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Job for hired- no [sexual] experience required

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My name is Jen and my husband is John. I'm a 5'5" buxom brunette. In high school I blossomed my junior year and that's when the boys began to notice me. I was just a skinny girl before my boobies showed up and I soon lost my virginity in my bedroom one day as both my parents worked. I sowed a few wild oats before meeting John who was my first true love. All the other boys were just quick "hump and dumps' but John was tender and caring. One of the more well endowed boys told me how tiny my pussy was but I never thought much about it. John's cock was a perfect fit. I never liked condoms as I loved the feel of those knobby ridges on a finely chiseled cock. Also I love the warm feel of having a man's potent concoction gushing inside my tight little twat. That love of semen cost me as I got pregnant the night of my senior prom. John married me when I was 5 months along and we had my son 4 months later. I had an emergency C section cause the baby was way too big for my tiny vaginal anatomy. Birth control didn't agree with my system and I was forgetful on top of that so I had another C section with the birth of my daughter 14 months later. It was a little unusual but John agreed to have a vasectomy after that. I didn't want to miss that flooding feeling in my pussy when a man squirts his hot junk and we definitely didn't want anymore kids. After that he could filled me like a hostess Twinkie without any worries. Life was good but we needed more income and I went to work at an optical shop a year later and now 14 years down the road I'm the manager of that same establishment. We do okay as John is an operator at a nearby plant. But college is just around the corner for my two kids and we had no way to cover those expenses. Part of my job is being the buyer of the various designer frame lines that we carry. One day a frame rep told me about how her company was getting a new line and that I should apply for the position. I always have been a natural born salesman and the salary was 6 figures. I decided to apply. I went on the interview even though I had no previous experience in the industry. Mark, the district supervision, conducted the interview and told me that my experience didn't matter that much but they were interested in a certain look for their new designer line. I was so excited when I was called back for a second interview. Both interviews were at a swanky hotel downtown called the 'Savoy'. It was a fancy and high end place and I could see things changing for me and my family if I landed this job. Once again I wore some heels(the rep told me that was status quo for this kind of interview) and a conservative blouse and pants outfit that covered everything up. I told Mark that I would be the best rep he every hired and that I would be able to handle any task he needed me to and do it better that anyone else. He liked that and told me that he could see those traits in me but after the interview he said that I wasn't exactly what they had in mind. I nearly begged him for a chance of being the new rep. I told him that I would do whatever it took to be the very best rep ever. He liked my enthusiasm and told me that he wanted to show me something in his suite. I thought nothing of it and followed him upstairs. When we entered the room I saw a large frame suitcase on the bed and on top of it was a pair of high fashion heels. I would recognize those red soles anywhere.

"Jimmie Choo." I shouted.

I guess that designer had decided finally to get into the optical frame business as they all eventually do. I was so excited. Mark thought it was cute that I reacted like I did and proceeded to tell me that they wanted a rep with a certain high fashion type of persona. They were looking for a certain unique 'model type' with a sexy swagger about her. I told him that I could be that and if he hired me I would accomplish any goals that he wanted me too.

"I will do anything it takes." I told him.

I saw him thinking about it and then he told my to unbutton my blouse.

"What..." I stuttered all confused like.

He told me he wanted to see my cleavage as 'the look' was important for the type of rep they were aiming for. His request was so matter of fact that I was just naïve enough to believe him. I unbuttoned my blouse completely and he told me to pull the top down over my shoulders and press my breast together like I was wearing a push up bra. I felt so uncomfortable but tried not to show it and placed my hands under my orbs and squeezed them together. I knew my tits were ample and they jutted out just like some sexy movie star. He told me they looked fine and then told me to take off my pants. I gave him another perplexed look and he immediately told me that he needed to see how my legs looked uncovered.

"You'll be needing to wear more skirts and both times you've worn pants to our interview and I haven't even seen your legs." he continued.

It was all part of that 'look' that they wanted. Now I really felt uncomfortable taking off my pants but I still thought this was all part of the process and I wanted the job so badly. After removing my pants he had me put my heels back on and walk around in front of him. I paraded around in my bra and some white cotton panties that weren't overly sexy. I scarcely could believe what I was doing.

"Nice. Very nice." he commented.

Then I saw him unbutton his pants and he dropped them to the floor around his ankles. I couldn't believe what I heard next. "Now blow me." he ordered. I was so shocked but I knew he was dead serious. If I wanted this position I was going to have to suck his dick. I had always been faithful to my husband for these past 16 years and this stranger was asking me to take his cock into my mouth. I should have walked out of the hotel right then and there but we really needed this job and the money that went with it so badly. I felt myself walk towards him in a trance and then dropping to my knees in front of him. He had on some boxers and his shirt tails were obscuring them. I pulled down his shorts and this enormous shlong was dangling down the left side of his thigh. I had never seen such a large cock before except maybe in a porno. I always though John was hung well and his 6 1/2 inches were more than adequate for my tiny pussy but this one looked almost as big soft as my husband's was erect. I was actually fascinated by the size. I tentatively touched it and heard Mark give out a little chuckle as he must have seen my facial expression of interest and amazement. I grasped it lightly and stroked in gently and that sucker began to fill and grow. I stroked him until it was half erect and then. "Go on. Lick it." he encouraged.

I stuck out my tongue and licked the growing head and he let out a soft groan. I coated his cock with my saliva and stroked him faster until it was nearly erect. His dick just continued to grow to the point where my hand could barely encircle his hard shaft. I opened my mouth wide almost thinking that I had better get this sucker inside soon as I might not be able to get it in at all if it got any thicker. He never moved and allowed me to work his massive cock into the back of my throat. I soon started bobbing my head back and forth in a nice moderate pace and he was groaning each time his cock penetrated deeper into my mouth. Now in high school I sucked a few cocks in my day but never one as large as this one. I had to coated his shaft with lots of spit to accommodate his girth filling my oral orifice. I couldn't even swallow as that bulbous head blocked the back of my throat and his cock was soon completely covered with my mouth's slobber.

"Here's your first task. Now show me how well you can handle it." he chided.

If this was going to get me the position I was going to show this jerk how good a job I could do and continued working his dick farther and farther into the back of my throat. I thought about what John would think if he knew I was blowing another man in a fancy hotel room but I convinced myself think that he would understand that giving this blow job was something we so desperately needed. I was nibbling more of his uncovered cock each time I pushed his dick down my throat. I was going to take all of his 9 or 10 inches down my throat if it killed me. I had to breathe through my nostrils as his shaft filled my oral cavity. I still couldn't swallow and it was the sloppiest blow job that I had ever given. Whenever I drew my head back to give myself a short respite a big strand of saliva and drool would land on my tits and bra. Mark pulled off my blouse and undid the clasp on my bra and removed them both. He told me to press my titties against his thighs as I sucked him and I complied. I grabbed his firm buttocks and pressed my soft orbs on his upper legs as I felt his bulbous head pressing at the very back of my throat. He gave out a guttural groan as he was totally loving it.

"Take it all." he commanded. I backed off and more spit dropped onto my neck and breast and then I went back down. I relaxed my throat to keep from gagging and my lips continued nibbling more and more of his shaft into my mouth. I soon felt the tickle of his pubic hairs against the tip of me nose. Just another inch to go and I would have completely swallowed his entire shaft into my mouth. I pressed forward slowly and soon my nose was pressed against his groin. I finally did it and he put his hands behind my head and held me there as he moaned out loudly. I felt a little pride that I had been able to do it. I had taken the biggest cock I'd ever sucked completely down my throat. I wanted to show this asshole how good I was so I extended my tongue and started licking the base of his balls. It was a special talent that I had preformed on my husband these past 16 years but of course it was so much easier with my true love shorter dick. Mark moaned like a high school kid. I knew he had never experienced that and I lapped away at his shaft and sack. He began to gently rock his hips back and forth and mini-fucked my face. I was glad as I knew he was going to cum soon and pour his hot load down my throat and this ordeal would soon be over. I suctioned his cock even harder to get him off. He got a little over exuberated and he shoved a little too hard and it caused me to gasp and gag. I started coughing and couldn't stop. He back off and then he told me that I was the best cocksucker he ever met. Yeah but would it get me this job? He surprised me and acted concerned and pulled me up and set me on the bed until my coughing spell was over. But once he saw that I was going to survive. He ordered me to lie down on the side of the bed. The bed was one of those high ones and his cock was almost perfectly at eye level. He quickly reinserted his cock while I laid there. He shoved his dick deep down my throat and began rubbing my milky white tits. They were covered with saliva and Mark rub it in and used the lubrication to tweak my hardening nipples. It sent small shivers through my body as he twisted those hard erasers tips. I felt his hands cover my mons and he rubbed my vagina although it was still covered by my panties. He stroked me gently and the flames began to smolder inside my cunt. I did fantasize about having his rock hard cock thrusting inside my tiny pussy. But I could never do that to John, giving this blow job was bad enough. I may have inadvertently spread my legs a little as he rubbed me down there and he noticed it immediately. He slipped his hand under my panties and began to circle my clitoris with his middle finger. It was as if electricity started sending small tingles radiating out from my pussy. I should have made him stop but the sensation just felt so good. This man knew how to play a woman's privates like they were his own. Soon he began sliding his finger across and up and down my slit. He coated his finger with my juicing slime and rubbed it back over my clit. I was getting so hot and he let me know it. " Oh you little cock sucking slut. You're so fucking wet." he stated. "I'm going to fuck you so good."

