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First time with a twin 2

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After our first night together, I found I could not stop thinking over and over again about the amazing events that had just happened. In the shower that morning, for the first time since I was about 15 I found I was unable to masturbate to orgasm. I was all ?orgasmed? out. My mind seemed to be saying ?Jennellen, Jennellen?, and the thought of the lithe green-eyed, wild-maned enchantress filled every waking moment. I organised to get one red rose delivered to her house.

I phoned Jennellen at home later the same day.

?Thank you for the flower,? she said. ?Last night was unbelievable, when can we get together again for a repeat performance?? she asked, after I had greeted her..

Unfortunately our busy schedules kept us separate for the next two days, but we did phone each other for long talks both days as often as we could. Finally we did manage to get together on the following Tuesday. But, when I next saw Jennellen, she seemed different, very shaken up and upset.

?Oh, Jason. I hate him sooo much, I just want to get away.?

I asked her what was the matter.

Tossing her mane of red-black hair, with her emerald green eyes flashing, she replied, ?That security guard that caught us is a friend of Damionos. He confronted me with the fact that I had been caught alone with someone at the hall, and he is threatening to tell mum unless I have sex with him and do what he wants me to. I told him to go to hell, but he laughed and he said he knew how to treat a slut like me, and started rubbing his prick through his pants. Gwennette and I can?t stay there any longer, we?ll just have to move out. But we are short of cash.?

I told her that the Student Union had an emergency fund for exactly this type of situation and offered to help her and Gwennette find another place to stay. I offered part of my meagre savings. I was rewarded by a passionate French kiss, our tongues inter-locking.

I spent the afternoon arranging appointments for the two sisters. We were to meet at the Student Counsellor?s Office at 4.00pm sharp. Jennellen met me at the student refectory coffee shop and we were to meet Gwennette by the office door. She was wearing a green halter top that matched the colour of her eyes and a black mini-dress. As we approached the office I was stunned when I saw the mirror image of my Jennellen waiting there, dressed identically. It was true what she had said, the twins were completely identical. There was just no way to tell them apart. Equally tall, slender with the same easy lithe animal grace. They were even wearing identical clothing ? the short black mini that showed their long legs to the best advantage, and identical green halter-tops modestly covered their small breasts. If I had not had my hand in Jennellen?s, I would have been totally unable to tell them apart.

?So you?re Jason?, said Gwennette smiling, giving me the familiar ?once over?, shaking her wild main of auburn hair. Even her smile was the same as Jennellen?s. ?I can see why Jennellen keeps raving about you. Jennifer Ellen, he really is gorgeous?, she said.

We walked together to the office. I noticed that my Jennellen had strategically placed herself between her sister and me ? she was clearly not taking any chances of me confusing her for her sister as she took my hand.

In the office Jennellen explained that I was her boyfriend and asked could I come to the interview too. The twins explained to the Counsellor, a fairly new Social Work graduate by the look of things, that life at home had become unbearable as a result of Damionos?s actions and threats. It was a fairly clear case and the Counsellor asked the girls how soon could they move. ?Immediately? was their joint reply. And so the rest of the day was spent getting emergency tenant?s bonds together, hunting for furnished accommodation, and arranging a living away from home allowance to their scholarships. Later that afternoon I dropped the girls home. Jennellen wrapped me in her arms and shutting her eyes planted a long lissom kiss on my mouth. I held her body along her front as we ground ourselves together. I noticed Gwennette behind us, watching speculatively at her sister?s passion.

The twins and I had arranged that the following day when their mother and Damionos had left for work they would return and pack their things. We would then take the next day installing them in their apartment, one in a large block on a frequent bus route to the University.

