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Extra Credit Assignment

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"I'm so happy you're here with me!" Pamela smiled, holding my hand tight as we walked down the hall. It was dead quiet, as you'd expect at this time of night.

Classes in this high school had ended hours ago, and the thousand or more students that usually filled these halls were now at home doing algebra homework, or out socializing with each other. That left the classrooms empty, and available for use.

Night school. I never thought I'd be going to night school, but here I was, and it wasn't even my idea. It was Pam's.

Well, sort of. Truthfully, she had signed up for this course herself. She hadn't even tried to get me to come with her, but it seemed like a good way to get closer to her, so I offered to join her. We had only been on a few dates so far, and I had been taking it slow in an effort to make it seem like I wasn't just interested in her body, which was pretty spectacular, I might add.

Pam was originally a friend of a friend of a friend. I first saw her at a party, over a year ago, and she caught my eye. Unfortunately, her boyfriend caught me eyeing her, and made a scene. I backed off, and she put him on a leash.

I had mentally put Pam in the file marked 'Women I wish I had met under different circumstances', when fate stepped in.

We bumped into each other just a few weeks ago in a mall.

"Am I safe to be this close to you? Or is the gorilla lurking nearby?" I asked, looking around for large shapes.

"You're safe," she giggled, touching my arm. "The gorilla is history. He was too controlling, so I released him back into the jungle."

"Has he been replaced?" I smiled, suddenly feeling like I had a chance. My eyes struggled to stay on her eyes, those pretty, blue orbs that were sparkling at me as she spoke.

"He has not," she shook her head, clearly hoping I'd take the next step. I took it.

"Then perhaps we could have dinner some night?" I ventured.

"That depends," she giggled. "Does tonight count?"

That response surprised me a little. I was expecting a phone number at best, but she beat me to it by suggesting that we start immediately.

"Um, yes, I believe it does," I laughed. "How does 7 sound?"

"Perfect. Where should I meet you?" she asked, exerting her control.

A few minutes of discussion led us to settle on a little Italian place in the vicinity, and she gave me a peck on the cheek before she left. I watched her butt as she walked away, until I lost her in the crowd, then smiled at the prospect of a date with the lovely Pamela.


Seven o'clock found me sitting at a table, looking out the window of the restaurant. A car went past, and the flash of blonde behind the wheel that caught my eye led me to believe she was here. A moment later, it was confirmed, and she breezed in through the door.

"Hi, André," she smiled, as I stood to hug her.

If pressed to describe her attire, I suppose the phrase that would come to mind would be 'casual chic'. The casual came from a pair of snug-fitting jeans that hugged her shapely legs and ass, while the chic was provided by a satin blouse, royal blue in colour. All that blue made her eyes pop, and the lustre of her hair was complemented by the shiny nature of her top, which was open a few buttons down, showing the beginnings of her cleavage. Pam wasn't that big up top, but she also wasn't small, and it all formed a nice, sexy package that was quite attractive.

So, we sat and talked, after placing our orders for dinner. The first point of any importance was made by Pam.

"André, I need to tell you something, just to avoid any misunderstanding between us. Is that okay?" She phrased it as a question, but I had a feeling it was more of a prerequisite.

"Of course," I nodded, having little choice.

"I just don't want any preconceptions to get in the way. I mean, I really like you.... That's why I asked you out tonight, but that doesn't mean I'm going to be easy," she smiled. "I've done that in the past, and it hasn't always worked out the way I wanted. So, let's just get to know each other, and take it slow, okay? I'm tired of one-night-stands."

I masked my disappointment with an understanding nod, and a smile.

"I've been looking for more, too," I replied. "Slow is fine with me. We'll just let nature take its course."

Inside, I was resigning myself to an evening that wouldn't end with her legs over my shoulders while I thrashed her pussy to orgasm. Still, she didn't say 'no', just not tonight. I could be patient.



All of which led to us walking down this empty hallway. We approached a classroom, where quiet conversation wafted out into the silence, and read the paper sign on the door.

"Creative writing. This is it," Pam said, and led me in.

There were about ten other adults in the room, all of them here, like Pamela, because they were interested in the subject.

I was here because I was interested in Pam.

More specifically, I was interested in getting her naked, and into my bed, and this supposedly shared interest was a means to that end.

Don't give me that look. I'm not a total scumbag. I was interested in her for more than just her body. I would welcome a long-term relationship with her, but I had more immediate needs, and was just trying to expedite them being met. So, when she told me she couldn't go out on Wednesday nights because she was starting this course, I suggested that we could take it together. I figured it couldn't hurt my chances.

Pam had been thrilled, and immediately signed me up to join her, using her phone. For the rest of that night, it was all she could talk about. After that date, we had made out like two hormonally supercharged teenagers, necking and pawing at each other like there was no tomorrow. I even got a good handful of her perky breasts, but that's where the fun ended. She pushed away from me, and brought the festivities to a close.

"Oh, um, I think I should call it a night," she panted, smoothing her clothes in place. "Sorry I let things get out of hand. I'll see you on Wednesday." She gave me a final peck on the lips, and left the car, disappearing into her apartment building.

I was left with blue balls, an uncomfortable erection, and no one to ease my pain.

So, before I picked her up tonight, and we headed for the school, I took preemptive action, rubbing one out to relax myself. Now, sitting in the classroom, I looked around at our fellow students.

Pam and I were the youngest, with both of us in our late twenties. Everyone else here appeared to be in their forties or fifties at least. No teacher yet, though.

"So, is this a self-study course, or is there a teacher coming tonight?" I asked Pam, who grinned back at me.

"Yes, there's a teacher," she giggled. "I'm sure she'll be here any moment."

As if on cue, I heard high heels echoing in the empty hallway, getting closer by the second. I suppose it was natural that a woman be teaching this course, and that all but two of the students.... me included, with my questionable motivation.... were women.

Probably some old battle axe, I thought, but it doesn't really matter. I'm here to soften Pamela's defenses, so the course and teacher are of secondary importance.

Having said that, however, the suspense was killing me. The hallway seemed to grow longer, slowing her arrival, until at last, the teacher whisked in.

"I might have to give myself detention!" she laughed, gliding to a stop behind her desk. "I'm terribly sorry for being late. My name is Ms. Brody, but since we're all adults here, please call me Virginia." She finished introducing herself, and dropped the load of books from her arms onto the desk with a thud.

I tried to keep from gawking at her. It wasn't the first impression I was going for, but it was really difficult to keep my jaw from hitting the desktop.

Okay, I was wrong, I thought. No battle axe here. Yes, she's older.... Probably in her late thirties, at least.... but hardly the wrinkled, old bag my imagination had conjured up. No, this woman would have been conjured by another part of me, altogether.


Red hair.

Green eyes.




Having made her entrance, Virginia Brody was slipping out of her blazer, a navy blue and pinstripe model that matched the knee length skirt she wore. Under the blazer, a crisp, white blouse strained to contain her breasts, which were full, and round, and very hard to ignore.

I did my best to be subtle. The first reason was that leering at a strange woman's breasts was very bad manners.

The second reason was sitting next to me. Pam would probably not approve of my overt gaze any more than Virginia would.

We did the rounds of the classroom, introducing ourselves, but I really wasn't paying that much attention. I was too busy casting surreptitious glances at Virginia. She had captured my fascination.

With everyone acquainted, Virginia gave us a brief idea of what we could hope to learn here. She paced the front of the room as she spoke, drawing my eyes to her legs, which appeared to be every bit as delicious as her chest. Sexy, black heels adorned her feet, and her calves were quite muscular and firm. As my gaze wandered back upward, I met her own sparkling green eyes, watching me, watching her.

"Okay, so this isn't going to be an English class," she smiled, gesturing with pointed fingers. "By that, I mean we won't be concentrating on grammar or spelling, although those will be part of it. Grades don't really mean anything, here, since this is a general interest course. You can't really fail here, so just relax and have fun with it. I'll be reading your assignments, and using a star system to track your results and progress. The main focus here is CREATIVE writing, so we'll be focusing on storytelling and painting a picture through language."