He pulled his cock out of my mouth and I immediately told him that I would suck him off but I couldn't fuck him.

"I couldn't do that to my husband." I protested.

"I guess you don't want the job bad enough because that's the only way you're going to get it." he answered.

I grabbed his dick and stroked it quickly as my mouth went back to work feverishly trying to get him off. He pulled away and chuckled and told me 'nice try'.

He pulled my ankles over the edge of the bed but I kept my thighs together. He didn't look very pleased.

"Spread your fucking legs." he shouted.

I did as he commanded but only slightly. But it was enough for him to make his way between them and he shoved his torso in front of me.

"I saw the expression on your face, my cock is bigger than your husband's isn't it." he asked.

I nodded yes and then he began telling me that he knew that I wanted it. He told me that all woman wanted to try his dick on for size. He held it straight up and stroked it as if to show it off to me. The magnanimous prick! He ordered me to beg for it. I was confused and I didn't know what he wanted me to do.

"Beg me for it. I want to hear you ask me to fuck you." he shouted.

He was shaming me and enjoying every minute. I just wanted this all to be over but subconsciously I think I really did want this jerk's huge cock filling my pussy full. I did want to try him on for size. The words just came out of my mouth like they had a mind of their own.

"Yes. Fuck me. I want you to fuck me with that big dick of yours." I cried.

He didn't have to be asked twice as he wedged himself closer and pressed that engorged head at the entrance to my married vagina. He shoved forward and it was like trying to put a quarter into a dime slot. He shove again even harder and only the head and a few inches of his shaft disappear.

"Uugghh!" I yelled.

"Damn you've got the tightest pussy I've ever seen. It's like a virgin's" he said.

He tried shoving some more and worked about half of it inside which only caused me to cry out louder. He took his thumb and began rubbing it over my still engorged clit. He quit shoving and massaged that sensitive sucker until I finally calmed down some.

"You're going to have to juice that tiny little cunt of yours up or we'll be here all night." he stated.

I was torn between doing this shameful act and just wanting this ordeal to be over. I tried to concentrate on the feeling that was growing inside my swollen clit. Mark began rocking back and forth very slowly and my pussy accepted a little more of his massive girth. It was still tough going as he stretched out my tight pink slit like no man ever had before. The pressure was subsiding but only a little. It was just too big. I changed my mind and wanted him to take it out. I had tried him on for size and found it too uncomfortable. I begged him to pull out but he just laughed and said that his cock only knew one direction and that was straight ahead. He was going to fuck me whether I enjoyed it or not.

"Do you have any lube?" I asked.

He told me he didn't and then shocked the hell out of me with his next statement.

"Normally I do but I've never had to use it on a woman's cunt before." he mused.

OMG! This asshole would shove that thing into a woman's ass! What female in her right mind would let him do that. I had tried anal sex with my husband early in our marriage and it was so painful that we never attempted it again and my John wasn't nearly as massive as Mark was. It suddenly made me thankful that he was only trying to shove that sucker into my cunt. He stopped shoving and continued doing things to get my motor running. His patience and expertise was paying off as the pressure down there was turning into a warm sensual feeling. The ember of lust began to grow even though I was trying not to get into it. He spoke to me like one would to a wild horse and encouraged me with tender affection.

"You are so sexy and beautiful. I've never been with a hotter babe than you." he whispered.

He began to ramp things up and drove several more inches of his monster dick inside my love tunnel. His cock was filling my pussy fuller than I ever thought possible. I swear I could feel every ridge, every vein scraping against my slick inner walls. My pussy was on fire. He grabbed my hand and placed it on my love button. He urged me to rub it as he had been doing. Once he had both hands free he leaned forward. This let him towered over me allowing him to thrust his dick deeper and deeper. I tried not to act like I was enjoying it just so the prick would have the satisfaction but I heard myself moaning and he could see that I was starting to love the fucking he was giving me. He had about 3/4 of his cock inside which was as much as John had ever given me. From this point on it was all new virgin and forbidden territory. I stopped rubbing my clit as he was deeply embedded inside me now and he was now banging himself against my clit as he drove his cock completely inside. My eyes had been closed for some time as I started enjoyed the feeling inside my overstuffed twat. When I opened them I saw Mark smiling as he was watching my body twist and grind to his cock's assault.

"Do you want more?" he asked. "If you do you're going to have to ask for it."

He had me where he wanted me and had reverted back to his normal egotistical self. I am ashamed to say that I turned into a pleasure seeking slut that afternoon. I didn't care that I was married. I didn't care that I was cheating on my wonderful husband. I only cared for the sexual pleasure that was wedged between my thighs. I hiked up my legs and begged him to fuck me deeper and that's exactly what he did. The pressure increased again as he reached new territory but it was nearly just as bad as in the beginning. But I forgot about the discomfort. I forgot about being taken advantage of. Right now I just wanted to be fucked by that wonderful big dick that was attached to even a bigger asshole.

"Fuck me harder!" I cried.

Mark began to pummel me and a warmth began spreading throughout my nether regions. It didn't take long bit soon I finally felt the head of his cock pressing against the back of my cervix. It was somewhat painful but it wasn't bad enough to throw me off that train that I was riding. And that train was almost reaching the station. I had never experienced the feeling of a dick's head touching me there. He kept thrusting it deeply and then it happened. I actually came. It was so sudden and quick and it just slipped burst through like an exploding dam. My body stiffened for a couple of seconds and then I started withering around like I was trying to escape a swarm of bees. It was like the bee hive was inside my cunt and I had major climax. I hear someone screaming so loudly and then realized it was me. Mark just kept on pumping. The wave of pleasure began to wind down and I collapse on the mattress and laid still except for my limp body jostling every time Mark drove his cock into to me. I didn't think I could breathe or even move after that orgasm but it wasn't long before the embers began glowing red hot once more. I found myself grinding my hips back against him and he knew I was back and wanted another round.

"Tell me again that you want me to fuck you." he teased.

"Fuck me you mother fucker. Fuck me again." I said and this time he knew I meant it.

After all the things he forced me to do, here I was wanting him to fuck me for a second time. I just couldn't stop myself and I wanted him to fuck the shit out of me. Forgive my dear husband, your wife is a total slut. Mark began to pound me mercilessly. He had worked my pussy like a master earlier and now he was fucking me like a whore. Once he had me enjoying his sweet dick then he owned me. He knew it and went back to his abusive ways.

"You are such a hot slut. The only difference between you and a whore is that they get paid." he hissed.

I felt like a whore and I wanted to be his whore right at this moment as long as he kept that wonderful cock inside my wet pussy.

"You can leave the money on the night stand after just shut up and fuck me harder." I answered.

Oh he liked that and he drove my ass into the mattress. I raised my legs straight up into the air allowing him even more access so he could pound me deeper.. He was probably ripping my tiny tight pussy apart but I didn't care as my cunt was on fire and it wanted another massive orgasm. Mark was close and he asked me if it was alright to cum inside me. I knew it wasn't as I wasn't taking any BC but I didn't want him to stop fucking me even if it meant he would cum inside me. I actually wanted his hot spunk filling what ever crevasses that weren't already stretched out by his monster dick and damn the consequences. My answer was to wrapped my heels around his backside and that clearly answered his question. He didn't hold anything back and started pounding me as no man ever had. He got there first and he grunted like an animal and I felt his white hot lava jetted into the back of my womb. That was all I needed and I shrieked like a banshee.

"Fuuucckkk!" I screamed.

My pussy exploded right after he did. I felt his cock spasming and I could feel each individual squirt blasting against my wet pink walls. It was hot and erotic and it felt like my pussy was quivering and sucking his shaft drawing out more of his potent jism. I always loved that feeling and it just went on forever as this man emptied his entire load. It was the mother of all orgasms that I had ever had. We both came until we could cum no more and he collapsed on top of me in a tangled pile of heaving sweaty sex. At that point I had no regrets as this may have been the best sexual experience of my entire life. He finally rolled off and we both lay there panting like a couple of dogs. I was exhausted to the point that I couldn't move. He asked me if I had anything to say. I gave him a quizzical look. He went on to say that I should be grateful for everything he had done for me.

"It's polite to say 'Thank you" after someone gives you the best fuck of your life." he stated.

What a big prick. He was right about the sex though.

"Thank you." I sighed.

I couldn't believe I actually thanked him. He got off the bed and made his way to the bathroom. What had I done? Not only had I cheating on my husband for the first time but I had actually enjoyed it. Tears started to well up in the corners of my eyes. I could hear Mark relieving himself as he pissed with the door open. He walked back in with his cock still dangling between his legs. I turned on my side away from him as I didn't want him to see me crying. He took my action as disdain towards him.

"You know you fucking loved it." he said.

