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Cooking School

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I was astounded…….. I had wanted to expand my horizons….. it had gone much farther than I had ever intended and it was much more erotic than I had ever thought possible……. but now that I had a few moments to think about what was going on, I was not sure that I had thought it through!!! It was all spinning in my spinning mind, this situation that was sent in that direction by a combination of laziness, lust and passion. It had all started in a harmless chat room…… one on gourmet cooking, no less. Several of my guy friends had said it was a place to get involved with ladies quickly without having to deliver your life history, or, much worse, have to go through the endless talk about each and every man that had ever done her wrong in excruciating detail. “Yeah man, just go in and act like you are a helpless puppy and they will be giving you hints and building a rapport in no time at all…. Then you suggest that there is chemistry, work it into a date and bang, she gives it up because she thinks that you two have something in common”. Seemed easy enough, so I decided to give it a try. I chose to ping Nadia from the group because she seemed to be quiet for most of the chats, but always stepped in to make her point near the end of the session, as if she was a quiet person but was looking for attention… just the kind of girl that could be quickly built up with some small talk. These chicks always seemed to have a suppressed wild side anyway, so it could really work out. My first private IM to her was a question about something the instructor had mentioned about meringue….. “did he say that you need a copper bowl to whip meringue properly? Something about cream of tartar if you could not find a copper bowl? Where do I get this tartar stuff? I am so lost, could you help me out???” At first she did not reply, and you thought she may not be interested in helping you, but then you heard the familiar ding on your computer that let you know you had an incoming IM. As soon as you heard it, your eyes went to the upper left hand corner of your screen, where all your new IMs opened. And there it was, in fancy pink script…. “yes, u r right, u can use tartar”. Hmmm, short and sweet, with no additional information. Maybe this girl was simple……. and an easy target. My groin tingled with the thought that the plan was working well and could be consummated in a very short time!!! I replied with a thank you and decided to pursue it a bit more, so I IMed “what is the best method to remove the egg whites from the yolks?” The reply came much more quickly this time…. “I use a strainer………. Made of hard plastic and shaped like a paddle ;-)” WOW! I thought, this put a new twist on the plan…….. in my mind she went from a sweet and innocent to a girl with a kinky side…… I must investigate this further!!! My fingers swept over the keyboard and typed “have you ever used it as a paddle?” before my mind could become fully engaged…. Shit, I thought after hitting the send key… that is way too forward of me. Besides, I had never had my ass spanked and was not sure that it was such a good idea…… shit shit shit, I blew it. And sure enough, there was no reply from Nadia for the rest of the cooking session….. fuck, my first attempt really sucked, but there were 15 other ladies in the room, right?? Then came the next day…… I popped online after dinner as always, expecting to read the dozen or so e-mailed jokes from my buds and maybe chat with a couple of them, bitching about the workday and the lack of hot women wanting to have sex with us. As soon as I opened my IM, the message appeared and jumped out at me “DO YOU REALLY WANT TO LEARN HOW TO ‘COOK’?”. It was from Nadia, but the script and pink were gone, replaced with large black gothic font characters. Hmmm….. interesting…….. I replied “yes I do”. It seemed like a meek reply to the large font of Nadia’s IM, but I did not have time to think….. “THEN YOU MUST ATTEND MY CLASS, MEETS AT 8 PM, WINFROW’S CAFÉ DOWNTOWN”. Her IM box closed immediately and I could not reply……. I thought it was a strange response and 100 things went through my mind, but it was already 7:15 and the café was a 20 minute drive and my mind was still thinking about a quick score……. So I jumped in the shower, threw on a pair of slacks and a nice polo shirt and hit the door. I drove to the café, pulling into the nearly empty parking lot. I had a thought that this greasy spoon must not be turning much of a profit, why would anyone want to meet here?? I watched as a couple as they exited through the building’s double doors into the parking lot. There were 3, maybe 4 cars in the parking lot and it was 7:58 according to my car’s clock, and since the instructions were unclear about many things, including whether to meet inside or outside, I decided to go in. As I pushed my way through the front door, I noticed that the diner actually