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Into the Maelstrom: Part II

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Once the door to the restroom was safely closed, Carolyn wasted no time in trying to set the lock, but to her surprise the door had none. "Damn it!" she thought. She knew that she was in no condition to find another bathroom, so she just had to hope for the best as she started to rapidly unbutton her suit jacket.

She slipped her jacket off and hung it carefully on a hanger located behind the bathroom door. When she turned for the toilet she got a good look at herself in the mirror over the sink.

"Oh my God. I'm a mess," she said. Her once crisp blouse was now soaked with sweat, and her hair was practically plastered to her head with the stuff.

Hopping about the tiny room in her anxiety, she quickly pulled her blouse out of the waistband of her slacks and started to unbutton that as well. Her fingers fairly flew over the front of her blouse and it soon joined her jacket on another hanger on the door.

In the mirror she saw that her upper body was absolutely dripping with sweat. "What the hell is the matter with me tonight?" she wondered, and realized that there was nothing for it but that the bra had to come off too. Reaching behind her, she unfastened the retaining strap and just let the bra slip off her shoulders and fall to the floor.

"Oh, to hell with it", she muttered as she slipped off her shoes, unfastened her belt and slacks, and pushed her slacks hastily to the floor. She quickly grabbed the waistband of her pantyhose and pulled both them and her panties completely off. Almost frantic now, she kicked the pile of clothes at her feet into a corner and flew to the toilet. Scrabbling at the lid, she managed to lift it and plop her hips down on the seat in one fluid motion. And not a split second too soon, either!

"Aaahhh," Carolyn sighed as a torrent of urine poured from her bladder into the bowl. When she was finally finished, she went to wipe herself, and discovered to her surprise that her pubic area was sopping wet with vaginal secretions.

As she carefully cleaned herself, she gave the room a quick look. It was a very small guest rest room with space for one or at most two people. There was just a commode, a sink, a full length counter top, and some cabinets and drawers beneath the counter.

She reached down for the tangle of clothes she had left on the floor and was surprised to find that the crotchband on her panties was actually soaked through by vaginal fluids! "Now what am I suppose to do?" she thought. She couldn't wear them like that. She certainly couldn't put them in her purse. That was still in the living room somewhere. The idea of keeping her soiled underwear in one of her suit-jacket pockets didn't make her very happy, either. She looked in the cabinet under the sink and found a small portable hair dryer.

So, she would soak the panties in the sink while she cleaned herself, and then quickly dry them with the hair dryer.

Carolyn washed her hands, then filled the sink with warm water. She took a wash cloth and placed it in the sink for a moment, then rung out most of the water from it. She placed her panties in next, trying to rub out any of her embarrassing juices from the material before leaving it in the sink to soak.

She then used the damp wash cloth and, starting on her face, tried to quickly wipe as much of the sweat off her body as she could under the circumstances. Looking at herself in the mirror, she supposed that she must present quite a sight, being completely naked in this small, public room. She thought of wrapping herself in a bath towel, but the room only contained hand towels and wash cloths. So, naked she was and, until she finished, naked she would remain. "Well, it'll just be for a few minutes, anyway," she thought.

"Please, God, let no-one come in," she prayed reverently as she quickly continued her ablutions.

After she cleaned herself to her satisfaction of sweat and her other more private secretions, she used the hair dryer on her blouse and bra, so that at least they wouldn't be damp any more. She finally pulled the stopper in the sink, and squeezed as much water out of her panties as possible. She was really hurrying now.

She knew that someone could come bursting into the room at any moment to use the facilities and that she had not a second to loose.

Impatient to be completed, Carolyn placed the dryer on its highest setting. She dried her light-weight panties quickly, playing the hair dryer's nozzle especially over her crotchband, in order to be sure she wouldn't have that terrible squishy feeling between her legs for the remainder of the evening.

Without waiting to turn the dryer off, she placed it on the counter and swiftly stepped into her panties.

"Finally," she thought, "I can get dressed again," as she pulled them up her shapely legs. It was too late when she realized that the elastic was much warmer then she was used to, and what that might mean for the rest the material.

The effect of the very hot crotchband on Carolyn's already stimulated body was electric!

