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Im bad

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I’m Bad Part-1-of-3

Oh boy, I am going to hell for this one. I have to get this off my chest so that my conscience will finally leave me alone. I used to think that red heads were not very attractive, until I met Ginger serving cocktails in a bar in the West End in Dallas, and then it was like getting hit by lightning. I swear to god, she blew me away. She was about 5-foot 4, 125lbs, curves in all the right places, sexy, feisty, confident. Along with her creamy white skin she had the most incredible blue eyes. According to ancient Japanese folklore blue means that you have water in their eyes. Water puts out fires, carved the Grand Canyon, and keeps nature alive. There are all kinds of stuff that water can do that are better then all of the other natural elements. So people with blue eyes are the best because they have water in their eyes, and are therefore the most powerful. And at 22, she was all woman, not someone that you'd refer to as a chick, girl, broad, or whatever. She had fiery red hair, fair skin, freckles, and an unbelievable body.

Thanks to my Irish and Cherokee mix and my olive complexion, I was considered tall dark and handsome. I'm 24-years old, 6-foot 4, 220 lbs, dark black hair, dark brown eyes, and strong Cherokee cheekbones. From the minute we saw each other we were turned on by the contrasting colors of our against each other; my dark hands on her creamy white body, her ivory hands on mine. By the time we were together for a few months I was totally hooked on redheads.

I've been dating this hot little auburn haired beauty, Ginger for several months when she decided that she wanted to introduce me to her parents. I figured, "Eh, why not?" So, we went to her parent’s house in Arlington and had a nice dinner. I could tell where she got her looks from because her mom, Marilynn was a suburban MILF. While we were there she was boldly walking around in fucking Bebe clothes, which showed off her, rocking ass body for best effect. I think she does yoga or something like that to stay in shape.

Anyway, after dinner her parents ask us if we wanted to stay the night. Knowing that it would be awkward, I opened my mouth to speak, but before I can say ‘no’ my girlfriend said, “Oh that would be great." Then, as if daring me too say anything thing, Ginger looked at me and asked, "Do you mind?"

Bowing to the inevitable, I smiled and said, “No of course not." I wasn't ready for this kind of serious shit to start, so naturally I really did mind, though. Women tend to snowball things, so if I’m not careful, before I know it I could be standing at the alter in the front of a church, wondering, "what the fuck, how did I get here."

Things got a little better when her mother, Marilynn suggested that we all jump in the hot tub. Since I didn't bring anything to wear Ginger’s Mom let me borrow one of her father’s old bathing suits. So, out to the patio and into the hot tub we went. Ginger, my girlfriend, as usual looked fucking hot. She had to wear one of her old bikinis from her bedroom and lets just say her waist had stayed the same as it was in high school (slim) but her breasts had grown a little (large C's). However, her mom was the real shocker. This lady is probably in her early forties but she came out in a bikini too. Marilynn, her mom had the body of a thirty year old. I could see were her Ginger got her awesome endowment because her Mom’s breasts were about to spill out of that damn suit.

I could tell that her mother and father both loved me. We talked awhile and everything is going marvelously. We were drinking wine and as we got tipsy, everyone started laughing, etc. after a big yawn, her father said that he had to go to work early in the morning, so he excused himself and went off to bed. Now, I'm thinking this guy is an executive for an incredible company and if I make him my friend, I stood a good chance of him getting me an incredible job there too. I’m kicked back in the hot water, feeling pretty good, when Ginger says she’s getting sleepy from the wine and says she is going to bed. This leaves her mother, Marilynn and me out in the hot tub alone.

As everyone realizes, this is where the story goes south (so to speak). Her mother, Marilynn and I continue talking and drinking wine. The wine was just a bad idea from the start but hindsight is 20/20. I'm getting a good buzz and horny. In my mind I start to think, "Eh, this chick is hot, what is a little harmless flirting." Even though she’s in her early 40s most everyone would consider her very attractive. She’s taller than Ginger, 5-foot 8, 137lbs and the same dark auburn hair and blue eyes. Me, drunk and stupid, decide a little ‘innocently’ flirting couldn’t hurt anything. Now, her mother is feeling pretty tipsy herself, so when I get my flirt on she starts laughing, blushing, and just in general acting all innocent. However, she is not looking at me like I'm a dumb ass either. Then, she drops the bomb. She says, "you know, you're kind of cute, I can see why my daughter likes you." Seems innocent enough, doesn't it, but there is a catch. It was the way she said it. She almost growled it. I can see why they call older women cougars because I felt like a piece of meat in the sight of a hungry animal and as drunk as I was, I liked it.

I didn't realize that my eyes were going south but obviously it was very noticeable that I was staring at her breasts because she says, "Do you like them, and they’re real. Then, she drops an even bigger bomb with the statement, "you want to see them?"

