s Steve we are talking about, I asked “what do you think ?”. Paul agreed and explained that after Tanya and I went into the kitchen, he asked Steve if he knew anything about what was going on and he said no. Paul commented that it was pretty damn hot and asked if Steve liked the lap dance that he got from me and Steve said “hell yeah, how about you?” Paul responded “hell yeah” and told him that if it went further than this that he was okay with it if Steve was. Steve answered that he was fine with it and hoped that it did go further. Paul said that they high fived each other after that. I said “well I guess that answers my question”. I told Paul that I still wanted to talk to Tanya about it tomorrow some more, but if everything was good then we would pick it up again tomorrow night.

I then starting undressing and asked Paul to tell me about his sexy lap dance and how much he wanted to fuck Tanya. Paul said “oh my god honey, she is so fucking hot”. He told me how she told him to finger her, which he did and then she told him to suck on his finger, which he also did. He said that she teased him asking him how her pussy tasted and telling him how she wanted him so bad. I could see that Paul was hard as a rock as he was explaining it to me and I quickly got on top of him and mounted him. As I rode his hardness, I told him that I wanted him to promise me to fuck her hard and make sure that her pussy was going to be sore the next day. He promised me and shot his load at the same time! I teased him that he better last longer than that when he fucks her or he’s gonna have to go a couple rounds. Paul laughed and said that he was sure he would last longer than Steve would fucking me. I also laughed and told him that I was also sure that it would be quick and I will let him know that he’s not getting off that easy. I will make him fuck me at least twice!! I commented on how it looked like Steve was just like his dad and Paul smiled, saying that if he and Tanya stay together they will have a lot of fun, she is a firecracker. I told him how she reminded me of myself when I was younger and Paul agreed 100 %.

The next day I made breakfast and everyone was in a very good mood. I asked if everyone was in such a good mood from our little stripper show last night. Everyone was in agreement that it was a lot of fun and everyone said that we should do it again tonight. I was still being cautious because I wanted to talk with Tanya first, so I said let’s see what happens. Later during the day, I was able to catch Tanya alone and I asked if she had talked with Steve. She said that she did last night. She explained that she told Steve that she has been thinking about having a threesome or even being with another couple for a while and she came up with the stripper idea last night to try and see if he would possibly like it. Tanya explained that Steve kind of surprised her by telling her that he thought it was a great idea and he also always wanted to do different things, but never knew how to bring it up. I asked her what about the situation with me being his step mother. Tanya asked “do you want to know what he really said?” I said yes I do. Tanya said well his exact words were “I always wanted to fuck Linda, it would be a dream come true”. I was like really?? Tanya said that she didn’t blame him. She told me that she always admired me and she thinks I’m ultra sexy. I never knew she looked at me like that and thanked her for being so sweet. She said “no, I mean it.” I said okay, that’s enough now. So I said that I guess we are on for tonight then and Tanya agreed. I thought the stripper theme was good and we should go with that and Tanya giggled, saying “that was pretty good idea huh?” I laughed and said that it sure was.

I should explain here that I gave it a lot of thought about the relationship situation involved and my main concern was that everyone involved was okay with it. With that being said, not only was everyone okay with it, but really wanted it. I think it’s interesting how people have such varied boundaries, but I certainly respect all and my motto is do what works for you. I will also admit that the taboo aspect of my step son fucking me did turn me on.

Later that night, we all had dinner together and I could see that the boys were anticipating whether or not I was going to give my approval or not. I finally asked the boys if they would clean up after dinner and do all the dishes because Tanya and I had to take a ride to the mall. Paul questioned me why I had to go to the mall. I said that’s where the Victoria Secret store is. Paul quipped “oh! Yeah we got the dishes, absolutely”. I laughed and said I thought so. Tanya and I left for the mall and on the way she said she didn’t have any money for an outfit. I told her I was taking care of the bill and we were going to get something really good. When we got back to the house, we stashed our outfits in my bedroom and then we found the boys watching TV. I asked if anyone wanted to play Yahtzee and have some drinks. Everyone jumped in and we played for a couple of hours when I asked if Tanya wanted to change into something more comfortable, which she smiling agreed. We went to my room and we changed into our outfits. We agreed that we were going to say that we were a mother and daughter stripper team, which of course fit the situation perfectly! Tanya picked out a blue outfit and mine was black and we both had on a matching bright red satin thong. They were complete with thigh high stockings, garter strings and tops that showed off our tits perfectly. I have to say that we did look pretty hot!! We held hands as we walked out and I said “now the party begins!!” The boys stared at us like they hadn’t eaten in a week. I put the radio on for some background music and I escorted Paul over to one of the couches, while Tanya brought Steve to the other couch. I let the boys know that we were a mother and daughter stripper team and we were theirs for the night. I started to work on Paul as Tanya was busy working over Steve. As I sat on Paul’s lap, Paul let me know that I looked absolutely gorgeous and that he loved me. I told him that I loved him too and reminded him to punish Tanya’s pussy. I want her to get fucked good. Paul promised and directed me to rock Steve’s world. I said that I thought different rooms would probably be best, at least for the first time and Paul agreed.

