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Keely gets Blackmailed, Chapter 2

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Monday mornings are always a bit hectic in the office. Emails seem to pour in over the weekend and everyone needs something first thing. And it's always just a little request. But Jesus, these requests royally screw up the work plan she had scheduled for her people. No one believes in giving any advanced notice anymore!

Her mind was focussed on coordinating the many moving parts that constituted her team and juggling priorities is what she does well. This is why her internal customers are happy with her. She gets shit done!

In the whirlwind of her responsibilities, Keely hadn't had any time to reflect on what had happened Friday night between her and Misty.

Although Shane HAD punished her quite severely for forgetting to take pictures. She kept having to shift on her chair, trying to find a portion of her ass that wasn't sore from the paddling she had received just before he fucked her senseless. She couldn't remember him ever taking her harder or more violently and she had reveled in every second of it. Having her slutty little pussy punished by her husband's raging cock. And all the while thinking it was worth it to have that young stud fucking her like a dirty slut in that janitor's closet. She just wished she had taken pictures for Shane. (And for herself. She had to admit that. She wished she had pictures of him inside her so that she could rub her aching little split while looking at the evidence of her slutty behavior.)

She shifted in her seat again, this time it wasn't just her bruised ass that was uncomfortable. That familiar ache had started deep inside her as her mind had wandered to her husband's punishment. She could feel her body reacting to it. She knew that her panties were moist with her need.

Her email alert drew her attention back to her duties and she clicked on the alert. An outlook meeting maker popped up:

Meeting Today Misty Lehman Required: Keely Steele-Case When: Monday, 12:00PM-1:00PM Location: Office of Keely Steele-Case


Continue new contract terms discussion from Friday.

A wave of adrenaline fueled anxiety flushed through her as she read the meeting invite. She hadn't really thought Misty would push this issue. Certainly she would have thought about this over the weekend and come to her senses. She couldn't REALLY be planning on attempting to blackmail her, could she?

She hadn't thought much about it over the weekend. (Shane had occupied her thoughts with his nearly limitless cycle of punishing her then fucking her for not taking the pictures.) But she wasn't worried in the slightest about Misty telling Shane about her "cheating."

But this was different. This was at work. She COULD cause trouble here if she told people. Maybe it wouldn't ruin her marriage, but it would certainly hurt her career. And could reveal their secret life.

Her body started trembling a little. Her fight of flight response kicking in as she stared at her monitor, frozen and unsure of what to do.

She jumped when her computer beeped, alerting her to an instant message over the company intranet. She clicked the alert and read:

Accept the meeting or I will make my meeting with HR.

She gasped, the words slapping her in the face. For an instant, every possible scenario flashed before her eyes. How could she have NOT been worried about this? So what Shane already knows. NO ONE ELSE DOES.

In a panic she clicked on accept and the meeting appeared on her calendar. She glanced at the clock, 10:34am. Approximately 90 minutes before this woman that she had fantasized confronts her.

What could she have planned?

The office started clearing out around 11:45am like normal, everyone getting a head start on their lunch hour. She wasn't really a stickler for a firm 60 minute lunch and so long as the team met their deadlines, she was comfortable with people getting a little extra time on their lunch. It is nice to take care of an errand or two AND have time to eat.

Her nerves were shot. The last hour and a half she had been in a constant state of barely constrained anxiety. She actually jumped when the 10 minute alert warning of her impeding meeting beeped and popped up on her monitor.

She had just clicked the button to close the alert when Misty walked into her office. One glance and Keely could see the barely contained excited energy enveloping her like a cloud. She wouldn't have been surprised if her hair had started to rise in a halo around her head like some weird electrical science project.

She turned and closed the door and the deadbolt slammed home like a gunshot.

Without a word she turned to the window and closed the blinds, turning the office into a very dark and private place.

Misty walked over and sat in the chair in front of her desk and her eyes danced with a queer light. She could see that having this power had awakened something inside this woman. It was something ugly and scary and (she had to admit) erotic.

She squirmed again, her heart racing but could feel her need building. She didn't know what Misty had in mind, but the echoes of Shane punishing her were making lazy laps inside her skull. She couldn't believe herself. She WANTED this. She wanted to be humiliated and punished by this young woman.

"So, you little slut, have you thought about this? Do you know how fucked you are? Do you realize that I fucking own you now?"

She was shocked at her language. Her aggression. She had never seen Misty like this. Never imagined this sort of person lurked behind the beauty of this woman.

"Misty", she began, her tone patient but authoritative, thinking it was time to end this before it got too far out of hand.

Misty slammed her palm down on the desk, the sharp crack echoing around the room.

