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Hostage Situation

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Antonio Ramirez sat in his car and tapped on the steering wheel a few times nervously while he glanced down at the clock. It read 8:00, which meant it was really 7:55. He didn't quite understand how setting a clock fast helped him get places on time since he knew it was fast, but for whatever reason it worked. He sat outside Community National Bank and prepared himself for his first day at his new job. At 26 it wasn't his first new job, it was his fourth; but he still felt the same nervousness as the day he started as a bag boy for the local grocery store, Madison's. He double checked his clothing before exiting to make sure none of his Mc Donald's breakfast had made it on to his tie. His black slacks were clean, as were his tan shirt and black and olive tie. He tilted the rear view mirror to check his face, hair and teeth. Everything was fine. He opened the car door and stepped out into the cool morning air and headed for the employee entrance to the bank.

He lifted his key card to the reader and as it beeped in acknowledgement the door clicked unlocked and he entered. His manager, Monica, who was standing behind the main counter turned and greeted him. She explained to him that he would be training with David for the week and introduced the two. They shook hands and exchanged greetings. "David is just finishing up getting his currency drawer ready, Antonio" Monica explained. "David, quickly take Antonio through the opening procedures before we open in a couple minutes." David gave Antonio the "cliff notes version", as he called it, of opening including logging into the system and recording the opening funds that his terminal received then sorting them into the drawer. "Do you prefer Antonio or 'Tony?'" David asked.

"Either or. I'm not picky. David or Dave?"

"Not picky either. Dave's fine."

"Opening up!" Monica alerted all the tellers. There were already quite a few people lined up outside ready to take care of business early. Everyone sat down and got their "Community National Customer Care!" smiles on. Antonio watched attentively as Dave went through a few transactions. It seemed simple enough; he just had to remember which F keys did what. An hour passed and things were rolling smoothly. Antonio was really catching on. He looked up and noticed a very attractive woman standing in line. "I hope she ends up with us." He thought to himself. He hoped to catch her eye and exchange a smile, but she was busy with her checkbook and didn't notice him.

As Dave called for the next customer Antonio heard a man in line say to the people around him, "Hey, take a look at that." Antonio turned in the direction the man was pointing. On the television was a breaking news story. A bank only a couple miles away had been robbed, and a guard shot by the suspects. The screen flashed from the pretty anchor with short brown hair and hazel eyes to a live scene being shot from the station's helicopter. The suspects were being chased by four police cars. They were driving a late model red BMW. Dave pointed out how odd it was for robbers to be driving such a not only nice but very conspicuous car. Antonio joked that in that city they'd blend in better in the Bimmer than in a mini-van. There was no shortage of high end vehicles in the South Florida town; most of them driven by retirees enjoying the good life. The anchor's voice narrated the scene on the road below and gave details of the suspects. They were two females, armed and dangerous. And they were traveling down the very road on which Community National stood. In fact, they were heading right toward the bank! Everyone raced to the nearest window as the sound of sirens neared, hoping to have a good story to tell over dinner. None of the tellers could leave their stations, but they strained to look out the window from where they sat.

Everyone gasped as the red sports car came in to view two lights away speeding toward them, police cruisers in tow. The car got closer and closer. Then unexpectedly it's tires screeched as the driver slammed on the brakes and the car swerved into the bank's lot. The car pulled directly in front of the main entrance and everyone held their breath in nervous anticipation. The police cars pulled in right behind them, but not fast enough. The two women in the car dashed out of the drivers door and into the bank, automatic weapons drawn.

"Everybody on the ground! Don't bother with the alarm. The police are already here!" Shouted the first woman after a burst of her gun sent 3 rounds into the bank's ceiling.

"Where's the guard?" She asked. No one spoke. There were a few sheepish screams and a couple patrons and tellers began to cry. What was only moments ago an entertaining story on the news was now their reality. No one dared to look, but in the silence after their captor's question they could all hear the news anchor continue coverage explaining that now all the viewers were looking down on Community National Bank in Palm City.

"Where's the fucking guard?!" She shouted. A few people flinched.

