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FreshMEN Year

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"I'm going to cum, Annie. I'm going to cum." he groaned.

I was going to receive my first load since beginning my freshman year in college and it was from one of my professors. This was going to be one interesting year. I grew up in small town USA. I was a pretty conservative young girl as I dated my first true love for a couple of years before losing my virginity. I was a junior in high school when he busted my cherry. It was cramped and unromantic in the back seat of his car and it wasn't anything like I had fantasized about. It actually was painful and after a couple of attempts I had him stop. He never actually penetrated me fully but there was a little blood. So technically I had lost my virginity and all I got out of it was a bunch of warm semen sprayed on top of my belly. I was so afraid of the pain and I was so terrified about getting pregnant. I thought it was because his cock was so big but I was to learn later that he was only average in length. Now I continued to give him head on numerous occasions and actually felt that I had become one great little cocksucker but this act of fucking wasn't nearly all it was cracked up to be. After that night we went back to petting and the session ending blow jobs I remember how the very first few times I had trouble keeping my teeth from nicking his shaft sometimes and then having him pull out and cum on my breasts. He would exploded and sometimes he would accidently discharged some on my hair and blouse and it was such a chore to clean up afterwards. I remember the first time I took his jism down my throat and actually swallowed it all. It was salty and slightly pungent but over all it wasn't that bad. I began to enjoy swallowing his load especially as this act seemed to excite him more than anything. I learn early on that men or boys will do anything to have their dicks sucked and if you swallowed you were a goddess. I dated two other boys before graduating and both of them were much larger than my first lover. They were both so much bigger that I even had trouble taking them down my throat. No way was I going to let them fuck me. I learned quickly how to accommodate them and maybe I don't have a very sensitive gagged reflex but I got to where I could take their burgeoning cockheads to the very back of my throat quite comfortably. I prided myself in taking a full 10 inches into my mouth. Now I did have to do things a little differently for that lover's monster cock. I found that if I laid on my back and put my head over the side of the bed that I could allow him to slide his shaft down my throat sword swallowing style. Once I figured out how to breathe through my nostrils I felt I could deep throat anyone up to 12 inches and I also learned that I could distinguish each one from their distinctive taste. I was kind of a cum coinsurer. My boyfriends thought I was the most amazing girl on the planet and it was so much easier than taking him into my tiny cunt.

But now I was 18 and a freshman in college. I pledged a sorority and was having the time of my life. My history professor was a handsome man probably in his mid 30's and I wound up being one of his assistants. All the girls at the sorority were super jealous especially my big sister Susan as they all thought he was such a hunk. He had asked me to babysit his 4 year old and I was doing it to make a little extra spending cash. The first time he and his wife returned home she was a little bit tipsy and was so obnoxious and berating him as she staggered down the hall. I thought what a bitch to have such a wonderful guy for a husband. I later found out that she was pretty much an alcoholic. The 2nd time they got home he almost had to carry her as she could barely walk. I helped him get her to the bedroom and deposited her on the bed. She passed out before he had removed her second shoe and I remember thinking how this was the place were he made love to his wife but it was pretty obvious that he wasn't getting any tonight. He walked me to the door apologizing for his wife behavior the entire time. I don't know exactly what I said but it was something to the fact that I would never treat him the way she did. He told me I was sweet and gave me a peck on the cheek. I don't know what came over me but I reached up and kissed him passionately on his lips. The next thing I knew I was on my knees by the living room and his pants were gathered around his ankles. His lovely cock was about 10 inches long and the quintessence of a manly cock. I stroke the back half as I sucked on the front part. I kept my eyes open and looked up at him seductively while I took more and more of him into my mouth. He was whimpering softly by the time I had him deep down my throat. I hadn't gotten fully all of him down before I felt his cock head pressing against the back of my throat. I relax my throat muscles and once the reflex settled down then I set my mind to taking all 10 inches. I put my hands around on his firm athletic buttocks and I gobbled down the last couple of inches and my nose was finally touching his stomach. I held him there and lathered the underside of his shaft with my tongue.

"You are so beautiful and amazing." he moaned.

He began gently thrusting his hips and I don't think I sucked him very long this way before his gentlemanly announcement. I sucked him even harder and I heard him grunt and felt his cheeks tighten up and then he exploded against my tonsils. His white hot spunk coated my windpipe until I had to swallow to relieve the pressure. I just relaxed my throat muscles and his white hot lava flowed directly down my esophagus. It was like taking a semen IV directly into my stomach. His taste was sweet with a touch of saltiness. I took his nectar as if it was a gift from the gods and this man could cum. He pumped load after load until I thought he was never going to stop. It must have been a long time since he had cum. When he finally finished and withdrew his sensitive member I stroked his shaft from base to tip and squeezed out the last remaining drops of semen. I looked into his eyes and I licked off his pee slit with a slow flick of my tongue. I know his wife never did that for him. He was so appreciative and also acted so apologetic. He paid me 100 dollars which was way more than the babysitting was worth. He explained it was because I was such a good....babysitter and he stumbled and hawed around while trying to communicate something delicate to me as I was straightening up to leave. I put my finger against his lips and said.

"This will just be our secret. Nobody else need know." I whispered.

I saw the relief cascading down his entire body and he gave me a quick peck on the cheek again and home I went. Once there my roomy was gone as I knew the girls were going to some booze party at one of the frats. I removed the bedspread and lay down on the cool white sheets. I unbuttoned my jeans and slipped them down just far enough to be able to pleasure myself and fanaticized about this hunk of a man fucking me. He was the one that I wanted to give my 'virginity' to. My pussy was already wet from our prior perverse act that we had just perpetrated and I slipped my right hand beneath my panties and began playing with my self. My left hand was squeezing my right breast and as I fantasized about him making love to me. I was so slick and turned on that I didn't even hear someone coming down the hall. It was Susan, my big sister carrying my totally inebriated roommate. I thought I was able to pull my hands out and cover myself with the sheets before she noticed but after she dropped roomy passed out into her bed she came over to me. Now let me tell you about my big sister. This woman was a goddess. She was about 5'10" and ran the hurdles for the college track team. She was blonde and slender but had a nice set of breasts. She had been princess many times for various organizations. She was totally hot. She knelt down next to me and gave me a sinister little grin and asked me what I was up to. I could tell she was a little inebriated and I could smell the alcohol on her breath.

"A little alone time going on? " she asked.

I was so embarrassed as she must have seen what I was up to. She slid the sheets back and saw my white cotton panties were pulled down. She mentioned something like it was always better with someone else than just by yourself. My top was still pushed up and she gently placed her hands on my soft white orb. She squeezed them so softly and I melted to her touch. My nipple was still hard and she bent over to kiss and lick it. It send tingles all over my body. After a little suckling and my body responded so shamelessly she pushed my top and bra up. I looked over at my roomy and she told me that she was so passed out that she wouldn't wake up until the next day. I helped her take them off and she in turn took off her top. Her breast were beautiful. Not as large as mine but more athletic and supple. The fit her figure perfectly. She saw me staring and told me to touch them. I didn't need to be told twice and cupped her breasts with my hands. I had never touched another woman and this whole scenario was so intoxicating. Her aureoles were small and symmetrical while her nipples were unusually large and those suckers were so erect that they stuck out like eraser tips. She leaned over and kissed my face and neck as I kneaded them. She gave me a couple of butterfly kisses on my mouth before she gave me one passionate French kiss and shoved her tongue inside my mouth. It was deep and warm and I was kissing another girl. It was wonderful. Susan suddenly pulled away with a look of surprise in her eyes.

"You sucked off Professor Grayson?" she inquired.

Damn it. She must have tasted a man's cum and put two and two together as she knew that I was babysitting for him tonight. I had to think quickly and I told her that I had some freshman dude that she didn't know come over while they were out and I ended up giving him a blow job. That explanation seemed to appease her and she told me what a slut I was. She started kissing me again and then she slid her hand down to my vee jay.

"OH shit. You're so wet. Did you fuck him?" she asked.