I told Tanya that I think I got Paul warmed up, are you ready to switch. Tanya said she thought I would never ask and we went to switch when Tanya grabbed my arm and said “kiss me bitch”. She definitely took me of guard. She put her arms around my neck and said it again. I collected myself and went in for the kiss. I have to say here that I have done this before and I consider myself bi-situational, meaning I will play with another woman or let her play with me in the heat of the moment, but I don’t find myself attracted to other women. Well we kissed and boy did we kiss. Tanya was working her tongue in my mouth with desire and would pull away to lick my face and neck before going back to my mouth. It was like I was on a ride and waiting to see what was next. She would squeeze my ass while we kissed and it seemed that she was getting absolutely turned on. I worked my fingers under her thong and slid them between her lips as she spread her legs for me. There was no doubt that she was turned on. She was dripping and I pulled my fingers from her man cave and rubbed my fingers on my lips like lipstick. When I did that, Tanya got a look in her eye that I had never seen from her. It was pure lust. Tanya kissed me hard and was licking my lips. As this was happening, I felt her hand between my legs and I opened for her as I knew what she wanted. She slid into me and started playing with my clit, which made me let out a sigh of pleasure. Tanya said “oh is that the spot mommy?” It was like she had me in a vise and I couldn’t move. She worked me so good that I dropped my head down and asked her “please don’t stop”. Tanya kept working on my clit while she kissed my neck. I was focused on her fingers and it wasn’t long before I climaxed. I didn’t even have to tell her to stop as I got sensitive. She knew exactly what to do. I kissed her deeply and it was a kiss with meaning!! Tanya then said “now that I got you warmed up, go take care of the good looking guy behind you”. I said “okay baby” and I turned to Steve.

I jumped on his lap and began to grind him. He was hard as a rock and I said that poor baby is to cramped up in there. I kneeled down and took his pants off along with his shirt. I left his boxers on. I got back on top of him and it was so much better. I could work his cock with my pussy lips easily. I rolled it back and forth as I pressed my tits in his face. I felt his hands behind me undoing my top. I whispered “do you want to suck on my tits baby”, Steve moaned “oh yeah”. I moaned with him and seconds later my top was off and Steve had one nipple in his mouth sucking and licking away. I put my hands behind my head and leaned back to let him enjoy. He alternated back and forth from nipple to nipple. I loved it. I could hear Tanya and Paul moaning behind me, which I also loved. Steve must have heard them also because he stopped to look over at them. He said “she’s blowing him” as he watched with lust. I looked over and saw her head bobbing up and down while she stroked him with her hand. Paul was already naked and just leaning back and watching her suck his cock. I asked Steve if he was okay and he said “are you kidding me, that is so fucking hot, I’ve just never seen her suck another dick”. I agreed that it was and now watch me suck your dick. I took his boxers off and started to work on him. I looked up at him while I licked his cock up and down. I played with his precum with my tongue and then I squeezed more out. I wiped it up with the tip of my finger and coated my lips with it. Steve was licking his lips while watching me. I stood up and told him to lick it off my lips, which he did. I went back for more and I didn’t need to squeeze at all, he was dripping heavily. I coated my lips again and ordered him to lick it off again. Then I sucked his cock like I owned it. Steve moaned with pleasure and I was hoping that he wasn’t going to cum. I smacked my face with his cock in between stroking it. I saw Steve divert his attention to looking over at Tanya and Paul. I heard Tanya let out a moan and Steve was totally engulfed in watching them. I turned to look and Tanya was riding Paul cowgirl style looking at Steve as she fucked Paul. I told Steve go over and kiss her. Steve got up and started kissing her passionately as she rode Paul’s cock. Steve told Tanya that he loved her and Tanya replied “I love you too baby and your dad’s cock feels so good”. I got up, undid my garter straps and took off my thong. I laid down on my back right in front of Tanya and I spread my legs wide open. I started to play with myself and Steve was zoned back in on me. I asked him “do you wanna taste this pussy” and Steve said “oh my god, yes”. On his way down to eat me, he saw my tattoo for the first time and said “that tattoo is really cool”. A couple of years after I married Paul, I got a tattoo on top of my pussy that says “property of Paul XXXXXX” (the XX’s are his last name) written in an arc with an arrow pointing down to my pussy in the middle of the arc. Steve then had his mouth buried in my pussy in the blink of an eye. I ran my fingers through his hair and I saw that Tanya was intently watching him. I was moaning in approval of his tongue. I told him “that’s it baby eat my pussy”. Tanya got up off of Paul and she lied down on the floor next to me. She motioned with her finger to come over and he was there in a second. She had her legs open and she just said “eat it” as she pointed between her legs. I laughed as Paul looked at me like well okay if I have too. Paul’s mouth was now buried in Tanya. Both boys were enjoying eating our pussy’s right next to each other. I thought it would have made a good picture as I laughed to myself.