All I could do was start at her like a fat kid looking at a big piece of cake with ice cream, as I stammered stupidly, "uh huh."

With a mischievous smirk, she unties her top and unleashes the girls. These things were fucking beautiful. I don’t think they were any larger than 36c, but that was perfect for her. At first I was dumb founded and it only got worse when she grasps my hand and says, "Here touch um, they are so nice and firm. Don’t they feel nice?”

Suddenly I'm caressing her breast and saying, "Yeah, uh, oh yeah, they feel fantastic" but then I unthinkingly added, "As firm as Ginger’s." It’s a good thing I was under water from the waist down, because I had a raging fucking hard on and all I can think of was, "damn, I would fuck the shit out of you right now." I moved to the other side of the hot tub to get a drink of wine but realized that my cup was empty and the wine was on a table outside the tub. Unthinkingly, dumb, drunken, and horny, I stand up to get some more wine and needless to say, that I’m pitching a very obvious tent in my pants. As I stand there this woman looks me up and down and then gives me the wicked fucking smile I've ever seen a woman give. Again, back to the cougar analogy, this cat had just found the wounded mouse and was going in for the kill.

Still grinning, she says, "Wow, my daughter chose you for other reasons too. I guess you do like my breasts."

I'm thinking, "what the fuck." I’m right in the middle of some Penthouse forum bullshit going on right here in my girlfriend‘s back yard. Seriously, this was only supposed to happen in fantasy and porn movies. However, stupid, drunk me looks at her and says, "well, you let me see yours, want to see mine?"

And, oh course, Marilynn said, “Sure."

With a wicked grin of my own, I quickly pull down her husband’s old bathing suit and my cock does that little pop thing as it springs free of my wet bathing suit. Every guy knows what I mean when I say, ‘the pop.’ It was the recoil a cock has when clothing pushes it down and then released.

As I step out of my bathing suit, all I hear is, "Oh my."

This surprises me because I'm not ‘hung,’ I'm just an average guy so to speak. Maybe a little bigger, but I'm no freak. My cock is, I guess about 8-inches, with lots of girth, trimmed but not shaved, big mushroom head, rock hard and veiny. She must have been impressed because she just sat there and stared at it.

I was so fucking horny and drunk I looked at her and in the most confident voice possible said, "Why don't you suck it for me?" I fully expected her to look at me in disgust, slap my face, and then run in the house screaming. But, oh, no, my friend, that was not what happened. She must have moved faster then sight because no sooner do I get the words out of my mouth, than she had her lips fastened around the head and her hand working the base. I'm talking zero to porn star style blowjob in about two seconds.

I must have let out a loud moan because she stopped and cautioned me to, “Ssssssh, be quiet sweetie, we don't want to wake anyone up." Then without missing a beat, she keeps sucking; suddenly things are staring to get to the point of no return. Then Marilynn stops, smiles up at me and says, "Now, don't you cum. Well, not unless you really don't want to fuck me."

I didn't know anyone could still make my toes curl. But, when she pulled me towards her and kissed me, not only did my toes curl, but also there was a rush of blood that started me throbbing in all the right places. And then as she took my hand and led down to a bedroom they had set up in the basement, she told me that I needed to experience one of her ‘horizontal’ kisses. Once we got in bed, I fucked her pussy like it had the cure for cancer. She had no fucking room to tell me to be quiet, because she had to bury her face in the pillow to keep muffle her screams. Needless to say, I fucked the shit out of her. I didn't last long the first time but after she aroused me again orally, we went again for round two (being 24 has its benefits) and I went porn star on her ass. We fucked for what seemed like hours but in reality it was more like just one hour.

That was one incredible evening. Afterwards, we both went up stairs to our respective bedrooms. I was so exhausted that I took a shower and literally passed out in bed next to my girlfriend.

The next morning, when I woke up, the guilt started to wash over me. What the fuck had I done? What was her mother going to do/say? Was her father going to kill me? Then my girlfriend walks in all smiles and says, "Come on, my Mom made us breakfast." I walk nervously down stairs and the woman who I had been hammering doggy style and smacking on the ass just the night before greeted me with a smile and asked, "Are you hungry." As I ate, her Mom sat across the table casually watching me. Although she barely even spoke to me, she didn’t seem to be bothered by what happened. After breakfast Ginger went back up to our room to take a shower. Now, this girl takes some long ass showers. Why? I have no clue but she takes a long time.

I'm still in super awkward mode and want to be alone, so I kind of slither back down stairs like the snake I feel I am.

In a couple of minutes, Ginger’s mother comes into the room and says, "You feel weird about last night, don't you?"

The look I gave must have said it all.