"Don't you Misty me! You're in a lot of trouble you little slut. You don't think I will tell Shane? Tell him how I saw you with that guy? How you fucked him like the dirty little whore you are?" Her voice was cold, frigid. Her body tense. Her entire being radiated dominance and control. Keely knew that she felt she had stolen her power, her control. God let her be vapid enough to think no further than Shane. If she focussed on him, she really had nothing.

"You think I won't tell every last person in this office who saw you making goo goo eyes at that little stud that I saw him coming out of that closet with you still on your knees with pussy juice running down your thighs?"

Panic washed over her in a wave of red fear, bright and searing. This wasn't going away. This woman really WAS going to blackmail her. What had she been thinking? Why had she fucked that guy when she knew she could be caught? Her world was spinning.

"Ahhh. Good. There it is. You understand now, don't you?"

She didn't want to answer. She wanted to pretend this wasn't happened to her.

"I asked you a question you fucking slut. Answer me or I will walk out now!"

"Yes......yes, I understand what you're saying." Her voice was barely a whisper.

"Good. Now stand up and strip. I want to see what you showed Steve as he fucked you in that closet."

"No. Misty no. You can't. Please Misty. Please let's just stop this. Please don't make me do this." The tears were welling up in her eyes. She could feel them threatening to fall and destroy her mascara.

"You don't have to do anything you don't want to do Keely." Her voice was smooth and soft but Keely knew there was a viper hidden inside the soft folds of sound. "Just say the word and this is over. I will just walk out." She hesitated for a moment. "Then I will call Shane and leave him a message before I head to HR and tell them everything that happened."

Keely stood, trembling. The tears had started their slow decent down her cheeks, trailing black mascara behind in smears of shame. She began removing her clothes and laying them nearly on her desk. Soon she was naked, standing behind her desk with her body bare. She didn't even have hair to hide her sex behind. Her smoothly waxed slit made her feel even more vulnerable.

"Get on the desk, spread your legs, and finger your little slut hole."

She was appalled. She had never had a sexual experience like this. With no regard to her. Without care or kindness. Shame and lust confused her and she felt like she wasn't in her body. Like she was watching this happening to some other woman in a movie.

"Oh my God!", Misty exclaimed while Keely climbed up and turned on her desk. "What happened to your ass?"

The bruises. The lash marks. Her punishment from Shane. (Now that Misty had pointed them out, she could feel the dull pain again.) She had forgotten them.

"Uhmm. Shane likes to play roughly sometimes."

Misty was smiling like the Cheshire Cat, "Are you sure it was Shane? Maybe you're fucking someone else that likes this. We both know what a dirty little slut you are. Not get your fingers in your pussy before I get bored and wander over to HR."

She sat on her desk, facing Misty. The cool laminated wood actually felt soothing on her bruised ass. Her legs were parted slightly and she slid a hand down between her thighs, lightly touching the petals of her flower.

It felt wickedly decadent, touching herself in front of this young woman who she had lusted over for so long. The shame of her actions, the fear of what this woman could do to her, and the deep, dark desire to be used as a fuck toy all swirled inside her head.

She knew before touching herself that she was dripping with need. Her finger slid between her pouty lips and dipped into her molten center. A small gasp escaping her as she buried her finger deep into her aching sex.

Her back arched a bit and she tilted her head back, her long neck bared and vulnerable as her finger pressed hard into her soft folds.

"Spread your fucking legs you whore. Show me your dirty little cunt!" Her voice was a whipcrack. There was no mercy in it. No quarter. "What? You're suddenly shy? You sure showed that whorish pussy to your lover boy. Am I not worthy to see it? Spread your fucking cunt and let me see it!"

Keely spread her legs wider, her slick hole gaping between her smooth thighs. Using both hands she spread herself open, her sex glistening and empty, needing to be filled.

"That's better. You better get used to obeying a little quicker you fucking slut. Better get used to the idea that I own your slutty little ass." She stood as she said this, walking around the desk, Keely could feel her eyes on her as she made a slow circuit around her.

"Fuck your pussy hard. Show me how you like being taken roughly." Her voice had lowered, a husky tone flavored the syllables and for the first time, Keely could hear real need from Misty. She realized that Misty was insanely turned on by her power. Perhaps she could use her lust against her. Even the playing field.

Meanwhile, she slipped three fingers inside her hungry middle and began shoving them rudely in and out of her hot little oven. The squishy sound of her fingers flying in and out of her hole made her shudder with the thought of how wickedly WRONG it was to be so turned on by what was happening.

Her eyes fluttered closed and she was only distantly aware of Misty coming back around to stand in front of her, watching as her fingers worked like a manic loom in and out of her body. Her breaths coming in rapid little spurts, ragged and disjointed as her body raced towards orgasm.

