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I Must Confess! (couple, fem dom)

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I Must Confess!


It is very common to have a skeleton in one?s closet, we all have them; however the one lurking in mine is very far from dead and it haunts me to this day. It is burning a hole inside of my conscience like a boiling cauldron of acid. I must find release and I figured this is as good a place as any to set my skeleton free.

It happened when I was eighteen years of age in the mid 1980?s. It was a tempestuous time in my life and I was deep within the throes of a burgeoning sexuality. All I?ll say is this, even though the ?80?s were considered a wild time in the late twentieth century, most of my female peers were much more conservative than I was. Deep inside of my developing body was a sexual beast that wanted to consume every boy it could find. Everything and everyone turned me on, boys, girls, men, and women, even someone that was legally and morally off limits.

The event that reverberates in my soul happened on a Memorial Day weekend. The parental units decided to take a road trip to Las Vegas and left me in charge of the house. That meant I was in charge of my sixteen year old brother. This wasn?t that big of a deal, Mickey was a good kid and rarely got into trouble. But he and I had something in common, he was always horny.

It was late Sunday morning that I woke up and decided to bathe. My parent?s bathroom had a custom made shower, it was larger and the hot water lasted much longer than the one in our bathroom. So I wrapped a robe around my naked body and crept to my parent?s room. When I entered I found quite an interesting surprise. Mickey was sprawled out on the bed watching a porno and masturbating. Of course he wasn?t too happy to see me.

At first the sight of my brother stroking his own cock (there, I said it) disgusted me. My eyes clamped shut as I commanded him to stop what he was doing and get out of our parents room. I then bolted for the kitchen and waited for him to comply. But as I stood there waiting, that sexual beast awoke within me. My hands began to shake and that special place between my legs got sopping wet. Suddenly there was a tug of war within me. The beast wanted to fuck my brother and my conscience demanded that I leave him alone. Guess who won out?

I found myself opening my parent?s bedroom door to find my brother dressing himself. My pussy got wetter. I licked my lips before I said: ?Mick, what are you doing watching Dad?s porn??

?He?s got a lot of it,? he reasoned, ?wanna? watch some??

?No, I?m not getting in trouble with you! Dad?s gonna? kick your ass when he finds out!?

?Shit! Don?t tell him!?

?I?m afraid I?m going to have to!?

Mickey pleaded with me to keep my mouth shut, but little did he know I had already planned to.

?Okay, little shit! Want me to keep my mouth shut??


?It?ll cost you.?


I was silent for a moment; I looked him over from head to toe. The beast in me lusted after him. It stirred up an insatiable curiosity within me, what would my brother?s cock taste like?

?What?? Mickey repeated.

?Show me your dick??

This repulsed my brother which in turn aroused me even more. ?Fuck no!? He exclaimed.

I cocked an eyebrow. ?Okay, it?s your funeral.?

?Wait! Why do you want to see it??

I stepped in the door. Success was beginning to taste sweet. ?Because,? I answered.

?Because, why??

I moved in for the kill. ?Look, you either show me your dick or you?ll be walking with a severe limp for a month!?

After thinking about it for a minute, Mickey reluctantly unbuttoned his Levi?s and showed it to me. It was limp.

I closed the door behind me. ?I wanna? suck it,? I told him.

?Hell no, you?re sick! You?re just gonna? have to tell Dad!?

I smiled a beastly smile; I could already taste his salty/sweet cock in my mouth. ?Remember last year when you snuck out overnight and Dad caught you? He beat your ass, didn?t he??

Mickey grimaced. He remembered.

?Now, take off your pants and lay down on the bed!?

My little brother complied. I licked my lips as I sauntered over to the bed. I slowly knelt before him and put my mouth on his cock. I savored it for a moment, holding it in. It was soft and salty, I could taste trails of semen, he probably hadn?t ejaculated yet when I caught him. I slowly moved up and down on him, trying to work up saliva to lubricate my mouth.

For the most part my brother was silent as I sucked slowly, gently. I wanted him to feel every warm, wet centimeter of my oral cavity. I could tell he was fighting me but I knew I?d win. After several moments he began to become erect. His breathing became rhythmic as he moaned softly.

?Shit! I can?t believe you are doing this!? The fight was leaving him. ?I can?t believe you are sucking my dick!?

I sucked faster! His cock became harder and thicker.

At this point in my life I had only had sex with two men, but I had blown plenty. One man (he was married) took great joy in educating me on the finer points of fellatio. I got so good at it he would come in my mouth in a mere two minutes (yes, he timed me).

I sucked every last bit of resistance out of my brother. In twenty minutes he was mine, and I was going to make him fuck his older sister. I was going to make him fill me with his hot, surging sperm and he was going to love every minute of it.

My plan was to stop sucking him when he was to the point of ejaculating and then sit on his lap, but I was so cum thirsty that I had to continue, I had to taste it. Within minutes I did.