closed at 8….. that was odd, that Nadia wanted to meet at closing time at this greasy spoon. Maybe it was her idea to meet in the parking lot after all. Upon entering, I was greeted by the smell of flowers, not greasy spoon griddle with stench of coffee as I expected. There did not seem to be any food in the establishment, not on the tables, not on the counter, nowhere. There were only 5 customers in the place, 2 couples and a single lady, and a single waitress that I could see. I decided that the single lady had to be Nadia, so I quickly started walking towards her. After taking two steps, the waitress called out to me “we close at 8, you can only order off the snack and dessert menu at this time”. I grunted a response and made my way to the single lady. She was wearing a conservative navy skirt and cream colored blouse, almost perfectly matching the picture of her that I had conjured up in my mind’s eye. I looked her over as I walked towards her, noticing her full bosom, lovely lips and dark eyes… the face of an angel, I thought. My mind raced as I thought of the first things to say to her, but as I approached I sort of blurted out “Nadia?” and her smile told me that it must be her….. she replied “meringue?” and my conjecture was verified, this must be Nadia. She was hot, I was in luck and this could work out really well!!! I asked if I could sit and she said “sure, but you need to order quickly, Maria is ready to close the place for the night”. I looked over to see Maria bidding the couples adieu at the door, giving all four of the persons a big, sensual hug as they left……. I even thought I saw one of the guys slide his hand up under her pink waitress frock and grab her ass. Wow, what a friendly place!!! Maria locked the door after they left and then started towards Nadia and me, pulling out her pad to take our order. My mind was still full of thoughts of how to get Nadia to my place as quickly as possible, what questions I needed to gain her trust and “What will it be?“ asked Maria, breaking my thought train. I requested a menu and with a loud sigh Maria turned and muttered “another newbie” under her breath. She quickly returned with an extremely clean menu with small print and a very limited choice. I squinted to read the words and was able to make out “vanilla fantasy”, “chocolate mountain”, extreme pudding”, several other strange choice and then one I recognized. “I will have a banana split please, with two spoons so that I can share with my new friend” I said, very convinced that I had made points with Nadia. “Good choice” was Maria’s response and she left the dining area for the kitchen. I apologized for not saying more to Nadia and she said that it was OK, Maria liked to get the orders in early when they were late like this and she sometimes could be rather overbearing. I had some small talk with Nadia, found out that she was on the cooking board to try and learn things that she could use later in life and I admitted that I was there as a brand new learning experience. It was then that the mood changed abruptly, with Nadia taking on a cool, stern look as she said “like learning how to find new women to fuck?”. I was taken aback by this change, my mind raced to select the proper reply, but what came out was unexpected “y-y-yes, Nadia, that is the number one reason that I am in the chat”. Maria broke the tension by singing out from the back “are you ready for it?” to which Nadia replied “yes we are!” The lights dimmed and as I turned towards the kitchen entrance I was amazed to see Maria in the doorway, her smock gone and she was in a black bustier with matching panties and fishnet nylons. Panic set in as my mind raced to decide what to do…… what were these ladies after?? What did they want??? I was set to flee for the door when I felt the cool steel of a handcuff grab my wrist. “what the fu……” my words trailed off as my attention turned to Nadia, who had cuffed me to the table and was pulling off her top to show that she was wearing a sheer red bra. “I am glad you chose the split” cooed Maria as she approached, “otherwise Nadia would not have shared you with me!”. As she approached, I could see that she had a bowl full of utensils in one hand and a bowl with the banana split in the other. My mind raced as I turned towards Nadia, who was now wearing a wide grin on her face and a wild look in her eyes. “So, you want to learn to whip a meringue, boy!?!?” she barked as she stepped out of her conservative navy skirt to expose the matching panties to the red bra. I could see that she was shaven and the darkness in the crotch area gave away that she was very excited. This got an immediate response from me as I could feel my rod harden, and then my mindset suddenly changed - from “how the hell do I get out of here” to “man, these women are hot, what is going to happen next”. Nadia sensed this change and responded by saying “yes, it is better to just obey, that makes it more fun for everyone”. I was not totally convinced of this, but my hardon knew what I was thinking deep down inside and I relaxed just a bit. But that relaxed moment did not last long, I lifted my arm and it was stopped by the cuff linking me to the table. “Could you remove this, please, we can have more fun without it.” I requested, but was met by a sharp “No, this is not about us having fun, boy, it is about me being pleased. Do you think you can please your mistress, boy?”