"I think we have an advantage in today's day and age," she continued. "If you go back to the era of Bronte and her contemporaries, you can understand why their work sometimes seems so heavy and the language so cumbersome. They had to be. Their readers couldn't see what they saw, so they were forced to craft their stories that way."

"Now, however, we live in the age of video and massive entertainment. Every reader can picture what the author is describing, because they've probably seen something similar in a movie or on TV. In fact, the pendulum has swung in the other direction. Today, it's up to the author to weed out the distracting elements, and focus the reader on the important ones."

I was watching her stride back and forth, formulating her words and casting occasional glances at us. I'm sure you can guess what was going through my mind. Every step caused a tiny, almost imperceptible jiggle in her breasts, but it was big enough for me to notice. Focus on the important bits, indeed, I smiled to myself.

"So, since I don't know any of you, or how you write, I'd like to spend the rest of today's class with you writing me a little sample of your work," Virginia finished, turning to face the blackboard. She picked up a piece of chalk, and put a few words on the board. "The story itself is up to you, but you must include the following elements in it. I'd like them between 500 and 1000 words, which you should be able to manage before the end of today's time, but I'll give you another two days to get it ready. You can email it to me."

Okay. Perhaps I hadn't thought this one all the way through. Sure, Pam, why don't I take the course with you? It'll be fun. I somehow didn't even consider that I'd have to actually participate in the class, and now I stared at the words she had written in clean cursive on the black surface.

Dog, or other pet.




Oh sure, I can just come up with something. No problem.

Glancing at Pam, I could see that she was having no such trouble, and was busy madly typing on her laptop. My tablet sat, power off, on my desk, mocking me with its empty black screen.

You'd better be an incredible fuck, I thought, casting another peek at Pam. I didn't sign up for this shit only for the homework.


Week two of the course arrived, and I was no closer to scoring with Pam. We had been out a couple of times in the last week, but things never progressed beyond the make-out stage, and I was getting frustrated with trying not to get frustrated.

I had done my homework, and sent my story to Virginia on time, but I wasn't anticipating much success. I hadn't even thought about writing since high school, and even though it had been one of my favourite aspects of that time in school, I had plenty of rust to shake off.

Virginia was waiting for us when we arrived, saving herself from detention. She was looking every bit as good this week as last, sitting with her legs crossed. Her hair had a very sexy wave to it, causing the light to play across the varied angles and curls, producing a flaming effect of light and dark tones with brilliant highlights. She gave me a look and a wry smile when she saw us.

I was a little nervous when she gave us our grades, which were really more of opinions. The second part of our homework had been to read a particular story online, and observe how the author described the scene. That part had given me an idea of just how badly I had failed to do the same in my story.

"Okay class, I've had a look at all your stories," she smiled, scanning the room. "As first efforts go, they weren't too bad. Some had better plots than others, and some were much better at 'painting the picture', as I said last week. Now, for you two men," she laughed, "I kind of set you up to fail. All the four points I gave you are difficult to work with if you don't use your emotions, which is easier for us women. Still, you did okay."

"André," she smiled, turning to me, "you had a very interesting plot twist, but you didn't 'paint' as well as, say, Pamela. Actually, I think a better description for yours would be 'scribbling with crayons, and colouring outside the lines'."

The class giggled, and Pam ruffled my hair, as I hung my head in mock shame.

"It's okay. Everyone has to start somewhere," Virginia laughed. "We'll work on it."

My attitude was not improved by the fact that Pam got the best marks and the most praise from Virginia. She was positively smug with satisfaction.

"Teacher's pet!" I teased her. She responded by sticking out her tongue at me, and smiling happily.


"I have a present for you," Pam smiled, handing me a nicely wrapped box. "Don't open it right now. Let's go to dinner first, then you can open it."

Minutes later, we were parked, and walking into the restaurant, with the package tucked under my arm. Pam let me pull out her chair for her, and I got a little peek down her top as she sat. No bra tonight. Perhaps things were looking up, sex wise.

We placed our orders for dinner, and Pam bounced in her chair excitedly, eager for me to open the gift.

"Open it! Open it!" she giggled, just in case I was unfamiliar with the timeless process of gift receiving.

"It's not going to explode, is it?" I asked, pulling my hands away.

"No, silly. It's just something I saw, and immediately thought of you. Something you might be able to use," she smiled. "Trust me. Just open it."

Her enthusiasm was infectious, and a little unnerving. I suppose there was no way to know, except to open it, so I tore at the paper. A flash of brilliant orange and contrasting green seemed somehow very familiar, and when I pulled the tear wider, I saw the all too well known name on the box.

A childhood memory.


Pam's laughter echoed through the restaurant, and she put her hand to her mouth to muffle it slightly, but failed. She found her own joke very funny.

I chuckled politely, taking the shot with as much good humour as I could manage, at the moment. I didn't find it quite as funny as she did, but I had to admit, it was inventive.

"See?" she giggled, pointing at the box. "64 colours! It will help with your writing!"

"Yeah, yeah, whatever," I nodded. "You're still the teacher's pet."

"Oh, poor baby," she cooed, reaching across to stroke my cheek. "I'm just kidding. Let me make it up to you?"

"Not necessary," I smiled. "It was a good joke."

"Really? You're sure?" she whispered. "I was really looking forward to apologizing. Tonight." A wink confirmed the conclusion my libido had leapt to.

"Um, well, uh.... If you have your heart set on it, it would be rude for me to stop you," I answered. "Would you like to start now?"

"I think you should eat first," she smiled. "You're going to need your energy."


"Ok-ay," I panted. "You.... are....for-giv-en." I flopped on my back, and wiped away the drops of sweat that had trickled into my eyes. When I turned to look at Pam, I saw her lovely, naked body, glistening with a similar sheen of perspiration. Her chest was heaving as she caught her breath, and she smiled.

"Well, I'd hate to think I apologized for nothing," she giggled, rolling on her side. She rubbed one foot along the other leg playfully. Her nipples were pointy, and quite excited.

"I gotta admit," I laughed, "the crayons were funny. If the joke hadn't been on me, I would have pissed myself."

"Well, after Virginia used those words to describe your writing, then I just stumbled across the crayons.... I just had to get them," Pam smiled. "Thanks for being a good sport."

"Thanks for finally sleeping with me," I replied.

I think if I had left it at that, everything might have been okay, but the blood that had left my brain for my cock hadn't yet returned. My mouth runneth over.

"I mean, that's the only reason I signed up for the course, anyway."

I was looking at the ceiling, still breathing heavily, and it took a few seconds for me to realize that she wasn't laughing. In fact, the room was deathly silent. I could feel her glare before I even turned my head.

"WHAT?!" she snapped.

Oh, shit. Is it too late to take that back?

I did finally turn to face her. Her fury was obvious, and I cringed, closing my eyes.

"You pig! You unbelievable, fucking pig! Here I thought you might be different, and actually, be someone I liked," she spat, "but you? You're despicable! You joined the class, just to get me into bed?! GET OUT! RIGHT NOW! GET OUT OF MY BED, AND OUT OF MY LIFE! AND GIMME MY FUCKING CRAYONS BACK! YOU DON'T DESERVE THEM, YOU PIECE OF SHIT!"

All things considered, I think she let me off light.


The following Wednesday, I had a brainstorm of sorts. I would show Pam that I was worthy of a second chance. I would dispel the notion that I was solely interested in her for sex, by showing up at class even after we had already slept together.

Not my best plan, but it was all I had right now. I didn't even think she might not be happy to see me.

She wasn't.

I walked in, and she looked up from her desk. At first startled, then confused, she finally settled on angry as her emotion of choice. She stood, shooting daggers at me with her eyes, before speaking.

"What the fuck are you doing here?" she snarled. "We both know you got what you really wanted. You don't need to be here. Get lost."

I hadn't replied yet, when I heard a voice behind me. It was Virginia.

"Is there a problem?" she asked.

"Um, no," I said softly. "I'll just sit over here." Pam sat down, in her spot to the far side of the classroom, and I took an empty desk on the entrance side.

"Okay. How appropriate that we should have a little drama to start, as that's today's topic," Virginia laughed. Everyone else did too, except for Pam and myself.