"OOOHHH!" she gasped, when the super-heated material came into contact with her surprisingly sensitive vulva.

Carolyn was staggered by the sensation. She quickly bent over, her breasts dangling freely under her as she placed her hands between her tightly pressed thighs, palms together, pushing upwards to try and relieve the incredible sensations radiating from her poor vagina.

Behind her, over the blasting of the hair dryer, she heard a fast knock and then the bathroom door opened.

"Oh, no!" she thought. "Not now!" Carolyn was unable to move or even speak until the storm of sensation she had accidentally unleashed within her finally quieted down some. For the moment, she was helpless.

Whoever was behind her didn't say a word. The person just stood there.

"Oh, my poor dear. What on earth is wrong?" she finally heard Tamiko say. To Carolyn's relief she heard the door quickly close, but then she felt Tamiko's hand on the center of her back. Remembering her undressed state, she covered her dangling breasts with her crossed arms, but she found she still couldn't straighten up or speak. The feelings coming from her panty-heated vagina were still too intense.

After drinking in the sight of Carolyn Lord's drum-

tight panties stretched over the most perfect set of buttocks she had ever seen, Tamiko reached across the bent-over woman and picked up the still roaring hair dryer. She knew exactly what had happened to her because she (and the others) had been watching the woman through a special two-way mirror ever since she came into the room.

"Carolyn," she called, "Why is this dryer on? Was your hair wet?"

Carolyn was terribly distressed. Not only had she been caught in this ridiculous circumstance, she had been found out using her hostess's hair dryer on her underwear!

She could feel her breath coming back and in just a moment she would try to...

"OH MY GOD!" she screamed.

Tamiko had pointed the dryer's nozzle at the strip of Carolyn's panties running between her thighs!

Carolyn reflexively jerked forward at the first shocking blast of hot air on the backs of her thighs, and had to use her hands to keep from falling forward. She ended up completely bent over the commode, her arms wrapped around the piping located beneath the toilet's tank, her head and shoulders wedged into the narrow space between the commode, its tank, and the counter. Her breasts lay exposed and pressed tightly against the cool toilet seat. Her panty-covered buttocks were high in the air over the toilet behind her, with her legs spread out as far as possible because the toilet bowl was now between them. She tried to immediately back out but found that the stream of hot air kept driving her forward. Soon, she was wedged in tight. She couldn't get out! She was now trapped in front of a strange woman with her behind high in the air wearing only her panties!

It couldn't get any worse.

"Help! I'm stuck! Get me out of here!" wailed Carolyn. Then, she felt another blast of hot air upon her crotch! Tamiko must still be holding the dryer and Carolyn was right in the way. She tried desperately to escape this inadvertent manipulation of her privates, but she couldn't. No matter how frantically she moved and jerked her hips, it was as if her burning crotch was always right in front of the relentless dryer.

"The switch must be stuck from being too long at the high setting. It does that sometimes. It will take me a moment to fix it," Tamiko shouted over the roar of the dryer.

"I'm sorry! I didn't mean to leave it on! Turn it off!! Hurry, please!" Carolyn pleaded. "It's driving me crazy!!!"

"Please be patient. There will be a fire if I can't turn this dryer off. You shouldn't have left it on High."

Tamiko played the super-heated air over Carolyn's vulnerable crotch without mercy, being careful only not to burn her helpless victim. She directed the heat continuously over the crotchband of the woman's now very warm panties, moving deliberately from front to back, waistband to waistband. After a few moments, she noticed that the continuous application of heat was having its affect. The crotchband on Carolyn's panties was now quite wet with her vaginal secretions. Also, the heat had the added affect of expanding the panties' thin bands of elastic. The loosening elastic, coupled with Carolyn's constant gyrations in trying to escape the heat, meant that the woman's panties were now slowly working their way down her hips and buttocks.

Great idea, Tamiko thought, as she started to pull on the loosened material. Slowly the loosened panties slipped over the smooth flesh, revealing more and more of Carolyn's quivering asscheeks. Downward they went, until they were finally caught mid-way on Carolyn's wide-

splayed upper thighs.

Tamiko now played the heat directly on Carolyn's puckered asshole and dripping cunt.