He was right again and I got up and rushed to the bathroom. I took a quick squat bath and his semen poured out of my hammered cunt in torrents. The man could definitely cum. I quickly counted the days in my cycle and was relieved that I wasn't ovulating but that was no guarantee that I wouldn't become pregnant. What a dumbass I was and I wasn't even sure that I had the position. His seed was still oozing out and I shoved my fingers up there and tried to remove all of it. It took forever. When I finally came out Mark was still naked laying on the bed. He told me that I had passed this test and that I should plan on going to NYC for training next Thursday. My heart jumped and I saw some vindication of my cheating act just minutes before. He was going to arrange the airfare and told me that the company would handle all the expenses. I told him that I would be the best Jimmie Choo rep ever. That's when he told me that although I was sure to get one of their lines that it wasn't completely a given about Choos until after the training. Apparently he did have a lot of say but the training session would be overseen by his regional manager and a decision would be made at that time. He winked at me and told me that if my training with him continued to his satisfaction that he could see me in those red sole heels very soon. My training wasn't over with him? I was probably going to have to suck him again down the road? He told me to treat myself to a nice pedi and that he liked his pussy smooth shaven. My God, I was going to have to suck and fuck this prick again? I glanced down at my naked bush and although I usually keep it nicely trimmed I hadn't done so this past week as I didn't think it would be on display for this jerk. I felt it was his way of stating that he was going to have sex with me again if I wanted the job. I got dressed and left the room. He told me he'd be in touch. I tried to put everything that had happened out of my mind and called my husband to tell him the good news. He was so excited for me and told me that we were going out to dinner to celebrate. I loved this man and I went straight home and took a proper bath. I tried to clean the stain that my pussy had acquired from Mark but nothing could remove it. I was going to shave for my guy but my pussy seemed swollen and discolored from the afternoon fucking it had received. Maybe I was seeing things from the guilt I felt but my sore and tender pussy was no mirage. We had a wonderful evening and drank a lot. That night I sucked my husband like it was the first time and tried to get him off without having to fuck him. I didn't want to have two different cocks inside my cunt that day. It would only affirm that I was a total whore. But he wanted to fuck me. I found some old lubricate in the bottom of a drawer and placed it on the bed and got on all fours in front of him.

"To mark this occasion I want you to fuck me up the ass tonight." I cooed.

I don't think John could believe it but he was definitely all for it. I watched him cover his cock with lube and I rationalized that this was all for him and didn't have anything to do with the fact that my cunt was sore and worn out. I even though about this being good practice in case Mark decided to stick his monster dick up my ass down the road. What the hell was I thinking and what a cheating slut I was. My mind was so totally messed up. John was the perfect gentleman as he tenderly inserted his cock into my butt. It still hurt like hell but I was determined to take him there. I knew that Mark's dick would probably rip me apart if he ever tried ass fucking me. Once John was in, he gently fucked me and I found that I some what was able to tolerate his thrusts. I had already given him a professional blow job and he was so excited about me letting him stick his dick up my ass that he came in no time. The warmth that spread through my bowels was interesting to say the least and I thought that one day I might actually enjoy it. He sure did as he pumped his entire wad with my encouraging chorus.

"Pump it baby. Fill me up." I said in my sexiest voice.

We fell asleep in each other's arms. I don't know what John was thinking but I could get the sight of Mark's huge cock out of my head. I finally fell asleep even with my guilty conscious. The day arrived and I showed up at the airport I was a little surprised by the two other trainees that were going to NY with us. One was a refined looking older woman and the other was a stacked blonde named Renee. She was probably in her late 20's and beautiful and I later learned that she was a recently divorcee and I bet she had fucked Mark the entire week and twice on Sundays. I knew she would be my competition for the Choos line. I set my mind on being the best trainee ever. I took notes and absorbed everything I could. Mark introduced me to Will who was the Western regional director. He was the big Cheese over our district and the one who would make the final decision. He was in his early 50's and just a little portly but every conversation we had went professionally and nicely and I liked him a lot. The training ended on Friday afternoon and the company threw a nice party out on the veranda for us. Lots of wine and drinking and I let myself get slightly tipsy before calling it a night. I saw Renee ponying up to Mark the entire evening and I knew for sure the slut was probably fucking him. I said goodnight to Will and took a bottle of wine and heading to room. I had done all I could. I was just about to start on my second glass when there was a knock on the door. It was Mark and he told me he had a surprise for me. I was in no mood for one of his surprises. I told him that I was very tired and just wanted to go to sleep. He then told me in no uncertain terms that I was to open the door. I obeyed and he came in with a bottle of champagne and a gift bag. He told me we needed to celebrate my making it though the training and we toasted my successful session. I was already pretty snookered and then he had me open the present. It was a brand new pair of Choo shoes. I excitedly asked him did that mean I got the line. He told me that the final decision was Will's but he would put a word in for me. Then he told me to try them on and nothing else. I protested and told him that I was a rep after today and I wouldn't let him blackmail me anymore. He then told me something and I knew he meant it.

"One word from me and you'll be selling Acme frames on the back roads of Louisiana." he stated.

I knew that he could do it and I did as he told me and undressed while he drank his champagne. I put on the heels which had at least 4 inch stiletto heels. I felt like a titty dancer as I paraded in front of him. It was so demeaning and then he had the nerve to ask me if I had a razor.

"I told you I like my pussy smooth shaven." he commented.

He had me march into the bathroom to shave my trimmed twat. I heard him on the phone and then he enter the bathroom and watched me shave. I turned around but he would have none of that and had me sit on the sink and shave myself in front of him. He was enjoying the show and when I was almost finished there was another knock on the door. He told me that he had ordered something from room service and that I was to come out to parade my freshly shaven wares for him. I heard the door shut and then there was silence. I wiped my pussy clean of the shaving crème. I checked myself in the mirror and I must admit my new smooth look was pretty sexy. I walked back out and was in for the shock of my life. Mark and Will were sitting in the two chairs next to the bed and there was no room service anywhere in sight. Mark had set me up. Mark told me to come over as Will wanted to evaluate me some for the position. Now I was being shamed in front of the regional manager as well. I thought this guy was a gentleman and could be trusted. Little did I know that they were both a couple of perverts. I wanted to turn around and shut the door but I didn't. I walked over and Mark had me parade in front of them wearing only the heels. They conversed about me like I wasn't even in the room. They were judging me like a piece of meat. I didn't think it could get any worse until Mark stood up and dropped his drawer. He set back down after pulling down his boxers and told me to come over and get down on my knees. I did as I was told. I started sucking his cock and soon it was good and hard. Mark continued to comment about how good a cocksucker I was. Will set right next to us drinking and told Mark that my backside wasn't so bad either. I prayed that Will was just going to watch. Mark told me to work my 'magic' and take him completely down my throat. I worked his dick like the time before and soon had all of his cock covered. It was easier and not quite as sloppy as the previous session. The head pressed against the back of my throat and relaxed the muscles and handle him so much better than the first time. I was practiced to the point that I could handle the largest of dicks. Will told Mark that he was very impressed but told him that no one had ever been able to handle him. At that point I wasn't sure what he was referring too. I couldn't see what Will was doing but I could sense him behind me. I felt a hand rubbing my bare ass and I jerked from the shock of his touch. Mark grabbed my head and held me on his cock as Will squeezed my taut ass.

"Oh so nice and plump. I like an ass with some meat on it." he commented.

Mark told him how Renee didn't have as much 'cushion for the pushin' and they both laughed out loud. I knew it. Apparently they had both 'evaluated' Renee the night before. Now it was my turn to impress them for the job. Then I heard Will say that he wanted to try some of my sweet mouth. Mark released me and I timidly turned around. Will set his drink down and was taking off his clothes. Mark whispered to me that I needed to go along if I wanted the Choo's. Will finally got completely undressed and turned around. I was not prepared for what I saw as Will's semi-hard dick was dangling in front of me. His cock wasn't fully erect but even in it's flaccid state it looked like he was even bigger than Mark. Was having a monster cock a prerequisite for working for this company? He moved right in front of me and practically shoved his dick against my mouth. I grasped his Anaconda and began stroking it. I gave a quick glance to Mark and his expression told me that I had better do a good job on Will's growing cock. I wrapped my lips around it and I could feel the blood surging though his burgeoning shaft. This was the biggest cock I had ever suck on or held for that matter. Will told me that he wanted me to take his dick all the way down my throat if I could. His cock was nearly a full inch or two longer and definitely thicker than Mark's. My mouth was soon totally stuffed. I had to lube his shaft with so much saliva to get it to slid back there smoothly. This was going to be one messy blow job. I worked him good and licked the underside of his shaft and tried to give him the best blow job ever. He was really enjoying it and his groans told everyone present that he was. I tried to get all of him down but when his dick was finally being shoved tightly against the back of my throat there was still at least an inch of his cock that was showing. I backed off and the drool dropped off his cock in droves. I went back down and his cock filled the back of my throat until I could shove no farther. No matter how hard I tried I couldn't get that last inch covered. Will began shoving his cock in an attempt to help me get him completely down. I started to gag a little. He spoke to Mark.

"She's a trooper and a much better cocksucker than Renee but I told you she wouldn't be able to take all of me. You owe me twenty bucks." he chuckled.


These childish assholes had made a bet on whether I could deep throat his entire dick. What a bunch of jerks. I forced my mouth back down hard in an effort to take his entire length but I just couldn't and then something went down the wrong way. I started gagging and coughing and couldn't stop. Will told Mark to give me something to drink. Will pulled his cock out of my mouth and set back down. I drank some of the champagne and it helped. Will filled his glass and encouraged me to drink some more. It just made me more tipsy but I wasn't gagging anymore. He told me that he wanted to try some of my tight pussy. Mark pulled some anal-eaze out of his coat pocket.

"You better put some of this on your cock." he reported.

"Really?" Will responded.