With that, she started today's lesson, and wrote several points on the blackboard. I noticed that her skirt today was a tan colour, and just a few inches shorter than the knee-length ones she had worn so far. I also noticed that from my new, angled perspective, her boobs swung considerably as she wrote.

She gave us some assigned reading, and began to do her rounds of the class, sitting with each student individually to discuss their assignments from last week. It took a few minutes for her to make her way to me.

"André?" she smiled, touching me on the shoulder. She glanced over to Pam, who was reading, and sat down next to me. "Trouble between you two?"

"Apparently. We are no longer one," I replied softly.

"Too bad," she smiled, reassuringly. "Now, about your assignment. You're really doing much better. Your descriptions are more vibrant, and it's easier to see what you're trying to write. One thing, though. We have a saying among writers.... Eiffel tower clear.... to describe the level of specificity we want. It means, if I describe something as a tower, I'm leaving a lot of latitude in the reader's mind. He or she might get a mental picture of the Leaning Tower of Piza, or the CN tower, or any number of different, tower like structures."

"But, if I say tower, and describe the steel, so many pieces, held together with rivets.... I describe the elegant curve, arcing skyward, the stark blackness against a bright summer day...." she paused, holding her fingers aloft, and a hopeful look on her face.

That face was quite pretty. Her eyes most certainly were, with their dark green colour, framed by the flaming red of her hair. She looked like Christmas. I won't even get into the gifts I'd like to unwrap, which were stretching the fabric of her blouse taut, as they always did.

"Right. Eiffel tower clarity. Got it," I nodded. She smiled, and I watched her slide silently out of the desk, and walk to the next student. Her ass was divine, from this range, and I was free to check her out all I wanted to, now that Pam was no longer as issue.

Speaking of Pam, I looked in her direction, and found her glaring back at me. It was unclear whether the glare was disapproving of my wandering eyes, my presence, or my general existence. Perhaps all three.


With class ending for the night, Pam was the first to leave, gathering her books and bolting out the door with a passing sneer for me. The others followed, one by one, until I was the last yet to leave. Virginia looked at me quizzically.

"Is there a question, André?" she asked, pausing her own packing of books.

"No. Just thought I'd give her a good head start, so I don't get yelled at again," I said.

"Ah, yes. The drama," she smiled, taking a seat on the edge of her desk. She crossed her legs, and leaned back on her hand casually. "What happened, anyway? You were a cute couple. If you don't mind me asking, of course?"

I felt compelled to tell her. Maybe not the whole sordid story, but there was something about her that was very.... Relaxing.

"Oh, um, let's just call it a question of motives," I replied.

"Repairable?" she asked.

"Probably not," I shook my head. My eyes wandered up those legs, cursing the darkness that blocked my view past mid-thigh.

"Oh well," she shrugged, sliding forward off the desk. Her skirt bunched up a bit, and just for an instant, I could see the creamy goodness of her smooth inner thigh, mere inches from nirvana. "Plenty of fish, as they say, and you're an attractive young man. I'm sure you'll find someone."

"Thanks, Virginia," I laughed, and scooped up my gear. "See you next Wednesday."


A week later, I was anxious to get to class.

There were multiple reasons for my attitude, and Pam was not among them.

First, and most surprisingly, I was, actually, enjoying the class. Who knew? I had done reasonably well in high school English class, and was learning to write better than I ever thought I could. And, no, the reason I was enjoying the class had nothing to do with the instructor.

She was, however, one of the reasons that I was anxious to be there. Especially with Pam out of the picture, if not the class. As I finally found out during our one and only sexual experience together, Pam's body was indeed very lovely, and she was a spirited and energetic partner. From what I could see, Virginia had her beat, hands down, in the curves department.

Perhaps, I might even get to do the same evaluation in the bedroom. One can only hope.

Pam barely acknowledged my existence when she entered the classroom. I wasn't sure if she would be here or not, but I suppose she was making a point. My presence wouldn't change her life. She wouldn't give me that much power.

I was reading, when the flash of red hair caught my eye as Virginia breezed in. I glanced up, and swallowed hard.

I don't know if you've noticed, but some women can show a lot of skin, yet not really catch your eye. Others can be covered, and attract a wistful gaze like a magnet draws steel. Virginia was in the latter category. She was stunning.

Her hair, usually up in some sort of arrangement, was down and loose, floating in gentle waves around her shoulders. She was dressed in her usual impeccable style, although tonight was much more flattering, in my opinion. A snug, pencil-style skirt, black with a textured front panel, hugged her hips and thighs. It was cut a couple of inches below the knee, necessitating a lengthy slit that let her legs play peek-a-boo as she walked. It was very sexy.

Up top, she completed the monochrome look with a black satin blouse, unbuttoned just far enough to let her cleavage play the same game her legs were, hiding most of the time, but available for a subtle glimpse, should you be lucky enough to be paying attention. The overhead fluorescent lights cast interesting streaks across the shiny curves of her chest. She glanced at me, gawking at her, and suppressed a smug smile.

There was a class to teach, of course, and she did so, although I really couldn't tell you what we covered. I was distracted, completely, by Virginia, and she seemed to be enjoying that fact. I say that, because she knew I was watching her, and did nothing to discourage me.

Sitting at her desk, legs crossed, the slit in her skirt gave me a good look at several inches of smooth thigh. She caught me eyeing her legs, and merely turned her chair slightly, letting me see them better, dangling her shoe off her foot with a playful bounce.

A few minutes later, she was writing something on the board, and turned back to the book open on her desk. Placing a hand either side of the book, she bent over slightly, giving me a clean view of her cleavage. She even gave her upper arms a little squeeze as she stood up, squishing those round globes together a bit more.

If she wasn't flirting with me, she was doing a remarkable impression of it. Still, I wasn't sure until I caught her looking my direction. She tapped her pen against her lips, and smiled slightly.

The clock told us that class was over, and Pam once again led the way out of the room, causing the rest to follow suit. This time, Virginia and I were already looking at each other by the time the last student filed out.

"So, Andre?" she smiled, crossing her arms below her impressive bust-line, and causing her breasts to bulge upward even more. "In the last week, have you been doing any fishing?"

"Hmmmm? Oh! Right. Not really," I laughed, enjoying the word play.

"Hmmm, so, if I were to invite you to...." she sat forward, making direct eye contact, ".... fish.... with me, would you be interested? Purely catch and release, you understand."

"Of course. Yes, I'd like to fish with you. Catch and release is just what I had in mind, right now," I nodded.

"Well then, I suggest we go get some bait," she purred. "I know just the place."

The walk out, down the dimly lit, empty hallways, was slow and silent. When we arrived at the parking lot, she turned to me.

"I'll lead. You follow?" she asked, putting her key in the car door. I stepped closer, and pinned her between the door and my chest. She looked into my eyes, and let me kiss her gently.

Her lips were every bit as soft as they looked, and tasted of strawberries. Her hand touched my cheek.

"I'm hungry, and I like to fish in comfort," she giggled, looking down sheepishly. "No need to rush, honey. We're going to bed tonight. Let's get to know each other a bit first."

I nodded, and headed for my car. She was waiting at the exit, and led me to a quiet little restaurant nearby. As we stood, waiting to be seated, she leaned back against me, rubbing her backside across my semi-erect bulge.

"Hmmmm," she giggled. "That's what I'm talking about!"

I had my hand on her hip as we were led through the restaurant, into a dark corner. It was the perfect place for two people discover each other. We settled into the booth, and cast hungry glances across the table.

"I feel like I should make something clear, before we proceed too much further," Virginia said directly. "I'm not normally this foreword. I don't just fall into bed with random strangers every night. Occasionally, but not every night. But you've been looking at me with those dark, sensuous eyes for a month now, even when you were sitting beside your girlfriend. I've been around enough to know what those looks mean. I was flattered, and intrigued."

"Virginia, I would think everyone would look at you that way," I replied. "You're a very beautiful, sexy, curvaceous woman. Have you seen yourself lately?"

"Yes, I have," she smiled. "I've even seen me naked, thank you, and maybe I'm too critical, I'll admit, but...."

I touched her hand, causing her to stop abruptly and look down.