Next day identically dressed twins and I arranged to meet at a corner coffee shop down the street where they lived. I was there early, and the identically dressed twins made quite a splash as they entered the premises. They both oozed charisma and knew how to exploit it to the full. It was all very conspiratorial as we crept back to their house, inside to empty their bedroom and load the car for the first of three trips. Each time Jennellen and I sat in the front and Gwennette in the back. At least I hoped it was Jennellen as while I drove my hand rested nonchalantly in her lap. Without letting her sister know anything, Jennellen drew my hand upwards on her thigh, and she then parted her long legs and moved forward slipping down in the seat giving me complete access to the wet dampness of the thong between her legs. Once and twice, and then three times my fingers moved upwards across the dampness of the material. Then with one finger I pushed it aside to stroke up and down the wet skin of her slit, which had opened under my pushing allowing me, as she rotated her hips forward, me to push one finger into the slickness of her vagina up to the third joint. At first a little dry to start with it rapidly became very wet on my hand. She sank a little lower into the car?s front seat, opening her legs wider to give me even greater access, putting one foot nonchalantly on the dashboard as though it was normal. She was getting me very hot frotting her nearly in front of her sister. My own state of arousal was obvious to her as she licked her lips with her pert pointy tongue. She too was obviously becoming hot, and then she squeezed her eyes shut and suddenly grunted quietly. Her legs slammed shut together, preventing me from moving my hand any further. It was clear that she had just had her own secret orgasm, while her sister seemed not to notice, looking away out the window, being apparently unaware as she was sitting quietly in the back seat.

Jennellen and I rearranged ourselves as we arrived at the front of their new apartment. We unloaded the girls? possessions and climbed the stairs. It was a small one-room bed-sit with two single beds, two built in wardrobes and a small kitchen alcove. We spent the remaining afternoon ferrying back and forth between their mother?s house and their new flat, placed their few possessions in the appropriate places. Jennellen, excitedly kept coming close, embracing frequently with her slender silken arms and kissing me passionately and seemed to delight in pushing herself as far as I could go, seeking to arouse me in front of her sister, staking her claim to her ?slave?. My erection was in a state of permanent excitement pushing upwards within my shorts, and I had to keep arranging myself to prevent embarrassing shapes in the front of my pants as I continually explained that the contract of slavery had expired.

?Can we go somewhere tonight?? she finally asked, mouthing secretly to me ?I want you to fuck me hard, and long, and I want you to come inside of me again. I need you. I have been missing you being inside me ever since that first time?.

?Yes, OK.? I grinned, and told her of a drive in movie I had been wanting to see. Excitedly, she turned into the bathroom to get ready. Gwennette explained that she had left something and still had something to pick up from my car. Outside I asked her to tell Jennellen that I would pick her up at 6.30pm sharp for our movie.

At 6.30pm, showered and refreshed, I arrived at the flat. I knocked and there was no answer. Letting myself in with the key Jennellen had given me I was surprised to find the flat was empty. There was no sign of either twin. I assumed they had gone out for a while, but then heard the noise of the shower. I knocked and heard Jennellen call ?come in?.

The room was steamy with droplets of moisture on the mirror. And there was my honey, standing nude, naked as the day she was born, in the shower, a truly beautiful sight for my sore eyes. In the vaporous mist of the bathroom the water from the shower was coursing down over her long back, and running down the crack between her buttocks. The round globes of her buns spun and wobbled as she turned to face me, her pert breasts pointing upwards towards me. They were covered in soapsuds, her nipples in their beautiful dark brown aureoles rising under her ministrations. She smiled wickedly as she spun on the spot allowing me a brief glimpse of her nakedness.

"Do you like what you see?" she smiled, reminding me of our first night together.

Then with her deep emerald green eyes, long lashes and sleepy lids, she locked her gaze with mine, with her own familiar secret knowing smile. Looking me locked straight into the eyes, she walked slowly with her fingers as she moved her right hand slowly down over the slight curve of her tummy towards her exposed and shaven slit. She paused and washing off the suds on her hand she seductively put her hand to her mouth and licked her finger and returned to her exploration below her navel. I saw first one, then two fingers open and push apart her nether lips and then they disappeared deep into the vagina I had just recently started to know as she opened her long legs wider, giving me a better view of her sexual intimacy.