When I don’t answer, she said, "Don't feel bad Hun, your secret’s safe, I'm not going to tell anybody. I know my daughter would freak but no one was hurt. Besides, I haven't had sex like that in years. My husband, Bill hasn‘t touched me in so long that I miss the intimacy. As a mater of fact, I enjoyed so much that I'd love to do it again sometime, if that's OK with you?”

Suddenly there’s a little angel on my right shoulder saying, "No, no, it is not ok." Then, just as suddenly there’s a little devil on my left shoulder saying, "Hey, both of you, remember how big and firm those breasts were and how hot her fucking mouth and pussy were?" The angel shut up and I had made my decision. I walked over to her and kissed her. We kissed for a couple of minutes and then she slipped down to her knees and went down on me. This time, I fucking blew my load right down her throat and grinned from ear to ear as she swallowed every drop.

When my girlfriend and I were leaving, I told her mother, “Thank you, for a wonderful evening. I'm looking forward to many, many more.” and then we left.

This shit happened about two weeks ago. Here is the kicker; her mom, Marilynn invited me, but just me, to come to the house this weekend. My girlfriend, Ginger is going out of town on a trip for one of her classes, so her mother felt that, I might get lonely. The other thing is that her father is going out of town on business the same weekend. Uh, I'm thinking that this weekend is going to be one long fuck fest, and even though I’m looking forward to it, I still feel really weird about this shit. I'm cheating on my girlfriend with her mother and her mother is cheating on her husband (girlfriend’s father) with me. I'm already anticipating the Jerry Springer show to come.

All week I worried about what I was getting into. Finally I confided in an older cousin that I trusted. He wasted no time saying, “Coz, you need to stop looking for reasons not to bang this lady. She’s more than old enough to know what she wants from you, and she wants to get fucked. The next time you go over there, if she's wearing a dress, take her panties off of her as soon as you walk in the door. Don't say anything, just do it. She'll be horny all night long and when you’re in bed later, tell her you want a blowjob or fuck her from behind... whatever. She might want you to be verbal. So tell her what you’re going to do to her, you don't have to be disrespectful, but you can be firm with her. Women, no matter what their age, are naughty little girls at heart. If you communicate you’ll have a blast in the sack.”

Needless to say…

To be continued…

I’m Bad Part-2-of-3 Marilynn

Needless to day, I went and as suggested, as soon as I walked in the door I pulled up Marilynn’s dress and stripped off her panties. I’d just dropped her dress and stuck her panties in my pocket when her husband walked in. Marilynn is afraid to drive at the airport, so she’d used my driving him to the airport as an excuse to invite me over, so he didn’t find my being there suspicious. We chatted a few minutes then the three of us had a nice dinner. Afterwards Marilynn and I drove him to DFW airport so he could catch his plane. My cousin was right; running around without panties was making her antsy. By the time that we dropped her husband off at the airport, she was fidgeting so much that I couldn’t believe her husband didn’t notice.

Due to the advanced security, we just dropped him off at the curb instead of accompanying him inside to his gate. It’s a good thing it was getting dark, because Marilynn was so horny that she had my cock out sucking it by the time we got away from the passenger drop off area. There was so much traffic that I had to make her stop. She was too horny to wait until we got back to her house, so I got off 183 and took Roy Orr freeway into Grand Prairie. As we crossed the railroad track, to Marilynn’s surprise, I turned into a pasture and parked behind a barn. Some friends who kept their quarter horses there leased the pasture and barn so I knew that they would have already feed the horses and no one would be around. Grabbing a blanket out of the back seat, I took Marilynn’s hand and lead her into the barn. Once inside I helped her up the ladder to the hayloft. After spreading the blanket on the hay, I took her by the back of the head and kissed her. Suddenly she was ripping my clothes off and throwing me down on the blanket. Then with a wild look in her eyes she leaped on top of me and mounted me cowgirl-style. I couldn’t believe what a hot cougar Marilynn was. She fucked me like there was no tomorrow.

Since it was dark when we finished, she didn’t even bother to get dressed. Giggling like a teenager, she scurried naked down the ladder and jumped into the car. When we got back to her house, I loved the sight of her naked butt shining in the moonlight as she scampered merrily across the driveway and into the house. We were still so horny that we went straight to her bedroom. As she lay down, I watched in total fascination as she spread her legs. Grabbing her hips, I pulled her towards me. She let out a high-pitched squeal of pleasure as I entered her. Before I knew it, her long shapely legs were up on my shoulders and she was moaning and gasping in time with my stead powerful thrusts. Her hands gripped my ass as if she was trying to pull me in deeper each time I slammed into her. I was ramming into her so hard that our flesh was making slapping sounds as our bodies came together.

In seconds amid her mindless moaning, I heard her chocking out the words, “I’m cumming.” Unable to hold back any longer, I finally gave in. Grabbing her hips I filled her clutching vagina with my scalding semen.