Mark told Will to trust him as I had the tightest pussy he would ever fuck.I watched Will take it and squeeze out a copious amount and lather up his rock hard dick. It looked like a miniature dancer's pole sticking out of his nether regions. He set down in the oversized chair and motioned for me to climb on. I couldn't believe I was about to fuck these two but I wanted that that line more than ever and that bitch Renee had already fucked them both. The fucking skank probably fucked a lot of people to get here but she was single and didn't have the handicap that I did. I prayed that my husband would never find out about my infidelity. I really didn't have a choice and reached down to take off my heels.

"No! Leave them on." Will ordered.

He had me turn around with my back to him and squat down over his dick. Apparently he wanted to watch his large cock sliding into my cunt. He held his cock straight up as I lowered my ass down. I had trouble just getting that enormous head inside. I could feel the folds of my wet pink begrudgingly spreading apart as I lowered myself on top of him. It was like trying to sit on a barber's pole and the pressure was immense. At least I was in control verses Will being on top of me and ramming his huge schlong without any regard for my comfort. I pressed down slowly and took my time acclimating to his huge girth. I was bound and determine not show any signs of discomfort but even with the lube it was tough going. I worked more and more of his dick inside me. He started telling Mark that he was right about my tight little cunt.

"Her pussy is squeezing the piss out of my dick. I've never fucked such a tiny cunt before." he implored.

He told Mark that he now owed him 50 bucks. Again with those childish banter bets. Mark told him that my pussy was so much tighter and sweeter than Renee. I couldn't tell if he was building me up for the position or treating me like meat again but I got a little mad and forced my cunt down harder trying to mash down on Will's dick and cause him some pain. It ended up having the exact opposite result that I had intended. My pussy spasmed as his dick nearly split me in two.

"Uuggh!" I cried.

Will seemed to get excited by my cry of agony and grabbed my hips and trust upward. I cried out again.

"Yeah baby, let me hear you scream." he shouted.

This sadistic mother fucker seemed to enjoy hearing a woman's painful cries and this dude had probably heard a lot of them yelping over the years. I quickly realized that he was actually getting off to causing them pain during intercourse and I did want to please him with the job on the line. I pushed down harder and shrieked and he just got more excited.

"Oh you're so too big." I moaned.

His cock was wedging it's way inside and the pressure began to settle down and I started feeling that wonderful sensation of having my cunt stuffed full of his manly member. I rode him faster and would let loose an occasional groan for both our sake but my pussy was starting to catch fire and it was juicing profusely enough to allow me to enjoy his massive pecker. He told me that I was almost there and I felt his stomach touching the bottom of my ass cheeks. The head of his cock was pressed tightly against my cervix and I stopped to let the pressure abide. I jiggled my ass around his embedded pole and felt it rubbing against the side walls of my vagina. I kept wiggling until centimeter by centimeter I work most of his cock inside me. I knew I could take him all but I stopped short and turned back towards him.

"I don't think I can fit anymore of you inside me." I sighed.

"Sure you can." he replied.

And he thrust his hips violently upward and drove the last inch home.

"Uugghhhooohhhhhhhh!" I screamed half-mockingly.

I say half because part of my groan was real as I took cock deeper inside my pussy than ever before. He continued his vicious assault and thrust his cock as hard as he could. All the while he was yelling things like 'take that bitch and sluts like you can't get enough'. I kept crying out a variety of things back like he was 'splitting me' or 'I couldn't take anymore'. The fucker never stopped as he thought he was skewering the shit out of me. I called him a bastard and a motherfucker and he told me he like that slutty kind of talk from a whore like I was. Mark finally stepped forward and told Will that he was going to shove his dick down this my slutty vile mouth and Will told him to go for it. I took him inside my oral cavity and the two of them began fucking my mouth and my cunt together. They both were trying to drive their dicks as deeply as they wanted to torment this hot little sex slave of theirs. But secretly I was in ecstasy having these two massive cocks servicing me. I garbled sounds of protest but inside I was on fire and if they would only keep thrusting just a minute longer I knew that I was going to cum. I felt those pleasure wave began to fan out from deep down and then I exploded and my body shudder as I climaxed hard. I screamed out and if it wasn't for Mark's dick in my mouth I'm sure I would have woke up the entire floor. It was amazing and oh so good. The boys stopped pummeling me as I came and Mark pulled out his cock when I finally finished and I slumped backward across Will's chest. My pussy was quivering with pure carnal delight and it ended much to soon. I lay my head back on his shoulder exhausted. He was breathing as heavily as I was even though he hadn't cum. When I finally recovered he told me to turn around and sit facing him. I tried to get up but my legs were too weak. Mark pulled me off and I remember the feeling of inch after inch of Will's cock sliding out of my satisfied pussy. It seemed like it lasted forever before the head finally slipped out. I turned around and began to mount him. I still had on those sharp stilettos and made my way carefully as I spread my knees on either side of his. I had to grabbed his cock and lift my ass even higher to get it to the entrance of my pussy. Once again I positioned that enormous head against my vaginal slit. I set down and ground my cunt against him and my wet pink slit was still spread out like an overstuffed suitcase. I had just cum but I wanted more and slowly got a nice little pace going. Will lay back and was enjoying my wet pink riding his still hard shaft. I wanted to cum again and I was going to make him cum this time too but I still had a reason to complete this session. I started to ask him about the position. He told me that I would be a rep soon but he didn't want to discuss it right now and for me to just keep fucking him. I asked him if that is what he told Renee the other night. I told him that I didn't want to be just any rep, I wanted the Jimmie Choo line. I ground my pussy back and forth over his fully embedded dick and asked him that straight out. He groaned a said that it was between me and Renee but he hadn't made up his mind yet. His cock was still cramped deep inside my cunt and that fullness of his manhood was making it hard to concentrate on this most important task. I fucked him with a series of quick little humps that drove him wild.

"Is her pussy as tight as mine is?" I cooed.

He grunted no and then I told him how she probably fucked dozens of men when he wasn't around her being single and all. Whereas I was married and that besides my husband I would be exclusively theirs, fucking me whenever they pleased. His cock was driving me so wild that I could barely talk without wanting to moan out loud but I held back. I thought for a moment about how I might get addicted to their massive dicks with all those company meeting that we would surely attend. I started to rationalize it as just a perk that went with the job. I continued to ground my pussy seductively against him.

"Think about the annual sales meeting and all the conventions. I would let you use me any way you wanted. Just the three of us every night fucking out brains out." I groaned.

It took every thing I had but I stopped cold and looked him right square in the face. I told him to give me the position this very minute or he could take his big cock out of my tight little cunt and leave right now! He stared back at me in a state if despair and then Mark spoke up.

"Renee is single and probably mobile as well. You could give her the Houston territory and let Jen stay here and have the Dallas area." he said and I saw a smile come over Will's face.

"Yeah, that would work out." he replied and then, "You got the Dallas Choos, now fuck me!"

I shoved my breast into his mouth and told him to suck it. He wrapped his mouth around my hard nipple and I began thrusting again and we were back to both getting what we wanted. I was on cloud nine knowing that I had the position finally and that huge dick filling my wanting vagina was feeling pretty nice too. I let myself go and concentrated on my own pleasure at this point. I rode him like a bucking bronco. My pussy was on fire and nothing ever felt as good as my overstuffed cunt at this time. I felt him tightly grasp my ass and began thrusting as hard as he could from his underneath position. I was so close but he was even closer. I had to slow this hoss down. I didn't want to be left hanging so I ground my pussy down against him and rocked his big dick inside me. He continued trying to thrust but couldn't stroke his cock le before while only I was getting off to it. Every time he tried to shove his shaft upward I drove my cunt back against him. My weight was helping me win this battle and he groaned each time I shoved downward. Hearing him being the one who was groaning was rocking my sexual world.

"You fucking bitch!" he shouted.