"No excuses. I don't care what others may have put in your head. I'm here with you, tonight, so let's just enjoy ourselves," I said, in a low tone.

Her mouth opened, but nothing came out. Finally, she nodded, and smiled.

"Tell me more about André," she asked, putting her elbows on the table, and resting her chin on her hands. I didn't for a second believe that she didn't know what this position did to her tits, putting them on display in the open neckline of her blouse.

I gave her the quick version.... Single, grew up nearby, went to college, got a job with an engineering company, blah, blah, blah.

"So, I'm curious as to what exactly happened between you and Pamela," she smiled when I finished my bio. "I'd love to hear it, if you want to share."

"Oh, it's the same old story," I laughed. "Boy meets girl, girl asks boy out, girl tells boy she wants to go slow...."

"Now there's an overrated strategy," she giggled. "My ex-husband and I dated for two months before we slept together. Two years before we got married. And he still cheated on me, several times. Sorry.... Please continue."

"Okay. Boy wants to see girl more often, to speed up the process. Offers to take a class with her, to spend more time together," I recapped.

"Very sweet, if his motivation was pure," she nodded.

"Not so much. He was still looking to score. When he finally did, afterward, they were talking, and it kind of slipped out about him taking the course, just to spend more time with her."

"And she interpreted that the wrong way?" she asked.

"Depends on your point of view. He wasn't looking for a one night stand, but the waiting for his ultimate goal, was killing him," I finished.

"Kicked you out of bed, did she?" Virginia laughed.

"Yup, and it was partly your fault," I replied, pointing at her accusingly.

"My fault?" she asked, sitting back suddenly. She put her hand to her ample chest in surprise.

"In a way. You made that crayon comment about my writing. It was funny, but she took it to the next level. Got me a box crayons. Crayola. 64 of them. That's what we were talking about in bed when she found out why I took your course," I told her.

Virginia was trying desperately to stifle a laugh, hiding behind both hands. Her chest was quivering as she did so, until she couldn't hold it back any longer.

"Oh, my god!" she howled. "I'm so sorry, but that's the funniest thing I've heard in a long time!" She gradually brought herself back under control, and took a deep breath. I couldn't help but watch her breasts swell with the inhale.

"Your turn," I said. "What are you doing teaching creative writing in night school? What's your day job? I assume you're a teacher?"

"Nope. Not even close," she smiled, looking at me with hooded eyes. "I'm trying to decide if I should tell you my deep, dark secret. Hmmmm," she sighed, tapping her lips with her fingertip in thought. "Oh, what the hell. Now, this is just between us, okay?"

"It's that juicy?" I laughed.

"Mmmmm, yes. Just remember that particular turn of phrase," she nodded.

"Okay, I promise, under penalty of a kick in the balls, to keep my mouth shut," I said, raising my right hand for the oath.

Virginia reached into her bag, rummaged for a few seconds until she found what she was looking for, then paused for a final decision. Finally, she pulled her hand out, and tossed something on the table.

It was a book. More specifically, a romance novel.

"Oh, I just love that book," the waitress said, arriving just as I was picking it up. She was a very pretty blonde, and proceeded to gush about how she's read all of the author's books, and how she loves the characters, the love, the sex, blah, blah.

Since we had been talking and hadn't opened the menu, the waitress, Kim, waited for us to make our choices. She picked up the book, and leafed through the pages, finding a particular section.

"My favourite part," she said, handing the book to Virginia.

"Mmmmm, yes, mine too," Virginia smiled. "Doesn't it just make you...?

"Oh, yeah," Kim giggled. "My boyfriend laughs at me for reading these stories, but he doesn't complain when I jump on him."

The two women cackled happily, discussing the story, and how it made them horny. Finally, with our orders taken, Kim left us alone.

"That's your deep dark secret? You read trashy romance novels?" I asked, plucking the book out of her fingers, and scanning the open pages. I did a double take, as certain words drew my attention. It was a pretty graphic description of a man taking a woman, and I do mean 'taking'. The woman was definitely enjoying it.

Virginia was just looking at me, grinning, when I glanced up.

"Pretty hot, huh?" she asked.

"Well, um, yes," I admitted. "I've never read one of these before. Maybe I'll have to start. So, as I was saying, that's your secret?"

"Yes," she smiled.

"That's not so deep and dark," I replied, sliding the book back toward her. "The waitress reads them. No big deal."

"André," she said softly, leaning forward slightly. Her boobs rested on the table, and I noticed that another button was undone, showing me more of her delicious cleft. "My secret isn't that I read those books. It's that I write them."

Say what? I took the book back, flipping it over. On the cover, under the illustration of the buxom blonde being held by the handsome stud, was a name, but it didn't say Virginia Brody. It said 'Angel Silver'.

"You're Angel Silver?" I asked, a little louder than I meant to, and louder than she wanted to hear it. She crossed her arms angrily.

"Yes, dumb ass. What part of 'secret' don't you understand?" she hissed.

"Sorry," I nodded, glancing around. It didn't appear that anyone had heard, least of all Kim, who was nowhere in sight. "You're her?" I whispered.

"That's right. That's my day job," she giggled, relaxing again. "That's also why I teach creative writing. It's just fun to help others express their imagination."

I had opened the book again, to the part Kim had pointed out, and was reading it more closely. The male character was fucking the woman senseless, in several positions, and more than one room.

"You write this all day?" I asked, picturing her at her computer, tapping the keyboard.

"Well, it's not all sex scenes," she explained, taking the book back, and tossing it in her bag. "There's more to the story than just getting the characters laid."

"Does writing it make you, um.... Sticky?" I chuckled.

"Sticky?" she laughed. "It gets me downright soaked! That's one of my benchmarks. If it makes me wet, and makes me masturbate, then it will probably do the same to other women. Men too, I suppose, although I know my target audience is mostly female. So, if I'm wet, it'll sell."

"The Virginia Brody seal of approval, huh?" I smiled. "Do you ever, um, fictionalize, your real life? Write about real partners?"

"Maybe," she blushed. "Are you offering to give me something to write about?"

"Absolutely!" I grinned.

"Well, then.... We'd better eat, because we're both going to need our energy tonight," she growled, shifting in her seat anxiously.


There was really no doubt that we were feeling the excitement of our first time together. You know the feeling I mean, when all the maneuvering and pretense is over with, and you both just accept that it's going to happen, because you want it to.

I'm not talking about the 'thank god, at last' emotion of your first 'first time'. That was wonderful, to be sure, but it was too new to evaluate honestly.

What I'm describing is something you've felt before. It's familiar, and profound. It's permission to act on your desires, with someone who feels them too.

So, when we arrived at her apartment building, I was right behind her every step of the way. It was late, so there was no one else around, but she reminded me to behave until we were safely into her space.

"Ever done it in an elevator?" I asked as we stepped in.

"No, and I'm not going to, tonight, either," she smiled, pressing the appropriate button for her floor, and pressing closer to me. "You can kiss me though."

As alternate choices go, I could have done a lot worse. Her lips were very expressive this time, our second kiss. This one was much more than an introductory peck. She had me backed into the corner, and she was in control, starting the kiss, and determining its speed of escalation. I looked into her eyes, those deep green wells of soulful sexiness, as her lips parted, and her tongue came out to play. All too quickly, the ride was over.

"Now, I really need you to mind your manners until we're inside. I've got a neighbour who just lives for gossip. She's also an old stick in the mud, and if she sees us fooling around, it will be all over the building in minutes," Virginia whispered.

"So, I take it she doesn't know your secret, Ms. Silver?" I whispered back, keeping my hands to myself.

"Ha! No! I'm sure she'd be leading a lynch mob if she did, " she smiled.

The lock on her door succumbed to her key, allowing us inside. It was a nice, if basic apartment. Virginia put her purse and keys down, and leaned against the wall.

"Well, we're safe," I said softly. "No lynch mob in here, after your neck. Just me."

Virginia grinned, and turned her head, pulling her hair aside as she did. It was a clear invitation, and I RSVP'd with my lips.

"Mmmmm hmmm," she moaned, her hands on my shoulders as I nibbled her neck softly, up and down, and around her ear. "That's nice. I've always had a soft spot for having my neck nuzzled."