"He's not here yet", said a female voice from behind the counter.

"Who said that? Who are you?"

"I'm the bank manager," the shaky voice answered.

"Stand up and come from behind the counter. In fact, all of you back there get out here! Jen," she nodded to her accomplice, "you go check the back offices. Bring anyone you find out here. If they act up, kill them." 5 people, including Antonio, came from behind the counter hands raised.

"Which one of you is the manager?" The muzzle of the weapon scanned over all of the terrified workers. "Well it isn't you or you," she said to Dave and Antonio, the only two men in the group as she pointed the gun at each of them. The gun jumped to the three women, "That leaves you, you, and you." Monica, Sara, and Kimberly.

"I am," Monica spoke up. Just then the 4 phones on the floor where the bankers sat rang. Everyone on the ground flinched and those standing jumped. The desks were empty since the bankers didn't arrive until 10.

"You," the gun pointed to Dave, "go get it. It's the cops. Tell them everything is fine and it'll stay that way if they don't try anything fucking stupid." Dave did as he was ordered. "Now hang up the fucking phone."

Antonio studied the woman. She didn't look to be down and out or in need of robbing a bank to survive. She was well kept and in shape. Her nails, one of which was drapped over the trigger, were manicured. She was actually pretty hot and in a different setting he probably would've hit on her.

"The fuck are you looking at?" She noticed his attention and walked directly toward him and put the gun to his neck. Though he was nervous he wasn't as fearful as most of the other people around him. It wasn't the first time he'd been at gunpoint. He grew up in a neighborhood where it was an everyday occurence for someone. Besides the feel of the warm recently fired barrel on his neck he noticed that she smelled good. He didn't make eye-contact; he wasn't that brave. "I asked you a question, asshole. What-the-fuck-are you looking at?" She was also tall. He was 5'11 and she stood only two or three inches below him. He swallowed hard and tried to find words that wouldn't get him killed.

"I....I'm sorry. Nothing." He managed.

Thankfully, just then her partner, 'Jen' was what she called her, he remembered, returned to report that she had found no one in the back. The gun of the first woman turned to Monica. "Is there anyone back there? Don't lie to me, bitch."

"No. Those offices don't open until 10," Monica responded on the verge of tears while staring down at her feet.

"And where's the fucking guard?"

"He hasn't arrived yet. I....I guess he's running late."

"Well, lucky us. And lucky him. We already had to shoot one dumb rent-a-cop today." She found this amusing and smiled to herself before she continued in an elevated voice, "Ladies and Gentlemen, you are now in a hostage situation. You've seen these on TV before so you should have a general idea of how it works. Assuming Jen and I here get out of this alive we're probably going to go to jail for a really long time. We just robbed a bank and shot someone. That being said since we're already fucked we don't really have too much of a problem shooting anyone else that gets out of line. So keep quiet and don't try to be a hero and don't give me a reason to kill you. Thanks." The phone rang again. "You five, join everybody else on the floor, face down, and don't move." The employees obeyed and she went to answer the phone.

"Hello?....Yeah everybody's fine, for now....What do you need my name for?....Oh, this is the part where you try to make me believe that you're my friend. Ok, I'll play along. My name is Claire...'Demands?' How about all you pigs take off and let me and my buddy get out of here?....No?....Well in that case, 'no.' If we think of any we'll call you." With that she hung up. The phone immediatly rang again, but she ignored it. She then addressed her group of hostages again, "Settle in everybody, it's going to be a long day."

"Great first fucking day of work," Antonio thought to himself.

5 hours had passed. Claire had freed five of the hostages. It wasn't because of any particular niceness on her part, she was just, as she explained it, "in no mood to deal with dumb ass kids, some old fart shitting himself, or having to deliver some bitch's baby." So the two children present were allowed to leave with their mother as were an elderly man and a very pregnant woman. She used the show of "good will" to secure a few pizzas for the group, which Antonio was sent out to retrieve. Her attention had been somewhat centered on him since their exchange when she and Jen first arrived at the bank.