He latched on to my other nipple and began nibbling on it with his teeth. It cause me to winch as small shock waves pulsed each time he clamped down a little too hard. I half expected him to bite that sucker off but it still didn't put me off that wonderful bliss his big dick was giving me. His cock was still stretching my pussy to the max and by this time I was so excited that my loins were already radiating out small pleasure waves and that cataclysmic sensation was building like a perfect storm. I was almost there and I raised my ass a bit and started humping him quickly. That gave him the opening he needed and he immediately began shoving upward with his now freed dick. I heard him start to grunt and he began thrusting faster and even more violently. My cunt was juicing profusely but his cock was still stuffing me full. I felt his hands squeezing my ass so hard that I knew they were going to leave a mark. I briefly thought about how I was going to explain a couple of hand prints covering my butt to my beloved husband but I could figure that out later. Right now I wanted to cum and nothing in heaven or earth was going to stop me. My cunt basically exploded with a tsunami of sexual juicing the likes of which I had never felt before. My cunt quivered and my body shuddered and I released every pent up wave of orgasmic pleasure that was waiting for the dam to burst. I flung my head back and shrieked. Will grasped my ass so hard that sharp pains stabbed at my backside but it didn't matter as my pussy pumped out bliss and juice together. He thrust violently into me as hard as he could and I felt his hot semen pelting against the back of my womb. He flooded my love tunnel with his most excellent offering. My wonderful orgasm was over much to soon and even though my cunt was less sensitive after the ballistic climax that it had just experienced I could still feel the man pumping inside me. It reminded me of the warp engines on the Enterprise as they pulsed rhythmically with each surge of his white hot power. The warmth filled every crevice inside my wet cunt and he just kept cumming. He poured more and more of his manly seed and I didn't think he was ever going to stop. I wrapped my arms around his neck and just held on as he gave my pussy the enema of a lifetime. As his pulses subsided I knew that someway, someday I would have to get him to fuck me again as his dick was the most wonderful fucking dildo I could ever imagine having inside of me. He finally finished and collapse back on the chair. We lay there panting but not for long. I felt Mark trying to pull me off of Will's softening cock. He was frenzied as he had only received a blowjob from me at this point. I'm sure he wanted to fuck me in the worse way. My legs were weak but somehow I managed to stand up. Will's semi-hard cock was pulled out of me and it fell against one of his thighs. It was completely covered with his own seed. I would have gladly sucked him clean if it would get that magnificent dick of his hard again. The total slut inside me that I feared was already showing it's ugly head. Mark led me to the bed. I hadn't taken two steps before the massive load that Will had just deposited began to ooze out of my hammered cunt. It plopped on the carpet like big cow patties. Mark pushed me down over the edge and positioned himself behind me spreading my thighs farther apart. I could still feel Will leaking out of my pussy. I guess it didn't bother Mark to partake of his boss's sloppy seconds as he drove his dick inside me immediately. He wasn't as large as Will but from behind he was still able to fill my used cunt and fucked me forcefully and was soon balls deep. I laid down on the bedspread and it felt cool against my tits and the side of my face. I felt my torso being rocked by his enthusiastic thrusts. Even so soon after being hammered by Will my pussy was already glowing with excitement as another thick dick was filling it full.

"This trainee's pussy is so tight. But not as tight as it was before you got a hold of it." He groaned.

Will chuckled and then said. "Hey man, slow down. We got all night to fuck this cheating slut."

He was right on both counts. I was a slut and I was cheating on my husband. I had a pang of guilt as my John didn't deserve this but Mark's thick dick was making me forget about it. I lay there savoring his long powerful strokes. 'All night?' I guess the two of them were going to tag team me as long as they like. My nasty wet cunt was ready for anything they wanted. In fact I would have pulled a train with the company's entire accounting department if they all had big dicks like these two. I knew Mark had probably pummeled dozens of trainees before and now he was using mine for his own personal pleasure but I was getting what I wanted too. Mark definitely had some will power as he calmed down and started a smooth even paced drilling of my back side. I lay there savoring his long forceful strokes. I was more than willing to take more of their hard dicks inside my waiting cunt. He was spreading my ass cheeks wider and wider and then Mark asked Will to come over and look at something. He spread my cheeks wide and held them there as he kept fucking me. He told Will to look at my ass.

"Every time I thrust, her asshole winks at me." he commented.

I don't know what they were looking at but for once I felt a little uncomfortable with both of them staring at my butt hole. Will walked around and climbed onto the bed on his knees. I watched his swinging dick dangling down in front of him. He made his way over to my face and I raised my head off the mattress. His cock was still coated with his vanilla icing and was messy and nasty. He obviously wanted me to suck him. He grabbed me by my hair and pulled me towards him. I opened my mouth and took his flaccid member inside my ,mouth. That smell of pungent male semen was overpowering but I sucked him all the same. I was their personal whore to use and abuse any way they wanted. Will was soon hard and filling my oral cavity. I was being skewered from both ends and they both seem to relish using my mouth and cunt. Mark was spreading my cheeks farther and farther apart.

"Her asshole is just begging me to fuck it." Mark shouted.

It turns out that Mark was an ass man. I pulled Will's dick out of my mouth and then I turned around and told him no way that I was going to let him fuck my ass. Will lifted my face back towards him and told me that it was part of the deal.

"Remember, you agreed to let us use you any way we wanted." he informed me.

I protested vigorously and stated that I didn't mean that they could ass fuck me. Will just kept smiling and my comments seem to fall on deaf ears. I lied a little and I told him that my husband and I had tried it only once early in our marriage and that it was just too painful for me to bear.

"And Mark's cock is so much bigger than John's." I cried.

Will laughed and shoved his dick back into my mouth and told Mark that I was practically a virgin back there and for him to 'get some'. Mark squirted some lube down the crack of my ass and began pressing his fingers against my tightest hole. I flinched and cringed each time he touched me there. Soon he began inserting one of his fingers inside and I cried into the microphone that was lodged down my throat. Just his finger was more than I could stand. He kept working it in and out of my butt and my ass wasn't getting use to it. I was whimpering as he continued to shove one then two digits into me and all it did was bring out the sadistic part of Will.

"Can you imagine how she's gonna yell when you ram your dick up her ass." he stated.

I felt him pull out and figured he was lubing up his thick dick. I couldn't see him as Will kept holding my mouth on his growing cock. I could tell he was getting into position and Will kept encouraging him to fuck my nearly virgin ass. I felt his swipe the head of his dick around the crack of my ass before stopping at that minuscule entrance. He pressed forward and my anal ring snapped shut like it had a mind of it's own. His cock slid up my ass crack. He re-positioned it and tried again. I felt the pressure increase ten fold as it slowly seem to make some head way. I was crying and begging for him to stop but he wasn't listening. He pressed harder and my sphincter was slowly losing this battle. The pressure soon turned into a painful discomfort and I began panting like I was back in Lamaze class. The head of his dick was spreading my ass apart and I was beginning to feel a shearing pain like no other back there. I exhaled and screamed so loudly that even with my mouth full of hard cock I'm sure the neighbors were going to hear me. The head of that German Helmet popped through and Mark stopped as waves of relief washed over me. It was still so intense but I panting like after giving that first big push at childbirth. Mark told Will about how tight my ass was squeezing his dick. Then he pressed forward again and the torment started back up. I was screaming bloody murder as his shaft began it's journey into the depths of my bowels. It was like a hot poker was being shoved up my ass, a hot poker the size of my fist. He tried fucking me slowly but the pain was too great such that all I could do was scream. Will realized that it might disturb other guest in the hotel and cause a scene so he told Mark to stop. I was glad to take any break I could. He told Mark that it was obvious that I couldn't handle him as he wasn't even fully embedded and he suggested something else. He stated that a DP might allow him to enjoy fucking my tight ass. He pulled his dick out of my mouth and laid down with his as over the edge of the bed and had me climb on top. I slid my pussy onto his dick and the difference was immediate. My pussy was full and snug and I fucked him slowly reveling in carnal satisfaction. Even after nearly dying only a minute before I was now humping him like the fuck dog I was.

"Look at her go!" Will cried.

I was once again in my element and I fucked the wonderful dong of his. I was moaning with unadulterated lust and I almost forgot all about Mark until Will told him to try again.

"Let me at least cum first." I groaned.

But Mark was already pressing up against my backside and then Will pull me down on top of his chest. I tried to put my hands back there to ward off his anal assault but Will grab my wrists and twisted them behind me. I pleaded again but once I felt the head of his dick against my anal orifice I knew that it was hopeless. He pressed forward and than sharp pain commenced. His cock began that long uncomfortable journey into the nether regions up my ass chute. He stopped once I started shrieking. Will told him to stay still and he began pumping me. It didn't cause the pain to go away but the sensation of pleasure was beginning to override the discomfort. He fucked me until he heard me start to moan again. Once my motor was running he signaled Mark to gently start fucking my butt. It was the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat all together. As they got a nice rhythm going I found I could almost tolerate the hot shearing pain in my ass. I said almost because each time Mark would thrust farther I would winch and yelp with each new inch he skewered my ass with. I may not have been a virgin but he was definitely reaching new virgin territory. He finally gave me his full measure as I felt his groin touching my ass. He was balls deep and they both paused for a second.

"I'm definitely in virgin ass now." he stated.

I felt so stuffed back there. Almost at the very same moment they began thrusting in unison. Now they were fucking the shit out of me. I couldn't help but groan and then I would moan as they alternated their thrust in one continuous assault. I was sandwiched between them and they using me as a receptacle for their own personal lust. My pussy didn't care as it was receiving what it needed but my ass was still protesting vigorously. I was being violently shish kabobed by their huge cocks and I didn't care. These two hung studs desired me and thoughts I was the hottest piece of ass on the planet right now. Their grunts and groans testified to that. As deep as they were inside me I imagined that their huge sacks were rubbing against each other. I wondered if it bothered them to be touching another man's privates. Apparently not as they picked up the pace and pummeled me faster. Even with the seething pressure ripping my ass in two I was feeling those pleasure waves radiating out of my juicing tight cunt and I rocked my backside against the both of them.

"You couple of faggots, is that all you got? Fuck my cunt and my ass, harder!" I cried.

"Damn, I didn't think it was possible but she's a bigger slut than Renee." Mark shouted.

