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Hawaiian Wife

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A ture story that proves that plans do not always turn out a we intend.My

Hawaiian Wife

My wife and I live in the most beautiful place in the world, the island of Kauai. Equally as lovely as our island home, is my sexy companion of 28 years, Pua. Pua was barely eighteen when we met. I was a year into college and fell head over heels in love with her looks and great personality. All I can say is that we clicked in every possible way.

Pua is a real looker, and turns heads wherever she goes. She is fairly tall at 5'9 no doubt due to her mixed heritage of being of Irish, Portuguese and an exotic blend of Asian and Native Hawaiian blood. She has a gently wavy mane of long dark hair that cascades to the small of her back. At 46, Her 36 B tits are natural and firm with perfect half dollar sized nipples that are extremely sensitive to the touch. Pua keeps her pussy trimmed very short at the top and completely hairless everywhere else. Her BEST attribute however. is her full, round ass that looks absolutely fabulous in a thong. Her name, Pua means flower in the Hawaiian language. To me, she is the most exquisite of all Island flowers.

Needless to say, I am very proud to call her mine. She is an extremely devoted wife and mother of two grown children.

I was only her second boyfriend ever, and her only lover. Our sex life has been wonderful. In our 28 years together, we have explored many sexual scenarios that two people can share. We both love oral sex. Pua is an expert cocksucker and swallows. I just love her "flavah" and savor her yummy juices. Besides an affinity to oral sex, we enjoy exploring many other forms of sex. B&D, watersports, erotic picture taking, sex in public places, fantasy role play, mutual masturbation, we have video taped our sex play and enjoy toys too. Our favorite sex positions are forward and reverse cowboy and doggie style. Pua goes off into convulsive orgasms when I cum in her pussy in the mish. Pua is multi-orgasmic and squirts.

In recent years, my interest in sex has changed a bit. Although most men would be happy with the sex I enjoy now, I want more. I want to add more kink and excitement to our sex life. This is my story.

Pua has never shown an interest in other men, sexually and socially. She doesn't flirt, carry on and never dresses sexy in public. I'd say that she is outwardly conservative despite my description of her being a "Hottie" in private. Often during sex, I struggle to maintain an erection unless I am thinking about other men having sex with Pua. Visions of her on all fours being fucked by another man while she sloppily sucks my erect pole, or imagining my wife being the center of a gangbang, with load after hot load of man juice spilling from her mouth and covering her face, body and other orifices would fill my minds eye all the time. I imagine her with a hung Black man banging her to submission, taking her mouth and cunt with his gigantic cock till she passes out with his load seeping from her bruised pussy and gaping asshole. I've told Pua about my fantasy and kinky desire to add other people to our sex play. Every time I bring it up, she tells me, "I don't want to open up that door, You will want to do more" she says, "and, it may never end there". That's when I decided to take things into my own hands.

I met Glen online. He's a 48-year-old Black man from Chicago who was going to be in Waikiki for a week long pharmaceutical convention. We chatted online nightly. I described Pua to him and sent him a few G rated pictures of her. He liked what he saw and returned several photos of himself. He was a nice looking fellow with a good build. I told Glen about my dark desires but conceded that I didn't think that anything would ever happen to make this fantasy come true. I felt that my wife's cultural upbringing and devotion to family values would never change her attitude toward my fantasies at all. That's when Glen said that he could turn my wife into a slut for black cock, GUARANTEED. He asked if I was interested in hearing more?

I poised myself to read on with extreme curiosity and a nice hard on. He explained that being a pharmacist , he had access to the newest sedative, anti-inhibitor drug that leaves no side effects or memory of what happened when used on a subject for sex( My unsuspecting wife). I told him that I heard of "Roofies" he interrupted, "No no, this is way in advance of roofies" Roofies he explained, leaves a person disoriented, and she basically is a limp rag participant in sex. This drug was much better. It's colorless, odorless, tasteless and when added to alcohol would take effect in as little as 30 minutes. The recognizable affect would be talkativeness, a friendly or silly demeanor, and a heightened sexual desire beyond normalcy. In other words this drug could turn my prissy wife into an insatiable, cock hungry whore. Best of all, she wouldn't remember a thing afterwards. Glen told me that this was a highly illegal drug. But it would completely fool Pua into believing that she was still a one man woman and give me my fantasy in one big ball of wax. Amazed by what Glen had just told me, I said I would chat with him tomorrow night and signed off with a aching hard on.