The air conditioner had long since been cut to the bank and though all the window coverings on the bank floor had been ordered closed by the gun weilding women the vanity windows designed into the top of the bank allowed in more than enough sun to combine with the hot, humid Florida air and create a sauna. It was just after 2pm and everyone inside was miserable and sweating. Claire allowed anyone that wished, one a time, to stand and remove any clothing they desired. Some dressed all the way down to their undergarments; some were still to nervous to move at all. When Antonio's turn came he chose to remove only his tie and long sleeve button down shirt. He stuggled to understand the smirk that briefly appeared on Claire's face when his arms were exposed with no shortage of tattoo's adorning them. He was no bodybuilder, but he boxed in the old neighborhood and tried to keep in shape. He never knew when a fight was going to come his way so he had been trained to stay ready. Monica was dressed in a full women's business suit and she only chose to remove the jacket. She, too, had been on Claire's radar since they arrived, but Claire seemed to take a more sadistic pleasure in torturing her and making her as fearful and uncomfortable as possible. Keeping in line with this she ordered Monica to remove her blouse as well. Monica froze, shocked. The gun was immediately thrust into her face. "You really must want to die today, don't you, Barbie?" Before Antonio could regain the good sense to stop himself he blurted, "Leave her alone."

The gun swung quickly to his head. "See, and all this time I thought you were a lot smarter than this. You've behaved so well." Antonio was scared enough facing the ominous barrel, but he was also fed up with the entire ordeal. Claire continued, "So you want to rescue her, huh, Prince Charming? Maybe I should just fucking shoot you both. Would that be better?" Antonio remained silent and looked directly ahead. "Oh, now you don't have shit to say, do you? That's ok. You don't have to say shit. You," she looked over to Jen, "keep an eye on the rest of these nice people. Me and Barbie and Prince Charming are going in the back to have a chat." Jen started to object, but thought better of it. It was very clear who was in charge.

Monica began to cry again on the way back to her office followed by Antonio and Claire who held the gun at his back. Antonio, knowing he was about to die, prayed and told his older brother he would see him soon. After they walked in and Claire closed the door behind them Monica dropped to the floor begging for her life to be spared. The other patrons in the bank braced themselves waiting for the shots to echo through the bank. The shots didn't come.

"Shut up, you stupid bitch, I'm not going to kill you....yet," Claire smiled deviously, "But I am going to have fun with you and Prince Charming here."

Monica stopped weeping and looked up confused. Antonio also wore an expression of mixed relief and confusion. What did she mean "fun?"

"If I'm going to be stuck in this fucking bank til god-knows-when then fuck if I'll be bored the whole time. I'm going to make this very simple: You do exactly what I tell you without a second thought or a question and you get to live. If you hesitate to do anything I tell you I'm going to put a bullet in both of you and go back to the lobby. Understand?" Both Antonio and Monica half nodded.

"Barbie, stand up," Claire ordered. After Monica did as she was told Claire continued, "Now, Charming, since you had such and objection to Barbie taking off her shirt you do it for her." Antonio dared not question the order and only paused for half-an-instant before remembering the alternative and doing what he was told. He tried to give Monica a look that both said he was sorry and told her that things would be ok. He got a look of unflinching fear in return. He slipped her silk blouse over her head and let it fall to the floor. Claire had positioned herself in Monica's office chair which she had pulled from behind her desk. The gun rested in-hand on her lap. "Your turn, Barbie; get rid of his beater." Monica sheepishly pulled Antonio's shirt from his pants. His belt was tight and she was forced to yank slightly to free the shirt. Antonio bent at the waist to allow the shorter woman to pull the shirt over his head. Monica wore heels and still stood several inches below him.