I was squirming all over as she fingered me but managed to respond 'no' to her question. Her hand was driving me wild and I wanted her to finish me off. She stopped and began pulling down my panties. We both removed them simultaneously. That's when I got a good look at her pussy. She was a true blonde and her pubes were trimmed tight at the top with a thin crop line, The rest of her mons was completely shaven. It was the sexiest vagina I had ever seen. She asked me if I liked what I saw and I told her how beautiful she was.

"Boys like it shaven and it's so much easier to keep clean both before and after." she explained.

I was so naïve in these matters and I never really expected to fuck anyone. I resolved myself to trimming my pubes the first chance I had. She laid back down on top of me and we made out as she teased and rubbed my nether regions. This was a forbidden love and Susan was quite the expert. She finally slid her slender middle finger inside me and flicked it across my g-spot. I groaned shamefully and she told me how tight my pussy was. Suddenly she stopped again and got a small vibrator out of her clutch. This woman was prepared. It was a mini and was only about 4 1/2 inches long and the girth of a male's thumb. I heard the humming just before she touched my sensitive clitoris. I lurched as shock wave radiated out across my body. She continued vibrating my pussy and I could see the determination in her face. She was going to fuck me until I came. I felt her position it at the entrance against my vaginal lips and then she shoved it in. I winched and my expression told her it was too big and it actually hurt somewhat..

"Damn! You do have a tight little pussy." she exclaimed.

I told her how I was a virgin and her face was filled with surprise. She asked me with just boys or girls too. I told her with both. Her eyes were full of lust and she dropped down until her mouth was even with my cunt. I guess it doesn't matter if it's a woman or a man, the word 'virgin' brings out the adulterous desire in them. I didn't know what to expect or do and then she began kissing and flicking her tongue everywhere downstairs. She kissed my inner thighs she licked my outer folds. This homecoming queen was an expert at munching on a another woman's pussy. I felt her tongue slid up the entire length of my glistening slit. I yelped out loud. She began devouring my cunt and my shrieks kept getting louder. I couldn't help from crying out and pulled a pillow next to my head and buried my face into it. I didn't want to wake up the entire sorority. She put the vibrator inside against my g-spot and when to work with her mouth sucking on my clit. I had never been so excited...well maybe once before back in high school when one of my lovers finger fucked me and I came so hard I actually peed a little all over his dad's back seat. He ridiculed me for the mess and I always kept myself under control after that incident. You see when I get really excited I almost feel like I'm going to pee during my climax. And tonight I was that excited. Susan was sucking the life out of me as she also vibrated me inside. I wanted to explode but I knew I would leak out uncontrollably. I felt the waves start to radiate out from deep inside my womb and I push her mouth off my cunt. She seemed a little perplexed but got right back to business and again my loins were ablaze. I was at the apex once more before I pushed her away again.

"What's wrong, baby. Why won't you let me make you cum?" she asked.

I was almost out of breath but I managed to relate my pissing story and told her that I didn't want to pee with her mouth down there. She began to chuckle and now I was the one who was perplexed. She began questioning me about the 'feeling like I was going to pee sensation' just before climax. She told me I was such a naïve little precious and then related a story about a former gushing girlfriend of hers. She told me that some girls actually ejaculate just like a man during orgasm except it was a watery like gush rather than a ropey like gob of jism. She looked directly into my eyes when she finished relaying her story.

"And I like it when I make a woman gush into my mouth." she informed me in no uncertain terms. "Just let loose and don't worry about a thing."

She dove back down with a sense of urgency and my fires began to roar. I was bouncing around on top of the mattress and she somehow kept her mouth attached to my pussy. I hear her yelling 'cum baby, push it out' as she suctioned my engorged clit like she was a newborn on her mother's nipple. I wanted to cum so badly. I needed to cum. I rolled my face into the pillow and shrieked bloody murder and gave in to my basic desire. I came, no I exploded in the biggest mind bending orgasms I had ever experienced. I felt fluid spraying out like ignited jet fuel and when I finally looked down that way I was still pissing over everything. It looked like a busted waterworks show. I couldn't stop it if I wanted to and I hosed down the bed and I hosed down Susan. She said she wanted it but she may have gotten more than she bargained for as I flooded the bed and sheets. My climax finally wane down and my flow slow too and I felt a sense of total satisfaction and complete exhaustion. Susan raised up and was covered with gush. It ran down her chin and covered her beautiful bosoms. I held my breath with dire anticipation.

"You are the hottest fucking bitch that I have ever fucked!" she yelled.

She fell on top of me and kissed me deeply. I could taste the fluid in her lips and it wasn't urine but a weaken watery like 'gush' that I had sprayed into her willing mouth. She kissed me deeper than any man or woman ever had. She was hot for me. After awhile she told me that she wanted me to make her cum. I began playing with her pussy and it was slick with her pre cum juices. She nudged me downstairs and I didn't really know what I was going to do being that I had never been with another girl before. She picked right up on it and told me that she would 'instructed' me on what to do. Her ass was right in the middle of the huge wet spot that I had earlier deposited. It didn't phase her one bit. I licked here and there and she would tell me where to slow down or continue even faster. Her pussy was pure honey and her taste like sweet nectar. He juices kept getter slicker and more profuse and I knew I was on the right tract. I wanted to make my first woman lover experience an orgasm by me. I felt her hands grasp my head and hold me down tight as she bucked like a bronco. She whimpered her orgasmic chorus and it was so hot and sexy. She flooded my mouth with an overflow of her juices as she climaxed. Her cum tasted sweeter than wine. I drank from her forbidden fountain until she had no more to give. She lay there gasping for breath and I surveyed her heaving breasts and felt pride and satisfaction in the job I had done. I had made her cum and just like the blow jobs that I gave the guys I knew that I would soon be a pussy eating expert before long. She reached out to me weakly and I curled into her arms and kissed her passionately this time. She looked lovingly into my eyes.

"I'm going to spend the night with my new girlfriend." she cooed.

I pushed the soaked sheets off the bed and covered us with the bedspread and we fell asleep in each others arms. I had sucked off one of my professors and fucked the home coming queen this weekend and the first month of the semester was not even over. Freshman year was going to be great! Fortunately I woke up the next morning before my passed out roomy did. Susan helped me do a load of laundry which included the soaked sheets and she retired to her own room. Before she left I asked her if we were actually going to be couple. She told me that I was her girlfriend in no uncertain terms. I asked her what about her boyfriend Dave the basketball player from our bother fraternity and she responded what he didn't know wouldn't hurt him and that she still considered him her boyfriend but that when the cats away the mice will play. I took that to mean that we could still see other men but we were committed lesbian girlfriends. I like that and set my mind back on getting laid by the professor. I slept in Susan's room that night and she expanded my lesbian sexual world again. We bathed together and she shaved off my hairy cunt only leaving a little triangular patch on top. I was so excited from how attractive my pussy now was. She continued to tell me how beautiful I and my pussy was the entire time she ate me afterwards. She was intelligent enough to bring some towels to our foray but I still managed to hose her down. I was fucking enjoying the shit out of sex and couldn't wait to be fucked by a man for the first time in my life. Wednesday afternoon was my shift as the professor's aide and I couldn't wait for that day to arrive. At first he just acted polite as though nothing had happened between us that night. I didn't want to act too smothering or overly possessive but I hope he knew that I didn't go around blowing everybody. When the hours passed by and it was close to the end of my time to leave I couldn't wait any longer. I got up from my desk and went into his office and locked the door. He definitely noticed it as I made my way over to his big hardwood desk. I went around and sat on top of it facing him with my legs crossed seductively in front of him. I had worn a short skirt and loose fitting blouse without any bra and had my hair up in the old school secretary mode that day. I started talking to him about how things were going at home and you could see he was getting a little tense. He fumbled around saying everything was fine before finally bringing up the events of that night. He apologized again telling me that he was just overcome by the moment and that it should have never happened. I told him that I understood completely and that I was the one who wanted it to happen and that I knew he was in a committed relationship but that I wasn't looking for anything like that right now. That seemed to put him at ease and I continued saying that it didn't mean that we couldn't still see each other from time to time. I let down my hair in the finest tradition of a Hollywood movie and switched my crossed legs to the other side. Then I leaned forward and told him that I needed him to do something for me. I watched him squirm with trepidation. I reached down and gently stroked his crotch area. He resisted and told me that we shouldn't do this again. I felt his member began to swell. I told him in my sexiest tone of voice that while his mouth was telling me no that downstairs it was telling me yes. I undid his trousers and pulled them down while he was still sitting at his desk. His magnificent cock sprung out like a jack in the box. I stroked it until it was nice and hard. I quickly unbutton my top and showed my buxom bosoms. I saw that he was impressed as he reached out and cupped them.

