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And so it was this Saturday morning as vigorously scrubbed my hair and body in the shower, the awful(?)image of me as cocksucking whore on film invaded my thoughts. Toweling, I tried hard to recall how that happened and could only conjure misty impressions of being kissed and possessed by my client Amanda. My senses betrayed me by injecting things like the taste of her pussy, or the cascading warmth on my face from my licking efforts. That bitch! Vague impressions were slowly becoming clearer. Her face fucking me, my searching for her asshole with my tongue, my need for my cunt to be filled... How had she done that to me?

I glimpsed my body in the full length mirror and noticed some faintly bruised nipples. I also noticed a female body that was toned from daily workouts with high pert breasts that belied my 40 years. I felt confident that I could handle the younger, smaller Amanda as I called her to arrange my meet her. She answered, and I told her she had some explaining to do. "You didn't watch the whole DVD did you?" she replied. Uh no. "Well you should!!" And hung up. Coffee in hand I returned to hit play again. The large screen again lit up with a picture of me on hands and knees crawling to a seated Amanda in the van. She sat naked with legs spread and a remote in hand. As the camera panned in, it was obvious she was maneuvering with the remote to create the quality images. And now there was sound. I could hear her asking, "..and what do you want, counselor?" And my begging replies to "..lick her cunt, eat her ass, and please fuck me!" My God, my voice.

The works FUCK SLUT still written on my back she panned close to catch every move of my fevered tongue licking her little asshole and slobbering over her pussy. She soon was bucking into my open mouth and the hidden camera caught every spurt of her squirting pussy into my gaping mouth and frenzied face. Pushing me upright, she turned my shining face to the camera and whispered in my ear. I then began a babbling account of my needs to be fucked like the cum sucking, ass eating whore lawyer I was. My heart sank at watching my wanton depravity.

The camera panned upward and two naked men were on the screen lounging on the extended seat. The tell tale camera found me crawling to them, naked but for my bunched skirt around my waist, and in seconds I had the closest cock in my mouth. I could hear my slurping lips, as well as a monologue of instruction from Amanda somewhere behind me. I couldn't make out her words, but clearly I was happily obeying as I dropped my tongue to the ass of the slightly familiar muscular man. Turning, I offered my own upturned ass to the other gent who promptly grabbed my hips and plunged his hard cock into my wet cunt. I must have enjoyed it, because my lipstick written words FUCK SLUT became a blur as I madly fucked back into that cock while bobbing my head over the cock in my mouth! I had to fast forward. Motions flashed by of cock spewing over my face and tits, and culminating with Amanda appearing with a large strap on and burying it in my ass! Watching, I touched myself with a finger and found my asshole very tender. I wanted to be offended, but my screams of "..yes..yes..fuck my ass..fuck my ass hard..fuck your slut.." denied it was against my will. I continued to fast forward, stopping briefly here and there, (such as unbelievably watching me grab a hard cock and jam it in my squatting ass!) until the DVD stopped with one final still of me lying spread eagle on the little bench, slack mouth drooling, and puddles of juices across my naked body. The words, THIS IS MY LAWYER! appeared over "the end".

I felt humiliated. But oddly excited. My cell phone now chirped and I answered to hear Amanda's voice. "Did you watch our production Counselor?" she asked. Yes, was all I could manage. "Well, try to imagine how your partners would react if I email them a lovely series of section of their prissy partner? If you can, then listen carefully. I own you now, Counselor. You will perform magnificently and tirelessly in court for my divorce. And the same for me, starting this afternoon." I could only listen and pray for her mercy. At her directions, I quickly ran to get dressed to her specifics. Thong panties, the only one I owned, covered with my finest black dress, braless tender nipples chafing against the fabric. I carefully applied my makeup added diamond earrings that would be a present to Amanda, and lastly hiked up my dress to write the word WHORE in bright red lipstick above my shaved mons. Black thigh high stockings and high strapped heels completed my attire.

Taking a last look at the DVD, I isolated one pic of the naked Amanda, ignoring the slavering slut crawling between her legs. Gazing at her nakedness with a clear head I could see that she was quite beautiful with bronze tanned body that reflected her 31 years nicely. I also noticed those lips that I had just felt mashing into mine. Her flat belly atop a lovely shaved pussy was complimented be a narrow stripe of hair almost like an exclamation point downward. Should I grow one of those? Stop! What was I thinking?

Impeccably coiffed head held high, I left my house determined to win my freedom by any means when I arrived at Amanda's. I was truly her lawyer whore in every sense and felt captive and free at the same time!

More about Amanda's House and her continued LEGAL BRIEF....

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