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Her Legal Brief III

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As I pulled into Amanda's driveway that led across a spacious lawn and ended at very large house with huge double doors, (a house that she intended to own after her divorce!)I reviewed what had brought me here. Waking with a monumental hangover, I discovered that dear little Amanda had drugged me and RECORDED me behaving the true whore. And worse, she threatened to ruin my career unless I appeared at her door dressed and perfumed as ordered.

I was determined to eliminate that recording and get back to our relationship. I was her lawyer for Christ Sake! At the door, before ringing, I saw a note taped that simply said, "come in counselor, and go downstairs". That bitch! I entered the large foyer and proceeded down circular carpeted stairs toward the booming music. I walked past a long bar, and what appeared to be a small theater, and emerged into a gym like workout room with machines, bikes, etc. There was Amanda, dancing and spinning in front of a large flat screen TV on the wall, gyrating with the dancers on the screen. Her blonde hair was up, and her t-shirt was soaked with sweat. Her shorts, ending just below her ass, were whirling with the music. She gestured me to a stool in front of a mini-bar and kept dancing. I sat, words wouldn't have been heard anyway, and had to notice that she was quite the dancer. Chicks onscreen had nothing on her! That tune ended and she picked up a remote and clicked off the sound. "Whew, I love a dance workout" she said, grabbing a towel and walking behind the little bar. She snatched out a beer from below and drained at least half. At this point I started to explain that as her divorce lawyer, this blackmail business with that illegal recording had to stop. Further, she had to..."Stop!" she snarled. "This is how it is counselor. You belong to me now. To obey my every wish and command without hesitation or delay. And I will win my case with you, as you try harder than you ever have, and serve me until the case is over. Period." With that, she picked up the remote again, pointed, and the dancers were off the screen and there I was again, slavering over a cock while another was fucking me from behind. The sound returned with my grunts and pleadings to fuck me harder "in my cunt and mouth". A flicker, and there I was, on my knees babbling how much I wanted to eat Amanda's cunt! She froze the frame there, and with another remote press, an insert screen emerged in the corner with my firms website. Under "contact us" the email address that Amanda promptly asked if I wanted that entire recording sent to the entire firm? Or did I accept her terms? My mind was reeling. She calmly finished her beer and waited. Finally, I stammered, "Yes, Amanda" Fine, she said, now lose the pretty dress and get on your knees. I quickly pulled the dress over my head exposing my braless breasts and black thong, and fell to my knees in only my thigh highs and heels.

Obeying her orders, I crawled over to where she stood in front of a weight bench and pulled down her sodden shorts, sliding them over her tennis shoes. "Now, lick me, bitch" she said grabbing my hair and thrusting my face into her salty crotch. Grinding her pussy into my lips I tasted her sweat but licked her feverishly. She sat back on the weight bench and spreading her legs ordered me to lick her ass to her clit and get her off. I had to please and bent to drive my tongue into her asshole. I started to rise to her pussy only to be ordered to keep "eating her ass" which I did. I found my lips caressing as I licked and pushed my tongue into her. Saying NOW, she grabbed my hair and buried my face in her pussy as I continued licking and sucking. In moments she was bucking against my lips and she gushed streams of her fluid in my mouth and all over my face. Unbidden, I found myself lapping up every drop. Soon, she relaxed and I thought I was done for now. Not so. She instructed me to remove her tennis shoes and socks and while I would be cleaning her feet with my tongue she would explain the rules, which she did. As I licked her workout sweated feet and toes she continued to explain that I was her slut for time it would take to get her divorce. That should eliminate the delays I had warned her about if I wanted my freedom. As I didn't reply, a stinging slap to my cheek, and I replied, "yes, Amanda" Smiling, she sat up and outlined her agenda for the day. She would shower and after which she would dress for guests that were arriving from out of town for brunch. When they arrived, I would greet them in my black dress and serve them drinks. She had explained to them that I was there for there every use. At my stupid look, she said, "yes, that's right. You'll serve them any way they ask. As you would me, as you belong to me. Remember? Or do I hit the send key on my computer. I was done. "No Amanda. I will serve." Involuntarily, I had lowered my head. How had this little bitch so quickly and thoroughly manipulated me into a state where I wanted was to please her? By any mean? Was it the blackmail? Or something else? Had I too much power for too long? I pondered it waiting by the long oak bar I had passed earlier. Amanda finally emerged, and ordered me behind the bar to make her a drink. After which, she suggested "go fix up you face dear. You have my pussy juices all over it, and my feet on your tongue." I must have been in a trance, and ran into the nearest bathroom to wash and apply fresh makeup. I had just returned and heard the doorbell. Amanda arched her eyebrow, and I raced up the stairs to answer the door. It opened to reveal a handsome couple more forties age. She was a striking brunette with long hair, and he was a tall fit Italian looking man with a mane of black hair. Asking them in, I led them downstairs to the bar where they greeted Amanda with kisses. I served drinks all around and they chatted idly on couches. When I delivered the second round to them, the wife thought I should be serving naked. Amanda just said, make it so. I quickly stripped every article from me, and stood before them naked and barefoot. How nice, she remarked. "I think I'd like to see her cocksucking abilities, dear" With that, at Amanda's direction I dropped to my knees before him, unfastened his elegant trousers, and started licking and sucking his large uncircumsised cock! I could hear his wife murmuring her approval I tried even harder, gazing at her long perfect legs next to me.

That was only the beginning of a night I will always remember. And Amanda reminds me of, when she now visits my office, closes the door, and eat her to orgasm before every hearing. She loves to replay all of my ordered activities.... to be continued

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