"I love your strong hands on my breasts." I moaned.

I dropped down and began kissing and teasing his ridged head and then licked the sides of his shaft around it before taking him in my mouth. He groaned loudly and that's when I knew he was mine. I bobbed my head up and down his shaft as he set behind his desk. Nothing like an afternoon blow job to relieve some stress. I rubbed my tits against his thighs as I sucked him and when he was nice and hard I stood up and pulled down my panties out from under my skirt and then ever so slowly pulled the skirt up inch by inch until my freshly shaven vagina was bared for him to see. His eyes were wild with desire and I told him this is what I wanted him to do for me.

"I want you to be the first." I whispered.

He looked confused and then aghast and that's not the response that I had imagined.

"You're a virgin?" he asked and I nodded yes.

He told me how beautiful I was and that one day that special person would come along that I could give this gift to. I told him that he was that guy I wanted to give my virginity to and he only told me that he so wished he was but..... I couldn't believe he was turning me down. He kissed me and told me that I would understand one day but he couldn't and wouldn't as he wasn't that guy. I was upset but I respected his opinion. I gave him an accepting look and then a sly grin.

"But we could finish what we started today?" I asked sheepishly.

"Would you?" he begged.

I dropped back down and went to work. Before long I was deep throating him and the head of his cock was touching the back of my throat. I relax my gag reflex once again and took him deeper and sucked him like a professional.

"Fuck! How do you do that." he gasped.

He was instinctively thrusting upward and I knew he was driving that train to it's final destination one more time. I only sucked him harder before his grunts began to grow in intensity and I felt that hot lava of his erupting and he began squirting it into the back of my throat. I was practically bare ass naked, down on my knees with my mouth fully filled with his hard dick swallowing his white hot jism. He loved it and gave me his massive load. I took every last drop. When he finished I told him that I loved his sweet dick and he told me that he loved my sweet mouth and we both chuckled a little. I dress while he recovered and he told me once again that I was not going to have any problem finding the right guy to give my virginity to. I so wanted him to be the one. I collected my things and rushed off to the sorority house with his sweet taste still in my mouth.

The next few weeks I wet Susan's bed several times and blew the professor after his date nights with his wife. Susan could still taste the semen on my breath one night and told me what a slut I was while she fucked my brains out. She had told me that she would never let a man cum in her mouth but she didn't have any problem drinking my juice. I don't know if she was upset that I saw other men but she had a boyfriend too. She still hadn't put 2 and 2 together about Grayson and I still wanted to fuck the professor. I started hanging out with Susan's friends more and that meant her boyfriend, Dave and his basketball buddies. Susan was really jealous when it came to him and was always accusing him of chasing after other women. It wasn't surprising as he and his other basketball buddies all seemed to have that jock entitlement mentality. Our brother frat had a lot of jocks as members but one of them who wasn't on any school sport teams was a cute guy named Chris. I found him to be interesting and we began seeing each other at functions and outings more and more. Both of us being freshman and on the 'outside' of athletics only bound us closer together. He was a little obnoxious just like the jocks though but still he was good looking and I enjoyed being around him. I also thought that if I could get him to pop my cherry than maybe the professor would be interested in giving me a ride. I just had to get his cock out of my mouth and into my pussy. Perhaps Susan was right maybe I was a slut. I had dreams about that perfect dick of his. The sorority had a joint function the next weekend and our brothers were all over. Lots of beer drinking and those stupid frat games going on in the back yard. Chris and I hung out the entire night with both of us getting pretty wasted. He kissed me in the foyer and I decided that I wanted to be with him. Everyone was still preoccupied and we slipped away to my room. Of course wouldn't you know it my roomy was already there with some dude. I took Chris up to Susan's room and was indulged in a little make out session. He had my blouse practically off as he squeezed my orbs with all the eagerness of a high school boy. I tugged at his pants and he pulled them down instantly. His cock was a bit larger than average but not nearly as large as the professors. I thought it would be the perfect size for my first time. I dropped to my knees and began to blow him with my usual expertise. He was in love with my mouth. We hadn't gone very far before I heard the door opening and his body was between me and it so I couldn't tell who it was. Then I heard the voice.

"Hey Chris, who have you got there?" he said loudly.

It was Dave and he was loaded. Chris kept his body between us trying to protect my identity but Dave came right over announcing that we should continue what we were doing and not to pay him any mind. He ended up seeing who was sucking Chris's dick. I held my body against his thighs to cover my exposed breast which was pretty senseless considering that I had his dick inserted inside my mouth. Chris was really into my blow job and he shoved his dick back down my throat and I for some reason continued to suck him even though Dave was watching. Chris never had a blow job like this before and I saw that he didn't want me to stop as he groan every time I sucked him down. I started deep throating him which only brought out some crude remarks from Dave.

"Damn, she can sure suck cock." he commented.

Dave began making encouraging remarks to his frat mate and even began throwing a few compliments my way. I noticed he was rubbing his own crotch but I was just trying to pay attention to the job at hand. I never noticed that Dave had dropped his pants and moved right next to me.

"You don't mind sharing with your big brother." he said to Chris.

The asshole never asked me what I thought as he pushed his semi-hard cock next to my face. His dick was big, in fact it looked a lot like the professor's. I gasped it without thinking and stroked him gently. That sucker got erect, quick, fast and in a hurry. It looked like the professor's doppelganger. I went into auto pilot mode and stroked my dear professor's cock. I kissed the sides of his shaft and then took him down my throat. It was like I was actually sucking Grayson as their cocks were almost identical in length and girth. I took him deep down to the back of my throat and he shoved his dick forward causing me to gag a little. The motherfucker laughed.

"You're not going to be able to take all of my man snake." he chortled.

I backed off and then slowly slid his cock back against my tonsils and lathered the underside of his shaft with my tongue. He groaned like a guy getting his first blow job and I suctioned him until my cheeks looked like dried prunes. What I wanted to do was bite that sucker off. He moaned even louder and professed his love for my mouth and I coated his entire shaft with my saliva before going back to Chris. At that point I took turns sucking and stroking them until I felt Chris start to buck while I was sucking him. I squeezed the base of his shaft and went into overdrive as my head bobbed up and down his shaft. His cock exploded inside my mouth and he spewed out a good sized load of warm man juice that I greedily sucked down my throat. He tasted tart but sweet. When he finished he set down on the bed and I went to work on Dave. He had more to work with and I coated his shaft fully and then began stroking the back half while sucking on the front.

" I've never had my knob polished like this in my entire life!" he announced to Chris.

He began thrusting and grunting and I knew it was his time to cum. His cock erupted and he jetted his massive load into my warm sweet mouth. He came much longer then Chris. I guess big cock, big load, it made sense to me. I drank his hot lava down unlike what his current girlfriend, my big sister would. He tasted like a typical jock all sweat and pungent. I kept sucking the jism out of his dick even after he was done. I squeezed the last drops from his shaft and suctioned him bone dry and his tender member couldn't handle it. He yanked his cock out of my mouth almost falling against the bed.

"Enough!" he gasped as his sensitive dick was probably feeling like it was being stuck with needles.

Both of them were still panting but their eyes never left me and I gave them a little show as I licked my lips seductively. They commented on what a oral goddess I was. I put on my bra and was pulling my blouse on and they were zipping up there pants when the shit hit the fan. Susan walked in just as Dave was pulling up the last zipper.

"What the fuck is going on here?!" she cried out.

"Nothing, Baby." Dave feebly replied.

Susan was glaring at us. She wanted to get down to the bottom of all this and she wanted to know everything yesterday. Dave denied, Dave made excuses, Dave stated that he was just taking a piss break. Susan told us to take a hike and Chris and I took off.