"Any other.... soft spots?" I asked, kissing her cheek.

"Mmmmm," she giggled, "several, including the two I'm sure you're interested in." Her fingertips played lightly across the open neck of her blouse. She reached down, and flicked another button open, revealing another two or three inches of incredible feminine flesh to my gaze. "Now, do we just rip each other's clothes off, right here, or.....?"

I stepped aside, and she smiled again, heading down the hallway, presumably toward the bedroom. Her hips swung suggestively.

"Follow me," she sighed, hooking a finger at me.

Like there was any way I was leaving? Proverbial wild horses couldn't get me out of this apartment, right now.

I fell in behind her, watching her sexy rump closely, as she walked along ahead of me. She undid the cuffs of her blouse as we turned into her bedroom, lit by only a small bedside lamp.

"Why don't you take a seat, and get comfortable?" she offered, and I did so, perching on the corner of the mattress. Virginia stepped over my lap, and looked down at me through her canyon of cleavage. Her eyes smouldered.

She didn't say a word, simply unbuttoning her blouse, and tugging it out of her skirt. I heard the 'swish' of the satin as it slid off her shoulders, fluttering to the floor. A half step forward put one knee on the bed beside my leg, and she moved her chest within inches of my face.

I held my breath in anticipation, as she reached behind her back. Her bra went slack, but stayed in place, until gravity finally overcame friction. It fell away, and I gasped.

Awe is simply an inadequate word. Her breasts were remarkable. Not merely large, they were also perfectly shaped, sensuous teardrops of femininity that had captured my imagination since I first saw her enter the classroom. Now I knew my imagination had been far too conservative.

"You like them?" she asked, clearly knowing the answer. She pulled my face into the soft pillows, squeezing with her upper arms to make them billow upward.

"Mmmmm," I moaned, enjoying the smooth skin and fullness. My lips grazed across a firm bump, almost as thick as my pinkie fingertip, if not as long. I kissed it, and drew it into my mouth.

"I'll take that as a 'yes'," she breathed. "And I definitely like what you're doing with them. I should warn you that none of this will get you anywhere in my class, though."

"Oh well," I sighed. "So much for that plan. I guess I'll just have to enjoy you, then."

"As long as we're clear on that point," she giggled. I moved to the other nipple, and reached around her hip to unzip her skirt.

As sexy as that skirt was, with its snug styling and slit, it was presenting a serious obstacle to getting her naked. Her legs were about as far apart, straddling me, and the sexy garment would allow, and Virginia was balanced precariously on one high heel, and one knee. As I pulled her closer, I tipped the balance.

"Ooooo, ooooo, whoops!" she giggled, as she crashed down atop me, pushing me onto my back. Her huge breasts acted as cushions, forming a protective shield around my face, as she fell flat. It was probably the first time the word 'flat' had been associated with her since she was twelve years old. "Are you okay?"

"Mmmmm hmmm," I mumbled, still suckling her nipple. Until I needed to breathe, I had no intention of letting go of the delicious nub of flesh. She rescued me by bridging her upper body upward with her arms, which let her tits hang even more enticingly.

Now that we were horizontal, I rolled us over, putting her on her back. I nibbled her breasts for another minute or so, before pulling back. I wanted to get the whole picture.

I admit, the first time I saw Virginia taking off her blazer in class, and my eyes fell on those big, round breasts of hers.... well, I wondered if they were actually all her.

I'd had my hands on those puppies now, and when she rolled onto her back, the jury came back with a verdict. It was unanimous. Her tits were all Virginia. No augmentation.

Those magnificent boobs spread naturally under gravity, instead of standing up like gr*pefruits. That may or may not be your cup of tea, but I had been with women of both types before, and it didn't matter to me either way. In this case, her big tits wobbled happily across her chest with her movements. She knew I was enthralled by her abundant curves, and rolled her shoulders intentionally, shaking those jugs at me. I smiled, and moved down by her feet.

Taking one foot at a time, I gently removed the four-inch high heels that had made her feet look so sexy all evening. With them out of the way, I leaned closer, and grasped the lower hem of her skirt.

"I wonder what's hiding under here?" I winked. She immediately lifted her ass off the bed, and helped me slip the skirt down her long legs.

Her blouse had been black. Her skirt, too, and her shoes, and her bra. I was fully expecting her panties to be as well. I didn't expect them to be.... missing entirely.

"Why, Ms. Silver...." I whistled, as she spread her thighs slightly, exposing her nearly hairless, pouty vagina to me. "What were you planning when you got dressed tonight?"

"I told you," she smiled, with a bashful flutter of her eyelashes. "I've been feeling your eyes on me for a month. Once you told me that you were done with Pam, I was hoping we might end up here. I was horny, and I've always liked the sensation of a cool breeze on my pussy when I'm wet." She spread her legs wider. "See how wet I am?"

Even in the subdued light of the bedroom, her advanced arousal was obvious. She was dripping, a succulent orchid awash with fragrant nectar.

Now playing the role of hungry honeybee.... Yours truly.

I virtually dove into the wide vee of space between her legs, aiming my tongue at the gaping, swollen labia of her vestibule. Only a small, triangular patch of red curls remained to hint at the matching carpet that once covered her cunt. As my tongue made contact, and her scent filled my head, I moaned with contentment. Her moan may have been for other reasons.

"Mmmmm, right to the point. I like that," she purred, tugging her nipples feverishly.

I lapped at her pussy like it was the last source of moisture on earth, burying my face as deep as I could, to get at her surprisingly sweet juices. While I was slurping up the goodness, I was busy mulling over her words.

All the while I was checking her out in class, she had been doing the same. Certainly tonight, she had been flirting back, but that was just the end result. For weeks prior to tonight, she'd been, as she said, feeling my eyes on her, and had enjoyed the sensation. Enough so that she had planned ahead for tonight.

All of which bodes well for this being more than just a one-nighter, in my view. With that in mind, I didn't need to rush. While I was definitely eager to sample everything this curvaceous beauty had to offer, I didn't have to sacrifice anything because of time.

I ate her, slowly, luxuriously, and very thoroughly, cleaning every nook, cranny and fold of her very sexy vagina. It was a never-ending process, as the more I licked her, the wetter she got. I was beginning to think she didn't want me to finish the job.

"You know you're torturing me, right?" she groaned, squirming under my tongue. "For god's sake, just suck my clit and put me out of my misery! Please. Let me cum. I really need to cum!"

"Certainly, darling," I answered playfully. "Exactly where is this clit you spoke of?" My tongue made a few random stabs, avoiding the prize which pulsed with arousal at the top of her slit. "Here? Here? How about here?"

"Oh, fuck off, you joker!" she gasped. "You're no virgin. You've been down on a woman often enough to know your way arou-oooOOOOOOOO, OH FUCK YES! THAT'S THE SPOT!"

Her hands flew to the back of my head, holding me close to her pussy, as I sucked on her clit furiously. Occasional bouts of fluttering tongue caused her moans of joy to grow louder, before I went back to attacking her clit again.

"Oh fuck, I'm so close," she hissed, grinding her cunt against my face. "So close, please don't stop, I'm begging you. Right there, don't stop, don't stop, oh god, don't stop, oh god, oh god, oh fuck, yes, more, yes, oh god, here it cums.... I can feel it, please don't stop.... so.... MMNAAHN! FUCK! CUMMING!"

She thrashed the bed, and screeched in bliss, all while mashing her soggy snatch across my face. I was just observing, and I could tell it was a good orgasm. Finally, her body tensed one last time, and then dropped limp to the bed.

"Oh god, oh god, oh god...." she repeated, whispering softly. Her hair was a mess, sticking to her face on a sheen of exertion. That same aura of sweat clung to her breasts, which were heaving with her ragged breathing.

I looked at her pussy again, and it was more of a mess than when I started, oozing with her syrupy juices.

"Oh man, I'm going to have to start all over again," I giggled, swirling my tongue inside her. She flinched, and grabbed my hair, yanking my face away.

"Mmmmm, no! Too sensitive!" she mumbled, rolling onto her side. "Need a minute."