I couldn't believe that I was considering setting my wife up and using a date r*pe drug to do it. The more I thought about it, the better I liked the idea.

Over the next several evenings Glen laid out a perfect plan for us to fly to Oahu on the final day of his meetings. Pua agreed to accompany me on what she thought was a quick business trip that I often do as a construction consultant. We checked in to the Hilton Hawaiian Village, the convention's host hotel on Thursday afternoon. Our room was an upper floor Jr. Suite overlooking the blue ocean. It's focal point was a large King size bed located just past a sizeable master bath with a large walk in shower. A very comfortable lounger faced the ocean in front of the large floor to ceiling panoramic window. Full length mirrored closet doors made the room look even bigger and allowed an unobstructed view of the bed from anywhere in the room. Perfect!

I had pre arranged an afternoon appointment for Pua to visit the Hotel spa for several hours of pampering while I attended my meeting. I kissed her on the cheek and said I'd see her in a few hours. She was already changed into a bright yellow tropical print beach wrap tied in a halter over a high cut bikini bottom with no bra underneath the light fabric. "A little daring aren't we?" I commented, to which she replied, "I'll only have to take it off anyway at the spa." I brushed her right nipple lightly to tease her, as We both headed out the door.

I agreed to meet Glen at 3:30 p.m. at the Convention Center lounge. I walked in and he was already there. He was dressed in a polo shirt, slacks and loafers. We recognized each other right away from our pictures and greeted each other with warm pleasantries and a firm handshake. Glen and I quickly became comfortable as if we were old friends. Glen was personable, non-threatening and respectful in his demeanor. This was very important to me if I was going to be comfortable with a stranger possibly fucking my wife. We discussed a plan for the evening and at some point, he handed me several packets of pills that were wrapped in those foil packs you get with store bought medicines. He gave me instructions in how to crush the tablets and administer them into a liquid like bottled water or an alcoholic beverage for best results. After about an hour of planning and laying out what I considered were decent parameters to follow we agreed, shook hands and, wished each other good luck. He gave me his cell number to call him in case I got cold feet.

On my walk back to the hotel I remembered seeing a lingerie store and decided to buy Pua a gift for tonight. I picked out a black thong and bra set that had little plumeria flowers arranged in a triangular pattern on the front. When I got back to the room, I took a hot shower to relax. I was daydreaming about tonight when I heard the heavy front door to our room close and a voice call out, "I'm back, want some company?" I said sure. Pua stepped into the shower with me."How was it?" I asked. "It was so good, the massage was so relaxing, I feel great, thank you honey" She smelled of Jasmine oil "Oooh, I like that". "Nice isn't it." she replied while grabbing at my already stiffening cock and stroking me with the soapy lather. I kissed her full and asked her to wait for me outside which she quickly did. I knew if she continued , I'd blow my wad all over the shower.

When I walked out into the bedroom, Pua was lying naked on the bed. I told her to spread her legs and got between them and ate her right there. She rocked her head from side to side. "I was thinking about this all during my massage and was so wet for you that I started making squishy noises" she murmured unintelligibly. She was horny as hell and came in a shattering orgasm after only a few minutes of eating that luscious bare snatch. She wanted to reciprocate by sucking on my stiff boner, but I said there's plenty of time for play later, let's pace ourselves. She pouted in mock protest, curled up, and was asleep in an instant. I turned on the TV and took out the room service menu.

I ordered dinner and went to my carry bag and got out the candles that I brought with me from home. I placed them all about the room. While she slept, I took out the pills and a tiny motar ad pestle that I also brought with me and ground out the proper dose. I put away the powdered mixture, slipped on a shirt, a pair of bermudas and went to the gift shop to buy some drinks. Once there, I got several bottles of water and the berry wine coolers that she so likes. We both aren't drinkers but enjoy a wine cooler or mimosa from time to time. When I returned to the room I woke her up with more tender tongue service on her engorged clit. This got her up in a hurry to another lighter orgasm then before. This time a detectable amount of cum was oozing out of her pussy and down her leg. I suggested she freshen up and get ready for our in room feast which was only minutes away according to my calculations. Pua playfully grumbled about being used as a sex toy as she stammered toward the shower. (She had no idea.)