"And keep your mouth shut!" she ordered.

We hadn't even got out the door before I hear Susan accusing Dave of fucking me. He denied and denied. Chris was halfway down the stairs. Typical, a quick blow job and then off with the boys. I stayed and listened at the door. I heard her order Dave to pull his pants down which he resisted at first but when she screamed for him to drop them, he must have known she meant business. I couldn't see but I'm sure she was inspecting him and when she found the saliva coated evidence she let him have it.

"You bastard! You don't fuck my little sister!" she yelled.

It was at that point that Dave came clean. Well kinda. He threw me under the bus. He told Susan what a slut I was and how I had enticed them both upstairs to give them a blow job. He told her that he tried to resist but that I wouldn't keep my hands off of him. I wasn't about to go back in there and defend myself. I figured I would explain my part the next day when heads weren't filled with vodka and beer. I went back to my room to sleep it off. I was drunk and I knew I'd feel terrible the next morning and to make matters worse I didn't even get laid. I fell straight asleep. I didn't see Susan for most of the day. Chris did text me and asked if I was alright. He told me that he's like to take me out the next weekend. It was sweet and considerate. I got up the courage to confront Susan that evening and I could tell that she was still upset. She told me that best friend's don't fuck each others' boyfriends. I explained my side and it seemed to placate her somewhat. I told her that I didn't even get laid and she told me that she didn't either.

"You sucked him completely dry, you little slut." she laughed.

We kissed and she wanted me to eat her out. I did and she came like a racehorse. I left her comatose after her tremendous orgasm and went back to my room. I sucked off three guys and one girl this weekend and never got to cum even once. Well hopefully the next week would be better. Everything seemed normal that week except I felt a touch of resentment in her tone of voice. I put that off as guilt on my part. The four of us were suppose to go out together Friday night but the professor had asked me to babysit. He was taking his wife out a lot more these days it seemed. I told Susan we could still go out after I got off. She blew up my phone that night and wanted me to text her as soon as I was able to leave as she would pick me up to speed things along. Grayson returned home around midnight and we ushered his drunken wife to bed. He took me in his arms as soon as we excited the bedroom and I blew him on the sofa. I still couldn't get him to pussy fuck me and took my usual load down the back of my throat. His cum was so sweet and delicious to me now. I text Susan as he was pulling up his pants and she said she'd be right over. It only took a minute or two being so close to campus and I jumped into the front seat with her. She leaned over and gave me a big wet kiss and that ended up being a big mistake.

"You are blowing the professor." she stated.

She could taste the semen in my mouth. Well it's not like I could just head back into his wife's bedroom and gargle or anything. I stammered that she was mistaken and that I had sucked some dude early that evening while the Graysons were out. She called me a liar as the man juice in my mouth was fresh and I realized the jig was up and asked her to promise not to tell anyone due to his precarious position.

"Do you just suck off everybody?" she asked.

I tried to explain but it was no use. I saw her grin with a sly look of realizing that she had something over me but I couldn't began to know what was going on in her devious little head. She told me that I was going to owe her big time. I sat wondering what she wanted on the way back and was definitely afraid of what kind of payment she would demand. We arrived at the frat house and joined Dave and Chris out back and started drinking with them. As the evening worn on the whiskey shots started coming fast and furious. I didn't want to imbibe that much but Susan gently encouraged me to drink.

"She needs to get a bad taste out of her mouth." she chided.

I noticed that she wasn't having that much herself while the rest of us were getting tanked. Around two the four of us went back to Dave's room and we set on opposite ends of the bed and began making out. It seemed harmless enough but I was really tipsy and Chris was actually turning me on. We lay back on the bed and the guys were simultaneously playing and sucking on our breast. I turned my head towards Susan and we kissed and she whispered in my ear that she wanted to see me lose my virginity tonight.

"I want to watch you do it." she whispered in a firm but hushed tone.

It seemed a little over the top for me to fuck Chris in front of them but it wasn't like any of them had never seen me partially naked before. I pulled Chris up to me and kissed him passionately and told him that I wanted him to make love to me. He took off his clothes in under 10 seconds. I began kissing on his chest and worked my way down stairs and sucked him like the last time except at a much slower pace. I didn't want him cumming before he fucked my pussy. When I thought he was really feeling it I stood up and took my pants off and laid down next to him. He kissed me passionately and turned me on my back. He mounted me and I eagerly spread my thighs apart. I was filled with intrepedation but I did want to get it over with and finally have my cherry popped. I anxiously await his penetration and completely forgot about Dave and Susan until she spoke.

"Go easy on her as she still a virgin." she informed Chris.

He told me to hold his cock against my vagina and to guide him as slowly as I wanted. I held his hard shaft and placed it at the entrance to my bald vee and pulled him slightly towards my waiting pussy. He pressed forward slowly and I felt the head of his cock slip past my inner folds. Then came the pressure and it was intense. It didn't actually hurt but it wasn't really comfortable either. I let out a little yelp and he froze.

"Are you okay?" he asked.

I told him that I was but for him to please be very gentle. He pressed forward some more and I could feel his shaft stretching out my vaginal tunnel wider and wider apart as he fed more and more of his hard dick inside me.

"Damn, she's tight." he announced.

Once he got most of it in and I wasn't screaming my head off he proceeded to slowly fuck me with a smooth but steady stroke. I could feel my pussy getting wetter and the pressure seemed to subside. After a bit he was fucking me a little faster and although I wasn't enjoying it that much at least it was tolerable. Of course Chris was sure enjoying the feeling of my tight little pussy squeezing his rigid shaft. He was beginning to give a running commentary on how sweet and tight my cunt was. He began stroking me faster and more forceful. Anyone one could see that he was going to be spewing his load very soon.

"Don't cum inside her as she's not on the pill." Susan warned him.

My pussy began to warm up to my first cock fucking and it was a strange and new sensation but I was getting into it. Having a man penetrate my pussy with his warm hard shaft was starting to turn me on. But Chris was too far ahead and I needed more time. His teenage hormones kicked in and it was all about him and his pleasure. It wasn't to be as he started grunting and announced that he was going to cum soon.

"Cum in her mouth!" she ordered.

Chris jerked his cock out and scrambled over my chest and held his slimy cock in front of my mouth. His dick was covered with my vaginal juices and he pressed it forward. I opened wide and took him. I could taste myself as I sucked his raging cock. He fired off his first salvo as soon as it was inside. I sucked him hard as he jacked off inside my mouth. He whimpered each time he let loose another load and I swallowed him expertly. I didn't spill a drop and he final finished depositing his first load down my throat. His taste was as before except with a side of cunt. It was delicious. I looked at Susan and licked my lips and she was so impressed that I swallowed it all. She jumped on me and French kissed me like a ravenous animal.

"You are such a fucking hot little slut and you are getting me so hot." she yelled.

She was so turned on and she ripped off her pants and climbed on top of me. She rubbed her cunt against my face and told me to eat her out. I lapped at her juicy cunt and her nectar had never been sweeter. I guess the boys were getting a good show and I felt someone rubbing my pussy. My clit was one sensitive button and I instinctively jerked. Susan noticed it and she looked behind us and I guess it was her boyfriend Dave who was touching me.

"You can't wait to stick your cock into her, can you?" she asked. "Well, go ahead and fuck her you bastard."

She gave him permission to fuck me? I was in no position to object. I felt him spreading my legs apart as he positioned himself between my thighs. I guess I was going to get my cherry popped twice tonight. Then I remembered how big his cock was and I subconsciously tried to keep my legs together. Susan noticed my resistance and she smiled down at me and gave me that 'I own you look' and I knew it was futile to resist. When the head of his huge cock was pressed against my wet petals it felt like a baseball bat was resting down there. I knew from the other night that he was the same size as the professor but once he was poised to penetrate me it felt so much bigger. I held my breath as he pressed forward. His head began stretching me from the get go and at first I didn't think I could handle it. It was like trying to shove a sausage through a garden hose. I screamed and Dave was neither polite or gentle, he just kept shoving it in. I was screaming non stop and Susan told me to shut up and shoved her cunt over my mouth to drown out the noise. Dave continued his assault and didn't even give me a chance to adjust to his huge cock. I felt him withdraw some before shoving it forcefully back it. It still wasn't getting as deep as he wanted.