?Aaah?..Well? she said, ?Are you going to just stand there gawping all night or are you going to join me, and help me in here?? she said, pointing up towards her vagina.

I could not stand and wait any longer and stripped out of my clothes quickly. Taking off my shirt, I pushed my pants and jocks down together as my erection free from my own pants and throbbing immediately sprung forward as it took up its customary acute angle, pointing upwards at the ceiling.

?Nice, I like it? she said, ?Come here! Bring it here! Quick! I want you for a quickie!?

I stepped naked into the small cubicle of the shower. There wasn?t much room to manoeuvre. Her slender arms reached out to encircle my shoulders with the familiar feline animal grace, as I drew her close, she paused as if thinking some secret thought, then her warm lips moved forward to meet my own with a new passion kindled, I guessed from our first glorious night together. She then went wild with her own abandon. I massaged her back, pushing her silken body firmly against my total length from shoulder to thigh. My penis, trapped between us, she rearranged so it rested in the hole, resting along the slit between her legs. My right hand reached out and gently cupped her firm curve of her wonderfully pert naked breast, catching her nipple once again and tweaking it gently between thumb and forefinger, in the motion I had come to learn already from the first night that she liked so much. Once again the aureole of her breast seemed to stand out a little from the surrounding mount as both breasts were instantly covered all over with goosebumps. Her right hand rubbed against the soap on the tray and reached down and out to take a hold of my naked penis, which was busy trying to bore a deep hole in her stomach. It was my turn to grunt. For two to three minutes we stood there, water pouring down over us both. Her hands reached down to cup the sack of my tightening scrotum, rubbing the sensitive spot deep between my legs between the scrotum and my anus. I reached down towards her open slit, but she wriggled out of my embrace.

?This first?, she said, kneeling on the floor, with the water from the shower running over her hair and face. With both hands she washed all the soap off my engorged member, and then took the tip of its head onto her long pointed tongue that I had already experienced three nights before. The water was streaming through her gorgeous hair, running in ringlets across her shoulders and back. I grabbed the taps for support as I felt weak in the knees. Up and down, up and down she rammed my full length into her mouth, the softness and wetness was just too much for me to bear.

?Lover, I am going to come? I said.

?Let me watch you!? Her mouth came free as she continued to lave me with the softness of both her hands ? one cupping my scrotum the other moving up and down, simulating the movements of her mouth from a few seconds before it had come free.

?Aaaah!? From its deep sources within my being I could feel the gathering energy that dissolved me from inside and shot upwards and outwards. It shot across the distance between us strait into her face, linking us temporarily in a milk white arc. She blinked as it hit one eyelid and then gushed down a cheek. A third and a fourth shot ? across her lips and chin.

She leaned forwards and kissed and licked my shaft sucking the last spasm of sperm out of the glans?? ?Mmmmm? Nice!? she said, standing up and washing the cum off her face with the warm water of the shower.

?My first orgasm in three days?, I explained. ?Masturbating in the shower holds none of its customary joys compared with this, my love. My turn!? I said. Taking her hand and pushing her down, getting her to lie bent in half almost on the tiling on the floor of the shower recess was difficult. It was cramped but I managed to kneel with one knee beside each of her ears, as I worked my tongue downwards from the inward dent of her navel towards the clear shaven slit of her purple, engorged swollen lower lips. My hands rubbed up the inside of her wide-open thighs, rubbing along the crack where her legs joined her lissom body.

?Oooh baby, that?s nice?, she said, reaching again for my penis which was dangling just before her eyes.

I pushed my tongue into the top of her engorged and purplish slit. She shuddered uncontrollably, and so I repeated the movement again, as my fingers seized the slide lips of her crack to draw them apart and open the pink folds within. My fingers circled around her inner lips again and again before coming to rest on the dwelling nub of her clitoris which peaked shyly from beneath its modest hood. I held it softly between my lips and teeth as I flicked back and forth with my tongue.

