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Her Legal Brief VI

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As I followed her clicking heels down the courthouse corridor, I knew Amanda was furious. As her attorney she would think that I should have anticipated opposing counsel filing a motion to temporarily lower her monthly seperation payments and assign a forensic accountant to audit her husband's business as he claimed loss of revenue due to the economy. I was ambushed and my arguments fell on deaf ears apparently as the Judge granted both motions not in our favor.

We emerged from the courthouse and I virtually ran in front of Amanda to explain that this was a temporary setback and we would.... She cut me off. Her normally pretty blue eyes were glaciers! "Be at my house in an hour, Counselor!" and with that, she whirled away. My shoulders slumped as I realized that I was no doubt about to be punished for my error. And with my career ruination videos in her permission, I also knew I would obey. A colleague approached and asked if I was ok as I appeared shaken. I'm ok I answered. He then went on to say he had noticed that I was a lot more human these days and it was a nice change. Ha, what would he say if he knew that having to watch this formerly self assured woman who was now the "fuck slut" to a client and constantly reminded that videos of my submission and wanton degradation could be sent to my firm at her whim! I thanked him and went to cancel my afternoon appointments.

I arrived at Amanda's house and upon entering she met me at the door clad only in black bra and matching thong atop very high black boots. "Follow me!" she snarled. Down the hall I did just that again attempting to explain that all was not lost and.... We entered a large dimly lit room (no windows?) and Amanda turned and slapped me so hard I was sent reeling into the wall and dropped on my ass! In a second, she had fastened some sort of leather cuffs with a chain between them, on both my wrists. She then grabbed the chain and pulled me to my feet like a child. I foolishly thought of her dancing skills and muscular thighs that I was powerless against. Again, trying to explain, she slapped me again on the other cheek and in a flash the chain between my wrists was attached to another chain from the ceiling and as I stood, staggered, she strutted to the wall and out of my vision did something that left my arms stretched overhead and pulled up until I was standing on my toes in my low cut courtroom heels. She was then in front of me dangling red panties in front of my face. She declared, "I wore these today at the courthouse, and sweated while you fucked me!" Jamming them in my mouth she added, " I'm going to fuck you!" mmmmf was all I could mutter through her panties.

She stepped behind me out of sight. Reaching around she untied my belt and quickly pulled slacks, underwear, and thigh highs down to my ankles. My blouse was then ripped open and scissors cut through the front of my bra, leaving it hanging and my breast exposed. The cold air tightened my nipples and she smirked as she produced nipple clamps, again with a chain between them, and clamped them on my swollen nipples. OMG, pain went through me. I tried to kick out, but my ankles were bound with my garments wrapped around them. As I thrashed, Amanda laughed and promised that I would learn real pain. And I felt true fear. Gone for seconds, I heard a loud crack and felt a burning, searing pain across my naked asscheeks! "How do you like that you arrogant cunt?" she said. She then proceeded to continue the whipping which had me writhing in agony. When I was at the point of passing out, she was again before me and lifting my head by my hair she asked, "are you ready NOW to do what you're told?" Tears streaked my face and I nodded. Anything to stop the punishment. Ripping her panties from my mouth she demanded, as in time before, that I swear how much I wanted to please her and how I was her slut to use.....Dropped to the floor, she ordered me to crawl to her, still with my garment ensnared legs and tattered remnants of blouse, and lap the sweat from her body that she had built up whipping her lawyer!

An hour later, her boots also cleaned by my tongue, she donned a leather dress and presented me to her front mirror to see myself. There I was in high heels, short mini, and see through black blouse. My face was made up like a whore with bright pink lipstick, and a black wig adorned my head. A tug on my collar brought me following her to her van (the same van she had used to enslave me) and I sat on my heels on the floor next her as she drove into town. She explained that I was about to find out what it was like to be fucked my many and all at her command. I hung my head and knew i was lost. Amanda even pulled into a vacant lot and turned so that I could lick and eat her to orgasm before we arrived at "her club"

That was the night that it became clear what I had to do.

To be continued.....the night at the "Palace"

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