Once sated, we snuggle in each other’s arms and chat. Surprisingly Marilynn wants to know about Ginger and my sex life. I really didn’t want to discuss Ginger but Marilynn insisted. Even though, Marilynn already knew it, I reluctantly admitted that Ginger and I were having sex. When she pressed me for details, she was happy to hear that her breasts were still almost as perky at 40 as Ginger’s 22-year old breasts. I had no idea that there was such rivalry bet mother and daughters, until I told her that even though I was fucking Ginger, I definitely prefer fucking her. I explained that unlike Ginger, she knows what she wants, and can have a legit conversation without saying, "like u know what I mean". I reminded her that girls like Ginger, in their 20's are self centered generally, and don’t yet know how to completely please a man or be pleased by one. I told Marilynn that if it’s her then it’s definitely, the older the better.

Marilynn was so excited about being considered hotter and more desirable than Ginger that her lips silenced my voice as her tongue pushed into my mouth. My hand moved up and tangled in her hair, pulling her deeper into the kiss. Our lips clung together as our tongues danced, and our innocent kiss turned to heavy kissing. I felt shiver deep in my core as Marilynn sucked on my lower lip. I could feel myself getting hard as she rubbed her firm breasts against my chest. I could feel the flush of desire sweep up my face as her hot lips trailed a line of desire down my chest, and then started licking and sucking and biting my breasts. I watched in disbelief as my nipples hardened and her seeking mouth began sucking one. I moaned as the sucking sensations went directly to my core, and my crotch began feverishly grinding against her body. Her tongue flicked across my nipples, rolling the top in her mouth. As I moan from excitement, I felt her get wet and she felt me get hard.

With a giggle of joy, Marilynn went down on me. It was awesome. Marilynn had been without sex for so long that once she reached my crotch, nothing was taboo, rimming, and swallow, even anal. First she licked my balls, then went down and rimmed me for a couple of flicks, before kissing the engorged purple head of my cock. A groan of pleasure erupted from me as she parted her lips and gulped down my cock. By the time she finished taking me into her mouth, I had the biggest most powerful erection that I’d had in years.

After she was done sucking me off, I asked her to fuck me cowgirl-style and to ride me hard. With a big smile, she scampered atop of me and lowered herself down on my thick hard cock. I could feel her getting even wetter as she slid down my shaft. Once she bottomed out, she started riding me like a wild bronco. Almost violently going bouncing up and down.

Her legs got tired before she orgasmed, so rolled her off and flipped her on her stomach. Raising her hips and spreading her legs, I possessively inserted the tip of my cock between her moist pink lips and shoved my entire length into her embroiled pussy. She screamed in pleasure and the 5-minutes that I was inside her, she cummed 3-times.

I flipped her back on her back and for the next 20-minutes, fondled and touched Marilynn’s body like I’d never seen her naked before. As I caressed her firm breasts I inspected and sucked her nipples like I’d never tasted them before. I spent about 10-minutes on her butt. I even spread her cheeks and inspected her ass-hole. The remainder of the time I spent fondling and inspecting her pussy. I spent most of the time stroking it then delicately pulling the lips apart and inspecting the interior.

Spreading her legs wider, I laid the head of my cock against her slit and slowly slipped it between her damp lips. In frenzy, she tried to pull me in faster, but I held her down and slowly and teasingly inserted in balls deep. When my balls bounced against her ass, I started pounding her hard and she loved it. With a moan, I told her that I was about to cum and asked her where she wanted me to cum. With a big grin, she said on her stomach and breasts.

After I finished she licked me clean, I moved around and touched her breasts, slowly spreading out my fingers and tenderly caressing her warm velvety flesh. Marilynn is so hot that a guy would have to be queer to keep his hands off her breasts when they are available to him. Marilynn secretly likes romance, so my tender touch brought a crimson flush to her cheeks. As I continued to tenderly stroke her, her breathing changed and I could see a little beads of moisture forming on the outer lips of her lovely pink lips.

Moving between her out stretched legs, I leaned down and licked her inner thigh. Then I went down on her. As soon as my tongue touched her slit, she was in ecstasy. I marveled at how sweet she tasted, as she grabbed my head and pulled my mouth tighter against her aching pussy. I giggled and started eagerly working my tongue, almost screamed, “Lick me baby, lick me.”

As my tongued danced in and out of her sweet slit, hitting her clit every time I licked up. “I’m cumming,” she moaned as I sucked her clit.

Her juices were all over my face and mouth as I rose up and kissed her.

Saturday morning this amazing woman woke up this morning with my cock in her mouth. There’s nothing quite so special as having your morning wood sucked off. She is a fantastic woman, I’d cummed so much the night before that I don’t cum easily, but she really wanted me to cum in her mouth so she kept trying. Well it wasn’t long until she really hit the spot. My balls never had such a fantastic tongue massage and then she sucked me dry.