She wriggled --- ?Aah! That?s too intense.?

So I let go and began circling my tongue around its base. She groaned with contentment at this, pushing my face harder against her pubes. I took a deep breath as I went to work on the most intimate part of any woman?s body. Holding the lips of her slit as wide open as I could with my thumb and forefinger I slid a finger from my other hand along her crack to push into the tight hole of her vagina, searching for the G spot she had showed me on our first night together. Despite the shower water the odour was becoming amazingly carnal. Meanwhile she hugged my lower abdomen, taking my own flaccid member once more into her own mouth and sucking on it as if it were a toffee candy. Unlike a sweet lolly, though instead of growing smaller it quickly increased again to full size once more. Meanwhile my finger traced circles around her interior ribbing and she pushed harder against my palm. I could feel the ?flick? of her cervix as I withdrew, this time to push two fingers deep inside. It was her turn to push up and down this time, in a double movement simultaneously with her head and her pelvis. I could feel her gathering steam towards her orgasm. Faster and faster she rocked.

?I am coming!? we cried, simultaneously, as I heard the front door shut. ?I am home!? called a voice.

Gulping down what remained of my jism, my honey struggled groggily to her feet and turned to turn off the taps, reaching at the same time for a towel. She turned to help me rise from my knees on the floor and I saw for the first time she had not the distinguishing birthmark of Jennellen on her bottom. Jennellen had explained to me that the only way to tell her apart from Gwennette was through this one unique mark. This woman I had just loved and felated was not Jennellen ??. it was her twin sister ? Gwennette that I had been loving in the shower!

At that moment the bathroom door opened. I tensed expecting a flood of rage from my beloved at having caught me in flagrant arousal in the shower, naked, having just had sex with her twin sister. Instead, what happened was we got was totally unexpected, ?Oh hullo, you two.? said Jennellen as she poked her head into the bathroom. ?Having fun I see! I wondered how long it would take you to get together.? She smiled and shut the door.

?How could you?? I said, a little upset and embarrassed, whilst I was drying myself. ?I love Jennellen!? Gwennette sat comfortably and apparently unconcerned on the edge of the toilet pedestal whilst drying her feet, raising one to her knee, her own wonderful crack that I had been so close to just seconds before gaping wide open to my incredulous eyes.

?Easy.? Gwennette said. ?I love Jennellen too. Jennellen and I always share everything. Didn?t you know? Didn?t she tell you? She shared everyone of all the little details of your loving that you shared with me, telling me everything about your night together, everything. She had been raving all about you all week, and this last 48 hours has been almost unbearable. It made me so hot hearing of your loving night together, I just had to masturbate on the spot. And then when we met, and you helped out so selflessly, I could see what a complete and utter darling you really were, the way you helped with our troubles and problems. Jennellen and I are identical twins. We have always had completely identical tastes in men. And then today, with you two all over each other, it has been very hard. And then when you pushed your hand between her legs to massage her cunny, massaging her all the way to orgasm in the front seat of the car, there, almost in front of my eyes, it was almost unbearable for me. I really had to struggle not to masturbate myself to orgasm there and then and come with her. I have been getting more and more aroused all afternoon the way the two of you were carrying on. And when she told me that you had made her come even in the car as we were travelling here, I decided that we needed to honour our promise to share our first lover. We always said we would share the first man either of us fell in love with. Something needed to happen to the situation so as to keep the promise. So I told Jennellen that you would be coming at seven fifteen instead of six thirty as you arranged outside, and told her I would be taking a shower, and said we needed some shopping if we were to eat in our new home. The rest has been easy. I know I can impersonate Jennellen any time I wish, and I have done so in the past and look forward to doing it in the future. I had hoped that by now you would have taken my cherry and made a full woman of me just as you did to Jennellen too, the night you spent together. I too have wanted you to make me become fully a woman, but she came back too quickly?. She rested her hands on her knees and looked slightly crestfallen.