It took Carolyn a moment in her frantic attempts to escape to sense that something was different. She finally realized that her last bit of protective clothing was now caught on her thighs. She was now not only trapped but also completely naked in front of another woman, with her most private places throbbing like crazy and on full display.

"On, no! It just isn't fair!" she wailed and started to cry. The sensations radiating from her belly quickly sapped her strength. She quit trying to escape and just stayed still, sobbing quietly in her humiliation as her vaginal fluids began to run down her inner thighs.

Her sobs soon changed to unconscious moans as her being was consumed by the strange effects the heat was having upon her.

While still carefully appling the deadly heat with one hand, Tamiko reached into a drawer with the other and pulled out a long, thin, yet powerful vibrator. Teasing the tip over Carolyn's vulnerable pussy lips, she worked it up and down the slit. Getting no reaction, she pressed the tip into the tight but well-lubricated passage. Slowly she pushed it in further and further.

She stopped her penetration of Carolyn's defenseless vagina when the vibrator was in half way. She then gently moved it in and out as she continued to play the still roaring hair drier with her other hand over Carolyn's exposed crotch.

Carolyn's vulva was on fire. She was dimly aware that something was going on behind her, but in her dazed, befuddled mind she thought that it was only effects of that terrible heat. The blood was rushing to her head and she felt herself on the verge of passing out. Then, she heard a distinct "click" and her vagina exploded!

"AAAHHHH!" Carolyn screamed, as Tamiko pushed the now activated vibrator deep into her steaming crotch.

Her hips flailed about in their attempt to escape this new torment, but with no success. Tamiko skillfully kept working the vibrator deep into Carolyn's vulnerable pussy, yet always being careful to keep her from the climax her body so desperately needed. Finally, her shattered mind no longer able to handle the overwhelming foreign sensations coming from her vagina, Carolyn fainted.

Tamiko turned off the vibrator, but left it embedded deep in Carolyn's still dripping cunt. She then turned off the roaring hair dryer and returned it to the cabinet. After dropping a few hand towels on the floor next to the commode, she motioned to the two-way mirror.

The other girls (except for Amber, who was keeping Tiffany busy in the kitchen) crowded around the open doorway, drinking in the sight of the naked and helpless Carolyn, still stuck behind the commode with her ass high in the air behind her. Samantha squeezed into the tiny room and helped Tamiko lift the unconscious Carolyn.

When they had her more or less upright, Tamiko reverently pulled down on the woman's panties and with a damp "plop" they fell to Carolyn's feet! They then laid her on the floor beside the commode over the spread towels. When they left, Tamiko gently removed the vibrator from Carolyn's sopping cunt, carefully washed it, and returned it to the drawer. She added the hapless woman's panties to the pile of Carolyn's clothing on the floor.

She turned to the unconscious woman on the floor before her, drinking in the wonderful sight of a very naked and helpless Carolyn Lord. For Tamiko, this was the stuff that dreams were made of. With a faint sigh, she covered Carolyn's lush, firm body with the last of the hand towels and settled on the closed commode to wait for the woman's return to consciousness.

She looked wistfully at her beautiful victim. "You think that was something, you stuck up American bitch," Tamiko mused. "You haven't seen anything yet. I'm just getting warmed up." She began working on the changes required for tonight's work caused by this unexpected but very welcome episode. It turned out there were hardly any changes needed at all.

The first thing that Carolyn became aware of was that she was lying on her back in a room that was spinning like crazy. She had never felt like this before and wasn't really sure what to do about it. She hadn't eaten yet, so perhaps her blood sugar was low. Nor was that all. She knew that something wasn't right, but couldn't decide what it could be. If only the room would stop this weird spinning, she was sure she could make sense of it.

While she waited for the room to stop, she slowly realized that she was delightfully cool and relaxed. She vaguely remembered being very hot and uncomfortable and even tense about something earlier, but now she felt quite pleasant (except for the spinning, of course). Her clothes didn't feel tight at all now. She was content just to lie there and wait for everything to settle down.

Still, there was something about her clothes...

"Oh my God!" she croaked. "That's what was wrong,'

she thought. "I'm naked!"