Room service came right on cue a few minutes later. She came out dressed in a lovely silk pants outfit we had gotten in Tokyo last year; she also found the thong set that I had left on the counter in the dressing area and mention that it was lovely. She was comfortable and ready for a meal. We had a nice petite Caesar salad to start and she had broiled Island lobster tail while I enjoyed Fettuccini Alfredo. I excused myself to prepare the wine coolers to go with our meal. I poured our drinks into the hotel glasses in the bathroom. Hers of course had a little extra kick. I was surprised at how easily the drug dissolved and returned to the bedroom with wine coolers in hand. We toasted and in a few short minutes, the deed was done.

After a satisfying meal, I suggested that we go downstairs and check out what was going on in the resort. She agreed and we got ready to go, I put on some dockers slacks and a Tommy B shirt. She started to remove her thong for something more appropriate but I quickly said, "Please leave it on babe, It's so sexy on you, please?" She looked over at me, pausing for just a moment and replied, "Ok, just for you honey, you have been so good to me today, of course." She wiggled her hips and pulled her thong back on. I was elated and could feel a woody forming. She went to the closet and selected a nice Hawaiian print dress that showed off her curves nicely but didn't over do it. She pulled her hair back tight and placed some artificial flowers in her hair as a crowning point. She looked fabulous.

We walked around arm in arm like teenagers on a date. We heard some singing and laughing in the distance. I guided her towards the commotion. What we found was that the pharmacists had taken over one of the hotel lounges that featured an open mic night. I spotted Glen near the entrance with a couple of his colleagues. He saw us and nodded. I glanced at my watch. It was 9:00 p.m. We were right on time. There was a live band backing the singers and the one who was on the stage as we walked in was pretty good. He was a slightly built white guy who belted out New York, New York. Next, the emcee introduced a pharmacist from Chicago who was going to tell some jokes. Glen took the stage as we were shown to a reserved booth close to the stage but far enough to the side to enjoy a bit of privacy.

Glen's comedy routine was hilarious and Pua was in stitches. Then, he asked for a female volunteer and before you knew it, he pointed in our direction and the spotlight was on our table. Pua looked at me, tensed up saying, "Uh oh?" we then heard the comedian say, "How about you maam, would you be willing to help me out here?" Pua said, "Sure" to a round of applause. She stood up and walked toward the stage. He asked her name, where she was from, if the guy she was with was her boss? Everybody laughed. I didn't pay attention to what happened next, but in a moment it was over and she returned to our table and another performer took the stage.

Pua was definitely buzzed and smiling from the attention during her few minutes of fame. I saw the pharmacist from Chicago making his way to our booth behind Pua's view. He said, "Hi folks." Pua smiled shyly as he thanked her for being such a good sport." I invited him to sit with us and he accepted scooting Pua in closer to me while he took a position at the end of the booth. We re-introduced ourselves properly and he told us his name was Glen. We talked about Hawaii and the different islands. Pua was certainly more talkative than usual and didn't even pull back when he touched her hand. I know she was different in subtle ways but mostly I recognized that she wasn't as guarded as usual. I was delighted. We offered Glen a drink. He declined saying he didn't want to get drunk and miss any of Hawaii's beautiful experiences, now rubbing my wife's hand in soft circular motions.

With Pua safely nestled between Glen and me, we continued talking about his impression of the islands. Pua's personality was evolving more by the minute.

By now I had my hands on her lap and Glen was looking directly into her eyes rubbing her arm as he talked. She was docile but very aware and coherent. I liked the new Pua. The subject changed to our room accommodations. Glen told us how his room overlooked the service entrance to the kitchen area and how he awoke each morning to the sound of the trash trucks emptying the hotel rubbish bins. We all laughed. Pua began to describe our oceanview suite and amenities. Glen commented that it must be real nice, a far cry from the alleyview at the back of the hotel. Again we laughed robustly. That's when I got the surprise of my life. Pua suggested that it were not too late, Glen should come by our room to see the view of the ocean and lights of Waikiki. This was said innocently and without any sexual connotations implied but I Know it was definitely a drug influenced Pua that had just spoken. Glen said he would have to say goodnight to his friends and MAY stop by if it was not too late. We agreed and he bid us a good evening.

We collected our things and headed out the club. I spoke first, "That was nice" "Yes it was, I enjoyed Glen's comedy and his company too." "Was I talking too much dear?, You should have kicked me under the table, I hope I didn't make an ass out of myself." she continued. I asked her if she was tired? "No, I'm actually kinda wired for some reason. I feel good, but I'm ready to go back to our room to spend some time with my sexy husband." I responded with a playful squeeze of her scantily covered ass through her dress.