"Wow, look at you, Charming! Quite the body you have on you, huh?" the gun toting mistress quipped. Monica, too, despite herself took in his well kept body and it left an impression on her. From her interviews with him she never would've taken him for the type to sport so many tattoos, especially some of the more graphic ones. He had taken a great deal of time to adjust his image from the neighborhood to fit in with corporate America. Claire stood up and moved toward the pair. "You're a bad-boy, aren't you, Charming? I knew there was something about you from the second I walked in here. You weren't scared like everyone else. Probly robbed a bank youself, huh? Nah, you're not that smart. Maybe you knocked over a 7-11 or some shit." She pushed Monica back and stood directly in front of him. With the gun held under his chin she loosened his belt without taking her eyes off his face. After his belt was undone he slid the barrel of the gun down his chest and abs and into his pants. Antonio, as he had done before, stared straight ahead. With the gun pointed right at his manhood Claire barked, "Look at me, Charming!" He complied and looked her in the eye, stone faced. "Oooh, what a look," she smirked, "not the first time you had a gun on you, is it?" She waited for an answer and he shook his head. "Didn't think so. You think you could take control of me and get my gun before I shot your dick off?" A bead of sweat dropped off her brow and rolled down off her collar bone into her shirt. Antonio followed it unconsiously. Claire noticed his eyes flash to her chest. "You like my tits, Charming? I know you wanna fuck me, Charming. I saw it in you the second you looked at me. I had a gun in your face and you wanted to fuck me. You're crazier than I am. What the fuck is your real name anyway, Charming?"


"Heh, Tony, huh? That short for Anthony?"


"Of course. You Cuban?" she asked then answered her own question by looking at the tattoo on his chest, "Oh, nope, that's a Puerto Rican flag, ain't it? Go ahead, touch it."


"My tity. Touch it. I mean unless you'd prefer me to just put a bullet in your balls." Antonio cautiously reached up and placed his hand on her left breast. Monica silently watched from a corner of the office. She saw her letter opener lying on her desk and wondered if she could lunge for it and stab the bitch without getting herself or her new employee killed. She decided against it. She wanted very badly to end her captors life, but not while risking her own or Antonio's.

"Is that how you touch some girl you're trying to fuck? C'mon, I can tell you're a playboy. You know how to massage a tity, don't you? Either that or you're a big waste of a great body and cute face. Touch it like you mean it, not like it's a fuckin' computer mouse." Claire ordered Antonio. He complied and began to understand what was happening, as did Monica. This woman was twisted and she intended to get some sort of sexual pleasure out of their plight. He began massaging her breast, although much more roughly than he normally would. "Mmmm, that's much better. I like it rough like that." Just as she began to feel comfortable forgotten in her area of the room Monica was summoned back into the act. "C'mere, Barbie. I ain't forgot about you."

When Monica trepidatiously stepped back over to them she was surprised by the whip-like smack across her face delivered by Claire's hand. She reeled back a few steps before regaining her balance. She turned around sharply and stood straight up. Her eyes bored into those of her assailant. Antonio, shocked, noticed an immediate change. It was the exact change Claire was looking for. "Good, Barbie, you're not scared anymore. You're angry. You want to beat my face in don't you?" Her face stinging and glowing red, rage burned through Monica, but she said nothing. Claire laughed.

The deviant criminal removed the gun from Antonio's pants and returned to her chair. "You," she looked to Antonio, "do to her what you want to do to me...sexually, I mean. Make it interesting or I'm going to kill you. If I want to see something specific I'll let you know." With those words she leaned back in the chair and replaced the gun on her lap.

The sweltering room got smaller for Monica. She had been married for 7 years and never so much as considered infidelity. Her rage broke and she looked at her captor pleadingly, but to no avail. Antonio moved toward her and placed his hand on her cheek, still red from being struck. He noted the ring on her finger. He lifted her hand and removed it and set it on her desk. Her eyes wanted to tear, but she woldn't give that woman the satisfaction. She silently apologized to her husband and gave herself over to the reality: do this or die.

Antonio searched his mind for a starting point. One hand still resting on her cheek, he placed his other hand on Monica's waist. The poor woman was shaking and her arms hung limp at her sides while her eyes plead with his to find a way to end this. Knowing any hesitation could end both of their lives Antonio determined to take control of his fear and hers to get them through this. With a deep breath, figuratively clearing out his inhibition, he pulled Monica's body to his, knelt slightly and pressed his lips to hers. Her mouth was sealed tightly and she did nothing to reciprocate the kiss. Even her eyes remained wide open.