They didn't need any more encouragement than that and soon they were pounding me as hard as they could. If I had two cunts it would have been sexual heaven but still the fact that two men were fucking me together was so exciting. I started cumming in small little pulses as the pain in my ass mitigated my having one huge orgasm. It was like a series of small ones and they continued one after the other and it was amazing. They were wearing me out and then I felt their cocks throbbing and getting even bigger. Mark slammed me so very hard with his last thrust and then he erupted deep inside my bowels. That warm sensation began flooding my butt while Will continued shoving his dick up in short strong strokes. He exploded soon after and I felt his hot spunk spreading inside my womb. They both were grunting like a pack of boars and I loved the feel of their pulsating organs. These boys filled my like a giant canoli. They pumped ounce after ounce of their white hot lava into me that I felt like my tummy was beginning to swell. I loved the flood of man seed and knew that I had joined the ranks of being a complete whore. As we all wound down I knew that two cocks fucking me at the same time was something that I would definitely add to my sexual menu. As we all panted my cunt was finally satisfied and my ass was flat worn out. Mark extricated his soft wet willy first and then I rolled off of Will. The men stood up and looked at my heaving breasts and my slick and nasty vagina. I knew they were gazing on their handiwork and probably thinking about the next time they would be able to ravages my willing orifices. Of course that might not be exactly what they were thinking but I sure was. They dressed silently and eventually left. I finally had enough strength to get up and head to the bathroom. I had to place my hands over both my cunt and ass to stem the flood of semen pouring out from down there. I sat on the toilet waiting for the bath tub to fill and pissed and shit sperm until I could finally enter those hot freshen waters. I knew my period was due in a couple of days and would just have to hold my breath until it arrived. I needed to get on some kind of birth control the minute I got back home. I bathe for a long while before climbing into bed. I feel asleep dreaming about those two large cocks and my conscience was somewhat placated knowing that my husband would never find out what had transpired here tonight. He was a saint married to the world's biggest whore. I had trouble sitting on the long flight home as my ass was so tender the entire next day. I told John I started my period that night to give my nether regions some rest. I was going to start my career as frame rep on Monday and I was so filled with anticipation.

Mark joined me on my rounds the first couple of days. He actually opened some doors for me and the new accounts grew faster than I could have ever imagined. He felt I had a good handle on things and left me on my own the next week. I thought it was kind of strange that he never put any sexual demands on me that first week. I thought that maybe we would be working on a professional level from now on. I kind of had mixed emotions about that. On one hand I wouldn't be a cheating whore anymore and on the other I kind of missed being fucked by his wonderful dick. But it didn't last long as one day he called to make appointments in the morning until I needed to run him to the airport after lunch for a flight he had to catch. He had me pull down to the bottom level of the parking garage instead of dropping him off at the departing passenger's drop off. Once he had me park back by ourselves he immediately pulled down his trousers. He told me to suck him and I did. It was pretty uncomfortable leaning across the center console and taking him deep down my throat. I blew him on the double orange level. It didn't take long for him to blow his load down my throat.

"Don't let any of it get on my suit." he groaned.

I suctioned his dick and swallowed his voluminous load. I remember thinking what a waste as he could have been pumping his jism into my willing pussy. He finally finished and as I set up he squeezed his still burgeoning dick from base to head and a large bead of white spunk collected at the tip of his dick.

"You missed some." he sneered.

I lapped it up with one flick of my tongue. He zipped up his pants and got his suitcase out of the back. Just before he shut the door he poked his head back in and said 'thank you' in a very snobbish way. As he walked off I was half hoping his plane would crash but only half hoping as I didn't want to be denied that wonderful dick of his some day in the future. My first commission check was well over five figure and I bought new SUV befitting the successful rep that I was. Things were going great except for the fact that I had a lot less time for my family and John. My long hours and his plant schedule cause a lot of missed time between us. Our sex life was affected too as we both were tired or I was out of the area for a couple of days a time. Mark found away to show up every so often when I would have a one niter say in Lubbock or OKC. He's fuck the shit out of me and I have to admit the hotel sex was pretty damn good. A large optometry convention was coming up the next month and I was surprise when Mark told me that I was going. It wasn't something a new rep was usually privy to. He told me that it was a good place to promote the new line and I had never been to Orlando before so I was really excited. The day arrived and it was going to be a 3 day event Thurs. thru Sat. When I got to the booth I saw Mark and the lovely Renee. He neglected to tell me that she was going to be there. She looked gorgeous as usual and we both represented well. Will finally showed up that afternoon and at the end of the day we had some clients to take to dinner. It was at a very expensive restaurant and the wine and champagne never stopped coming. Renee spent the entire evening flirting with Will. She reminded me of an air headed social climbing slut and I couldn't believe when Mark told me that she was really doing well in the Houston area and her account totals rivaled mine. I figured she was probably fucking a lot of Drs. to get those accounts. After Mark escorted me back to the hotel. In the elevator I pressed my floor and Mark stated that he had a present for me in my room. I was pretty sure what the 'present' was. Once in the room I saw two packages on the bed and a couple bottles of iced down champagne. Apparently room service had dropped them off. They were both gift wrapped and he opened a bottle of champagne and we had a glass. Just then there was a knock on the door and in walk Will and Renee. They joined us drinking until Will told us that we needed to open our presents. Renee was like a child at Christmas and we both receive a new pair of Jimmie Choos and some crotch less black seemed panty hose. They were 5 inch stilettos and he told us to go and put them on...along with the panty hose and nothing else. I knew it, it was going to be another night of fuck and suck and I reluctantly followed Renee as she scampered into the bathroom. She ripped her dress off and was dressing rapidly.

"Do you know how much these shoes cost?" she asked.

Jimmie's retail were over $600 as those shoes weren't cheap. I saw her bare ass as she bent over to put them on. This girl was gorgeous with a tall slender built. Her breast were more than ample although they were not as large as mine but jutted straight out as befitting her age. I put mine on and when I stood back up I was looking directly at her pristine pussy. She was completely bald and her vagina was beautiful with thin inner folds tucked inside her outer lips. She saw me staring and spread her legs apart and asked me how her veejay looked. Before I could answer she told me that she had had them waxed as it was so much easier than shaving. I have to admit that this little vixen was beautifully striking as she posed in her high heels. I stood back up and she gave me the once over also. I looked in the mirror and with the heels and pantyhose we both looked like a couple of high class hookers except we weren't actually getting paid money. I started thinking about my husband back home with the kids and knew that I would be cheating on him for the umpteenth time. I was brought back to the moment when I saw Renee step towards me.

"You are so beautiful and I just love your tits." she stated.

I was shocked when she reached out and cupped them. She told me that she wished her breast were as large as mine and that she was probably going to get hers augmented one day to make them larger.

"It would be good for my sales." she continued.

She was admiring them as she felt me up and then she told me that she could see why Mark really liked me. I asked her if she was really interested in Will. She told me that he was okay and a great fuck but he was really good for her career. Wow this little slut was quite the corporate ladder climber. She probably was prepared to fuck her way to the very top. She informed me that I was in for a surprise once I saw his package.

"A very big surprise." she commented.

I guessed that for whatever reason Will hadn't wanted her to know about how those two had already tagged teamed me once so I didn't let on.

"How big?" I asked.

She just grinned. With her hands still kneading my breast she leaned over and gave me a tender kiss. Although it took me by surprise it didn't shock me until she slipped me her tongue. Her lips were soft and her tongue was wet and it was the most sensual kiss I had ever had. I don't know why but I let her kiss me for a long time. It might well be the only kiss I would receive tonight. I had never kissed a woman before and the passionate way she kissed me I knew that Renee was bisexual. When we broke it off, she told me that she really would like to fuck me. I guess I must have turned a little red because she saw my reaction.

"Have you ever been with a woman?" she asked.

Again she saw the answer written across my face. Her eyes lit up and she told me that she loved fucking virgins. This slut would probably fuck anyone, man, woman or beast. I thought about the possibilities and then she stepped back and started powdering her face. She was putting on some bright red lipstick and I did the same. I thought that this wasn't some competition we were in...or was it. Putting on fresh lipstick was just a waste of time as most of it was probably going to be covering the base of someone's shaft in a few minutes. She took out some body spray and whisked it all over herself with a good long spray around her vagina. She offered it to me.

"A girl can never be too fresh," she quipped.

She took one more quick look into the mirror and then stated that it was time to get this party started.

"This working girl has got some cock to suck." she said.

As I watched her backside sway so sexily back and forth as she walked through those doors I thought to myself that I could very well be looking at the naked butt of the very next president of our company. I followed her out and joined the men and had some more champagne. They were still fully dress which was such a sharp contrast to our naked appearance. We drink and socialized until Renee started touching and brushing her body against Will. She pushed him down onto one of the chairs and began to wave her breast and backside like she was getting ready to give him and lap dance. Mark took me over to the other chair and set down also while I stood and we both watched her work her voodoo. With those moves I bet Renee had probably been a dancer once in her lifetime. She finally squatted down in front of Will and reached for his belt. He stopped her and told her to service me. I remember the look on her face as she stood up and walked in my direction. Her eyes never broke contact with mine and I saw her tongue slip across her upper lip. It was the most unadulterated and provocative act that I had ever witnessed prior to having sex with another person. She stepped stealthily towards me like she was a wild animal tracking her prey. I finished my champagne with one big gulp and sat it down. She wrapped her arms around me and kissed me ever so tenderly. Her tongue soon slipped between my lips and it delicately probed inside my mouth. It was like making out with your one true love and my furnace began to boil over. My head was spinning from the booze but her kisses were so much more intoxicating. I found myself kissing her back feverishly and soon our tongues were having a fencing match. This woman was drawing out more lust and desire in me than any man had ever done before. She led me over to the bed and I laid down on my back as my knees were trembling. Before pouncing on me she looked back over her shoulder at Will.

