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Final Exam type-description D-S Erotica

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The first session between us was on the hottest day of the year so far, and he was 14 minutes late. I made him strip and I lit him up barehanded and wet. Ice water works, too, it gave him something to think about. Hmm.... marks. He can run now if he wishes, pain is part of the deal. He is only under consideration. One week later, he roars up 15 minutes early after asking for an additional 10 minutes past our appointment time because of traffic. It is beginning to rain, he is on his two wheeled machine. He is supposed to be taking a final exam tonight, but had already passed it a week ago.

Clearly his training and our sessions are important to him. He is a newbie, very bright, all things regarding this lifestyle are foreign to him. But he is eager. It is obvious he loves me, we have been having sex for a couple of months. Things changed. He was unsure of his role for some time and recently decided he likes being on his knees. Big bruiser of a man. He rides a Harley, shaves his head and neither regions bald, wears boots every day, goatee. His mouth says beautiful things, is skilled at pleasure, and a smile that lights up my soul. I am petite in height-- when he drops, we are just about face to face. Captivating. He is the very definition of masculine.

I listen to the events of his day at the bar in my basement. Pool table, bed, two sofas, low colorful lighting, always cool and private. All the while the beast that lives deep inside me is watching him, studying him, lusting. We share a cold Corona with lime. His body is well muscled, with a perfect amount of pad and hair. My mouth waters a bit as we kiss, and I work my lips from his mouth to his ear to his shoulder and back with nibbles and the occasional bite to let him know I am there. Ahhh, the nipples just BEG to be bitten, and I clinch them in my teeth, drooling now. He pulls back, making my job easier- he gasps, and his eyes fly open, dark blue on fire. Beautiful! His breathing changes, his speech and thoughts blur together as I bite harder, he lowers. His eyes glaze, the brain shifting into a place he has only been to once before, with me.

The music, the blindfold, the sounds as I rustle through my bag. I lower him to all fours, then something new. He is restrained with velcro cuffs. I speak to him asking if he remembers our safe word, he does. The small flogger lightly at first. Down the back, to his ass and thighs. Oh my, something in the middle. The backside of his testicles and penis are exposed as I spread his legs farther apart with my feet. Vulnerable, he trusts me, but in his surprise, he flinches at the quick contact of the flogger. Stern orders not to move, and I make sure he is ok. Once flogged, the leather snapper comes out of my bag, as does the wheel. Within an hour there is no place on his body that has not been touched by my hands, mouth, or the tools. Delicious.

Keeping him blindfolded and removing the restraints, he is laid down on the mattress face up. His instructions are not to cum. He can shiver, shake, quiver and quake, but do not cum. I work him over with my hands, touching, pinching, scratching, my mouth waters, I bit him harder. His erection is red and throbbing, thick and long and I ache to feel him inside me. I decide to swallow him deeply in my throat and pull on his testicles-- hard. I bite the base of his penis while he is down my throat, holding it there. His moans are exquisite.

After some time, I remove his blindfold and ask him not to move. I walk behind the bar and put six maraschino cherries deep in my bald pussy, out of his sight. I come back and sit on his chest, facing him with my knees at his ears. He is allowed to smell, but not lick. True torture for a man that loves to eat pussy. "One lick".. stop. "You may smell". His breathing is very heavy, my clit erect and straining for his tongue, just one centimeter from his lips. "One more lick".. stop. My juices are mixed with the cherry juices and are beginning to run on his neck. He is becoming quite audible, begging to taste. "One more lick".. stop. "I said you may smell only". He kisses my pussy lips, I pull back two inches and tell him he can only smell. In five minutes, "one more lick".. stop. He is grabbing my thighs and hips, hungry. I move to the sofa and slide to the edge, legs apart. He is allowed to dine, and I ask him to count aloud... "one", "two", "three", "four and five" together, no fingers. I shudder to orgasm, he greedily hums and slurps. I lay back on the bed, informing him he is not done. He may use his fingers now. My pussy is explored, his mouth on my clit licking furiously. I build to another orgasm, shuddering deeply as each increases with intensity. "MMMMMmmmmmm six", he says.

I rise up off my back, flip to get on all fours, and make him enter me from behind. Thrusting deeply, his beast is allowed to come out. He is huge and fills me completely. "Yes, my Sweet Dirty one... you may cum" I tell him. I did not use words, but he heard me. I tighten, ripple inside. Our sexes are in tune, my pussy milks him and he gasps an "oh my gawd" from a deep guttural place and explodes so hard that his load hits my insides and gushes out. Minutes pass as we pulse and heave, staying inside me. I rise up and we are both on our knees, he is holding me from behind. His every breath we share. We cannot, will not stop kissing.

His training is going well.

And I am in love.

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