A flash of light brought her to an abrupt stop and her eyes flew open as she froze, her fingers still buried inside her dripping pussy.

Misty stood in front of her, holding her phone in her hand. FLASH....FLASH. She laughed as she took two more pictures.

Keely could only imagine what she looked like. Spread wide open on her desk, obviously in her office with her fingers inside her, masturbating at work. Her heart spiked with adrenaline and fear.

"Oh. Don't stop on MY account Keely. I just needed some pictures to go with my story. You know, in case you decide not to be a good little slut for me and I have to have that little chat with Shane. Not to mention HR."

Dear God, this woman really had something now. She could have denied the thing at the celebration dinner, perhaps sold it to HR that Misty was disgruntled because her work was sub par and was trying to cause trouble.

But now? Now she had PICTURES. Pictures of her in her office doing something that could NEVER be explained. This could cost her everything.

And STILL Shane wasn't going to have pictures! She didn't even know if she could tell him about this. What would he do? How would he react? But if she didn't and Misty eventually sent him the pictures, she would be in big trouble. Maybe marriage ending trouble.

This whole situation had become very real, very quickly.

Misty fidgeted with her phone for a moment. "Ahh. There. Now we can get some video. Start fucking yourself again. And if you don't make it good, these pictures are going straight to HR. I might ACCIDENTALLY select All Users on the email. You know, honest mistake." She laughed and Keely could feel the shame and fear burning inside her. But her fingers started moving again, and if anything, her pussy was even wetter than it had been.

Her back arched and a long and low moan escaped her. If Misty wanted to video her orgasm, she wanted to cum so hard it made her jealous. In her lust addled mind this made some sort of perverse sense.

Her fingers moved faster and her other hand tugged and pulled at her nipples like taffy. The hardened little bullets of flesh burned and tingled as she twisted and yanked them in time with her dancing fingers.

She could feel the fire start to blossom deep in her belly, her sex quivering and drawing into itself, the muscles contracting and preparing to spasm in a rush of orgasmic pleasure.

Suddenly her head was yanked backwards, a hard little fist gripping her hair and dragging her to the edge of her desk. Her hands left her body, her orgasm shattered as she flailed about, trying to keep from being overbalanced and dragged off the desk to the floor.

Misty stopped her brutal hair pulling as soon as Keely's head hung off of the desk. She looked up and saw that Misty had hiked her skirt up and was pulling her panties to the side, her little slit just inches above her face, wet and hot and hovering above her mouth.

"No one gave you permission to cum you little whore. You NEVER get to cum without asking me first. And NEVER before I have cum on your face like the slut you are!"

Before Keely could protest, Misty lowered her slick, wet pussy and began grinding it against her face. As she humped and slid her wet gash against her bosses mouth, threatening to smother her, she could feel Keely driving her tongue between the soft lips, tasting her secret flavor.

"That's it", she gasped, feeling her bosses hot, pink tongue inside her body, "Oh yes, that is. Eat my pussy. Eat my fucking pussy good."

She had to rest one hand on the desk, her knees weak and wobbly as she rubbed herself against Keely's probing tongue and soft lips.

Keely was reaching up and grabbing her by the hips, pulling her more fully against her face and used her lips to seal around her clit, tongue flicking and rubbing that little bundle of nerves before driving back into her tormentor's sweet honey hole.

"Oh God. Ohgodohgodohgod!" Misty froze, her body tightening and clenching, time frozen between one heartbeat and the next. Then she CONVULSED as her orgasm crashed through her. Her release washed over her and the floodgates opened. Her pussy squirted, each clenching of her soft middle bringing another wash of that liquid love.

Keely thought for a moment that the woman was actually pissing on her. Either on purpose or had lost control of her bladder when her orgasm took her.

Her mouth filled with it and she could tell by the taste that it wasn't urine. In a moment it was either swallow or drown in the sweet juice and her throat bobbed and flexed as she swallowed it down. Rivers of it still washed over her, dripping down her face and she could feel it running through her hair.

After an endless few moments, the hip thrusting stopped and the wild moans quieted. Misty slowly backed away from her boss and Keely tried to sit up. Her face was ruined, makeup trailing down her cheeks, her hair wet and hanging limply from this woman's amazing gushing orgasm.

Misty was still in the throes of her afterglow but again held up her phone and took a picture of her boss, covered in her cum.

Still quaking and feeling a bit wobbly, Misty walked back around the desk and sat in the chair in front of it. Her face nearly level with Keely's wet hole.

"Now make yourself cum for me you slut. I want to see it. Cum right here, right now. Cum with the taste of me in your mouth."