"She never been with a woman before." she announced and I saw both men move up to the edge of their chairs.

She kissed me just once before lowering her mouth to my soft white orbs. She licked and flicked her tongue against my aureoles until those suckers began to stiffen. Then she sucked them greedily until they were both harden eraser tips. She worked the back of her hand against my sensitive mons the entire time. Her touch was so light and she was teasing the heck out of my vagina. Occasionally she would brush against my clitoris eliciting a small sharp yelp from me. She dropped down to my pussy and began peppering my inner thighs and all around my veejay with small butterfly kisses. I couldn't help but squirm and I was about to explode if she didn't began eating me. Then she flicked the tip of her soft tongue along my outer folds and trace lines completely around them. I had not had a lot of oral sex preformed on me in the past. My husband while a conscientious lover was always to excited after the blowjob I gave him to have the inclination to perform the same thing on me. And those two studs watching from their chairs were too busy shoving their big dicks into my tight little twat to take the time to service me down there. But Renee didn't mind and toke her sweet time. This woman was a professional slit muncher and knew exactly what she was doing. I wondered how much pussy she had eaten before mine. I began to moan and I hadn't even begun to be fucked. I spread my thighs wide apart and they were just begging her to give me more of her expert mouth. She finally slid her index finger down the length of my pink slit.

"Oh she is so wet," she stated and then placed that digit inside her mouth, "and sweet too."

Her tone was so damn sexy that I was surprised that both of the men could contain themselves. I sure couldn't.

"Eat me. PLEASE eat me." I pleaded.

She mumbled something about 'not quite yet' as her tongue continued to probe and explore my tingling cunt. Soon her tongue was delving deeper inside both of my inner and outer folds. It was pure ecstasy. She traced along my center slit until she finally reached my clit and circled it with the juices that she had accumulated from my drenched pussy. I screamed out loud. Then she began to eat me. She sucked on my clit and that engorged sucker was so damn sensitive that I almost jumped off the bed. She began to eat me in earnest and You could hear an occasional slurp as she drank from my overflowing fountain. I wanted it to last for a very long time but my pussy was heading for the big 'O' and there was nothing on this planet that was going to stop it. I grabbed her head and pushed her against my dripping cunt. I was going to let her be able to stop. She sucked and licked my clit like a starving person and my vagina just erupted in a cascading waterfall of sexual juices.

"Oh fucckkkk!" I shrieked.

It could have been the best orgasm in my entire life as my sex overflowed into her waiting mouth. My body shuddered until all the muscles finally gave out. I released her hair and was recovering when I saw the smile on her juice covered face. If this wench had a large dick on her she would be my fuck buddy for life. I didn't have much of a respite as I saw Mark already disrobed. He pushed Renee aside and took her place between my lifeless thighs. His cock was rock hard and he drove that bad boy deep into my slick cunt. Even though I had just juiced profusely it was still nice and tight for him. Will had Renee come over to him and his cock was sticking out of his pants an she sucked him as he watched Mark pounding my reviving pussy. He was in no hurry and pumped me rhythmically. I just had a clitoral orgasm and my cunt was now ramping up again for that orgasm that only a big meaty shaft can provide. My body may have been exhausted but my pussy wasn't. It only took me a couple of minutes to cum again. Will wanted some of my hot action and I saw him dropping his pants next to the bed and telling Mark to move over. His shaft replaced Mark's and once again I was stuffed to the rim. His huge girth stretched my wet pink slit to the limit. I hadn't fucked him in over a month and had partially forgot how good his dick felt. I watched his cock slowly make it's way inside inch by inch. I noticed the red ring of Renee's lipstick getting closer and closer to the entrance of my juicing fountain. It finally disappear inside and he began to pump me harder. Renee had laid down on the bed and Mark was servicing her craving hole. We both were pummeled with those two manly dicks until we were both wailing. It was like some competition where the two of us seemed to be trying to out shout the other. Our groans and screams reverberated of the bare bedroom walls. She finally shrieked and came and then I would scream even louder as I came too. The men then switched rides and Mark fucked me as Will fucked Renee. We kept cumming and they kept changing horses or should I say whores. We both came multiple times and I couldn't believe that the men were still able to fuck us and not cum themselves. They took their time as it seemed they wanted to sample our dripping holes as much as they could. It was fine with me as my sensitive cunt just kept climaxing. Maybe they had another one of those bets on who could last the longest then they switched again. I didn't care how many times they did as I enjoyed their meaty shafts filling my wet used cunt. Both of us had those spiked heel and black meshed hose covering our legs that were lifted high into the air. It looked like both of our feet kept reaching higher and higher towards the ceiling as they shook and dangled freely with each and every thrust. If my husband could have seen me now I'm sure he would have been so proud. I was no better than a call girl in fact I was a total whore and just wanted more dicks stuffing my pussy. As Will was fucking me he announced to the rest of them about how this whore's cunt was still so tight after all the sex I had.

"I could fuck this slut's tiny cunt all night." he cried.

He spoke too soon as I heard Will start to grunt and he slammed his cock into my cunt even harder. He began reaming my wet pink out. I felt his hot lava burning the back of my cervix and he grunted like a caveman. He flooded my pussy with his slimey essence and I came with him. I heard Renee shouting in the background.

"Give it to me!" she yelled.

Mark was pounding her violently but he wasn't grunting. It set her off and the slut screeched and quaked as she climaxed. Will blasted his semen deep inside my pussy and left no crevice unfilled. When he had emptied every last drop the room was filled with the sounds of everyone panting. Mark withdrew his dick and came over to me once Will had backed out. I was still in a daze after that last big orgasm. I noticed him standing in front of me stroking his rock hard cock. I couldn't understand what he was doing as his dick was more than stiff enough and he didn't need to keep in hard by himself when he had some many holes to do the work for him. Maybe he liked sloppy seconds. I saw something hit the bed next to my head. My senses were still coming back on line when I saw it was some anal-eaze. Now I knew why he stopped fucking Renee. pulled me towards him until practically all of my ass was hanging over the edge of the bed. He doubled my legs up against my chest and my butt was completely defenseless and I knew that he was going to ass fuck me. He wasted no time and he swiped his cock against my tightest hole. He wanted to shove his thick dick inside my butt and cum inside there. If my butthole was so tight before it got even tighter as he got into position. He pressed his engorged head against my tiny orifice and I immediately felt that sensation of intense pressure as it began making it's way inside and I felt the ridges of his bulbous head slipped past my anal ring. He never paused for a second and just thrust it in deeper.

"Aaarrgghhh!" I screamed.

I was wide awake now. The pain was swift and constant and I tried to get away. He pushed down on the back of my thighs even firmer and immobilized me. He began to pump my ass as I began to shriek.

"Damnit, Mark you're too big for her to handle." Renee came to my defense.

He'd didn't listen to her either and began fucking my backside like he owned it. All I could do was take it. I yelled in obvious discomfort as he plowed my back forty. Renee scrambled over and picked up the lube. I heard her squirting some between my thighs and the pain relented just a small amount. I begged her to squirt some more.

"Her sphincter is squeegeeing it off as fast as I can squirt it. You're ripping her ass up." she informed us.

The way I was screaming I expected the SVU squad to break in to the room and arrest Mark for sodomy in the first degree. But nobody came to my rescue. I tried to spread my cheeks apart. It lessened the pain and little but also allowed Mark to drive his shaft in even deeper. The shearing friction of his thick shaft scraping across my tight sphincter only burn the pain in faster.

"Look at that sex crazed slut spreading her ass for you." Will informed Mark.

You dumb motherfucker I was trying of prevent him from tearing my asshole apart. Will just kept hammering my backside with long powerful strokes. He was in fuck lust and he wanted to explode inside my tight butt. I didn't know if I could stand much more when I heard him start to grunt. Thank goodness he was about to cum. Renee knew it too and I think she was trying to help me by encouraging him on.

"Yeah filled her ass with your hot seed, you big ass fucker." she cried.

Mark gave one last final thrust as he drove his cock to the hilt and the splat resounded around the room as his pelvis region slapped hard against my backside. Once again it felt like someone shoved a barber's pole up my ass. It was so hard that it droved my entire butt back onto the bed. I felt his cock shudder and the burning sensation inside my ass moved way north and that fire soon consumed the deepest part of my bowels. He was pumping his manly juice up my chocolate chute in large warm squirts. The sense of relief was so great that I actually enjoyed his shaft pulsing against my clamped down tight anal ring. He gave me a massive vanilla enema. Both my holes were finally filled. He pulled out and pushed my legs to the side of the mattress. I curled into a fetal position and lay there whimpering. Their work was done and Will sarcastically commented on how mostly everyone enjoyed this little session was but that everyone had to be up bright and early the next day. I really was surprised that he was calling a halt to the night's festivities. I half expected my ass to be ripped up again and my mouth filled with male semen for the sexual trifecta. We all were tired and tipsy and definitely satisfied. Will asked Renee if she wanted him to accompany her to her room. She told him that she was so exhausted that she didn't think she could make it back and wanted to stay with me tonight.

"If that's alright with you?" she asked.