But then she suddenly stood up and grabbed all my clothes lying on a heap on the floor and ran naked out of the bathroom into the living room.

I finished drying myself and then wrapping my towel modestly around my hips, stepped out into the one bedroom bedsit, where the two sisters were waiting for me, Jennellen fully clothed, and her sister Gwennette still stark and beautifully naked, but otherwise like peas in a pod. They were sitting on chairs on either side of the table, their chairs were turned to face me like twin prosecuting attorneys in a court room.

?Well?, said Jennellen. She seemed cross but her green eyes were full of mischief. ?What have you to say for yourself, having sex with my sister already without me giving my express permission to do so. How am I ever to trust you two alone in each others? company ever again?? Her tone was severe but she couldn?t take the smile from her eyes.

?Nothing! I cannot defend myself? was my reply. ?I simply thought she was you, and that you had planned to ambush me in the shower, I didn?t know it wasn?t you until I saw she did not have your birthmark.?

?Tell me everything, tell it all.? she said. ?Leave nothing out, or else,? she said, ominously, but with a glint in her eyes.

I sat on the edge of a big trunk they had used as a coffee table in front of them and recounted in full what had happened that evening. Jennellen questioned me fully about what had happened, who touched who first, where and when, stopping at times to ask corroborating questions of her still naked sister, recounting everything of the experience of what happened. She wanted to know how it felt being sucked to orgasm, and what did Gwennette?s vagina taste like. I could see our replies were having an effect upon her own arousal. She seemed to be becoming hot and bothered at our joint account of how I had been fellated and the preceding events on the floor of the shower. Her shorts seemed to be becoming increasingly uncomfortable as she squeezed, then opened her legs, and I could also see her wonderful nipples were again making an appearance on the material of her tight top.

?So,? she concluded, ?when you heard the shower you knocked. You did not go straight in, until Gwennette called for you to enter.?

?Yes?, I replied.

?And you didn?t tell me you were coming at 7.15 pm to pick me up, as Gwennette claimed earlier??


?Well, you are innocent of all charges, my slave,? she chucked, ?It is clearly Gwennette who will need to be punished.? She lunged immediately to her right, catching her sister by the wrist. ?Quick, help me Jason, help me get her lying flat across on to the table.? She pulled her sister?s arm towards her.

I jumped up to help. Gwennette grabbed at me hoping to push me away, but only succeeded in pushing my towel to the floor. Naked too now I grabbed her other arm, and together we pulled Gwennette face down across the length of the table. ?Get her bottom up into the air for spanking.? Jennellen then said. ?Hold both her arms over for me, while I get some cord.? I sat on the floor, my legs braced against the legs of the table, holding the gorgeous Gwennette lying naked and squirming across the table as her legs were kicking to try to free herself. Her mop of deep brown-black hair flung first to the right and then left. She raised and looked at me with her big green eyes, as I, naked as the day I was born, was holding her down. My own penis was starting once more to rise towards heaven between my parted legs. She stopped temporarily struggling.

?Nice!? she said, ?I did not think I would be seeing your prick again so quickly after being caught with you by Jennellen in the shower.? She smiled lustily.

My penis jumped a little as it began yet again to throb again and expand further with a slight backwards curve under her eyes.

?Here?, said Jennellen, throwing me one of the rope cords they had used in tying their possessions together that afternoon.

?Won?t the rope chafe her wrists?? I asked.

?Only if she struggles pointlessly? said Jennellen impishly. ?And that is her choice!?

Once we had fixed her wrists firmly to the legs of the table I let go and climbed to my feet.