Keely slipped her hand down to her sex and Misty was happy to see that this time there was no hesitation.

This little slut would train nicely.

Keely worked her fingers deep inside herself, her limp, wet hair clinging to her face and neck. A slow, low moan slipped out and her hips began thrusting forward, grinding into her palm.

She was only marginally aware that Misty was holding her phone, most likely taking video, but it seemed very far away. Her mind was overwhelmed by the violent orgasm building inside of her. Her body was rushing towards the point of no return and she was fucking herself harder. The wet, gurgling sound of her hand working her little slit added to her pleasure and she wonders what it would be like to squirt her cum like Misty had.

The thought brought back the memory of Misty grinding her slick pussy against her face, gushing and filling her mouth. At that moment her orgasm smashed through her. Everything inside of her clenched and spasmed. Her brain was flooded with chemicals as her synapsis fired, lightning flashing through her skull and her body shook and convulsed violently.

Time seemed to stand still as her orgasm hit her with wave after wave of pleasure. Her heels drummed hard against her desk top as animalistic grunts accompanied the rush of feeling swimming through her being.

Slowly she came back to herself. Her orgasm receding and the reality of her situation returning to her. Realization of the fact that she was spread out, naked and dripping on her desk in her office, her fingers coated and slippery from her orgasm, her hair plastered to her face. Her face feeling stiff and sticky as another woman's cum dried on her skin, the taste of that woman still on her tongue.

And every bit of it being recorded by a young woman who now held so much power over her that she couldn't really process the feelings inside.

Misty lowered her phone slowly, a truly wicked smile on her face as she watched her boss still shivering from the intensity of her orgasm.

"God. You actually LIKED that, didn't you?" Keely couldn't answer, her tongue was like a lead weight in her mouth. "Who would have thought you were such a perverted little slut?"

Misty walked towards the door, her hand resting on the handle, she tribes back towards Keely, "Well I know now. And I also know that you better do every nasty, perverted, slutty thing I tell you to do from now on."

She waved her phone at her in one hand, mockingly, "Especially now. You better get dressed and get cleaned up. You have meeting this afternoon."

Misty laughed as she opened the door and walked out of the office, no regard for the fact that anyone could have looked up and seen Keely still naked and spread on her desk before the door swung closed again.

She looked at the clock and saw it was 1:05pm. If the office wasn't fully staffed again, it would be within minutes. And Misty hadn't locked the door on her way out. Keely scrambled over and threw the deadbolt, panting and panicked, completely naked in her office. Her head swam and she couldn't believe what had just happened.

She returned to her desk and started briskly dressing. Her panties were damp and cold but she pulled them up, feeling the cotton lining pressing against her still moist slit. The rest of her clothes followed and she pulled a small compact out of her purse, trying to fix her hair and makeup.

My God, she thought, everyone is going to know what happened. There is no way to fix this. She didn't know how often Misty planned on tormenting her, but she could see that she would have to invest in an overnight kit to fix herself in case this ever happened again.

Surely she was done though. She couldn't possibly intend to keep up this blackmailing business, could she?

Keely had no time to even contemplate it, her afternoon schedule was busy and if she wanted to get home at a decent hour she needed to really get on top of her work. (And not on top of her desk. A little tingle ran through her despite her aversion to what had just happened. She couldn't deny the thrill it gave her to be used like she had been.)

The remainder of the day was a blur of activity. Several phone conferences, some idiotic snafu over the procurement of some vital materials for a job with a rapidly approaching deadline, and the usual small emergencies that she had to juggle on a daily basis.

She could almost have forgotten the events that had happened during her lunch hour (unless she happened to glance at the water marks Misty had left behind on her desk when her orgasm had gushed all over) and pretend they hadn't happened at all.

And perhaps, she thought, now that it was over, Misty would move on.

Just as she was shutting down her desktop, an email alert popped up. She was tempted to ignore it, she was bone tired and emotionally worn out from her day.

With a heavy sigh, she clicked the alert and cried out in alarm as a still picture filled her screen. It was her on her desk with her fingers buried inside herself. The open mouth expression on her face conveyed the wicked sensations she was feeling.

Below the picture was a little note from Misty saying;

Keep your lunch schedule clear all week. And I hope you like toys you little slut. You better not wear any panties tomorrow or I will add to those bruises on your slutty little ass.


Misty. ?

She quickly deleted the email and went to the recycle bin on her desktop and emptied it. She didn't want any evidence of the message remaining.

Her body trembled with anxiety as she locked her office and left for the day. She wondered what Misty had in mind for her the rest of the week.

And she couldn't deny the warmth between her legs as she thought of having Misty's hot little pussy pressed against her tongue again.

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