It was the first time in a very long while anyone had asked my permission for anything and I told her it was okay. The men dressed and left and immediately Renee took off her heels and then did the same to mine. She ushered us under those clean fresh sheets and embraced me. I thought for a second we were going to get some rest but she began kissing the nape of my neck and nibbling on my earlobes. This woman was well versed in the ways of lesbian seduction and soon my desires were full throttle. Her hands and mouth kissed and caressed me tenderly and this type of love making was so very different from a man's. I never sucked on a woman's breast and nipple before and my mouth wanted to explore every aspect of her voluptuous body. Her pussy was slick but not as slick as mine and I was oozing all over the place. She began to drop down under the covers but I grabbed her before she could go down there.

"No, no, I'm a mess down there." I said.

"I don't mind. I love the taste of a man's semen mixed with a woman's sweet nectar." she stated.

This woman was an insatiable slut. I'm sure by her response that she had eaten out a woman's pussies that were full of a man's cum multiple times before. I did want her to eat me and if she didn't mind that my cunt was filled with a man's creamy spunk then neither did I. She dove straight in and lapped up the sexual cocktail that was freshly mixed inside. My clit was getting so sensitive and my vagina was on fire. She ate me vigorously until I began to jerk and then she backed off. I caught my breathe and then she started her oral assault once more. I got close again but she always stopped me just short.

"You teasing little bitch." I cried when she did it to me again.

She laughed and began licking my clit and asking me if I was going to eat her pussy in return. I told her yes that I wanted to taste her sweet cunt but for her to please not stop and let me cum. She turned around so quickly that her pussy was over my mouth before I could say lickitty slit. I was staring directly had her hammered hole. Her scent was nice although there was a hint of man odor too. Her vaginal lips were swollen and covered with slick sex. I extended my tongue and probed inside her forbidden hole. I heard her coo as I began to dart my tongue in and out of the wet pink slit. Her face was halfway inside my cunt as she sucked both male and female juices from my cum dumpster. I experienced the sweet joy of performing 69 with this hot vixen. I was actually enjoying lapping her nasty used pussy and was getting so excited. My hands were roaming everywhere as her soft silky skin felt so smooth and sexy. I was beginning to love being with this woman or any woman for that matter. No wonder men want to fuck us so much. I was careful not to lick her ass with all the jostling that was going on but that didn't stop her as she drove her tongue into my butt several times. Butt hole, cunt hole, it was all the same to her. Soon our slurps filled the night air and we ate each other until we both came like true lesbians. My pussy was vacuumed out and we both had another strong orgasm together. I found out that night that I enjoyed the taste of my woman. I loved eating her pussy. I was really thinking about having her for a girlfriend on the side as we cuddled in each others arms. I held her gently after our torrid sexual encounter and unlike the men I was actually having feelings towards her. She was probably the biggest whore I had even known but I really liked her. I fell asleep and I was sore but completely satisfied.

The next morning I woke up to the front desk call and went to shower. I turned the water to the hottest setting I could stand as I needed to purge myself from the stench of last night. I needed to pee but I saw Renee enter the toilet as my shower was ready. The separate glass covered stall was fogging up and I figured I could relieve myself in there. She finished just as I stepped in and quickly followed me inside the stall. It seemed that we were going to shower together this morning. She began washing down my back and rear end. Her fingers darted in and around my vaginal folds and she massaged them in a sensuous manner. I had to piss but this was so relaxing. She took my breasts into her mouth and suckled them like a small child before dropping down between my thighs. She kissed my inner thighs as I softly protested.

"We are going to miss breakfast if you don't stop." I exclaimed.

"I'm having my breakfast." was her reply.

Oh this woman was so sexy. Renee began to eat me as only she could. I was getting so turned on as the hot water cascaded over us. I had to pee but I wanted to cum and it was such a balancing act to hold my urine in while letting my urges flow. She found my clit and began munching on that engorged sucker until I knew that my body was going to have it's first orgasm of the day. This woman worked my pussy like no one else could and I wanted her to be my own personal cunt lapper. I pushed my cunt against her mouth and I came. I came in an explosion of sexual lust... and I peed a little too. I just couldn't hold it back. With every wave of climactic bliss I couldn't help but squirt a small amount of piss. Every wave of bliss brought with it a spot of yellow piss.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry." I cried with each little gush of pee that accompanied my orgasm.

I finished and slumped against the wall and asked her to forgive me as I explained how badly I needed to go. She didn't seem upset at all and soon she had her legs spread and was fingering herself openly. I watched her eyes rolling back into their sockets as she was getting into it. Then she really did shock me.

"Go ahead and pee on me." she begged.

I was at a loss for words or maybe I didn't hear her correctly. She then continued how Will would piss on her. A picture immediately came to mind of that sadistic fucker pounded her against the glass until he came and poured his white jism into her wet pink. I could see him withdrawing his sword and this damsel slumping to the floor. I imagined standing over her and relieving himself and covering her crumpled body with his yellow liquid. I could definitely see that pig peeing on her beautiful body and getting off to it. I was outraged that he would degrade her that way. But then she told me that she enjoyed a good golden shower especially in the bath or stall. I saw the expression on her face as she fingered her twat faster and faster. She wasn't kidding.

"Give it to me!" she cried.

This was one depraved little slut that would certainly do any degrading sexual act to get what she wanted and right now she wanted to cum. I was filled with trepidation and hesitantly allowed myself to squeezed out a small squirt that landed on her vaginal area and out stretched thighs. She yelled for me to move closer. I step almost over her and let go another small burst. This one hit her neck and right breast and it was really difficult for me to cut off the stream as badly as I had to go. I saw her take one of her hands and rub my warm urine over her soft breasts. This woman did enjoy it and definitely wanted more. She was rubbing her clit even faster.

"Piss on me, bitch." she yelled.

She was being shielded from the shower water by my body and her upper torso was pretty much dry. I pushed out my pelvis and spread my folds apart and let loose one forceful salvo. It hit her squared in the face and splashed on the side of her hair and ran down her tits. I watched her reaction and saw her tongue licked across her lips. I knew that this is what she wanted and she wanted it now. Her hands were rubbing her crouch like she was trying to start a fire. I actually got excited myself and I started peeing like it was my first one in the morning after holding it in for the entire night which it actually was. I let go completely and a potent stream expelled it's way from my cunt to her face. It splattered off her chin and mouth and she continued to fingered herself more violently. I grabbed her head with one hand while spreading my vaginal lips with the first two fingers of my other hand. I tried to aim like a man would but it exploded everywhere. I was now in total control and that was a feeling of power over another person that I had never really experienced before. I heard her sputtering as my golden shower rained down on her lips and mouth. I let her have it.

"Open your fucking mouth!" I yelled.

I really had to go and I really let her have the brunt of my pissing cunt. She obeyed and closed her eyes but opened her mouth wide for me. I filled the sluts mouth full. I had never heard someone making groans and gurgling noises at the same time. She somehow shrieked through the piss that was filling her nasty mouth and the bitch came with a vengeance. It looked like she was humping her own hand as her entire body shook. Her legs gave out and she slumped back on her haunches with her fingers still embedded inside her satisfied cunt. She lay there shaking in her final throes as I covered her in the warm yellow stuff. She was reveling in her post orgasmic bliss but I just kept on pissing. I kept peeing on her until I was totally emptied of that hot yellow cum. I squatted down and over her and told her to clean me up. She managed to lick my vaginal area until I had enough of humiliating her. I straighten back up and turned around to the fresh hot shower. I rinsed myself off and as I got ready to exit I took a page from Mark's playbook.

"Aren't you forgetting something?" I asked.

She gave me a perplexed look and I told her that it was the polite thing to say thank you when someone does you a favor. She thanked me and I relished in the fact that I had gotten her to say it after I had just used her like some cheap toilet. I turned the nozzle on her and left the stall. As I dried off I thought that this would make a nice little story one day. I had no doubts that this perverted slut would perform any sexual act it took to further her career. She would probably fuck and suck her way to the top one day. She would probably have eaten Will's cum out of my ass last night if he told her too. If she did make it to president of the company, I could say that I use to piss down her throat and make her thank me for it afterwards. I told her that she better hurry and got ready myself. She washed her hair and dressed in last nights clothes before heading to her own room. As she was going I told her that no matter what happened tonight that she was staying with me after. She smiled and said 'most definitely'. The rest of the day was so boring as I couldn't wait until the evening came except for a little tryst we shared at lunch. Renee and I both went to powder our noses after the meal. We went up to the third room restrooms which were much more isolated. We were all over each other in one of the stalls making out like a couple of high schoolers. I wanted to fuck her right then and there but the normal part of me told me we shouldn't. I set down to relieve myself and Renee just kept eating up my inner thighs with her eyes. She just kept staring so I spread my legs apart and let her watch me go. When I finished I scooted my splayed pussy over the front of the commode and told her that my sensitive little twat couldn't handle public toilet paper. She dropped down and licked me clean and continued to eat me out. Once again I made her stop which was a very hard thing to do. This girl was my sex bitch now and we rejoined the men. That night we both got a full load in our cunt and our ass. We didn't have to be up early as the conference was over and the boys fucked us all night long. We both were so worn out that we didn't make love to each other that night. I never thought about my husband once that evening as I became as big a slut as Renee ever was. But the next morning I came and pissed in her mouth before we packed up and headed home. We talk to each other several times a week and I can't wait until the next meeting to hook up with her. I don't consider myself a cheater when I am with her and just because sometimes there is a large cock that slips it's way into one of our wet holes it's only a job requirement. The pay was great and my life was looking like it had a great future in this company. I just never though my John would find out.

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