I could feel his love muscles contract as he filled my mouth to overflowing. Then I swallowed his load.

I stood up and disrobed. My brother got a good look at my adolescent body. He lifted his head and ogled me from head to toe. I have to admit I was hot! My breasts were moderately sized but extremely perky with erect nipples. I was narrow at the waist; my hips were round but not big. (unlike now after bearing three kids). My legs were muscular and long, I ran track in school. Even my ass was firm and cellulite free but ample enough for slapping.

My brother, on the other hand, wasn?t much to look at. He hadn?t yet shed all of his baby fat; he was slightly rounded in the middle with adolescent stretch marks that weren?t completely healed. His cock was average sized but thicker than I had imagined. Even though he had just cum in my mouth I was ready to see if he knew how to use it.

I straddled him on the bed.

?What are you going to do now?? Mickey asked.

All I could do was smile an evil smile.

?This isn?t right.?

No it wasn?t right but that?s what made it feel so good. I was turned on by the fact that I was fucking my own brother, corrupting him. I got wetter knowing that, after that day, my brother was going to be different. I was marking him, changing him, making him as perverted as I was. Maybe there was a beast in him too, if there was I was going to awaken it.

With youth there is stamina and my brother had plenty of it. He grew erect quickly. His face contorted with his own inner tug of war. He wanted it, but he knew it was wrong. I relished in it.

I slid his thick cock inside of me and sat there, feeling every bit of his adolescent erection.

?You feel so??

?What?? I probed. ?I feel what??

?Fuck me, please fuck me!?

I rode him slowly, as if on a roller coaster and the ride was just beginning. The anticipation was building in both of us as if climbing the first drop. Slowly I moved my hips back and forth, his thick cock hitting the right places inside of me. The sound of my own voice, in the throes of ecstasy, filled my ears as I brought myself off. It was the most satisfying climax I can remember having. But I was far from finished.

I picked up the tempo; I rode him and watched his face as I tortured him with ecstasy. This was incest at its best, baby! It couldn?t be any more wrong than this.

?Oh, shit!? Mickey exclaimed. ?What the hell are you doing to me??

I climaxed a second time. I stopped, I was out of breath and so was Mickey. I flopped over and told my brother to fuck me missionary style. He hopped in the saddle, so to speak. He slid himself inside. I kissed him. My tongue probed his. I could tell that he wasn?t overly experienced with kissing or fucking, he was probably a virgin (I don?t know, I didn?t ask). I educated him, of that I?m sure.

?Go slow, baby brother,? I taught him. ?Take good care of me.?

He pulled out and pushed in slowly, but it felt too good. I wanted him to pound me. So after a few minutes I told him to fuck me hard.

His thrusts were clumsy at first. I placed my hands on his hips and guided him. He quickly found a hard, fast rhythm that made me see stars. All my brain could do was register pleasure in grand amounts. His mouth found my breasts, he tongued my nipples. Mickey grasped handfuls of my dark hair and he tugged firmly.

?Pull, baby?? I moaned.

His thrusting was reliable and his cock sure, but I needed something more. ?Do you really want make me come?? I asked. Mickey stopped and focused his attention to my words. I could have told him the moon was made of cheese and he?d have bought it hook, line and sinker.

?Push all the way in, pull almost all the way out,? I directed him. ?Do it fast and hard!?

It took a minute but he got it. Damn the boy got it! I screamed in delight! In and out for what seemed like an eternity he drilled me. I could feel my final climax building inside. My brother?s cock suddenly got fuller, wider and I could tell he was about to blow.

?Hold it, Mickey,? I begged, ?cum with me!?

He gritted his teeth, ?I can?t??

Luckily, I felt my own climax even itself with his. I dug my nails into his back as he held on, obviously unsure of when to let go.

?I?m cumming!? I told him. I wrapped my long legs around him tightly and pulled him into me. He got the hint and let it go.

I can?t describe the sensation of being filled with sperm and releasing my own climax at the same time. It was as if the clock had slowed dramatically, I could feel each contraction of his cock?as he filled me?in time with the contractions of my pussy. I wanted it to go on forever. It was the one and only time in my life (sorry, husband) that I had cum in harmony with my partner. Neither of us could make a sound, all we could do was push. When we were finished I yelped like a distressed puppy-for several seconds.

Mickey fell over in a heap of exhaustion, our chests heaving for air.

We?d laid there for a solid three hours, savoring the scent of our sex. Neither one of us touching or talking to the other. I suppose we weren?t sure what to do next. Eventually Mickey got up and I finally took my shower.

Nothing ever happened between Mickey and me again, as if this bizarre encounter had satisfied the beast in me for decades to come?until a week ago.

It is finally good to let this out, it feels wonderful to have a clean closet. But Mickey will be here from Atlanta in an hour. He?s changed now. He grew up and became a professional athlete and I a mother of three and a faithful wife.

I hope I?ll be submitting another confession very soon.

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