?You liked that?, Jennellen laughed. My honey reached out to me and taking and rolling my semi erection into the palm of her hand directly in front of her pinned down sister's gaze. She was so beautiful to me. My hands reached down to the bottom of her short tank-top and I raised it upwards pulling it off over and above her head. She let go of my penis, raising her hands above her head. Once again I saw the warm golden glow of her skin. I then reached around her back to unhook the clasp of her bra, and her smallish but pert globes of her breasts sprung free for the first time from the constraint of the material, as the globes swung free. The clear bump of her dark brown aureoles raised the nipple high above her breasts. She smiled, the same kind of secret smile I had previously seen on Gwennette in the shower, a smile I had come to learn meant she was planning some mischief. My thumbs pushed then firmly into the sides of her shorts at her hips pushed down taking her black thong simultaneously down with it. She kicked her clothes to one side, standing in the brightly lit room just as naked as Gwennette and myself. She seemed very wet with gleams of moisture running down the inside of her leg.

?Her punishment is that she is going to see us make love together in front of her. But first she needs some corporal punishment?. She put her hand on Gwenette?s bum, raised it and slapped her on the cheek. I could see the red finger marks appear.

?Now your turn Jason? Jennellen said, forcing her free hand between her sister?s legs. I hit her just as hard on the other cheek, as I noticed Jennellen inserting a finger deep into her sister?s vagina. Gwennette squirmed, though with pleasure or with pain, I was not sure. With one hand inserted deeply in her sister?s crack, Jennellen gave her another slap.

Jason, get the dildo you will find in the small drawer in the dresser, and bring it to me? she asked, as she administered another smack. I did, finding a small battery operated apparatus in the drawer. Jennellen then turned it on and pushed up inside her sister?s vagina.

?And now for the second part of the punishment ? watching us make love?.

She pushed me backwards onto the bed nearby. ?Now Jason! Fuck me! At last! Make love to me. I have wanted you deep inside my body all day, all week. I have missed you badly these last two nights. Masturbation for me is no longer good enough. Do it to me now, take me now, give me my orgasm in front of my sister, let Gwennette see what she has missed out on.? She licked her fingers reaching down to wet herself between her legs, not that she needed to in my estimation. She then lay on her back on the bed with her knees parted facing Gwennette who could clearly see all the way up deep into the exposed and shaven snatch of her sister. I climbed aboard the bed between her raised knees, a little clumsily I thought, but Jennellen did not mind. She lay before me, my darling, my lover, her arms reaching to hold me, her naked body open and exposed, welcoming me. As I rested on my hands beside her shoulders, she wet her hands with her tongue and reached down and took my penis and started to rub it up and down along the long line of her slit, all the way from clit to vagina, back and forth two or three times. I once again remembered how incredible the sensation was from the first night together, and then once again circling my cock with her thumb and first finder she pushed me deeply inside the waiting hole of her open vagina. Oh how good it felt to slip once more deep inside her, I too had been missing this wonderful sensation of her vagina. I turned my own head and I could see Gwennette had raised her head to let her chin rest comfortably on the table, looking intently with interest at the scene of what was happening directly before her eyes, once again a strange intent smile on her face. She could clearly see my penis as it rammed in and out of her sisters vagina, and see scrotum as it banged against the floor between her anus and slit. She was clearly becoming very aroused as she was squeezing and opening her legs, unable to reach herself and masturbate with her tied hands. Jennellen slammed her body upwards to meet each of my own downward thrusts and very quickly I could feel her rhythm rising slowly upwards towards her own orgasm. Then it rolled in like a wave upon the beach, her vagina spasming tightly trying to milk me once again of sperm when, after my shower antics, there seemed to be none left. She then collapsed beneath my body. She kissed me then on the eyes, on the nose and mouth, opening deep to allow our tongues to meet and dance. I was still hard pressed deep against the top of her vagina as she ground herself against me. I rolled to one side and Jennellen not wishing to allow my penis to withdraw from her cunt, rolled with me. She turned to her sister. Only then did she rise slowly along the long shaft of my penis letting Gwennette get an eye-full as it emerged, glistening wet with her internal juices from her carnal canal. She pushed down inserting it once again to the hilt before rising a final time. Surprisingly it did not shrink this time, keeping its own momentum in an engorged condition.