Afterwards as we shared a shower, as I was soaping her up, she confessed that she’d never had a golden shower. Then asked me if I’d give her one. Without waiting for an answer she knelt down and looked expectantly up at me. I’d secretly always harbored a desired to give someone a golden shower, so I grabbed my cock and directed my hot stream into her hair, and then worked it down her face to her breasts. I even made her open her mouth, so that when I worked my way down her face I could pee in her mouth. I could only imagine how humiliating it was to feel my warm pee splashing in her hair and running down her face, but it had to be even worse having it splash into her mouth. By the time I finished peeing on her, her hair was soaked and pee was running in rivulet down her face onto her chest and down her stomach.

Afterwards, I finished soaping and rinsing her down. Then after lovingly toweling her dry, I led her to her back into her bedroom and gently laid her on the bed. As I spread her legs, I thought about how much I loved eating Marilynn’s pussy when she all damp and fresh. Kneeling in front of her, I licked and kissed her stomach, working my way down. As soon as my tongue touched her clit, it was so intense, that she cummed almost immediately. Her legs quivered as I forced my tongue into her slit and deep into her womanhood. As I licked Marilynn’s pussy, I couldn’t help feeling a special connection to Ginger because this was the body that had given her life and I was licking where she’d emerged from. Suddenly the spell was broken by Marilynn’s gasps and I knew that her orgasm wasn’t far away. As I spread her legs for better access, her body shook as she orgasmed. She screamed so loud when she cummed that I thought she’d wake the neighbors. I was also happy to discover that, except for a curly red turf above slit, she now kept her pretty little pussy shaved for me. I love having her ride my face 69-style until she cums on my face. We were so comfortable with each other that the first morning we even talked. She enthusiastically told me how she loves my cock. At first I was thinking ‘she's old enough to be my mom.’ but now instead of worrying about our ages, I'm all over that good morning sex.


It was Saturday afternoon and Marilynn and I were hanging around her house after spending the morning in bed. Around 3:00 pm we went into the kitchen to get some water. As we were talking, I looked out the kitchen window that faces the alley. I saw two people in the alley, one black and one white, near the back entrance of the house across the alley. With a big laugh, I turned towards Marilynn and asked in astonishment, "Are they having sex? I think they are having sex. Oh my God, they are having sex!"

We couldn’t tell if the white person was a guy or a girl, as he/she had on some makeup, looked somewhat feminine with long curly hair, and had a cock in his/her mouth. After 3-minutes of heaven, the white guy/girl looks up at the black guy and says something. It was here that we discovered that the white guy/girl was indeed a guy, because as he was bending over, we got a flash of his rather large ball sack.

At this point, this cock sucking scene had been going on for several minutes and we were wishing that one of the neighbors would come out and stumble upon these two and have a conniption fit. I thought briefly of calling the cops, but under the circumstances I didn’t think it wise to call attention to Marilyn and my self’s situation though, so I didn't.

I couldn‘t believe they had not heard us laughing and screaming. We were only 30-feet from them and the only thing separating us was a pane of glass. As I moved closer to the window, I accidentally bumped it, creating a loud ‘thump.’ The loud noise caused the black guy to look at the window. We were busted, or at least I thought we were. Even though he stared at us, he continued working on his white friend’s mouth for a few more minutes. It wasn't until he pointed at us and smiled, that we realized that he’d seen us and that we really were busted. In a fit of laughter, Marilynn and I both dropped to the floor and by the time we looked back out the window, our friends had their clothes back in place and were leaving.

Less than a minute after they left, the guy that lives in the house across the alley pulls up in his car and takes several shopping bags out and places them directly where the action had taken place.

We lounged around the house all afternoon cuddling and napping. Then about 6:00 pm we decided since it was Saturday and we were in such a good mood we’d go out to dinner. In order not to be recognized we decided to …

To be continued…

I’m Bad Part-3-of-3 Saturday Night

Since it was Saturday night and we were in such a good mood we decided to go out to dinner. But, in order not to be recognized we decided to hopped on I-20 and headed towards Dallas.

In order to get dressed in time to go out, we used separate bathrooms and met in the living room when we were dressed and ready to go. I didn’t realize that it was so long, but when Marilynn walked in, her long sexy auburn hair was half way down to her waist. I’m not sure how she did it, but she was a combination of class and slut all rolled into one. She had dark sexy makeup, short skirt that clung to her sexy ass like a second skin. White, tight fitting, open top showing off a lot of cleavage, worn under a tailored jacket, and a hot pair of ‘fuck-me’ high heels. I couldn‘t keep my eyes or my hands off of her as she strutted around the living room for my viewing pleasure.