"Shit!" he yelled as he was upset with the progress.

He kept ramming it in and soon he was able to get more of that thick dick inside. I begged him to stop but he wasn't paying any attention to my protest. I was thinking how much worse it would have been if he had fucked me first. Even my juiced up cunt could barely accommodate him. He finally drove the last of it inside me and I felt like my pussy was at it's tearing point. Than goodness he stopped for a few seconds as he savored the tightest my cunt was giving him. But it didn't last long.

"Oh fuck!" he cried out.

He started pumping me and I couldn't do anything but lay there and take it. I groaned every time he shoved forward. I was in agony while he was in ecstasy. He picked up the pace and then suddenly my pussy began to feel a warmth pervading it. The longer he fucked me the warmer it got. I heard myself beginning to moan.

"Are you enjoying yourself back there? I knew you wanted to bust her cherry from the moment I told you she was a virgin." Susan said. "To bad Chris beat you to it, you motherfucker."

Susan was chastising her boyfriend as he fucked another woman. She wanted him to fuck me but yet she was upset because he was. Dave may not have been the first guy but he was definitely fucking some virgin territory as he was reaching depths that Chris hadn't. I started concentrating on my own pleasure as I was getting use to that stuffed feeling and I was moaning nonstop.

"Listen to the little slut." Susan commented.

I was actually starting to enjoy this invasion of my most private part and I could feel an orgasm coming on. I was afraid I was going to explode and squirt all over the both of us and I didn't want to let Dave have the satisfaction of driving me to that point. He was a motherfucker but his cock was wonderful. I tried to hold it back and not let myself completely go off the deep end but some of it still slipped out as I climaxed for the first time tonight. I shrieked and my pussy began to spasm and it was this asshole who brought me to my first vaginal orgasm.

"Shit! She peeing all over me." Dave announced.

"She gushing you idiot." Susan explained.

Thankfully, Dave had stopped fucking me as I had a little squirting climax. If not I might have hosed the room down. When he realized that I was cumming he began fucking me harder. I was still recovering and he was just really getting started. Susan was grinding her cunt against my mouth with more urgency that before and I knew she was wanted me to get her off. She yelled at me to eat her faster but I was in a post climax haze. She looked elsewhere for satisfaction.

"Pull your dick out of that slut and get up here and fuck me. I need you to make me cum." she told Dave.

He was pounding me pretty good and seemed in no hurry to accommodate Susan's request. She call him a motherfucker again and told him to get his ass up there now. I felt him pull out and I saw Susan raise her ass up and lean forward to allow him to fuck her doggie. His cock was wet and this close it did look like a baseball bat. He shoved it in and began pounding her immediately. I felt a strange void between my legs and even though I had just been abused by his hard dick I actually wanted more.

"Oh make me cum baby. Make me cum." she ordered.

I watched his cock rock back and forth and I don't think I could ever have a better view of a man's cock fucking someone's pussy. She filled her completely with that thick cock of his but she handled it easily and even wanted more. She ordered me to lick her clit and she wanted to cum in the worst way. I sucked on her engorged button as best as I could and was rewarded with some sweaty balls slapping me in the face. Dave was fucking her rapidly and I heard him grunting loudly. Then I thought I heard some noises by the door and it wasn't Chris as he was on the other side of the bed.

"Lock the fucking door!" Susan yelled.

I heard the door shut and in my position I couldn't tell who had just come in. Susan could tell Dave was almost there and told him to slow down.

"I'm not quite there yet, baby." she stated.

It was too late as Dave slammed her ass so hard it pushed her cunt above my face. I saw the base of his cock began to twitch and his grunts informed me that he was cumming. His cock pulsed out his load deep into Susan and she was not happy.

"Nooo! you asshole!" she screamed.

My eyes were locked on as he began depositing that enormous load of his. I remembered how he had cum in buckets the other night and this was no different. Susan received it but it wasn't exactly want she had wanted. After a bit I saw his pulses winding down and then he pulled out and it seemed to take forever as he pulled inch after inch. I couldn't believe I had taken the same measure into my pussy. Susan immediately dropped back down to my mouth and told me to finish her off. She was bound and determined to get off. I sucked her juicy cunt and then I began to taste that sweaty gym taste of Dave's as his load began leaking out of her freshly fucked cunt. Their cocktail tasted sweet and tart and Susan made sure my mouth never left her pussy.

"You boys want to fuck some slutty virgin pussy?" Susan asked.

"Boys? There was more than one. I still couldn't see who it was but I could hear them getting undressed. She told Leroy to fuck me first. Leroy? That was the name of one of Dave's basketball teammates and he was black. Someone was settling into position between my legs and I could feel a huge cock head being rubbed across my puffy vaginal lips. Again I wanted to protest and I wanted to say no but this time my pussy wanted to say yes. I was a slut and a big one. He also felt like a big one and it took some effort to slid his dick past my petals. He began pumping me as soon as he was half way in and before long he had a nice little pace going. I was still savoring some cum filled pussy and Susan was jerking her pelvis against my mouth and moaning like a paid professional. She let loose a nice little climax and her pussy got even juicier. I was being fucked by a large dick and eating a crème pie fill cunt at the same time and I was enjoying it, Susan slumped forward some and I could finally see a small gap under her cunt. I couldn't see the entire person but what I saw was so fucking erotic. I looked past my soft breast down to my taunt alabaster stomach to my bald mons and there was this ebony shaft sliding up and down between my thighs. I couldn't see it entering my cunt but I sure could feel it. The darkness of his shaft highlighted the juices that were covering it and it glistened with the sex of my hot and juicy pussy. His cock was just as large as Dave's but I seemed to accommodate his so much better. My pussy was filling with warmth once again and I wanted to cum more than anything.

"Fuck me harder." I moaned.

Susan told everyone how much of a slut I was. She said I was a virgin until tonight and now I was the school slut. Well maybe she was right because right now I wanted anyone to fuck me until I came. My nether regions began burning and this time I didn't try to hold anything back. I even wrapped my legs around his ass to pull him deeper inside me. I was moaning like a whore. I heard some unfamiliar voices urging him on as the pack mentality kicked in. It was 'fuck her harder, give it to her' and Susan kicked in with how big a slut I was. I didn't care as I wanted to cum so badly and I did.

"Aaagghhh!" I shrieked.

I pushed hard and I let loose a squirt that was the mother of all squirts. It covered everything and everybody within a four foot radius.. It was an epic orgasm that silenced everyone in the room. The only thing you could hear was me panting as I lay there in my post orgasmic bliss. I finally heard some hushed 'wows and damn'. Susan lifted her ass off my face and leaned against the headboard. I could see two other guys and they were both members of the BB team.

"Apparently the slut likes that dark meat." she echoed.

Leroy began fucking me as my legs bounced around lifeless and limp. He was going to finish me off with some of his hot jism. Susan again warned him that I wasn't on BC and told him that he could cum in my mouth. He scampered up to my mouth and I accepted his dark meat. Someone took his place and it was another black basketballer named Cecil. He was just a bit larger than the first one. I know these were all tall guys but did they all have huge cocks too? I had wanted to lose my virginity tonight and now I had two big black cocks filling my cunt and mouth. In the beginning I could barely tolerate having my pussy stuffed with dick and now I still felt stuffed but I could handle them fairly easy. Susan's ass was still hovering above my head as I sucked Leroy. She was taking it all in and then she made a unusual request.

"Leroy, I want you to fuck me." she told him.

She backed her ass back over my face and he positioned himself directly behind her. She told Dave that she wanted him to watch her taking some other guy's dick into her cunt. It seemed like she wanted to get even with him.

"I want you to watch me getting fucked by another man and see how you like it." she chided.

Leroy drove his black dick inside her and she moaned like it was her first time to be fucked. She took him easily and even fucked him back some. I watched her pussy being filled with Leroy's chocolate thunder and he pounded her balls deep. It didn't take long for her to get close as she was so into it. I don't know if she was putting on a show for Dave's benefit or if she like black dick but this girl was going to cum.