"What the fuck was that shit?" Claire interrupted from her chair near the door. "That how you kiss hubby, Barbie? If you ever wanna see him again you better do a better fuckin' job than that. And, Charming, cut the 3rd date virgin bullshit. I said to do her like you would me. I wanna see some man shit."

Antonio's teeth clenched in anger. But his anger was not so much for himself, but for the woman in front of him. But if his life had taught him anything it was suvival, and he knew what it was going to take to survive. He placed his hands on both sides of her waist and lifted her onto her dark wood desk. Then he moved his hands down to her knees and parted them so that he could move his body closer to hers. Monica's mind was racing as he slid her body back to his and kissed her again. She too knew that to live she had to let herself go. She silently apologized to her husband once again and let herself return his kiss. His lips were soft and his arms strong around her. She felt one of his hands slide up her back to her bra and gracefully unfasten it. The bitch was right, he did know what he was doing. He brushed his hand to each shoulder letting the straps slide down her arms while remaining focused on the kiss. Her b-cup breasts were freed and she became acutely aware, and very disturbed, that her nipples were very hard.

Antonio's hand then found it's way up her neck and into her hair which he grasped and slowly pulled back, breaking the seal of their lips. Her chin pointed up toward him and he started to kiss and bite her neck. Monica tried desperately to stiffle the feelings of pleasure he was causing her and was becoming flooded with guilt. She reasoned that this was not her choice and that her husband would rather have her alive. The room was sweltering and a film of sweat covered their torsos. Antonio released her hair and bent down to take her left nipple into his mouth. Her breasts were small for his tastes but they fit her petite frame well. The salty taste as he worked his mouth over her breast turned him on and despite himself he was becoming hard. He tried to mentally suppess his erection, arguing that if he couldn't perform perhaps this nightmare would end. He was confused at the arousal her nipples displayed as well. Could she possibly be enjoying this?

Once again their thoughts were interrupted. "Get off the desk and get him naked, Barbie. I wanna see what papi-rican is workin' with."

Monica was snapped back into reality. She had almost phased herself out of the situaiton they were really in and Claire's voice startled her, but she obeyed. Antonio stepped out of his shoes as Monica stood in front of him. She couldn't make eye-contact with him and stared off toward a painting that hung on her wall while her hands manipulated the buttons of his trousers. Once they were unfastened she hooked her thumbs into his boxers and pulled them down. She squatted to remove them but kept her eyes fixed on the painting. Antonio, who was staring ahead of him was embarrased that he could feel himself sporting a full hard-on. After Monica stood again he lifted his legs one at a time to remove his socks, which she had left on.

"Good job, Charming. A naked man in socks is the most unsexy thing ever. Wow! Barbie, you should really have a look at that thing. It's niiiiiiice. You're a twisted little fuck too, ain't cha, Charming? Gettin off on handling Barbie? I bet she's gettin' off on it too. Probly always fantasized about gettin ahold of a thug like you, huh, Barbie?" Monica face blushed but her eyes remained focused on the painting, so she heard but did not see Claire approach her. The assailant didn't bother unfasting her pants, she just yanked them with such force that the button popped off and Monica, not expecting the jerk, nearly fell over into Antonio. Next, Claire reached around and grabbed her chin, turning her face toward Antonio. Monica stared into his chest, refusing the temptation to let her eyes wander down.

"You didn't answer me, bitch," the steel of the gun slid down Monica's spine, wet with sweat, and Claire's hand was wrapped around Monica's throat, "you always wanted a ruff-neck to come beat up that little white-bread pussy of yours, didn't you? You ain't gotta say a fuckin word. I'll find out myself." With that Claire used the weapon to push down the seat of Monica's unfastened pants. The zipper in front gave way and Monica's white lace french-cut panties were revealed. Claire ordered her to part her legs, and when she did Claire thrust her hand into her panties and a finger slid between her lips. Monica had never been touched by another woman like this before and felt her anger grow hotter from the violation.