As soon as we got through the front door to our room, we locked lips in a deep passionate fuck me kiss. My cock was already rock hard. We made our way to the lounger in front of the window. 'Sit", she commanded. She went to the table to light the candles. The room illuminated with a warm glow of the soft candlelight as she sashayed her way back to where I was sitting. I already had my hard 6-inch tool in my hands and was gently stroking it. "I love it when you jack off for me, I love your cock" she purred softly as she handed me a bottle of her scented massage oil. I poured some on my hand to lube up my stiff dick. Pua lifted her dress over her head. The familiar silhouette of my sexy wife's body against the ambient glow of candle light and the lights of Waikiki was an intoxicating site as she positioned herself on the floor between my legs and quickly engulfed my swollen dick in one swift motion. Her cock sucking was somehow different. She gulped and took me deep not at all loving, more like a blowjob from a porn star, deep, wet, sloppy, and so-so pleasurable. I placed my hands on her head pretending that I was a rapist forcing my victim to gag on my hardness.

She made guttural noises within her throat when my concentration was broken by a tapping at the door. I twitched kind of startled, but she didn't seem phased at all. She just kept sucking saying, "give me this fucking cock till I gag". I said with sternness, "Wait, threes someone at the door, maybe it's the comediam from the club that YOU invited to our room to see the view." She looked up at me with a glazed almost stoned look in her eyes. She wiped the drool from her lips as I stood up and walked to the door. "Maybe he'd enjoy the view of your nice round ass in that pretty black thong" I said with a teasing, inviting voice. I looked back, she whimpered loud enough for me to hear, as she got up off the floor, covered herself with the dress and sat up on the lounger eyes fixed on my departure. I got to the door, and looked through the security eyepiece. There was Glen standing just outside, almost on cue.

I opened the door and greeted Glen with a handshake. He saw me, with my shirt off and pants undone, and as if we had rehearsed it a hundred times. he said, "Oh man, I've come at a bad time, I'm sorry" I replied "No man, come on in, we're just hangin' out enjoying the view, and a few other things." "Honey, it's Glen from the club" This is where I really got nervous. Normally Pua would be up off the couch, flying her dress on, tuning on the lights and tidying up. Instead, she looked up dreamily at us walking toward her, "Hi there, nice view from here isn't it?" Glen responded, "More gorgeous than I imagined" and I chimed in, "You should see the room and the lights of Waikiki too," We all, laughed.

Glen sat over on the bed and I reached over the lounger where Pua was sitting and kissed her full on the mouth. She was very responsive but I could tell she wasn't quite sure what was going on, the good news was, she wasn't resistant even though she was aware that she was half naked with a stranger sitting a few feet away from her. Then I whispered something in her ear. (THIS WOUND BE THE TEST, I thought) I whispered, "Babe, You know how you love to watch me jack off while you tease me?" "Would you do that now?" she turned to me and whimpered back, "But what about him?" "Oh he'll be alright, but Honey, if he jacks off too, would you be offended?" I added. She kissed me again and said, "No I wouldn't"

With that, I reached for the bottle of scented oil and joined Glen sitting on the edge of the bed. Pua stood up and faced us seductively dropping the dress she was holding in front of her to the floor. Glen gasped, and said, "Man she is absolutely sexy, you're a lucky man." and started rubbing the growing bulge in his slacks. It only took a minute of my lovely wife's gyrating, quick turns and bend overs giving us a clear view of her pussy lips split by her pulling her thong tighter and higher while she danced. It seems she got turned on by my brisk stroking. She turned once again, showing us her well-developed ass when I noticed Glen's pants were stretched like a teepee about to bust from the inside out. "She is so fucking hot man, I got to let my black,bitch killer out." He unzipped his pants revealing a remarkably huge hard on, and a dick that would definitely split my Pua in two. I gave him some of my oil and he poured some in his hands and onto his cock while Pua still danced for us not really noticing his size in the dim light..

