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How I became a slave

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My girlfriend and I were sitting side by side on the sofa watching TV. We had the house all to ourselves. At the commercial break she got up saying she was going to the kitchen to get herself a drink, and did I want one. I replied "no thanks not at the moment." When she returned, she was surprised and more than a little annoyed to see me lying full length and face up on the sofa. "Where am I going to sit?" she said. "I suppose you'll have to sit on me," I answered.

Without another word she turned her back on me and sat herself down on my chest. There are no words to describe my feelings as I looked up at her statuesque figure, and felt her full weight on my body. In no time at all I had a huge boner, although I don't think she noticed it. After a while I asked her if she was alright. "Yes," she said, "and how about you?" "Oh I am fine," I said, "I like having you sit on me, but I would like it a lot more if you sat on my face." Hardly was the word 'face' out of my mouth than she had got up, moved sideways, and those lovely well rounded bottom cheeks of hers were right above me and descending fast.

I was plunged into total darkness and all noise had disappeared, except I now heard a new type of sound that I had never heard before. It was a type of distant rumbling gurgle almost continually from deep inside her body. This I concluded was the sound of her digestive juices doing their work on the meal she had recently eaten. These sounds were a great turn on for me. Just how long she remained sitting on my face I don't know, perhaps twenty minutes or more. However, as soon as the TV program had finished, she got up, and I asked her if she had enjoyed it.

"Yes I did" she replied, "I would never have dreamed of doing such a thing, but you have introduced me to my hidden side, and I like it. I'd just love to do it again," she said. "No problem," I replied, "just whenever you want to, tell me to lie down, and do it." "Does this mean then that I can do whatever I like with you?" she asked. "Yes, of course you can," I replied, "as long as it does not cause me any physical injury."

"Come with me," she said, taking me by the hand, and leading me up stairs to her bedroom. There she sat on the end of her bed, removed her panties, lifted up the front of her skirt, lay back on the bed with her legs wide apart, and said "Get down on your knees between my feet, and lick my pussy, and don't stop until I tell you to".

What a wonderful sight, I was down there like a shot, kissing, sucking, and licking to my hearts content, and at the same time giving her the pleasure she so desired. At one point the tip of my tongue must have touched her pee hole, for she gave a small squirt of pee into my mouth. She froze and started to apologize.

"Please don't apologize," I said, "it tasted great! I liked it." "You liked it?" she replied, "Would you like some more?"

"Oh, yes please," I said. "Then lie down on the floor and open your mouth wide..."

She got up off the bed, stood above me with one foot on either side of my head, lowered herself down, until her wet pussy was above and in contact with my mouth, then she released the entire contents of her full bladder directly into my wide open, eager waiting mouth. Her lovely golden nectar had a rich tangy taste. It was not only out of her body, but "out of this world". Not a drop was wasted as I felt my stomach filling up. It was great to know that what had been an intimate part of her, was now an intimate part of me.

After she had finished, I was commanded to lick her clean... then she got back again onto the bed, and instructed me to carry on as before. Her body arched, she moaned, and just before her orgasm, she opened her legs wider, put both her hands behind my head, pulled me in, and closed her legs so tightly, I thought my skull would crack.

"So," she said, "you like having me sit on your face, and you like drinking my pee. I like this! From now on you are my toilet, but only for liquid use, no solids, much as I would love to, except perhaps chocolate candies."

She left the bathroom, entered the lounge, and sat down in one of the arm chairs. I followed and sat down on the carpet in front of her.

"What are you doing down there?" she asked.

"Showing you respect," I said, "I want to be your slave."

"Go and get me a drink, slave," she said, "and don't have any yourself."

When I returned, she continued "From now on I will supply all that you drink, when you drink, where you drink, how much you drink, and how often you drink, but don't worry there will always be enough, and may very well at some future time be more than you can manage... we will have to see won't we?"

What she meant by this last remark, I would discover later.

"You have been a good boy," she said, "and I am going to give you your reward, but first go and get me another drink."

"Now come with me," she said, and took me again up to her bedroom, where I was told to lie face upwards on top of the covers, to keep my mouth and eyes closed at all times and to remain still. She then climbed onto the bed lowered her naked pussy down on to my face, and proceeded to move backwards and forward, from side to side, and up and down like she was horse riding, using my nose, and the undulations of my face to give herself a huge orgasm.

Having her soaking wet, hot, slippery pussy all over my face was a very enjoyable experience. However, there was more to come. She told me to open my mouth wide, as she was now bursting for a piss. I thought she would never stop. I must have swallowed at least a pint and a half of her lovely tangy tasting golden nectar.

Weeks passed and my role as potty slave was well established. To my absolute joy, my Mistress had shared her nectar time and time again in a myriad of creative ways. She loved to tease me with an eye dropper, only allowing me to savor a drop at a time. The taste and smell kept me hard as a rock, which she used to her advantage. The "chocolate fun" started with milk duds and progressed to chocolate covered raisins and tootsie rolls.

She even managed to find other ways to put her golden treasure inside me. A douche bottle became a pee enema dispenser, and she blew my mind more than once by using a catheter to fill my bladder directly from hers.

Her words kept echoing in my mind . . "From now on I will supply all that you drink, when you drink, where you drink, how much you drink, and how often you drink, but don't worry there will always be enough, and may very well at some future time be more than you can manage... we will have to see won't we?"

At the time I was not quite sure just what she meant by this, but I was soon to find out.. She is a nurse in a nearby hospital where she has made friends with other nurses of like mind, all of whom know of her dominant relationship with me, her potty slave husband.

Many of these friends were keen to see just how she uses me, and to this end it was not long before she invited six of them to our home for what she described as "a girls night in". Each one had been told to feel free to use me in the same way that she does.

The wine flowed freely, and it wasn't long before each one in turn had to use me as her toilet. And some of them did more than once, mainly for liquid relief only, but two of them also for back door cleaning as well..

Fortunately I was not used by them in quick succession, and was therefore able to swallow all their fluids. I estimate that I must have drunk a gallon or more of their different flavored honey that evening.

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