As I took her in my arms and kissed her, I ran my hands caressingly over her firm ass. I was so absorbed in the kiss that at first I didn’t realize that I could feel panties under her skirt. “What the fuck is that?” I snapped, my hand still on her ass.

“Panties,” she answered meekly.

“I thought we established Friday, when I took off your panties, that I didn’t want you wearing any?” I snarled as I grabbed Marilynn’s skirt and started pulling it up. Like a small child caught stealing cookies, she stood there meekly as I laboriously tugged her skirt up around her waist. Once her pretty lace panties were exposed, I rubbed her crotch until her panties were nice and damp. As I pulled them down and she stepped out of them, I lead her over to the couch. As I sat down and pulled her across my knees, I said, “This is going to hurt me more than it does you, but you have to learn.” Then I delivered 6 or 7-scathing swats to her naked butt.

With a cute little snivel and tears running down her cheeks, Marilynn meekly followed me out to the car. By the time we hit I-20 she was over her pout. As we cruised down the interstate, I had her spread her legs so I could see her pussy and then start rubbing her clit. She was obviously quite taken back, but after a quick pause her hand went to her crotch and stayed until she got herself off. I smiled and kissed her because this was the first time I had the pleasure of seeing her masturbate.

We got off on Hampton road and pulled into the Red Lobster. Giving our name to the hostess, we grabbed the last empty table in the bar area and ordered cocktails.

As we sat there sipping our drinks, a very hot looking lady came in and stood at the bar near us. She was so striking that neither Marilynn or I could help noticing her. She was 33, straight dark hair, deep brown eyes, 5'6" 120 pounds, 36c x 24 x 36, Italian, and just enough Puerto Rican to give her a natural tan. From the way she kept looking at her watch, she was obviously waiting for someone and they were late.

When I returned from a quick trip to the ‘little-boys-room’ the pretty lady was sitting in my seat chatting with Marilynn. When I walked up with a curious look on my face, Marilynn said, “This is Andy, short for Amanda, she’s in town on business and has apparently been stood up so I’ve invited her to join us for lunch.” As I snagged an empty chair, they went back to chatting. I thought it was interesting that when Marilynn got up to go to the ladies room that Andy stared at the sway of her ass just as hard as I did. And that during the meal Andy’s eyes continually drifted between Marilynn’s cleavage and the expanse of velvety thigh that she exposed when she crossed her legs.

Sometime during the meal, Andy boldly told Marilynn and me that she knew that we were both attracted to her. Even though we were too timid in admitting to her, she didn't think we were hiding it very well. She told us that the attraction was mutual and that she would enjoy putting her hands all over Marilynn’s firm body to see how excited she could get her. The conversation grew to such intensity for the three of us, that we agreed that we needed to get together for this new exploration to take place. But by the time lunch broke up, it was decided that Andy was going home with us. She’d came by cab, because she expected her date to take her back to her motel, so there was no problem about her car.

After lunch when we were getting into the car, Andy positively drooled, when Marilynn made a point of letting her see that she wasn’t wearing any panties. I’m sure Andy had already guessed, but guessing and seeing are two different things. With a laugh, I told Andy that, “If you’re going to party with us, you’ll have to obey the house rules. The main one being no panties.”

With a challenging look, she stared right into my eyes, and asked me, “And who makes these rules?”

With an equally challenging look, I shot back, “Me.”

With a mischievous look, she started pulling up her skirt as she said; “In that case perhaps you should remove them then.”

Taking the dare, I reached under her skirt and pulled down her panties, making sure that I brushed her slit with my thumb. When she raised her legs so I could get her panties off her ankles, she leaned seductively back against Marilynn’s chest. Seizing the opportunity, Marilynn put her arms around her and fondled her breasts, as she started nibbling and kissing the back of Andy’s neck. Once they were off, I lifted her panties to my nose and inhaled her aroma, before sticking them in my pocket.

Turning toward Marilynn, Andy took her in her arms and Marilynn had what was supposedly her first girl-girl kiss. It started out friendly, because they were both a little ‘drunk,’ then quickly turned into a passionate tongue kiss. A passionate kiss that more or less lasted all the entire way back to Arlington,

On the way home, Andy put my hand in her lap so I could see that she was soaking wet at the mere thought of seducing such a fine piece of ass like Marilynn. She told me that she was going to devour Marilynn with a passion that she saved for other women. When we arrived at the house Andy and Marilynn walked to the door together. When Marilynn opened the door and Andy put her hand on the small of her back I could see vibrations passing through her body. Once we got inside, we gathered in the living room for another drink. Soon, thanks to Andy, we started talking about sex our sexual experiences. It wasn’t long until Andy walked over and got really close to Marilynn’s face. Taking her possessively by the hair, Andy stared deep into her eyes, and then she leaned forward and kissed Marilynn lightly on the lips. I chuckled because I could see Marilynn shake from anxiousness and nervous delight of Andy’s kiss.