Her eyes snapped open and she found herself lying on the floor of a very small bathroom. She looked down and saw that she was (barely) covered with a long hand towel.

A young oriental girl was seated on the closed commode next to her, with a look of concern on her face.

"Are you all right?" the girl asked kindly. "You had us worried there for a moment."

"Tamiko!" Carolyn cried, when she finally remembered where she was. "What happened?"

She tried to quickly sit up but her head thought otherwise and she soon laid back down again, heedless that her towel had fallen away and her breasts were now uncovered to the gaze of the delighted Tamiko.

"Oooohh, my poor head," Carolyn moaned.

"Here, let me help you," Tamiko said as she assisted the shaky Carolyn to sit up and lean back against the bathroom wall.

Carolyn saw that her chest was now exposed in front of another woman and quickly scrambled with the towel to keep herself properly covered.

Carolyn didn't protest when Tamiko sat alongside her on the crowded floor and placed an arm around her smooth shoulders and held the dazed woman close to her.

"Just remember to take it easy. You've had a bad fall."

Even in her almost naked condition, Carolyn knew she desperately needed someone to care for her right now.

She needed someone very badly.

It all became too much for her and, for the first time since she was ten, she began to cry.

"What happened to me?" she sobbed. "I don't understand."

She leaned over the woman, and helped her to stand.

Tamiko managed to get the sobbing woman to her feet where she clung with desperation to the Japanese teenager, her protective towel now lying forgotten on the floor at her feet.

Carolyn's beautiful lush body pressed tightly against Tamiko's thin silk robe. Tamiko put a comforting arm around the nude Carolyn's waist, and was careful to press herself fully against her whenever the opportunity presented itself. Tamiko knew that this wonderful contact was almost more then she could endure, and she desperately wanted to take this exciting woman right then and there. But, she realized that Carolyn's night of surprises was just beginning, and they all still had a long way to go before the delightful end. "Patience, Tamiko," she thought sadly. "Patience."

"What happened?" Carolyn gasped, trying to get her emotions under control.

"You fell and hit your head. Don't you feel dizzy?"


"Well then."

"But why are my clothes all over the room?"

"Because you must have taken them off when you came in here to use the facilities. You were saying earlier something about being very warm. Perhaps you were just trying to cool off. Don't you remember?"

"But why would I take them all off?"

"Listen, my precious one. When I came in to see what was taking you so long, you were lying there on the floor as you are now, with the hair dryer on high. I was the one who covered you with a towel. Outside of that, I have no idea what you were doing in here."

"What...What happened?" Carolyn cried.

"I think you fainted, so I came in. Are you all right?"

Carolyn was exhausted, her mind overwhelmed and unable to function. Heedless of her nudity, she could only cling, sobbing, to her rescuer. It was Tamiko who had gotten her free of her totally degrading situation. She could never repay her enough for that!

"Thank you," she sniffed, trying to regain control of herself. "I don't know how I..."

The proud Carolyn dissolved into tears again. She held the delighted Tamiko tightly, not noticing the Japanese girl's small hands moving lovingly over her firm, exposed buttocks.

"Come on now. It is all right. You are fine. No harm has been done," said Tamiko as she soothed the distressed Carolyn, now freely caressing the woman's bare back.

When Carolyn's sobs finally stopped, a grinning Tamiko handed her a box of tissues. "Here, you will be needing these, I think."

Seeing the young woman's smile made Carolyn realize the ridiculousness of the situation. Here she was naked in a small bathroom. How stupid it all was! She was very grateful to this young woman for being so helpful and understanding of her. She hardly ever found anyone like that.

"Thank you, Tamiko," she said, as she smiled back at her new friend and accepted the box. "I believe that you're right." She blew her nose and used another tissue to clean up her face.

"That's the spirit. Now, sit here and we'll get you cleaned up."

Carolyn obediently sat on the closed lid of the toilet seat and patiently waited while Tamiko used a damp wash cloth on her face to clean off the effects of Carolyn's crying. It was while she was sitting there that Carolyn realized that she was still naked. She looked about for her clothes and fould them all jumbled together in a corner. When she reached for them, Tamiko told her to sit still.

"We'll take care of that later." she said. "Don't worry about it."