"Oh your big black cock feels so good inside me. I want you to give my your cum. I want you to shoot it deep inside me." she cried.

Her body began to spasm and Leroy slammed her as hard as he could. He told her that he was going to cum and she just kept fucking him back. They were in a race to get off. He grunted and shoved every last inch up her cunt and I thought I could hear his semen jetting into her pussy.

"Give it to me! Give me some of that black dick! Fuck!!!!" she screamed.

They came together and Leroy filled that slut full. Susan moaned louder that normal as she came and I felt sure it was for Dave to hear but she did cum hard. Leroy may have even cum more than her boyfriend did the first time. I was being fucked by someone the entire time and was still being pounded when Leroy pulled out. Susan stayed positioned over my face as she rested her head against the pillow. I saw her cunt flailed open as the girth of Leroy's cock had spread her apart. I was looking straight into her pussy when a small white bead began to form deep inside. It began to ooze out and I guess Susan was feeling what I was seeing. She lifted her torso back up and positioned her pussy directly above my mouth. I watched in slow motion as one long strand lengthen until it dangled down directly over my lips.

"Open your mouth!" Susan commanded and then I heard her straining.

She was pushing his deposit out of her cunt and a torrent of warm semen began flowing out of her nasty hole. Her aim was perfect and I tasted his spend load and it tasted like bitter sweet chocolate. It poured out and didn't stop and Susan took special glee in feeding me his sperm out of her freshly fucked cunt. I swallowed another load and it was my fourth one of the night.

"The slut loves to swallow." she informed everyone.

I could feel an ember began to burn inside my pussy but this guy was already at the point of no return. The last remnants of Leroy had emptied down my throat when this current dude's grunts were starting to fill the room and again Susan made her strange request.

"Cum in my cunt!" Susan yelled.

He made his way across my weary chest and shoved his dick inside her. She made sure that Dave saw that she was taking another black cock up her cunt. He came immediately and once again when he was done he pulled out and she poised herself to piss into my mouth once more. She berated me the entire time as the drippings flowed from her pussy. "Swallow his load you cock sucking slut!" she cried. This guy tasted like the gym once again and I figured that's the way most jocks would taste. I wasn't even paying attention as the last guy was spreading my over worked thighs. I was gargling down the last of that chocolate gism when I feel a pressure unlike anything I had before. It was a giant of a man and he had a mega sized dick that fit his frame. It was abnormal and the biggest cock I had ever seen. Now this was one monster porn sized cock and I heard one of the guys say.

"Do her ,Bull." somebody cried and Susan added another insult.

I knew exactly where he got that nickname. The pain was instant and it wasn't going away. I began screaming for mercy and Susan set on my face again. He just plowed away and even though he couldn't get the whole thing in, I figured at least 12 inches were lodged inside me. Then just as before the discomfort began to be replaced with that warmth that only a man's cock can bring. My cunt betrayed me and the slut that I was came forth and I actually wanted that almost unbearable feeling of my pussy being stretched way past it's normal limits. Once my pussy caught on fire I tried fucking him back and we went at it like a couple of horny dogs. I couldn't believe how fast the sensation down there turned around and I was cumming in under two minutes. I had a series of minis that were accompanied by little short squirts that didn't seem to stop. He's shove and I'd scream and squirt every time. It was one long continuous orgasm that I had never experienced. The sheets were already wet and now they were soaked as I squirted until I flat ran out of juice. Susan was watching it all and told Bull that she wanted a piece of him.

"Pull that big dick of yours out of that slut and get up here and fuck me. I want to try some of that." she told him. Bull made his way up and shoved the big sucker into Susan. It even made her and that big pussy of hers groan a bit as it was so massive. She took him into her cunt and he was slamming her ass as he fucked her so deeply. She probably had a huge cunt compared to mine. I wondered how many cocks she had been fucked with. Of course if Chris would have been the starting point guard I would have fucked the entire basketball starting unit. She kept telling Dave how much she loved Bull's dick and told him how good his cock felt stuffed up her pussy. You could tell how much she was enjoying humiliating him as she was riding that gravy train once more. She had been calling me a slut this whole time. Well maybe I am a slut but Susan was the biggest whore I ever saw and she didn't even realize it.. She ended up getting off and had another big orgasm. She collapse forward but Moose held on to her hips and began reaming her out. You could hear the sounds of skin against bare skin as he pounded her like a limp ragdoll. Bull bellowed and he came too and his was the true mother of all ejaculations. He pour load after load into her hammered hole. It seemed like it took him 5 minutes to finally finish and when he pulled out his massive cock it dropped down and slapped me in the face. Susan was exhausted but not so tired that she couldn't piss his cum into my mouth again. She seemed to get some perverse pleasure in this act. It was cock to my cunt and then into her cunt and her cunt to my mouth. His sperm was pungent and tasted like gym socks but I swallowed it all. Susan collapsed to one side when she was empty of that last load. I thought it was over but I should have know better about five hormone driven teenagers. She actually afforded me some protection by hovering her ass over my face. Once the interference was gone I had so many cocks being shoved in my mouth. There was always at least two cocks and one was inside my pussy and the other was being shoved down my throat. Small cock, big cocks, black cocks, I fucked and sucked them all. Susan pretty much stayed on the sideline except for the derogatory comments of encouragement about giving it to the 'little cock sucking slut'. Everyone came at least one more time and a couple of them came three times as I lost count. I never got off my back but even though they all fucked my cunt raw nobody came inside me. Susan actually helped me out towards the end as I tried to deep throat Bull and was gagging for the first time in a long while. It must have got her so excited that she told him that she wanted him again. She let him plow her backdoor right beside me and I was thankful as my pussy was sore as hell as someone was down there fucking the shit out of me. Not having Bull fucking me after was a nice little break. She still leveled her comments at Dave as Bull fucked her telling him how big and how good Bull's cock felt inside her. She was a total bitch when she wanted to be. She got off as Bull filled her full for the second time tonight. I could see that she was totally spent after that last orgasm but she was still able to set on my face and fed me their cocktail. She kept yelling that I was such a slut and for me to clean her up. She really enjoyed shaming me with this perverted act and professing what a cock sucking slut I was. She was just as big a slut as I was and I bet the whore starts fucking Bull on the side before the next weekend arrives. I know that I must have swallowed at least 10 to 12 loads plus the professors earlier for a total of 13. A girls could start gaining some weight with some much protein. Towards the end I was pretty much out of it and it ended with some black cock nutting his junk all over my face when I didn't open my mouth fast enough. He waited to long to pull out and began spewing before I could suck him. Two long ropey strands landed across my chin and cheeks before he shoved that chocolate shaft down my throat. My jaws were going to be as sore as my pussy the next day. The crowd dispersed and I was the only naked person in the room. Exhausted and laying on the bed, my face was smeared with cum and my pussy looked like hammered shit. I'm sure I looked as nasty as I felt. Even though I lost my virginity and I had cum a couple of times there was still a sense that something was missing. Was that all my pussy was good for or did it have some other special purpose? Susan told everyone in no uncertain terms that they should keep their damn mouths shut. Her reputation was on the line as well as mine. After about 15 minutes resting by myself, I cleaned up as best as I could and made my way toward the main door. Some of the guys were there plus some others frat dudes that hadn't participated. I wondered if they knew what had happened upstairs. I felt all of their eyes were watching me. I walked up those stairs a virgin and now I was walking back down in shame as I had been fucked over a dozen times. I didn't think I would want to get fucked for another year after that episode but as I fell asleep all I could think about was being able to tell Grayson that I wasn't a virgin anymore. Hell after tonight I was practically a season working professional.