Pua began rubbing her pussy through the material of her thong. She reeled her head back and let out a sigh, indicating that she was enjoying the pleasure of masturbating in front of us while we did the same. Our moans got louder while Glen began to say the dirtiest things at my wife. "C'mon, fuck your self bitch...yea my pretty Hawaiian cock whore." "You love watching this big black dick getting ready to dump a huge fucking load all over your pretty face in front of your husband don't you?" Pua laughed, "Yea I do, you black bastard, pump that dick for me, while I cum on you, you fucker." With that, she said to him, "Lie back!" and Glen lay back on the bed, taking off his shirt and shucking his trousers in a heap at the foot of the bed. I stood up anticipating what was about to happen and got the video camera out of my bag. "You fucking man whore, don't you call me bitch I'm not your fucking bitch, that's for damn sure." "You better get ready to shoot that fucking load and show me you appreciate this Hawaiian goddess" " I am going to cum all over your sorry Chicago ass" "Yes, maam" is all Glen said responding with his hand feverishly working his well oiled tool. I couldn't believe my eyes and ears, but I was loving every second of it and I was getting it on video. Pua kicked off her thong, stepped up onto the bed and positioned herself standing over him with her feet planted at his sides. She winced as she began rubbing and slapping at her vagina crying out "I'm gonna cum, catch it you muther fuckin, manbitch, catch my cum." The sound of splashing surprised Glen making him yell out, "Fuck, oh, fuck, you're fucking squirting all over me, oh man it's so hot. I have never..." Pua spoke next, " what...never had a woman cum like this on you?" "That's right, now open your mouth" as she moved up above his face into a semi squat. "I have more . open yo' fuckin mouth I said, urrrh" as a steady stream of piss like fluid splashed on his face and into his mouth. He turned to spit it out. Shr kicked his sides. "Drink it you pussy" she commanded.

There was no way to hide from my wife's excretions. This was too much for him to take and he let out a manly shriek of pleasure as the first ropes of cum erupted from his spurting cockhead sending Glen into a convulsive growl. The first shot landed on Pua's thigh, but his load was so plentiful, that it continued for about 20 seconds. Glen lay ther frozen, as Pua stepped down from the bed. "You get some good footage hun?" " This fuckin niggahs cock looks a little tired now if you ask me" I put the camera down and on pause and hugged her from behind, She instinctively crawled up on the bed on all fours as I mounted her doggie style. She was so slippery that I could hardly feel the walls of her cunt even as she rung out my rod with her strong cunt muscles. She felt the familiar twitch of my on coming orgasm and timed her cumming with me. "I'm cumming, fuck...give me your cream, I want you to cum in my pussy now." as wave after wave shuttering spasms shok her body while I sent spewing seed into my wife's hungry cunny. She rocked back and forth over my spent member as I collapsed on the bed beside her on one side and Glens limp spent, carcass on the other side of her.

She said, Honey, get the video" I picked up the video and focused on her. Pua reverse straddled Glen's body and told him to hug her ass. He did as she directed. Pua spat on his limp member and began stroking it back to life. I zoomed in on her masterful handling of Glen's oversized tool. "You want to feel my lips on this cock don't you" "Yes" he moaned. "Fuck you, kiss my Hawaiian ass and pussy" He kissed it admirably. She looked back and said to him, "Are you ready for me? Huh, fucker?" "What? you want this fucker?" "YES" was his throaty answer. "Open your mouth and drink". She pushed out all my cum that I had loaded in her. It poured out gooey and white mixed with her juices. It was a nice flow, maybe enough to fill a shotglass. He reciprocated with another load of semen she gripped his pulsating cock tightly sending cum flying onto her tits and hair. She got angry that his cum was in her hair "You son of a bitch" She bit down on her words and let loose another load of squirtage. This time the hot liquid gagged him as she sat upright and ground her twat into his face. She was smothering him with her ass and hairless pussy nearly drowning him with her flow. I zoomed in on the cum running down her crack to his mouth. He was a mess. His face neck and upper torso absolutely covered cum from my beautiful wife's pussy. The aroma of sex was everywhere.

I paused the camera. Pua rolled off the bed. I asked her, "Where are you going?" She didn't answer, just gathered up Glens clothes, wiped herself off with his shirt, then threw the soiled garments right at him saying, "Hey, here are your clothes. Hope you enjoyed the lights of Waikiki" "Get out".

Glen said goodnight and left a few minutes later. Pua just giggled and dragged me into the shower. We fucked till I shot another load, she told me to hold it while she squatted in front of me and took the rest of my load in her mouth. We didn't bother to dry off and I took her to the lounger to suck my seed out of her well used pussy. She came one more time before passing out right where she lay.

The bed was soaked. It smelled of passion and Pua. I was drained but sat at the table and reflected on what had happened tonight. I took out my laptop to download my video images. The evening went differently then planned, but it was amazing. In the morning we showered and went to the outdoor breakfast buffet.

Gle was having breakfast with another black man. When Pua saw him walking to the Buffet. I froze for a short while until she broke the silence and saying n a casual way, "Hey look, it's the comedian from Chicago." She continued to read her newspaper.

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