"Now, sit!"

So Carolyn sat there primly in the nude on the toilet seat, with her hands in her lap, as Tamiko plied her with a wash cloth. Although worried at first when she saw that Tamiko was using very hot water on the cloth, Carolyn found the effect to be surprisingly refreshing.

"I usually put damp towels in the microwave when I have company over for dinner. It is a very old Japanese custom and is a great way to start a meal," Tamiko explained as she began to wash Carolyn's upper chest.

"Would you care to do that sometime? Come over for dinner, I mean?" Tamiko asked as she gazed in rapture between the firm high-set breasts to the downy vee nestled between Carolyn's partially opened thighs.

Carolyn was touched at this sincere gesture of the woman's friendship. She was beginning to like Tamiko more and more.

"Why, yes. I'd love to. Anytime."

"Don't be so eager," laughed Tamiko, as she started washing Carolyn's upper breasts. "You haven't tasted my cooking yet!"

"Oh, stop. I'm sure that it'll be wonderful."

As they made plans for their evening to come, Tamiko carefully used the wash cloth to wipe over and under each of Carolyn's firm breasts.

During this pleasant conversation, Carolyn thought nothing of Tamiko washing her breasts. It was so pleasing, being cared for like this. Tamiko had a very gentle and caring touch and, in spite of the situation, Carolyn found herself relaxing to the handling of this accomplished young woman. When she finally realized what was actually happening, Tamiko already finished her chest and had moved around to clean her back.

"Oh, forgot something. Be right back," Tamiko said.

Before the startled Carolyn could say anything, Tamiko dropped the wash cloth into Carolyn's lap, reached down for Carolyn's soiled panties, and, taking her pantyhose as well, left the room.

Poking her head back around the door, Tamiko smiled and said pleasantly, "Now, don't go away!" before she vanished again behind the closed door.

Carolyn actually found she could laugh at that.

Already feeling better, she picked up Tamiko's discarded wash cloth and continued the job of cleaning herself.

She avoided her sensitive breasts. She was amused to note her new good friend Tamiko had accidentally induced her highly sensitive nipples to an erect state of diamond hardness and caused her to become a little breathless in the process. Carolyn methodically worked down her flat stomach to her pelvis. She quickly washed off her leaking fluids, thankful that Tamiko hadn't noticed such a shameful activity on her part. She couldn't understand what was causing her to be so wet tonight. She could see that her labia lips were red, swollen and unbelievably sensitive. She could barely touch that area with the cloth without causing her heart to race. She hadn't realized until now just how affected she had been by that damned hair dryer. When she used the wash cloth on her behind, she found that that heat had started her leaking back there as well. "Oh my God!" she thought, and quickly used damp toilet paper to clean off the offensive secretions coming from her anus.

Carolyn had worked her way down to her knees when Tamiko returned. Carolyn was delighted to find the young woman carrying a tray with two glasses full of ice and a picture of Mai Tai. She suddenly realized that she had become very thirsty at that! Carolyn was also relieved although quite embarrassed to see her panties neatly folded on the tray. She noted with some dismay that she didn't see her pantyhose anywhere.

"Okay, now let's get you dressed."

Carolyn was surprised to notice that the inside of her panties was covered with a very fine powder.

"I sprinkled some baby powder that I use on mine when I cleaned them," Tamiko explained when she saw Carolyn's look of consternation. "It helps to keep down the moisture."

At the reminder of how so uncontrolled her body had been acting this evening, Carolyn blushed deeply and turned her head away with embarrassment. It was so bad that even her new friend Tamiko had noticed. She was so ashamed at this further public humiliation that she didn't even notice when Tamiko began helping her get into her panties. At Tamiko's gentle urging, Carolyn stepped into them without thinking and let Tamiko pull them slowly up her sculptured legs and over her flaring hips.

"Oh!" she gasped involuntarily, as she felt Tamiko pull them up much more snugly than Carolyn preferred.

She looked down and was shocked to realize that Tamiko was in the process of getting her dressed! She could sense the woman's hands on her behind as she carefully smoothed out the material (what else could she be doing back there?). The panties had been dragged so high that she could feel the lower half of her buttocks were exposed. The panty material had sunk deep into the crevasse of her behind. Even the crotchband was pressed tightly against her poor abused pubic area, but the powder Tamiko had used felt soothing to her now highly tender nether regions.