I smiled, hoping I'd read something in her future books that would remind me of this moment. Rolling off the bed, I stripped quickly, then cuddled behind her, wrapping her in my arms.

"You know, I wanted to do that," she said softly. "I wanted to unwrap you."

"I can put it back on," I suggested, nuzzling her neck from behind. She moaned, and tilted her head so I could get at her ear.

"Well, no, you've already moved on," she giggled, wriggling her rump against my hard dick. "It feels big. Big is fun. Are we going to have fun?"

"Yup," I laughed. "Are you ready?"

"Oh yeah, I am sooooooo ready," she smiled.

"How would you like it?" I asked.

"I want to face you, so I can hold you, and kiss you," she replied softly.

"Close your eyes," I told her. "No peeking."

Virginia sighed and nodded, rolling on her back as I made room for her. I knelt between her legs, then leaned over her, using one hand to support myself, while the other guided my cock into her.

"Oh, god," she smiled, as the head nestled between her slippery lips. "Nice and easy, baby."

Her cunt opened up, easily admitting my shaft into the snug interior, thanks to her copious lubricant. It felt wonderful to me, and I slid in smoothly, in one long push.

"Mmmmm, that's a nice pussy," I whispered, as she wrapped her body around mine. Her eyes fluttered open.

"Big cock," she smiled. "So full. Hold still, please."

She buried her face into my shoulder, and I could feel her body quivering, as she tightened her grip on my hips and back. She tensed once more, and groaned, then relaxed. Her eyes opened again, a bit glassy, and unfocused.

"Like I said.... Big cock. Nice big cock. I love nice big cocks," she smiled. "I cum a lot."

"Would you like me to fuck you now?" I laughed, starting slowly.

"Mmmmm hmmm," she giggled. "Fuck me. Fuck me fast, fuck me slow, fuck me hard, fuck me gently.... Just fuck me, please."

I was very happy to grant her request. I fucked her in every way she had asked for, while she hung on for dear life, and screamed through one orgasm after another. We ran through several positions.... missionary, doggy, spooning, and a few I don't really have a name for. We were both covered in the sweat of passion, by the time she took her place on top.

"Holy fuck!" she gasped, settling aboard my dick. "Pam kicked you out of her bed?" I nodded. "Silly, silly girl! Her loss.... My gain," she smiled leaning forward, and dangling her big tits in my face. "Suck me, please?"

Try and stop me, I thought, grabbing her right breast with both hands and collecting the thick nipple into my mouth. She wasted no time, immediately beginning to work her hot, sopping wet cunt up and down on my cock. I was going to cum soon, and it was going to be huge.

"Damn, that is so good," she growled, bouncing her hips crazily. She managed to keep her upper body relatively still, letting me switch from one breast to the other, over and over. I groaned, warning her of my approaching orgasm. "Are you close, baby?"

"Mmmmm hmmm," I nodded, latched on dutifully.

"Inside me," she moaned. "Fill me up with that hot, sticky cum. I love to feel it squirt way up into my cunt. Do it! Fucking blast that load into my pussy!"

Her hips went into overdrive, and she sat up, popping her nipple out of my mouth, but giving me a visual to remember for the rest of my life. Her hair was flying, screening those green eyes, which were burning holes in mine, urging me to cum. Further down, here huge tits were bouncing and swinging in wide circles. It was so hot, it pushed me over the edge.

"F-U-U-U-U-U-C-C-C-K!" I snarled, and my whole body flexed, as my cock spat rope after rope of semen inside her vagina. Virginia smiled, and undulated her hips gently.

"Mmmmm, that's what I call a happy ending," she purred, and leaned forward to kiss me. "Thank you."

Words failed me, so I simply gave her an exhausted thumbs up, as Virginia's laughter echoed through the quiet apartment.


Another week, another Wednesday night.

I was sitting quietly in the classroom, reading on my tablet. I was the only one there, as it was still early, but I heard high heels approaching in the hallway. I wondered how Virginia would react, seeing me here before everyone else. After last week's activities, I was motivated to please her.

At last, the clicking of heels gave way to her arrival, and she smiled when she saw me already in the room.

"Well, well, look who's early?" she giggled. "If I didn't know better, I'd swear you were having fun in this class. But that can't be, can it?"

"Actually, it can," I laughed. "No one is more surprised about that than me."

"And last Wednesday night wouldn't have anything to do with it, would it?" she winked.

"Maybe. I'd love to bend you over your desk and show you," I growled.

"Down boy," Virginia scolded, hearing approaching voices. "Save it for later. What are you reading?" she asked, walking around her desk.

"Oh, just some silly romance novel," I replied, as she arrived beside me. She tipped the screen in her direction, and read a few words of her own work.

"Mmmmm, yes," she smiled, walking away. "I hear she's pretty good. Hot. On paper, and off." She giggled at giving herself such a compliment, and was safely at the blackboard by the time a gaggle of other students walked in.

Pam was a few seconds behind them. She gave me her usual look of disdain, apparently disappointed that I hadn't given up or died in the last week. I wasn't the only one who saw the brief exchange of loathing, and I glanced at Virginia, shrugging my shoulders.

Virginia giggled, attracting Pam's attention, and Pam might have seen us making eye contact, and grinning at each other. As she sat, I could see her confused expression.

When it came time to return last week's homework, Virginia did her usual routine, touring the class and discussing her criticism of each piece of writing. I noticed that when she was talking to Pam, the two of them spent a bit of time laughing at something, but no one looked over at me, so I assumed I wasn't the subject.

Soon enough, it was my turn, and Virginia slid into the desk next to me. She looked at me, fighting a smile, trying not to let on there was more to our relationship than just this class. Her eyes went right and left.

"Is anyone watching?" she whispered.

Scanning the room behind her, and found no one paying attention to us, not even Pam. I shook my head.

"Good. Where are we going for dinner tonight?" she asked, licking her lips.

"Sushi?" I suggested quietly.

"Deal," she nodded, and started to stand up.

"What about my paper?" I asked.

"Oh yeah.... Sorry. One track mind," she giggled, gesturing to her head. "I'm impressed. You're improving. Oh, and your writing is better, too." A final wink of innuendo, and she slipped away.


After class, Virginia and I did go to dinner again, despite our urges to get some place private. It was becoming something of a habit.

So was going back to her place, to fuck each other unconscious. Of the two, I personally preferred the latter. She had the most spectacular body I had ever been with. Add a pleasant personality, and an insatiable desire for pleasure, and you could easily see why I was willing to keep visiting her bed.

Not that I was in it only for the sex. While I hadn't previously considered a serious relationship with an older woman, the idea was growing on me. Virginia was perfect for me, and I'm not just referring to her physical attributes. Strong, independent, and sexually adventurous, she was every man's ideal girlfriend. Where Pam had been holding back her favours, until the relationship had grown, Virginia was happy to fuck me frequently, while letting us get to know each other more deeply. We were both very relaxed around each other.

"I have an assignment for you," Virginia said softly, interlacing her fingers with mine, while I held her from behind. My free hand was full of her right breast, enjoying the weight, texture, and firmness of the globe.

"You're giving me more homework?" I asked, kissing her neck. She giggled at my nibbling lips, and shuddered in my arms.

"Call it an extra credit assignment," she explained.

"You're not giving us actual grades," I reminded her. "How can I do extra credit work in a general interest course?" She giggled again, and turned in my embrace, moaning as I pulled her body tight to my chest.

"Okay, call it an extra interest assignment," she corrected herself.

"I'm not sure I can be more interested in you than I am," I whispered, grabbing her hair, and tilting her head back. I gnawed her throat hungrily.

"Oh fuck, I love that," she purred, "but that's not what I meant. I'm talking about a writing assignment. Something more of interest to you, just to see what you can do."

"Like what?" I asked, continuing to pepper her neck area with feathery kisses.

"Write me a lust letter," she suggested. I was moving down her body, and had reached the top of her devastating cleavage. Her words made me stop.

"You mean a love letter?" I wondered.

"Heavens no!" she gasped. "Far too early for that, honey. I mean a lust letter. Just what it sounds like. Write me a story about what you want to do to me. Be descriptive. Make me feel it."