As we laid there, I felt Tanya grab my hand and hold it. We intertwined our fingers. After what must have been 20 minutes, Steve got up and climbed on top of me. I felt him rubbing his cock on my lips as he was getting ready to fuck me. I asked if he wanted to be alone in the VIP room and Steve said “no, we are going to fuck right here”. As he finished the sentence, he was inside of me in one thrust. I was soaked and even trying to tighten my muscles was useless. Steve was fucking me. He felt good and I had dropped Tanya’s hand to hold his ass as he pounded me. Paul finally came up from Tanya’s crotch and his face was red and wet. He turned her to her side and slid his cock into her. I knew in that position that he was going to probably hit home. Sure enough Tanya was screaming as each thrust hit her cervix. Steve looked over at Tanya as she was taking it hard. Apparently it gave him an idea!! Steve pulled out and turned me into the same position. I braced myself and Steve gave it to me. I screamed on each thrust just like Tanya. Steve was about the same size as his dad, being about 7 inches. It hurt, but as the song goes, it hurts so good!!

After several minutes of taking it hard, I told Steve to get on his back. Steve pulled out and did as I said. I straddled him and guided his cock back inside. I rode him as he held my tits. I could feel a good orgasm building. I leaned down to him and asked him if he was enjoying fucking my pussy and he responded “oh yeah, I love it”. I seductively said “you wanna fuck it again and again don’t you?” and Steve said “oh I hope so”. I was there, I shuttered as I came and I collapsed onto him. I told him not to move and he held me tight. I lifted off of him and positioned my pussy on his mouth ordering him to suck my cum out. He sucked on me like a vacuum. I looked over and Paul was fucking Tanya doggy style.

I lifted off of Steve and laid back down on my back. He climbed onto me, slid inside and wrapped both his hands around to hold my ass while he pounded me. After about 5 minutes of enjoying his rhythm, he let out a grunt and flooded my pussy. I moaned as it felt so damn good. He stayed on top of me and he was slowly shrinking inside of me. We both laid there watching Paul still fucking Tayna doggy style. I love watching my husband fuck and I asked Steve if he liked what he was seeing. He said oh yeah, it is so fucking hot, she is like a porn star. I must admit that he had a point, she really did look like a porn star and she was certainly sexually talented!! After about another 5 minutes, Paul moaned, tensed up and I watched him cum inside of Tanya. I was happy that he got to fuck her tight little pussy. I know he really wanted to and I could see he was thoroughly enjoying it.