?Dinner time?, Jennellen announced, raising herself from the bed. ?As punishment for seducing you in the bathroom Gwennette gets to eat my love juice from your prick and I get to eat her.?

She moved down to the end of the table. With the flat of her hand she smacked her firmly on the buttocks and then pulled her sisters legs roughly apart, exposing her identical purplish-pink slit to the ceiling. With the long familiarity of knowing every detail of her sister?s body intimately and knowing exactly where her most sensitive spots were, she looked up and winked at me as she parted the globes of her sister?s buttocks with her hands and kneeling on the floor sunk her face into the area that she had uncovered. I stood and moved in towards her waiting face and Gwennette wriggled her long tongue provocatively. She then reached out with her tongue and took my glans between her lips once again, the third time within in thirty minutes. Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked along the first third of my cock. I showed her what I most enjoyed and started rocking back and forth. Meanwhile Jennellen had knelt on the floor behind her sister, with her hands opening the lips of her slit to her sisterly tongue, bobbing up and down. Serviced from both ends by the actions of me and her sister it was not long before she was climbing towards her own orgasm. She started panting and groaning and it was not long before she was coming in a truly massive orgasm. But no matter how hard she worked her mouth she could not get me to come. I could feel the gathering storm clouds but it was like the sound of distant thunder, not close enough to push me over the edge and ejaculate once again in her mouth.

Jennellen raised her head from her sister?s snatch. She saw that I still hadn?t come.

?Well, Gwennette has confessed that she wanted you to make a woman of her before I got home. Now is her chance. Come Jason, take my sister, enter her from the rear, fuck her mow, give her the loving of what she has been lusting after. Make her a woman at last just like you did me the other night!?

I must have been a little stunned as she took my hand and led me down to the end of the table. The smooth globes of Gwennette?s but were high in the air, her feet on the floor and her legs slightly parted. Her wet slit, moisturised by her sister?s saliva was open before me. Jennellen pushed me forwards from behind and taking hold of my penis round its base with one hand, standing behind me and cupping my scrotum at the same time with the other hand, she rubbed its length up and down twice along the length of her sister?s exposed crack. Up and down again, giving special attention to the nub of her sister?s wet clit. Up and own again, she was wetting her lands at her mouth and lubricating the whole of my shaft with her saliva. Up and down again she went. Then she pushed me hard from behind with the full length of her naked body against my back and buttocks.

?Now!? She said, as she took me in her hands and rammed my penis deep into her sister?s waiting and already lubricated vagina, passed any residual virginal resistance whatsoever. Gwennette screamed but more in surprise than any pain. Buried deep within her body I slowly eased backwards. It was just as it had been before. My shaft was wet with the mixture of Gwennette?s own love juices and her own sister?s saliva. I pushed again, slower this time, and Gwennette this time seemed to push backwards with her legs into my groin. Here I was, unbelievable but true, making love in the vagina to an identikit copy of the woman whom I already had just loved. It was a totally unreal situation and I could feel the thunder gathering this time for me in my groin again at last. Jennellen came around me to sit cross-legged on the table top beside her sister, looking closely and smiling with a fascinated look at us both. Her gaze caught my eye. My hands on her sister?s hips, pulling her onto me as I thrust within, Jennellen reached out and cupped my head to give me the deepest kiss of the whole incredible evening. Her tongue seemed to be fucking my mouth as I was doing exactly the same to her sister's open and exposed vagina. She paused to take hold of the lovely globes of her sister?s buttocks, holding them open and wide for me to enter, looking down to see how the interior flesh of her sisters vagina seemed to stick upon my retreating shaft as a final kiss before reversing as I plunged once again deep within her. She kissed me passionately once again, as her hand went between her own legs to masturbate to another climax..