"I thought I already made you feel it," I replied, resuming my attack. I found a nipple, and latched on, suckling gently.

"Oh yeah, you sure did, and it was wonderful," she smiled, ruffling my hair. "I'm just curious what you could do with a subject you're interested in, and I figure that no subject interests men more than sex."

"True," I laughed, pausing for a moment, then switching nipples. "Anything I want to do to you?"

"Anything," she nodded.

"It might be a long story. There's a lot of things I'd love to do with this body," I told her, still fondling and kissing her huge breasts.

"Mmmmm, then I look forward to reading it," she smiled. "Make me sticky."

"You're already sticky," I smiled, reaching between her legs.

"Well," she sighed, laying back flat, "I guess you'll just have to fuck me again, then. Take that big cock of yours, and use it on my pussy, until I scream for you to stop," she smiled. "Then do it some more. Consider it research. I'll read your assignment later."

"Yes teacher," I nodded, and climbed atop her. Her hand pointed my shaft into her damp opening again, and I pressed deeper inside her.

"Mmmmm, that's it," she moaned. "So long, hard, and hot. I love the way your cock fits inside me. I feel very full, and satisfied."

A small part of my brain was already working, even as I began to take pleasure in her body. It was compiling a list of possible points to be included in my assignment. It was busy planning fiction, while I was living the real thing.

It occurred to me that this might be the way her brain worked, as well. Perhaps this very situation, and my cock probing her tight vagina, might be part of a future novel. I might be a research project, of a sort.

She was rubbing off on me, and I liked it.


My luscious teacher /writing coach /lover /potential relationship partner hadn't set a deadline for my special assignment, but I set about my task with enthusiasm. By Saturday, it was ready, and I sent it to her.

Within an hour, she responded, sending me a text.

>Got your story. Perfect timing. I'll read it this afternoon. I was looking for something fun to read today.

Knowing she was reading my thoughts about our physical relationship made me a little nervous, but mostly excited. I decided to read it again, as well....

I'm sitting in my chair, alone in the quiet classroom. The fluorescent lights are buzzing overhead, and I'm wondering exactly why I'm here tonight, when you suddenly walk in through the door.

I don't know what to think. A part of me can't help thinking you are the most beautiful, sensual woman I've ever seen. The rest is aware you are the teacher, and to be respected in the classroom.

I watch you, as you put your bag down, and begin to remove your jacket. First one button is dispatched, leaving only one more, straining to contain your plentiful, curvaceous breasts. My attention focuses on that last fastener, willing it to fail. It is just below the bustline on your flattering, tailored jacket; just below the abrupt swell of your chest, making it more pronounced, and more tantalizing. At last, you unfasten it.

I can feel my pulse race when you remove your jacket, arching your back slightly to free your shoulders, in so doing, thrusting your breasts outward, and drawing my eyes to those smooth, rounded curves I want to experience so badly.

Your fashion sense is impeccable, as usual, with a classic white blouse under your gray suit coat and skirt. The simple colouring of your clothes brings out the brilliance of your hair and eyes. I am entranced.

Your jacket is placed over the back of your solid, wooden chair, and you unbutton one or two buttons on your blouse, fanning yourself with your hand. It is warm in here, but that's not the source of the heat I'm feeling. That honour falls to you.

Apparently oblivious to your effect on me, you open your book, and lean over, reading from the pages silently, while I drool, and get lost in the darkness of your cleavage. Such a spectacular sight, the division between your magnificent globes. My heart is pounding now.

You turn, holding your book, and begin to write on the large blackboard, grasping a long, fresh piece of chalk in your delicate hand. My eyes fall to your equally enthralling backside, taking in the less abrupt, but still enticing curves. You have a classic, hourglass figure from this angle, with long, sweeping arcs defining your thighs, rump and back. Your writing action causes subtle movements in the firm flesh, from your ass up your back. I can still see the fullness of your breasts, swaying slightly from side to side as you write.

I can no longer merely watch.

Standing, I step quickly over to you, stopping behind your body. I place my hands on the blackboard, outboard of your writing. Leaning closer to your ear, I whisper.

"I want you."

You pause, then reply.

"Not here," you say, resuming your transcription.

I lean closer still, pressing my very aroused penis against your ass, and trapping you between my body and the wall.

You pause again. I can hear you breathing, slightly faster than just a few seconds ago. My hands drop to your hips, holding you close, and you lean back against me, tilting your head to the side. Exposing your neck to my lips, I kiss the long, elegant lines, inhaling your perfume, and the scent of your shampoo. Your resistance is melting away, and I wrap an arm around, palming your flat, tight tummy. I slide my hand down, stopping just above your crotch, feeling the heat radiating from you.

You push back, and resume writing, shaking your head.

"Not here," you repeat.

I'm not willing to wait. My hands come around you, and cup your breasts, fondling you gently, but commandingly. You sigh, and pause again, with the chalk still touching the slate. Your breathing is quivering, anticipating my next touch. I paw at your chest, mauling your breasts.

"Yes. Here," I growl, and grab the front of your blouse, reefing it wide open, sending buttons flying. Your hand trails down, scrawling a line of surprise across the blackboard, as I ravish your neck from behind. You gasp in shock, but make no effort to stop me, as I tear the ruined blouse off your body.

My need drives me, as I yank your bra straps down, pulling your bra around your waist. I press your body against the blackboard, squashing your breasts flat between the hard surface and your sexy form. My hands go down, urgently peeling your skirt upward, and baring your supple hind quarters.

It's unusual for you to wear panty hose, but today you are, and they form a barrier, blocking my access to your rapidly dampening pussy. Hardly an impenetrable barrier, however, and with my fingers, I rip the entire gusset out of the hose, baring your wet, needy pussy.

My cock is straining to be free, and I let it out, dropping my pants, and stepping out of them. I just have to take you, right now, and pull your hips away from the wall. Your breasts and face slide down the slate surface, leaving a Rorschachian smear on the board, and I drive my shaft home, splitting your wet vestibule wide open.

"People will see us," you groan, feeling my thickness stretch your birth canal wider, until my balls rest against your swollen labia.

"Let them," I say defiantly, as I pull back. I watch my shaft as it reappears from deep inside you, now slick with your feminine juices, glistening in the fluorescent light. My cock moves in and out, smoothly probing your depths, while you grab the ledge of the chalkboard and hold on tight.

"Oh god, you bastard," you hiss at me, desperate to be quiet. "That's so fucking good. I love it slow and deep like that. Keep going. Fuck me."

You rise up, lifting your upper body into a standing position, and pull your hair aside, again offering your neck. You're enjoying this, both the sex and the prospect of being caught.

I ravage you, pulling your hair and crushing your chest against the slate again, fucking you harder as the urgency overtakes us. You moan as I bite your neck, and stifle the scream you want to let loose, feeling my cock drill into you furiously. The sensation washes over you, and you cum, drenching my cock with your flood of passion.

I release you, and pull out, my dripping penis bobbing before me. You gather yourself, and turn to face me, letting your eyes wander down to the object of your obsession. Without a word, you drop to your knees, and engulf my cock in your mouth, sliding your lips all the way down until my whole shaft is safely hidden down your throat.

I look into your sexy green eyes, surrounded by those long lashes that make them so expressive. You're no longer reluctant to participate, and are moaning softly, while eagerly sucking my cock. Your movements swing the long, loose curls of your thick, red hair, adding a hypnotic aspect to the heavenly sensation of your sucking mouth and gripping lips. Of course, your hair isn't the only part of your body being effected by your motions, and my attention is split between your eyes, and and your beautiful breasts, which are wobbling and bouncing enticingly.

I glance at the blackboard, where you began to write the items for today's lesson, before I derailed your well laid plans by ravishing your body. Your elegant cursive writing faltered, then scrawled downward, ending at the bottom of the surface. Some of the words were smeared by your face and breasts being pressed against the smooth slate. A clear impression of your full, round boobs was visible, as well as your cheek and hand, where your body wiped the board clean.

The slurping sound of your lips on my hard shaft, draws my focus back to you, and you nod at me, smiling as much as possible with my cock filling your mouth. Your smile fades quickly, and your eyes grow wide in horror, as a few students walk in. You are frozen in place, mouth still full.