In any event, she was still feeling far too embarrassed to draw attention to herself even more by saying anything, let alone attempting to adjust them herself while someone was in the room with her. To top it off, she noticed that her modest panties were fitting much looser around the waist than they had when she put them on this morning.

She decided that the elastic must be giving out.

"Damn! And a brand new pair, too," she thought.

Yet, despite her resolve to let Tamiko help her, when she saw Tamiko with her bra she covered her breasts.

"This has gone far enough," she thought. She felt perfectly able to dress herself, thank you, and in private, please. But, seeing the expectant and helpful look on Tamiko's face, she resolved that she would do anything not to hurt her new friend again. Besides, new friend or not, she was exhausted, light headed, and desperately needed to get to her bed. The sooner she was dressed, the sooner she could leave.

"Let me do that, please," Carolyn hesitantly asked, as she let Tamiko lower her arms to her sides.

But Tamiko insisted on doing it herself. Carolyn wished the girl would let her do it, because she was obviously having trouble with the bra. She first tried it from Carolyn's front, then went behind the woman and, pressing her body tightly against Carolyn's, tried it with her arms coming around her. Either way, for some reason Carolyn couldn't understand, the bra wouldn't fit correctly. Worse, her highly sensitive nipples kept getting in the way of Tamiko's hands. She jumped every time Tamiko inadvertently touched them. Eventually, she was jumping so much that Tamiko had to ask her if there was anything wrong.

"Oh, no. Everything's fine," Carolyn gasped, as the back of Tamiko's hand once again grazed her right nipple.

They were becoming extremely erect and developing the consistency of diamonds. With a sigh of relief, Carolyn finally felt her breasts snug in their cups and the strap firmly fastened behind her (Tamiko only fastened one of three hooks).

Next came the blouse, slacks, belt (Tamiko left it very loose), scarf, and finally her jacket.

As she stepped into her shoes, Carolyn looked at herself carefully in the mirror. She looked just as crisp and capable as always. It was, she felt, the appearance of someone who is always in control..

Thankfully, no one could tell by looking at her that anything so outrageous happened to her while she was in here. Looking at herself, she herself was finding it hard to believe that anything occurred at all. Only a faint but surprisingly persistent tingling in her crotch was the only sign that something actually happened.

That, and her misplaced pantyhose. "But no one will ever know about that," she thought.

"Thank you for your hospitality and for your... help.

But I really must be going. I don't feel very well,"

Carolyn confessed.

"But you simply can not leave now. I would worry about you the rest of the night. I couldn't stand not knowing whether you got home safely or not. Let me take you."

In her dazed state, Carolyn wondered if Tamiko might not be right. Perhaps she did need someone to be with her on the drive home. Too much had occurred to her this evening that she couldn't even begin to comprehend. She needed some quiet time at her apartment to understand what happened to her, and especially try to comprehend why her normally very obedient body was so out of control tonight.

"Besides, you did promise me that you would stay.


"Oh, damn," Carolyn thought bitterly. Of all the times to obligate herself, she had to pick tonight.

Well, this was one of those times when the only option was just to make the best of it.

"Yes, I remember. Of course I'll stay" Carolyn found herself looking deeply into the surprisingly beautiful black, almond eyes of the girl. "And thank you again, for caring."

"It's what friends are for, you know."

"Yes. That's very true. So, how soon after the ceremony can we leave?" Carolyn asked, still desperately anxious to be on her way home.

"Not until Tiffany has been completely initiated.

Shouldn't be long. See you in the living room," Tamiko said over her shoulder as she quickly left Carolyn.

So, in spite of everything that had happened to her, she was still going to be here for the initiation ceremony. She couldn't believe it. Her head was swimming, she felt very tired, and yet her body had never been more alive. It was positively tingling with sensations.

Well, if Tamiko wanted her to stay then so be it. It was the least the she could do for all of Tamiko's kindness towards her. Besides, the way Tamiko has been describing it, it should prove of cultural interest if nothing else.

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