Paul pulled out and sat back on the couch to catch his breath. Tanya laid on her back and told Steve to get over here. Steve got off of me and went to her. Tanya said “eat it right now” as she pointed between her legs. Steve didn’t even hesitate and dove right in. I could hear him slurping on her cum filled pussy and she was moaning in ecstasy. Then she let out a series of yelps as she was apparently cumming. Steve then got on top of Tanya and to my surprise started fucking her. I don’t think he fucked her more than 30 seconds before he came again!! Steve rolled off and Tanya and said “oh my god!!” She lifted her head up and Said “Paul, get over here”. Paul got up off the couch and Tanya said “eat it” as she pointed again between her legs. Paul got down and did as he was told. I couldn’t believe it. I went over to Steve and I sucked on his limp cock as I watched Paul lick and suck Tanya’s pussy after his son just finished with her, Paul got up after a few minutes, but he still needed time to recharge his cock as I could see he was stroking it with no luck. Steve also needed some time to recharge as he could only get half stiff. Tanya was lying there rubbing her pussy and I have to say she had a nice looking pussy with swollen lips.

Tanya announced that we should get some more drinks and play a game of Yahtzee because the night wasn’t over. I agreed and said I would get the drinks. I came back into the living room with the drinks and Tanya was on all fours sucking Paul’s limp cock with Steve eating her out from behind!! I went back to the kitchen and grabbed a can of whipped cream. I sat down next to Paul and sprayed whipped cream on each of my tits. Paul started on one tit when Tanya came over and starting working on the other tit. Next thing I knew, Steve was spraying whipped cream on my pussy and he was eating and fingering me!! Paul and Tanya where sucking my nipples and kissing me up and down. I came in minutes. It was one of the most erotic things I’ve ever experienced. I never had two guys and a girl ravishing me. Tanya apparently liked what she saw and she did the same thing as Steve and I finished up the can of whipped cream on her as we kissed her and sucked her nipples as Paul worked on her pussy.

Paul apparently had time to recharge enough and he started fucking Tanya again. I kneeled on the couch with my ass facing out and told Tanya to do the same. She did and I told Paul to take turns on us. He fucked her for several strokes and then gave me some strokes before returning to her and back and forth. Steve was just watching us while stroking his cock that I could see was only half responsive. After about 10 minutes of Paul fucking both of us, he stayed in me longer than usual, which I soon found out that he wanted to give me his cum. After he finished, he pulled out and asked Steve if he wanted to clean me up. Steve got behind me and licked and sucked me clean while his nose kept pushing into my ass as he cleaned me. I loved every minute of it. We all sat there sipping on the drinks that I had brought earlier and nobody was talking. Everyone was fucked out.

We finished our drinks and Paul said he was ready for bed. I joined him as Tanya and Steve went to his room. Paul and I laid in bed and we both couldn’t believe how erotic the night was. We have been swinging for years and never experienced anything close to what we did that night. Paul told me that Tanya was a very close second to me and I told him how amazed I was that he went down on Tanya after Steve gave her what was left of his cum. Paul laughed and said her pussy was worth it. He teased me saying that he wasn’t sure if I would go through with fucking my step son and I told him that I thoroughly enjoyed it, although I was a little nervous that he may think he can fuck me any time now. Paul said “if it comes up, tell him that he has to ask my permission”. Paul laughed as he said he didn’t think he would have that problem with Tanya. Paul also commented on what a little slut Tanya is and that he also thinks she is bi. I told him that there was no doubt in my mind that she was bi and a slut in a good way! She was really into playing with me and she couldn’t get fucked enough. I commented how it was pretty hot that she fucked a father and son at the same time, having both you guys cum in her and then suck each other’s cum out!! I also commented how Steve was a younger version of Paul and was very clearly comfortable with swinging.

The next morning, I let Paul know that I really enjoyed being with Steve and asked him if he would give me a threesome with Steve. Paul agreed. I reminded him how I always wanted to try double vaginal and thought this would be a perfect time. Paul answered “hmmm, let’s see how it goes”. I was wet and smiling the rest of the day just thinking about it!

Tanya and I talked a lot over the next week and to sum it up, she explained that her and Steve were now swingers! I asked her if she minded if I had a threesome alone with Steve and Paul and Tanya said “oh my god, I don’t mind at all, but thank you for asking me”. I thanked her and added that maybe she would like a threesome alone with them also. Tanya said she would love it and would like to do it all together again also. I let her know that I would mention it to Paul as he approves any of that stuff. Tanya also brought up my tattoo, telling me how cool she thought it was and that she wanted to get a tattoo. I told her to think about it and not rush into it. She mentioned a “slippery when wet” sign above her pussy, which I thought was cute. I asked her about being bi and she told me that she was bi. She confided in me that she always fooled around with her friend since she was 14 and up until her friend left for college. Her friend wound up living where she went to college and only talks to her on the phone once in a while. I asked if Steve knew and she said that she told him everything. She said that he was actually very interested in hearing what I did with her, as she giggled and I laughed.