The strangest thing is happening, as more and more of the class arrives. They are merely walking in, and taking their seats as usual, as though we weren't having sex right in front of them. Their reaction seems to calm your fears, and when I look down and shrug my shoulders in wonder, you shrug back, and resume your blowjob, letting your exhibitionist side show.

Your mouth is definitely working its magic, and I have to close my eyes, gritting my teeth to stop from losing control. I really love a good blowjob, and you give the best head I've ever received, but I don't want to cum yet. I just need more of your hot, wet pussy.

Reaching down, I help you to your feet, watching your eyes flit over the nearly full class. Most of them are writing, peering around your half naked body to see the notes you had put on the board. I guide you into a sitting position, on the edge of your desk, and help you lay back on the utilitarian, wooden furniture. My cock is hard as steel, and ready to fill your vagina again, so I aim it between your splayed legs, and push inside.

"Oh god, yes, fuck me, André," you sigh, lifting your legs higher, and wrapping them around my waist. "Ram that big cock into my juicy cunt! I've always wanted to fuck in my classroom."

A startled gasp makes us both turn our heads toward the door, where Pam is standing, her mouth agape, hiding behind her hand. Her gaze shifts from my face to yours, then to your naked breasts, swaying rhythmically across your chest as I stroke into your pussy. Her eyes finally lock on the point of our union, where my wet shaft is gliding in and out of you.

"Nice of you to show up, Pamela," you moan, grabbing my ass with your hands. "Please, take your seat."

Pam stands still as a statue, watching us fuck for another few seconds, before your words finally pierce her stunned brain. She slowly walks in, and sits down, looking around her at the other students, who are still taking notes. A few are reading the assignment, but still, none are paying any attention to the writhing couple feverishly enjoying each other, right in front of them.

The desk is squeaking and groaning, obviously not built for sex. It's a little too low for me to take a normal stance, so I have to spread my legs wider, and make a more vertical motion, but from your sounds of delight, I can tell you're enjoying it. You have your ankles crossed behind my back, and your hands on my shoulders, clawing at my skin in encouragement. I'm watching your tits dance, so I see the flush bloom on your chest.

"Oh, fuck, YES!" you grunt, your body clenching tight in orgasm. "FUCK! DON'T STOP! FUCK ME HARDER! MAKE ME CUM AGAIN!"

This time, when I look up from your body, I notice that one pair of eyes is watching.

Pam. Her attention is riveted on us, and I have to laugh, even though I am still pounding your pussy toward another orgasm.

"What's.... So.... Funny?" you ask, between strokes, breathing heavily. I nod in the direction of our enraptured audience of one, and you twist your head to see.

Pam is still staring at us, her nipples poking hard at her top. One hand has dropped down between her legs.

"Oh, my, we're running late!" you gasp, noticing the clock on the wall behind her. Your hands pat my chest, telling me to stop, and I pull out, helping you sit up. "I'm sorry class. I lost track of time. The subject for today is irony."

I take a few steps toward my desk, when you look at me.

"Where do you think you're going?" you growl, in that sexy bedroom voice I know so well.

"My seat?" I ask, gesturing in the general direction of my normal position in class. My cock is still hard, and dripping with your tasty syrup.

"Park your ass in this chair," you command, pointing behind you to your teacher's chair. "I'm not done with you yet."

"Yes Ma'am," I smile, moving quickly to sit behind you. Your skirt is still bunched up around your waist, and your bra is likewise pulled down. I watch you begin to do your usual routine, pacing back and forth while you discuss the topic. You unzip your skirt while you go, letting it fall away, and dispose of your bra a few seconds later.

Now standing virtually nude before the class, in only your shredded panty hose and high heels, you ask the class a question.

"Can anyone tell me the irony of this situation?" you smile, gesturing around you. Your huge, bare breasts jiggle as you do so. Hands go up. "Yes?" you point.

"You're the teacher, yet you started class late?" someone offers.

"Not quite," you reply, moving to the next student.

"You don't usually conduct class naked?" came the next attempt.

"That's true, but I don't think that really qualifies as irony, on its own," you shake your head. You're still pacing, and bouncing your tits with each sexy step. "I think that would come more under the heading of 'incongruous elements' in a story. Something unusual placed there for effect."

You stop pacing, and find yourself in front of Pam, who is looking at you sheepishly, out of the corner of her eye. You put your hands on the edge of her desktop, and bend forward slightly, flaunting your breasts in her face.

"Pamela? Perhaps you have an idea?" you say, met only with silence. "Come on.... Don't be shy now. Tell me, what is the irony of this situation? You, of all people must know." At last, she nods.

"Yes, Virginia," she says softly. "It's ironic that André only signed up for this class because he wanted to get to know me better. It's ironic that I liked him, and when we finally did sleep together, he told me that, and I kicked him out."

"That's very good, Pam," you giggle, swinging your hips as you saunter back to me. My dick is still pointing straight up, as you turn your back and straddle me. You reach under, grasping my shaft with one hand. "Anything else here qualify as ironic?" you goad her, slowly lowering yourself onto my cock.

"It's ironic that he only met you because he wanted to have sex with me...." Pam began.

"And now, he's mine," you grunt, grinding your cunt all the way down. "It is irony that I'm fucking him, right here, in front of you, because you threw him away. What's not ironic is that his cock is so fucking good inside me," you smile. "That's just a happy coincidence."

Your hips begin to bounce up and down, and you drag my hands up to your big tits, encouraging me to fondle and maul them while you fuck yourself furiously.

"Any, um anything else.... for.... Oh fuck, that's good.... Thank you, Pam.... That will be, um, oh fuck, I'm so close," you mumble, trying to find words while the pleasure wells up inside of you. You slap the desk hard.

"Class dismissed! I'm CUMMING!" you scream.

Your voice rings out, echoing through the silent hallways, taunting Pam as she leaves with the rest of them.

"I'm cumming, cumming, cumming......"

After reading it again, I was a bit concerned that Virginia might misinterpret Pam being in the story. I had failed to be 'Eiffel tower clear' on my feelings about that fact. It was too late now to fix it, a point made abundantly clear when my phone rang.

It was Virginia.

"Hi, Teach," I smiled, answering it.

"André. Just finished your story," she purred. I could hear her breathing, a bit more ragged than usual.

"Calling to give me the bad news?" I asked.

"Well, I'm not sure it's all bad news," she giggled. "In my opinion, you won't need to be saving space on your mantelpiece for your Pulitzer, but then again, neither will I. You did, however, get a four-star rating on the Virginia Brody scale. One for each orgasm I had reading it."

"Thank you," I nodded.

"No, thank you!" she sighed. "So, you want to fuck me in class?"

"Not necessarily," I explained. "I was just going for heat. Truthfully, I'd fuck you anywhere you want."

"Hmmmm. I admit, I've considered sex in the classroom, as a fantasy only, and found it very arousing. I guess I'm a bit of an exhibitionist, after all. I'm not sure about actually doing it though."

"Not a problem. As I said, I was just trying to get you sticky," I laughed.

"Mission accomplished," she moaned. "I'm still dripping. I can't seem to keep my fingers out of my pussy. You're a very bad influence on me."

"Funny, I'd say you were a good one on me," I replied.

"You say potato...." she sighed.

"You weren't upset about me doing you in front of Pam?" I asked, cringing at the question.

"Upset? Hell no! It's a story, nothing more. Besides, that part was hot as hell! Now that, I'd do!" she giggled. "I may not fuck you in front of the whole class, but I would definitely cum all over your big dick in front of her. She had her chance. Too bad, so sad.... My turn! I loved the way you had me riding you while I forced her to see the irony! Came twice! Might cum again, just thinking about it."

"I was worried you might not see it that way," I smiled, relieved.

"André, honey, the only thing you need to worry about is how fast you can get your ass over here. My fingers are good, but I find myself in desperate need of a long, hard fucking. Don't leave me hanging!" she begged.

"On my way," I said, grabbing my keys.

"Good. I'll be the redhead with the big tits, naked in the bedroom, just in case you need a reminder. I'm waiting!"

Like I needed a reminder about that?

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