?This is better than our vibrator?, Jennellen whispered. The statement answered for me the unasked question that I had about why the girls seemed to have no hymen even though they were still ?virgins?.

?How long have you too been making love to each other?? I asked as I continued to pump myself between her sister?s kidneys.

?As long as I remember,? Jennellen replied. It was hard at school because we lived in an open dormitory, but on our days off we used to find time and places where we could make love to each other almost whenever we could. As we shared a bedroom at home, we would wait for mum and Damiono to sleep before one of us would come into bed with the other.

Gwennette was in no fit state for conversation, and I too was at last having difficulty to attend to Jennellen?s words as the thunder on the distant hills was approaching rapidly.

Gwennette suddenly bucked upwards. ?Aaaargh! I am coming, I am cuuummmiiing. Aaaaarg! At laaast! I am now a woman!? she shouted.

With her dam wall broken, I too was pushed over the edge. My cock spasmed again and again deep inside Gwennette, filling her cunt with my cum as I was being kissed passionately by Jennellen. I don?t know how or even if it squeezed any more semen in but the balls in my scrotum felt wrung completely dry. I stood up, my penis still buried deep inside her twin sister as Jennellen wrapped herself around me to kiss me once again.

?That was beautiful. It was awesome! I have always wanted to see the moment when my sister finally came to loose her cherry. Watching you fuck her is so incredibly awesome.? She unfurled herself on the table and leant forward to kiss the crease in Gwenelle?s bottom before getting off the table to release her sisters bonded arms. Arms free for about a minute Gwennette did not move, her still quivering vagina doing its best to maintain the erection of my slowly shrinking penis.

?I don?t think there will be a drive-in tonight,? Gwennette said. She paused, as the sensations deep within her subsided. Then she raised her head and said, ?Untie, me. I am ravenous sis, what did you buy for dinner??

And so the three of us, butt-naked filed into the kitchen area to prepare a meal. While it was cooking, Jennellen and I pushed the two single beds together to make a double and tied the beds legs together with the cord that had held Gwennette to stop them pushing apart.

Working in the enclosed space of the kitchen with two hot gorgeous naked young women pushing against me it was not long before I could feel once again, my penis starting to poke out and upwards again. The space was very confined. The girls responded with delight at seeing my resurrected cock. Rubbing me with their buts, touching me and touching each other with easy familiarity and intimacy was something the girls obviously took delight in.

We sat and ate, with me learning fast, filling myself in about the rest of the sister?s lives together. They told me that they had often discussed swapping partners once they had their first real boy-friend. A bargain had been struck, as Gwennette had indicated, but neither ever thought it would happen so soon after I had met. Meal over I sat reaching up to hold a hand each with the sisters. ?I love you Jennellen?, I said.

?I am Jennellen? said the sister I had been calling Gwennette.

?Well I told Gwennette that your masturbation fantasy was to make love to two women at a time, and how do you know this is really me and I am not tricking you again?? asked who I thought was Jennellen.

?Well, I love you. Both of you! I loved Jennellen from the moment we met, but that was because I hadn?t met you,? I said to Gwennette. The sisters laughed.

Meal over and dishes washed, the three of us naked as the day we were born climbed between the sheets onto our makeshift double bed.

?What time do you have to be home?, the girls said simultaneously.

?Before anyone at home wakes tomorrow. Probably about 5am to be safe.?

?Good? they both said, simultaneously.

And then began a long night of love-making one could only imagine. I had fantasised in my solitary masturbation sessions of making love to two women, but I?d never thought it could be this real. I also never thought that one could get so sore from continuous sex in the way in which I was, as I climbed into my car, worn out to return home as the first light of dawn was appearing over the eastern hills.

Where are they now, these fabulous, wonderful twins? I wish them well, but somehow cannot imagine them married, settled down and living in conventional nuclear families.

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