After a nod from me giving her permission, Andy quickly started stripping Marilynn naked. The pace quickened as both their clothes started being removed and shed all over the floor at their feet. As I watched they were soon putting on a freaky as hell lesbian show for me. It started off with Andy eating Marilynn’s pussy. And then, after Andy took her hair and forced her down on her knees, she spread her legs so Marilynn could smell the tangy aroma from her pussy. The aroma was so heady that Marilynn dove between those Andy’s smooth thighs and licked her glistening wet slit. She savored the taste with one sweep of her tongue from the bottom of Andy’s slit up to her clit. Andy shook with excitement and moaned about how good her tongue felt. And just like that, Andy orgasmed, spilling her sweet liquid from her slit. As her body shook and her eyes rolled back in her head, Andy grabbed her head and ground her drenched pussy against Marilynn’s mouth.

With a smile, Andy took her in her arms and kissed her, and the next thing I know were she was laying on top of Marilynn in a 69-position licking all over Marilynn’s pussy and clit. Marilynn moaned and threw her head back as Andy’s cunt licking skills quickly threw her into another orgasm. As the waves of orgasms subsided a little, she continued to suck on Marilynn’s pussy lips and enjoying the feast between her legs.

Marilynn surprised everyone by raising her face and kissing Andy’s ass. And then playing with her soaking twat, while she explored Andy tight little ass hole. Andy obliged her by spreading my legs, and inviting Marilynn to enjoy her sweet sensitive ass. Not caring if I’m watching, Marilynn fucked Andy’s ass with her long tongue while two of her fingers were busy inside her wet snatch. It wasn’t long until she had Andy working herself into a huge orgasm.

After collapsing on top of Marilynn, they both relaxed a bit, then Andy kissed her softly and commended her on her talent with a woman. Marilynn’s pussy was so hot and sweet that Andy couldn’t resist licking Marilynn’s pussy again. With a deep contented sigh, Marilynn spread her legs a little wider and started tenderly caressing Andy’s hair. Skillfully, Andy quickly went to Marilynn’s clit, sucking and tonguing it until she cummed again. Marilynn was almost shivering from all the stimulation she was receiving as Andy continued to excitedly tongue her pussy. This time she was a little rougher, going very fast and hard, causing Marilynn to moan real loud, and to start cumming again and again.

When she let up, Marilynn started huffing and puffing and trying to catch her breath and recover. Once she had her breath, she leaned over and kissed Andy’s belly. God for a beginner did Marilynn know how eat pussy. When she pressed her tongue against Andy’s clit and she made Andy squirm with the most erotic pleasure that she’d ever experienced. Slipping her tongue into Andy’s slit, Marilynn fucked her with her tongue. Andy moaned as Marilynn developed a good rhythmic movement to her thrusts as she quickened her pace. After a couple of orgasms, they held hands and enjoyed the quivering blast of afterglow washing across their skin, and the rushing of more blood to their engorged clits

Once they’d recovered and I’d decided to join them, I told Andy to walk toward me as I started taking off my pants. Reaching out, I felt her pussy, and it was soaking wet. She moaned as I rubbed her clit. With a smile, I told her to get on her knees and suck me off. Andy eagerly got down and without being told deep throated my massive cock. Once my cock was in her mouth, she sucked and teased it while she massages my balls and kneads my tight, masculine ass. As Andy continued to lick and suck my cock and her wandering hands continued to lightly tease and stroke my thighs, I grabbed Marilynn by the back of the head and softly brushed her lips with my own. Gently letting my tongue wander into her mouth. She reciprocated eagerly. Before I know it, Andy’s magic mouth was making me cum harder than I think I've ever cummed before. With a loud groan, I blew my load porn star style all over Andy’s face and open mouth.

Kissing Marilynn, I took her and Andy’s hands and lead them into the bedroom. As Marilynn watched, I sat Andy on the bed and gently inserted a finger into her already damp snatch, licking and suckling her little bud, stimulating her swollen clit with my expert tongue. Wanting to get in on the action, Marilynn jumped on the bed and immediately started fondling and caressing Andy’s hard belly and then up to her round compact touchable breasts. As Marilynn cooed, “I just love your wonderful body,” Andy was quaking with lustful pleasure as I brought her closer and closer to an orgasm. Soon my hands and tongue were busy with her clit and my continued assault was rewarded with her cumming all over her face. Andy’s clit was so sensitive that licking it made her scream and cum like crazy. She and Marilynn were the two most multi orgasmic women that I’ve ever met. I fucked her in every position that the three of us could think of. As soon as I would cum, she would start sucking me until I was hard again.