That week was normal but the professor seemed pre occupied on the day that I worked for him. I stopped at his office on Friday to see if he needed me to babysit but I heard loud voices inside. I overheard his wife telling him that she was taking the child and going to her mother's upstate as she was done with their marriage. I slipped away and felt sorry for him. I decided that evening to pay him a visit and brought a bottle of wine with me. He open the door and told me that I really shouldn't be there. He confessed that his wife had left him and that he needed some alone time. I push past him and told him that this was definitely not the time to be by himself. We drank wine and he poured out his soul to me. She was unhappy and drank to excess and finally wanted a divorce. He was torn and I just listened and told him that I understood and would always be a shoulder he could lean on. We opened a second bottle of wine and half way through I got up and massaged his shoulder and back. It seem to relax him for the first time tonight. I told him that I had a secret and he asked what it was. I told him that I had been secretly wanted to spend the night with him and he immediately used the first time with someone special card. I kissed him gently on the cheek and looked into his eyes.

"I'm not a virgin anymore and I still want to make love to you." I whispered.

I didn't have a clue of how he would respond but he picked me up in his arms and carried me directly to the bedroom. He laid me down in the middle of their king sized bed and we made out like the leading couple in a Hollywood movie. Clothes started coming off but everything was slow and tactful unlike hooking up with a college kid. This man knew how to make love to a woman. Once we were completely naked his hands roamed over my body in such a leisurely fashion that it was driving me wild with desire. I could tell we were about to take things to another level when I confessed to him.

"I just did it once to gave my virginity away so that I would have a chance to be with you." I sorta lied.

Well I did want to lose my virginity and I only lost it once as the other 11 or 12 times I was fucked that night was just redundant and didn't need to be brought up at a moment like this. I could tell that he was so excited that I would do that just to be with him and he kissed me so passionately that it was almost like being kissed for the first time. I could feel that I was juicing so much downstairs and I took his hand and put it between my thighs. I had shaved completely and I was as hairless as a new born baby. I told him that I wanted to touch me there. He rubbed my mons and traced the outline of my vaginal folds and I moaned like the temptress that I was. He finally slipped his middle finger between my inner folds though not penetrating me fully. His finger slid along the pre slime that was pooling along my slit.

"You're making me so wet." I groaned.

He was also getting turned on and I felt his cock was rock hard as it pressed against my lower legs. I gasp his cock and lovingly stroked him as we continued making out. I pushed him over on his back and worked my way down until my face was even with his cock. I kissed him and licked his shaft in the ultimate erotic manner. His cock seemed to be even bigger than I remembered. He was groaning in anticipation as I teased him until he could no longer stand it. He made one simple request.

"Please." he uttered.

I wrapped my lips around the head of his dick and slowly let them travel down the length of his shaft. I had giving him blow jobs before but this time I was making love to his dick. I took my on sweet time and never approached any kind of pace that might cause him to get close to exploding. I wanted him to explode inside my pussy. I gave him the sultry look of an oral goddess as I suck him and he never took his eyes off of me. I slowly made my way down his shaft and then would back off and suction the top half before going back down again. Each time I went down I went farther and farther. I got down close to the base and his bulbous head was at the very back of my throat. He was longer than the times before as I had been able to take him fully the last few times. Yeah he was definitely bigger and I don't know if it was because he was so turned on but aside from Bull, he was bigger than Chris, Dave, Leroy and Cecil. I backed off and then went back down determined to take him all. I was almost there but again he was already against the back of my throat. I relaxed my muscles and my lips nibbled the last inch as his cock slid down my throat deeper than I had ever preformed that act before. I felt his pubes tickling my nose as I finally deep throated him completely. I held his cock in that position while I extended my long tongue outside my lips and licked the top of his balls. It was an amazing feat of cock sucking if I do say so myself. He was groaning and loving it as I lap on his sack. I raised back up to his cock's head and then drove back down again and pressed my nose against his firm stomach once more.

"You are amazing." he groaned.

I finally stopped and raised up onto my knees.

"I want you to fuck me now." I told him.

He made an effort to get up but I gently pushed him down and informed him that I wanted to be on top.

"I need you to go easy with me as you are so much larger than he was and I'm so tender down there." I cooed.

His eyes looked like the eyes of a unfettered lustful wild man who would do give anything he own to make love to the woman standing bare ass in front of him. I posed myself in front of him for a few seconds as this was the first time he really was able to see me fully naked. I brushed my soft breasts and gave him the best sultry vixen look that I could. He told me how beautiful I was and it was music to my ears. I have to admit that it was the performance of a lifetime but I did so want him inside me. I straddled him and lifted his erect cock straight up off his taunt belly. His cock looked like an Apollo moon rocket on the launching pad. It stood so tall in all it's glory that I knew I couldn't get him inside my pussy while on my knees. I raised back up and squatted on the balls of my feet. I held his cock up with my left hands and positioned my pussy directly above it. I took my right hands and spread my petals apart making sure that he got a good look at the inside of my wet pink. When he got a good eye full I lowered myself down until his big ridged head was touching the entrance to my dripping fountain. I was worried that my previous gangbang had ruined my tight little cunt until I began dropping down on top of him. The pressure was immediately intense as my pussy had recovered nicely. I gave of little yelps and groans that were uncontrollable as the head of his cock slid inside me and was I ever so tight. I heard him groaning too as we both experienced the ying and yang of tight pussy and stuffed cunt. I felt the larger head of his dick slip past my tiny entrance and I was able to handle a few more inches before I stopped. We both stayed still and I realized that I was gasping out loud from the sensation his huge dick was giving me. I lifted back up and then took a little more of him inside. He was a perfect gentleman and allowed me to take as much as I could handle. I worked him a little more and when I looked down I couldn't believe that I had only gotten a little more than half his dick inside me. Hell I had been fucked over a dozen times last weekend and I still couldn't accommodate the professor's dick. I wanted this to be good for the both of us and it was so damn frustrating. I had enough of him inside that I could dropped down on my knees. He saw that I was in distress and cupped my face with his hands and brought my mouth down to his. He kissed me and we made out like lovers. I soon forgot about the cock inside my pussy as I was so caught up with the tongue inside my mouth. The pressure began to abide down below as he was turning me on and my mind was concentrating on his passionate kisses. Then embers were lite and my vagina started warming like a furnace. This man was a master at love making and should have had a PHD in fucking virgins. I unconsciously began to hump him slowly and the sensation was one of pure ecstasy. His cock filled me completely and it seemed to come alive inside me. I slowly ground my hips back and forth and more and more of his wonderful dick became wedged into my cunt. It was if it was alive and becoming attached to my body and it was always supposed to be a part of me. This was what being fucked was suppose to feel like and I was with the person that I wanted to give my heart and soul to. My pussy was devouring his cock and soon I had most all of him inside me. I couldn't quite take him all as he reached the back of my womb. He filled every crevice of my being. I could feel that burning building inside my cervix and it soon consumed my entire nether regions. I set up and put my hands on his chest and began to rock back and forth savoring the feeling of his manhood. I almost began crying from the erotic feeling his cock was giving me. This was what sex was suppose to feel like with a man. No wonder people are fucking all the time. His cock was still stretching me out every time it slid back in but my pussy just wanted more. I was lost in a lust that I had never experienced and fucked and used his cock like it belong to me. I began raising my ass higher and allowing myself to lift high enough for half his cock to be uncovered and then riding his hard shaft back down. I was so caught up in our love making that I didn't even no what I was saying.

"Oh fuck me. Fuck me, baby." I cried out.

Of course I was the one who was doing all the fucking. He reached up and began to squeeze my breast and nipples which only drove me into more of a frenzy. I stopped being that pristine little virgin and started acting like the biggest slut as I humped him faster and faster. I used him just like the frat boys had used me. I was going to cum and nothing was going to stop me. That urge to pee grew like the wildfire inside my womb and I didn't care about his reactions or how slutty I looked. I would have kept humping a gearshift if it made me feel like this. I felt that guttural scream building up in the pit of my diaphragm and I gave in to my basic instincts. I wasn't going to hold anything back and I even strained to push everything out towards the very end.

"Aaaggghhhhh!" I shrieked then all hell broke loose.