"Well, looky here, Charming, you got Barbie all wet. She does like it!" Monica turned darker red with embarassment. Antonio's mind raced. He was hard; she was wet. What the hell did that mean? Were they enjoying this? He hated this woman for what she was doing to them. Claire slid her finger into her mouth. "Mmmm, Barbie, you taste good!" She then ordered Monica to step out of her shoes and after she did Claire stepped behind her and while looking into Antonio's eyes, slid her panties and pants down exposing the rest of her body as well. Antonio's self control was not as strong as Monica's and he glanced down to take in her body. She was shaped nicely for her size and he was surprised to find her vagina shaved bare. He wouldn't have taken her for the type.

"Still won't look at his cock, huh? Let me help you." Claire shoved Monica to her knees and grabbed her hair making her face his manhood. Monica's eyes widend of their own accord at the size of his penis. She had never seen anything that size before. It wasn't monstrous, but it was definitely impressive. "Open wide, Barbie" Claire said as she shoved Monica's head toward Antonio's dick. When Monica hesitated she was penalized with a smart smack to the back of her head. "Now's not a good time to get cute, bitch. Now open up."

Monica opened her mouth and instantly Claire shoved her head so that Antonio went deep into throat. She gagged and coughed and Antonio instictively backed away. Claire's gun flew to his face and she ordered him back in place. "Just having a little fun," she chuckled. "Let's try again, Barbie." Monica again opened her mouth and Claire more gently pushed it onto Antonio's dick, using her grip on Monica's hair to move her head back and forth. Monica, despite herself, was over-taken by habit and began to suck in rhythm with Claire's control. Her mouth was filled like it had never been before and adjusted to his size to avoid scraping him with her teeth. Antonio was unsure what to think anymore. Her mouth on him felt nothing short of incredible, but he felt so guilty for enjoying the sensations.

"Wow, Barbie. You're a real pro. Got, Tony here hard as a rock. His fuckin eyes are even starting to roll back in his head. Bet that cock feels real good in your mouth." Antonio was embarrassed that his enjoyment was so outwardly appearent and tried to control himself. Monica strangely found herself pleased.

"Alright, Charming, you need to taste that pussy. It's real good; I promise." Claire lifted Monica to her feet by her hair and she exchanged a look with Antonio that was a mix of nervousness and embarassment, but with a hint of comfort. "Get up on the desk on all fours with that tight little ass pointed at Tony." Monica did as she was ordered and found herself almost anxiously anticipating what she would be subjected to next. She was violently awakened from her wandering mind by a hard smack to her buttocks from Claire. Refusing to scream she contained the sound in her throat and a high-pitched groan filled the room. "Oh, you won't scream for me, bitch?" Claire taunted. She smacked her again, much harder. "Ow! Fuck!!" Monica exclaimed in pain. "That's better" said a rewarded Claire. "Now Charming get down there and taste that shit. I know your Puerto Rican ass can eat some pussy. Roll some Rs on it or some shit." Claire laughed at her own joke.

