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Her revenge - Part One

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She looked across the room and smiled. The Viagra she had slipped him was definitely working. She had been surprised how easy it had been to get him in her bathroom and trick him into being tied to the towel rail. Poor man, he wasn’t to know that by agreeing to try out the position for her he was also agreeing to be her first victim.

She had selected him carefully, not too tall, fully shaven and a medium sized cock – just big enough to fill her cunt but not too big to stretch her ass hole too much. He was pleading with his eyes, the gag firmly in his mouth preventing him from complaining. His arms tied firmly to each end of the towel rack and his legs pulled apart and tied to hooks she had on the wall. She looked down his body, his broad shoulders and chest, his firm stomach, his muscular legs and then her eyes rested on his cock, his throbbing cock was standing proud, waiting for her.

‘Well then, what shall I do with you first’ she teased him, watching his eyes on her. She was still fully dressed in the skirt and blouse that she was wearing when they met at the café. An innocent meeting, a ‘get to know each other’ meeting. She laughed to herself.

‘You really thought I just wanted you to try out the fastenings so you could use them on me later didn’t you?’ She walked close to him and trailed her perfectly manicured nails across his chest.

‘My you have a nice erection there, anyone would think you had taken something, do you use Viagra?

His eyebrows shot up and his eyes bore into her as he realised that she had at some point slipped some into his coffee.

‘I need you clean before I use you’ she then proceeded to shower him, soaping him all over in every nook and cranny, she took the hot cock in her hands and soaped it, cleaning every hard inch. Her soapy hands ran under his balls and further back, finding his ass hole she probed it, pushing the soap a few centimetres into his anus. ‘Hmmm, you like that, good – I might lick it later – and maybe fuck it too.’ Once she had probed she began to rinse him – the water was cool but not cold. ‘Be good and there won’t be any problems’ He nodded, it was all he could do.

She dropped to her knees in front of him and took his hot cock into her mouth and sucked hard.

He would have gasped but for the gag in his mouth, for all he was captured he wanted to fuck her, his cock felt like it would explode when she sucked. She held his balls in her hand and carried on sucking, pushing his cock deep into her throat. He was jerking into her, almost cumming when suddenly she stopped and got to her feet.

‘Now now, we don’t want you cumming just yet – I have more work for it first’. She walked away to the other side of the bathroom and began to undress as he watched, helpless.

As she unbuttoned her blouse he could see her ample breasts heaving inside her black lacy bra, she was watching him, watching his cock. The blouse dropped to the floor and she unfastened the skirt and let that drop too. Leaving her in stockings and suspenders, she wasn’t wearing any panties.

‘Do you like what you see?’ she waited for him to nod, which he did vigorously. ‘Good, because you are going to fuck me whether you want to or not’.

Her high heels clicked across the bathroom floor. She took his cock in her hands and rubbed it gently, it was hard and dripping precum, not wanting to waste it she bent down and licked it off – it was her favourite taste. She used long lingering strokes with her tongue to clear it all off. Then she took the bell end of his cock and ran her lips around it, teasing it with her tongue for what seemed like an age, then taking it all in her mouth and giving it a long suck. Her tongue flicking round her mouth, she could feel him once again jerking into her and she let him, pushing him further and further down her throat. She got hold of his butt cheeks and pulled them hard to her, digging her nails into him. She would give him pain to stop him from cumming from the pleasure she was giving him. She let go of him and took her head away. He was still jerking but she was gone. She walked out of the room and left him, tied, damp and horny.


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