I even fucked her ass while she and Marilynn went 69. Moving behind Andy, I fondled and caressed the cheeks of her firm nice butt, as I slowly parted her butt cheeks. Knowing that she’d never been fucked in the ass, I could tell that she was a little scared. “It’s OK Andy, just relax,” I assured her.

“Do you do it to Marilynn?’ she asked timidly.

“Of course,” I lied, as I smeared Vaseline on my cock, “And she loves it.” Before she could resist, I grabbed her hips and easily inserted the head of my cock into her. At first it was painful, then her sphincter relaxed and pleasure took over. Once I started fucking her, she started begging me to go faster. She was a screamer and dirty talker. I've never met the woman who could fuck like these two cougars could and I doubt I ever will. I didn’t calling them ‘cougars’ because Marilynn knows that it’s a term of endearment and that it means that she is attractive successful, self-confident, and knew what she wants. She happily embraces her inner ‘cougar’ and rejoices in our wild kinky sex. As I pounded Andy’s ass I call her my perfect little slut and she loved it. As my cock pumped in and out of her ass, Marilynn continued to lick her engorged clit. “I’m cumming,” I almost screamed as I increased my space, then I blew my load in her ass.

I may not have had the biggest cock they’d ever seen, but I knew how to use it, plus I could go a really long time. We ended the session with them licking each other until they cummed, then the three of us fell asleep naked in each other's arms.

We started Sunday off with all three of us crowding into Marilynn’s big shower. There was only room for touching, so we restricted ourselves to soaping up and rinsing each other off. Once out of the shower I found myself lying on the bed with Marilynn between my legs sucking my cock. I guess because it was sticking so invitingly up in the air, and made such a good target, but suddenly Andy was smacking Marilynn on her naked butt with a shower shoe. With it sticking enticingly in the air like that, I can’t say as I blamed Andy, because Marilynn definitely had a cute little spank able butt. I’d spanked it myself a couple of times. To my surprise Marilynn moaned with pleasure every time Andy smacked the shower shoe against her naked flesh.

Turns out that Andy was spanking her over some little infraction, like leaving her wet towel on the bathroom floor. After she spanked her, Andy made sure that Marilynn know that punishing her was for her own good, and that it hurt Andy to have to punish her, because she loved her. Marilynn had crimson butt cheeks and tears running down her cheeks, so Andy comforted her until the tears stopped. She even kissed away the sting in Marilynn’s glowing little cheeks. Then she let Marilynn eat her pussy.

What made Andy so hot was that she was totally uninhibited. She really wanted to try all kinds of different things. She was one of the few women I've met that can cum thirty times in a session and still begged for more. Great tanned body and Brazilian waxed pussy. To this day I get hard just thinking about her. She and Marilynn were both such givers in bed. I am a giver as well and when three givers get together in the bedroom, WOW! Let's just say that we had to wash the sheets afterwards from all the sweat and cum.

After lunch at an Olive Garden in the same part of town as the Red Lobster, we sadly dropped Andy by her motel. After exchanging phone numbers and promising to get together again, we kissed goodbye and headed back to Arlington. We were both in a pensive mood, so it was a quiet drive back to Arlington.

When we got to Marilynn’s place and I kissed her. Even after all the sex we’d had, things still heated up pretty fast. My hands were up under her dress before she knew it. I had her underwear off before she could even protest. Even though she was offering token resistance, she really wanted it too, though. She suggested that if we were going to do this, we head to his bedroom. For some reason, she was more than a little nervous that Ginger coming home at any minute would catch us. I looked at her and said, "No, I need you right here and right now. I cannot wait..."

That was all it took. Marilynn was sitting on the couch. So, she spread her legs a little and shifted her bottom to the front edge of the couch cushion. I undid my pants a little and took my cock out and let her lubricate it with her mouth. Then I took it and slid it right into her. I had me right there on the couch. This whole thing was so erotic that we both cummed incredibly hard twice in the span of a few minutes.

Ginger came home shortly after and we nearly got caught. The whole encounter was so great, so loving and so sexual that it lead to more than a year of the same kinds of things.

I know I should hate myself, but god, a situation like this only comes along once in a lifetime. So, I’m a bad person, I’ll get over it. We had a perfect year, sneaking around getting together, even after Ginger and I broke up. But reality eventually caught up and I just couldn't hang on any longer.

I'll always cherish Marilynn and my time together though, because it was wonderful. Sometimes I wish I'd run into her on the street, but since I moved to Houston I doubt that I'll ever see her again, and maybe that's for the best. But I'd love to see her and know for sure that she’s still happy. And who knows, I’m going home to visit my family next week and I still have her phone number.

The end…or is it?

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