As he squatted down behind her Antonio found himself looking forward to the taste of Monica's pussy. He was beginning to settle into this demented setting and it became for him as it was becoming for Monica, a sick play in which they were both actors who must perform a role. As he neared her his nose was filled with her scent. It was nice and he knew that she must indeed taste good. He decided that for the performance she had just given him he must do for her in kind. He opened his mouth and Monica felt his flattened tongue slide smoothly over the lips of her vulva. Her husband only "went down" on her on occasion and when he did it was generally not very enjoyable. There was, however, a marked difference in Antonio's technique. His tongue roamed over her pussy with rhythm and purpose as if everything he was doing had a reason. He would place it over her clitoral hood and pull it down over her clit and back to her, now very wet, opening where he would point and circle it before widening it again to cover her pussy and moving forward again. He could tell she was getting more and more aroused as she began to drip into his mouth and he felt her clit swell. The mix of the wetness of her pussy and the sweat created an incredible taste in his mouth and he began to ache to fuck her. He couldn't believe how the desire for her was overtaking him. It was pure insanity. He arched his head back and wrapped his lips around her clit. He sucked gently while his tongue flicked over it. She had never felt anything like it before and she was getting so lost in the feelings coming from his mouth to her groin that she was nearly forgetting the situaiton she was in. Just when she was convinced that the sensation could not possible become more intense he began to hum. The added vibration caused her to gasp audibly and she threw her head back. On their own her hips began to grind against his face. He was thoroughly enjoying her obvious pleasure. He knew if he continued, against all odds, he could make her orgasm; however, he wanted to build her up still more. He released her clit and let his tongue trail back again. She was disappointed that he'd stopped. Though his tongue darting in and out of her pussy felt very good it was no match for what she'd been feeling moments before. Then-"Oh Fuck!"she uncontrollably yelled as his tongue began to rapidly vibrate over her asshole. No one had ever touched her there before, let alone licked her there. She felt overwhelmingly self conscious, but at the same time the stimulation of the sensitive region felt incredible.

Had Antonio been paying attention to anything other than the task he was engaged in he might've noticed a chance he had to end this game when their captor, who had returned to the chair, briefly set down the gun in order to remove her own pants and the slinky g-string underneath. She now sat, the gun in one hand and her pussy in the other, pleasuring herself as she took in the muscled ex-banger rimming the suburban housewife. His tongue was now probing her ass and his lips were closed aroud it sucking her and allowing it to penetrate deeper. Monica was beside herself with pleasure. It was the most incredible thing she'd ever experienced in the sexual arena.

"You two put on a damn good show!" Claire called to them. They were both startled once again. Monica became embarassed that she had slipped so deeply into the pleasure. "You never been with a girl, have you Barbie?" Monica, fearing what she knew was coming next, silently shook her head. "C'mere" Claire commanded. Antonio helped Monica down from the desk, for the first time realizing how soft her damp skin was. "Kneel down in front of me." Claire removed her fingers from her pussy and forced them into Monica's mouth. Behind Monica Antonio's dick twitched at the erotic sight of a nude Monica keeling before bottomless Claire whose pussy wasn't hairless, but very neatly groomed and quite attractive. Next Claire grabbed Monica's head and forced Monica's lips to hers with a simple, forceful command, "lick it good."

With no previous experience to rely on what-so-ever Monica decided the best course of action would be to mimic the things she felt Antonio do to her so that's what she did. The taste of pussy was foreign but not unenjoyable. She'd never had any type of longing or curiosity at all about experimenting with women, but she found eating a pussy somehow more erotic than sucking a cock. It required more delicacy; more attention to detail and finesse. She figured she must be doing atleast ok, because there were no harsh words of criticism and she hadn't been hit. "Yeah, you nasty little bitch, lick my cunt" came Claire's vulgar encouragement from above. Antonio had been standing, watching in amazement when Claire summoned him over, "Come over here and lift Barbie's cute little ass up and fuck her while she eats my pussy." Monica didn't give him the chance. She adjusted herself without breaking from her duty so that her ass was again in the air and her legs were spread. She awaited the feel of his large cock and the guilt of her husband was all but gone. Antonio positioned himself behind her and silently spit into his hand to lubricate his dick. He was rock hard as he prepared to enter her, his eyes moving from her head settled in Claires lap down her back, on which beads of sweat were collected and to her ass and soaking pussy. He placed his dick at her entrance and began to push inward. She was so incredibly tight. She began to moan loudly into Claire's pussy. His cock was so hard and he was stretching her. It hurt so good. He could feel him filling her as he slowly slid deeper into her from behind. Then he began to steadily slide in and out of her. She had never been so turned on in her life. She had completely given herself away to this crazy reality of what was happening. It became like a dream that she would awake from when it was finished.

