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Her Legal Brief VII-Revenge

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I sat at my desk touching Amanda's file with an almost seductive pleasure. For anyone that has been through an ugly divorce, they know that it's not uncommon to take a year. And for the better part of the last year her attorney, me, has been the sexual plaything for my client. We faced trial in two weeks. The prominent issues being the assets she wanted from her affluent husband. Before me lay forensic accounting reports, financials and assorted documents. But new to this was the lengthy report from the PI I had hired that outlined Amanda's consistent and flagrant theft of her husband's money for years!

When my secretary announced her arrival and she dropped into the chair in front of my desk, I cherished the moment. You see, she expected another session of my subservience to her and today would be different. As I surveyed her blonde loveliness typically attired in a thousand dollar short dress with exaggerated heels, I calmly explained to her that she was vulnerable to endless tax fraud criminally, perjury, and assorted other acts that would result in her incarceration and ultimate POVERTY!

After her screaming and yelling, denials, and nonsense, the facts from my investigator's report hit home. Teary eyed, she asked, "what do I do now"? This was my long awaited moment. Dressed in a conservative suit with slacks, I stood from my desk and said, "let's just start with you crawling around my desk, the same desk you made me eat you behind, and watch you clean my shoes with your tongue!" Stunned, she just sat, and I added that the other "girls" in federal prison would just love her! She actually blubbered saying " can't mean it.. why..blah, blah". I just sat back down and told her to leave and I'd let the feds take care of it. With that, she dropped slowly to her knees in front of my chair, and with tears (I thought fake) slowly licked my very basic black shoes. Fun for the moment, I explained that now the tables were turned and I intended to exact revenge in spades. Handing her typed instructions to my cabin an hour north of the city, I stood and kicked her away from her kneeling position (so sweet) and told her she was my slut now and be there tonight at six or else. She didn't know that her fat, ugly accountant that she stupidly had me service at her whim, was easily manipulated by a return visit and blow job that provided all of her asset hiding. Yes, she'd pay for that too!

That night, I sipped a cocktail in my cabin waiting for her arrival. And she did on time. I opened my door clad only in a shapeless dress with heels and just ordered her to strip naked and join me in the living room. At he bar, I watched her approach naked and clearly afraid although there appeared to be a light in her eyes. After all this time, and what she had put me through, I kept it simple. She was about be punished, and would be my slave from now until her court in two weeks. Agree or go to prison I asked. "Please, can't we.." she began and I repeated, "agree or not"? She nodded. Slowly, I stood from the bar and led her to a post in the middle of the open room. My cabin had a large open main room with stairway to an open loft. I secured her hands above her head at the post and held a blindfold. "I think not, I want you to see" I said. Although I did lift the hem of my dress and remove my panties. Stuffing them in her mouth, I noted that I didn't need to her bullshit anymore and with that went back to the bar and finished my drink telling her what a horrible little cunt she really was. And I confess, her wide eyes gave me a rush!

It was time to give her back, and I brought out the whip I had bought for this occasion. As each lash on her naked ass struck and she jumped, I found myself swinging harder and harder until her ass and thighs glowed red. I removed my sweat soaked dress, and releasing her almost limp form I put a collar on her, snapped cuffs on her wrists behind her back and by leash pulled her behind me to the first floor bathroom. There, I pulled my thong from her mouth, and after peeing, stood and ordered her to lick me clean. She did well, so I allowed her a drink of my drink at my feet at the bar. As I watched her lick my feet, I explained that I knew all about her dealings so....

That night began an amazing weekend. The end soon.

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