I came and my urethra jetted out a gush of epic proportions. It hit the professor taunt belly like a cow pissing on a flat rock. The spray ricochet and sent fluid flying all over the both of us. I was just as surprised as the professor was by the sheer magnitude of my orgasmic gush. I continued grinding my pelvis against him as aftershocks continued radiating out of my pussy as the fluid finally began to dwindle to a small trickle. He was covered with gush and it was dripping off of me also. It was the best orgasm of my life and I collapsed on top of him totally spent. I held him like I would never let him go. I could of fallen asleep in his arms but he tried to roll me over. I squeezed my legs together keeping his wonderful dick inside me. He turned me on my back and spread my legs around his hips. He began kissing me again and I felt him rocking his hips gently as he fucked me so leisurely.

"You are so tight." he moaned.

"And you are so big inside me." I replied.

He lifted himself and rested on his forearms above me and began fucking me like a true lover would. I wanted him to fuck me like this everyday and every night. I wanted him to fuck me forever. I was recovering nicely and my insides began warming to each and every thrust. I was handling his thick shaft so much easier but I still felt extremely stuffed. He enjoyed my tight little box as I watched him groan with ecstasy every time he thrust his cock back in me. He was still being ever so gently and I wanted more.

"Deeper, I want to feel all of you" I cooed.

He began thrusting harder and I groaned from the sheer depth of his penetration. He asked me if I was okay and I told him that he felt so good inside me and begged him for more. He ramped it up and started his steady rhythmic pace. I found myself raising my legs off the bed and into the air allowing him to penetrate me even deeper. He continued pressing more and more of his cock into me. He back up and reached down and took one and then both of my legs into the bend of his arms. My ass was lifted off the mattress to angle that he could fully skewer me with than big dick of his. He still took his time but now he was withdrawing almost all of his long dong and then shoving all of it back in. Each time he withdrew his long shaft and then shoved it back in I felt every ridge and vein of his chiseled tool as it traveled deep to the back of my cervix. We were both whimpering with delight and I was juicing up a storm. It was the only protection I had from his massive cock and allowed him to ream my tiny pussy to the max. This time it wasn't only my cunt that was on fire but I felt my entire body was burning with desire for this stud of a man. I never imagined being fucked could feel so damn good. We both were close and he told me that he was going to cum soon and asked me what I wanted him to do.

"Cum inside me. I want to feel your love. I want you to be the first one to cum inside my pussy." I pleaded.

He began fucking me even harder and it only caused my cunt to juice even more. I was so close and knew that I was ready to climax again. I heard myself yelling 'harder, deeper' and he obliged. I became a slut at the very end and was begging him to fuck me without mercy.

"Fuck my cunt. Fuck it harder!" I screamed.

He was ramming me so hard and I felt no discomfort at all. My first gush exploded and it slipped out so fast that it surprised me. After the initial outburst I continue spraying. Every time he shoved that wonderful cock of his deep inside me I would spray again. It wasn't just a little gush but a regular one and they just kept coming. I could see the effect my squirting pussy had and he was wild with lust. I heard him grunt and then I felt something so warm and wet deep inside my cunt. He was spewing his hot seed inside my wanton pussy. It was my first time to feel this sensation and I loved it. I could feel his cock pulsing each time he spurted and it set me off even more as I was already cumming. I savored the spasmodic dance his cock was doing inside my vagina. I unleashed another massive gush that hosed the both of us down. If we weren't both so much in fuck lust at this point it would have almost been laughable as he squirted and then I would spray. It was probably the best orgasm either one of us would ever have at the same time. As he pumped and layer his essence inside my lustful hole a metamorphosis took place. The sensation of his hot jism transformed my pussy that evening. It sounds hokey and I believe all women feel this way once they've received their first load of semen but after that I realized what my special purpose was. I was a vessel for receiving a man's seed and I became a woman this night. I finally collapsed totally exhausted from the sheer magnitude of my biggest climax ever. He wasn't quite finished and continued pumping a massive amount of his ejaculate into the depth of my womb. His warmth filled me and spread to every crevice until I was completely flooded with cum. I watched him pump out his load in a post orgasmic daze and I knew that no other man could fuck me like he just did. He pumped for another 10 or 15 seconds before collapsing on top of me. We lay there panting in a wet naked heap. We were both almost comatose and after several minutes he recovered enough to be able to get off me. My lifeless legs some how managed to wrap themselves around his backside and I asked him to leave that wonderful cock of his inside me for a bit longer. He kissed me and held me in his arms. I don't remember anything after that and must have fallen asleep. We've been seeing each other ever since and I knew that I wanted to be the next Mrs. Grayson. Our affair was even more precarious since the separation from his wife. We couldn't keep our hands off each other and we had to be so careful and discreet. Susan didn't realize how much control she had over me. On one hand I couldn't let anyone know that we were fucking as he was going through his divorce and on the other hand if I was going to be his next wife I didn't want him to find out that I fucked the entire basketball team. So Susan definitely still had the goods on me and used that knowledge to keep me under her thumb. She would have me come up to her room and service her on occasion. It usually was after she had just fucked Dave. The three of us never got together at the same time and I would have never allowed that to happen. I think she did either as she wouldn't have wanted Dave to be able to fuck me like he did that first night. One night during the school week I had come back to the sorority house well after midnight. As I snuck back end I heard a door open and saw Dave leaving Susan's room. I hurried to my room and peered out the crack and watched him leave. I don't think he saw me but I received a text from Susan right after he left. 'Cum to my room IMMEDIATELY' I changed into my PJs and headed up. She was sitting against the head board with her knees together and pointing straight up at the ceiling. She outstretched her arms towards me and the sheets fell away exposing her naked breasts.

"I need you." she said.

I went to her and she pulled off my top and began sucking on my harden nipples. I still enjoy the feeling of another woman's lips devouring my soft tittys. She continued to keep her legs together and upright and if I hadn't seen Dave leaving it would have been a little peculiar. But I knew that she was keeping his freshly deposited load inside her. She then kissed me passionately until out desire was raging for the both of us.

"I saved you some crème pie as I know how much you love it." she whispered.

Well I do enjoy it but I wouldn't say that I loved it. The task of eating out some just fucked cunt with a load of male seed freshly dumped in it is an act only the nastiest slut would undertake. It like eating pussy and sucking a guy off at the same time. It's degrading and perverted act for the majority of women to preform and it was also one of the most erotic things I can think of. Maybe I do love it. Susan was still in complete control of me and I did what she asked. I tried to look surprised about her being filled with Dave's sperm. I went down between her closed thighs and laid in front of her. Only then did she spread her legs apart. I could see that her cunt was smeared with the juices of just being fucked and her slit seeped the white jism that Dave had deposited there. She told me to eat her and make her cum. I lapped at her nasty cunt and tasted her sweet nectar with a side of gym socks as their cocktail leaked out.

"Make me cum baby. That motherfucker got off before I had a chance to climax." she explained.

I ate her out completely and totally and she began squirming all over the mattress.

"You are the best cunt and cocksucker ever." she cried.

Her juices began to pour out along with Dave's huge load. It didn't take long and I drank her dry as she came hard and with a vengeance as she berated her 'little slut'. She always did seem to get some extra perverted pleasure after that first night of having me eating out her semen filled cunt. It was probably partly that she had control over me to make me do such a perverse act and also I think she got off to humiliating me. She came so hard that she was done for the night. I would have liked her making me orgasm with her tongue tonight but just having fucked the professor earlier it was probably a good thing that she didn't have a chance to discover that my slimy hole had just been fucked. I left and went back to my room until the next time she needed me. It all became a moot point after I moved out of the sorority house the next semester and started living with the professor. By the way Susan was caught fucking Bull at the frat house one evening and Dave and her are no longer together. I heard the slut has been fucking a lot of different frat brothers and has the reputation of being one of the biggest whores on campus. I often wonder if she's found some other freshman girl to clean out her cunt after taking all those different loads of man spunk. I miss her pussy sometimes but not as much as I love the professors' dick. I plan on letting him take my anal virginity in the near future as soon as I can work up the courage. His cock is so big and I don't see how I could handle him up there but there was a time that I didn't think I could take him up my pussy too. All I know is that it's going to take a whole lot of lube to handle that huge cock of his up my tight virgin ass but I want to give him a special birthday present. What if I enjoy getting my backside plowed with his enormous dick? I am quickly becoming the slut that Susan said I was but I am totally in love with this guy. I would let him use me any way he pleased but that's another story.

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