Claire could sense that everyone was getting a little too comfortable and that took away from her fun, so she decided to shake things up. "Ok, Charming, Barbie is having too much fun so I want you to take your dick out and put it in her ass." Monica was so shocked that she stopped before she could catch herself and said, "What?!" Claire slapped her rapidly three times across her face then put the gun into her mouth which was open with shock. "Bitch, have you forgotten who's party this is? I will fuckin blow your shit all over this office if you speak another word out of turn. Nod if you understand me." Monica could not believe that she was actually not scared of this latest threat and nodded in complicity. She understood that if Claire were to follow through with it the show was over and that wasn't her goal. She still didn't want to take any chances or push the bitch. She had already shot, and maybe killed, someone earlier that day. "Now get back to work" Claire ordered. Monica returned to servicing Claire as she mentally braced herself for a no-doubt incredibly painful experience.

Antonio, knowing he must be dealing with an anal-virgin, made sure to get his dick plenty wet before placing at the entrance of her ass. He felt it pucker tight in response. He rubbed his tip at the entrance just as he had done with his tongue to let her ass get used to the idea of letting him in. After she relaxed somewhat he pressed a little harder pushing in his tip. There he waited, without moving, for her to invite him deeper by relaxing her muscles more. His gentle approach, however, had not been lost on his captor and she was in no mood for niceties. She lifted her gun level with his head and said, "to the hilt now. I told you no nice-guy bullshit." Despite the command and before he carried it out he said to Monica, who was still engaged with Claire's pussy, "I'm sorry." Monica's muffled scream into Claire's pussy was far from silent. Pain shot through her as her ass was filled with his dick. This made Claire so wet that she began to pool in the leather chair below. The pain was significant, but as Tony began sliding in and out of her it was replaced with an intense, almost pleasurable, feeling. Antonio could not believe the sensation of being in her ass. He could not have imagined a fantasy that compared to his current reality. Monica, who had only experiened an orgasm at her own hand, was beginning to feel a powerful build-up in her body. It was like nothing she'd ever felt, but that was becoming the norm for this surrealistic day. Antonio's groin too was beginning to warm and tingle. Monica's orgasm overtook her like an earthquake, violently. She screamed repeatedly into Claire's soaking wet pussy. Claire grabbed Monica's head and ground her clit on her tongue. Fuck if this silly little bitch was gonna get to cum and she didn't. Monica's orgasm continued to shake her body as Claire's began. Warm liquid shot out of her and down Monica's chin and chest. She tugged at Monica's hair forcing her closer to her and nearly cutting off her air supply. Then she jumped up and ordered Antonio out of Monica's ass shortly before he was going to erupt himself. She hopped on the desk and spread her legs wide. "You finish with me" she said pointedly. Antonio obeyed without hesitation and went over to the desk and slid his dick inside Claire. She was sitting up and had her hand against his chest with the gun pointed at his neck while he rapidly, violently fucked her. She came multiple times; orgasm after orgasm dripping from his balls onto the floor below. She ordered Monica to kneel on the floor next to him and told him to shoot every drop of cum into her mouth, "and you better swallow it all, Barbie." He grabbed Claire's hips and slammed his dick into her until his entire body got hot. He felt his balls pull closer to his body and his dick began to throb and harden out of control. At the last possible second he pulled out of Claire and put his dick into Monica's waiting mouth. Monica had never allowed anyone to cum in her mouth before and the eruption of shot after shot of cum almost made her gag yet again. Antonio felt as if his legs would give out below him. They were shaking as he pulsed load after load into his married manager's warm wet mouth. When he finally stopped cumming she swallowed it all with him still in her mouth and began to suck any that was leftover out while milking him with her hand.

Finally, he collapsed to the floor with her while Claire sat on the desk with a look of amusemnt and satisfaction. With both Antonio and Monica on the ground, Sgt. Mike Humphries finally had the moment he had been waiting for since he'd began watching the most bizarre scene he'd ever witnessed in a hostage situation from the rooftop of a building 650 ft. away through the scope of his Remington M24 sniper rifle. Antonio and Monica were startled by the loud crash of breaking glass in a window high above them and just as suddenly as their captivity had begun, it was over...

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