That next Friday during the day, Paul called me and told me that my request for a threesome with Steve would happen after dinner. I couldn’t sit still all day. That night I made dinner dressed in high leather boots, wearing my white skin tight stretch pants that you could see the leopard skin thong I had on and a white see through belly shirt with no bra. I had my pants pulled up so tight that my lips were noticeably sticking out. The boys sat in the kitchen while I made dinner and didn’t take their eyes off of me! We all ate dinner and then I said dessert was in my room. I made them both strip down and then I began giving Steve a blow job while Paul undressed me. Paul sat on the bed next to Steve and I alternated blowing and stroking them both at the same time. It wasn’t long before Paul told me lie on my side. I did what he said and he got in front of me and slid his cock inside of me as Steve positioned himself behind me. I was holding my leg up in the air as I felt Steve trying to work his cock into my pussy with Paul just holding his cock inside of me. I commented to Paul that I guess he already talked to Steve and Paul just smiled. It took several minutes and quite a few requests from me to “wait a second” as Steve finally delivered his cock inside of me along with his dad. They stretched me out completely and it felt like you couldn’t fit a toothpick in there! They started pumping me slowly and got into a good rhythm. I could feel that I was wet beyond words, as they didn’t need any extra lubrication to allow their cocks to slide against each other and along my stretched walls. It felt good but I would rather stick to one cock fucking me at a time! They fucked me for about 15 minutes as I enjoyed the fact that I had my husband and his son inside of me. The best I can explain it is that it was like an animalistic lust that just turned me on. I announced that I wanted one at a time and Paul gave Steve the nod. Steve fucked me in the missionary position as Paul laid next to us and I held onto his cock with my hand trying to stroke it. I told Steve, I wanted it from behind and after he pulled out, I told Paul to Lie under me in a 69. I straddled him and told him I wanted him to watch his son fuck me. Steve settled in behind me and slid back inside. As he fucked me, I looked under me and watched Paul looking up at his sons cock fucking me. It made me cum almost instantly! I sucked Paul’s cock the best I could because I knew that he was in a sexual euphoria watching his pussy get fucked by his son. As I was sucking his cock, I felt Steve spit on my ass and start working his thumb into my ass. He was about an inch deep and he just kept it there, working it in a circle as he fucked me. I had all three of my holes being satisfied and I wish it could have lasted longer. Paul’s sack tightened up and he released in my mouth. I swallowed every drop and when I finished I moaned for Steve to give me his cum. A few minutes later, he let out a loud grunt and I felt him pulsing inside of me. As he pulled out, I lowered my pussy just over Paul’s mouth and looked down to watch. I knew he wanted it. I watched Steve’s milk drip slowly out of my husband’s pussy and into his eagerly waiting mouth. I would lower down a little bit to let him lick and suck it, then I raised up to watch some more. It was so damn hot. I’m not sure if he enjoyed it more or if I did. It was the hottest sexual encounter from start to finish I have ever experienced. It didn’t last all that long but I loved it.

Afterward, Paul asked Steve if he wanted to do it again some time and he said “hell yeah, I’m good to go anytime”. Paul said that he thought so and asked him to give us some time alone. Steve left our room and Paul kissed me telling me how good that was and asked me if I would want to do it again. I just answered him “hell yeah, I’m good anytime!!!”. We both chuckled and turned on the TV. I also let him know that I had already offered him to have a threesome with Tanya and Steve and that Tanya seemed to really like the idea. Paul let me know how much that he loved me he couldn’t wait for that to happen.

To conclude this unique experience, I would concede that this is not a situation that I think most people would even attempt to explore, however for us it was not only hottest swinging sex we have ever had but we are looking forward to more encounters! The best way I can explain it is that sometimes you come across the craziest thing that works, knowing that it’s not what would be socially acceptable by most, but like I said it works or to be more accurate – it REALLY works. Paul and I both agree to see where it goes and enjoy the ride. Tanya and Steve also agree. I get philosophical about things from time to time and when Paul and I talk about it, I tell him that most people think swinging in itself is wrong, so if we are wrong already then what does it matter!! Paul being simpler minded laughingly tells me “I like the way you think and I like being wrong!”

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