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For Airanna

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I really didn't like her but Arianna kept invading my dreams. She's been the thorn in my side for the last several months; the other woman. Or perhaps Im the other woman. Either way, there's been one too many of us for a while now. So why is Arianna in my dreams? Perhaps the struggle for power has come into play. Thats it! Im sure I know what she wants; she wants to be dominated. She has no respect for those she dominates over.

The thought of dominating Arianna began to turn me on. I noticed my clit getting hard and my pussy was getting wet. As I masturbated, here's the fantasy I had:

I asked Arianna to come over. She was hesitant of course, not trusting my motivations. I understood her reluctance, as I didn't trust her either. But she showed up at my door anyway. She was wearing a cute sundress; I'd never seen her in a dress and it made seeing her even more exciting. She almost looked demure but her bitchy attitude was in full force. Although every sentence that came out of her mouth was rude, it only excited me more, forcing me to take control of the situation.

I grabbed Arianna by the waist and pulled her close to me. She looked surprised, not sure what to do. I kissed her lips. Arianna reacted with a look of disgust but she remained in my grip against my body. I ran my hands up her side and then down the length of her arms and slipped my hands into hers. There was no struggle on her part but rather a look of curiosity on her face. I tightened my fingers, clasping her hands firmly and leaned in to kiss her neck. This time she did struggle but I kept her hands locked in mine and began to kiss her neck. Arianna could feel my passion and began to submit and I felt her struggle dissipating. As I worked my way up her neck to her right ear and gently sucked her lobe I heard Arianna catch her breath and then let out a sigh of pleasure.

I released my left hand and slid it up her back until I was able to get a handful of her hair, forcefully pulling her head back fully exposing her neck and the way to her cleavage. But I stopped and released her completely. Arianna suddenly looked upset and then her eyes changed to that look that women often give men when they want the man to make a move because they are unwilling to make one themselves.

My clit was already so hard and I could tell I was wet in my jeans. So I took her by the hand and led her upstairs to my room. Arianna sat on my bed and I walked up to her, looking down on her. I grabbed her neck with my left hand and forced her back onto my bed. I held her down with my hand still on her neck. A slight look of panic crossed her face but I didn't care. With my right hand I began to feel her breasts over her dress. But it wasn't enough. I released my hold on Arianna and instructed her to undress. She did as she was told and with each layer of clothing that came off her body I could feel the excitement rising up through my body and my clit began to tingle with anticipation.

Then I told her to lie on her back and spread her legs which she did quickly. I laid beside her and using a vibrator I had ready on the night stand, I began to tease her clit while I sucked on her nipples. Arianna moaned with pleasure and tried to caress me with her hand. I stopped her and told her she wasnt allowed to touch me and that she shouldnt talk. Arianna obeyed my every command.

Once her pussy was completely wet, I slipped the vibrator inside. She let out a loud moan which only excited me further. I began to fuck her with the vibrator, slowly at first but then more quickly. Arianna was moaning with pleasure but I wasn't going to let her cum that way.

I told her to roll over on her hands and knees. Then I put on my strap-on dildo and got behind her almost ready to fuck her. But first I put some lubrication on her asshole and slipped the vibrator inside. Arianna gasped in pain at first but soon she began to relax and I could tell she was enjoying it. Then I pulled the vibrator out and slipped my dildo inside her ass. As I gripped her hips I fucked her with the strap-on. The harder I fucked her ass the more she liked it. I could feel Arianna tensing up and could tell she was about to cum. I pulled out for a second and then slipped the dildo back in and fucked her until she screamed out. She came hard and I could see her cum dripping down her thighs after I pulled out.

Arianna rolled over and looked at me in a way Id never seen before and I knew she loved it.

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