. I was really rethinking my position when Maria grabbed slammed the bowls down on the table in front of me, grabbed my hair, tilted my head back and said “did you hear your mistress, boy? Do you think that you can please her? Answer now!” “Ummm, yes…” was all I could squeak out. “What did you say boy?” stated Nadia, “I can’t hear your weak voice…. What did you say?” “Yes I can” I replied, with a firmer tone, even though what little sense I had left was screaming at me to break away and flee. “That will be Yes, MISTRESS” Nadia yelled as she slammed her foot down on the bench seat beside me. “Yes Mistress” I croaked, I think that I can please mistress…” “Good answer boy, you deserve a treat…. Maria, give our boy a treat”. Maria spooned a scoop of ice cream from the banana split and fed it into my mouth. “Now thank your mistress” she ordered after depositing the cream. “Thank you mistress” I stated, still wondering what the hell was going on. “Boy may be trainable yet” I heard Nadia say as she hugged Maria, then she whispered something into Maria’s ear and they both giggled. “Now boy, would you like more treats?” “No, maam” I said, responding quickly and not wanting any more ice cream. “That is MISTRESS to you boy” she fumed, grabbing my shirt at the v-neck and tearing it down the center. “ I am mistress Nadia, not maam”. “Yes mistress” I stammered, fully aware of how aroused this was making me……. “Boy will take what treats mistress offers and he will enjoy them” Nadia stated as she grabbed a handful of ice cream and stuffed it into my mouth, with much of it sliding down my chin and onto my bare chest. It was cold and wet and sticky…… “he looks like he has a mouthful of come, Mistress” Maria squealed. “May I lick some of it up, my mistress?” “Yes, you may Maria”. Maria sucked some from my cheek and used her tongue to trace the cream down to my chest. She playfully licked each of my nipples before moving her tongue back up to my lips. I unconsciously moved forward to kiss her but was rudely interrupted by a whack on my leg. I looked up and Nadia had the flat strainer that she had talked about in the chat room and was delivering a second blow to my thigh. “I did not give you permission to kiss her, boy” she raged. She grabbed my free wrist and slid a leather cuff around it, so swiftly and deftly that I know she had done it many times and I had no time to react. This cuff was tied to a strap that was attached to the next table, leaving my arms wide apart from my sides, facing the tables. “Undress the boy” she snapped at Maria, “And do it quickly”. When I tried to resist by crossing my legs, Nadia grabbed me by the hair and said “If you know what is good for you, you will let Maria finish”. I stopped my fighting and Maria removed my pants, briefs, the remnants of my shirt and my shoes/socks. Even with my back to the ladies, I could not hide my raging hard on, and Nadia mentioned that it was good that it was hard, that if it had been limp she would not have been pleased and would have had to whip it. “Are you scared, boy?” I pondered the question for a moment, but before I could reply, Mistress spanked my ass and said “I asked you if you were scared boy?” I barked out “no mistress” immediately to her. “Good, good, there is nothing to be scared of, as long as you please mistress!” she warned. And mistress requires pleasing now!! Nadia stepped up onto the booth seat and spread her legs, her sweet wetness inches from my face.. “do you like this boy, does mistress have a nice pussy?” Yes mistress, I shouted, wanting to please her. “then boy can taste for himself” she said as she moved her panty covered lips into my mouth. Her pussy was very wet and smelled musky, like sex on a humid morning. My tongue moved the crotch of the panties aside so that I could really lick her well. “MMMMMMMMMMMM” I heard her purr as I lapped at her pussy lips and clit. “Boy does know how to do this task well” Nadia said as she looked down at me, he is worth keeping around a bit. She then grabbed my head and forced it harder onto her pussy. I was engrossed in pleasing my mistress, licking and sucking, listening to her and I did not notice that Maria had shackled my ankles and was putting a new set of soft cuffs on my wrists. “Enough” shouted Nadia as she pulled my face away from her dripping snatch. I almost fell down as she pushed me away, then I felt the soft cuffs pulling tightly together behind my back. They had distracted me to get the shackles and a new set of restraints on me…. And it had worked, her sweet pussy had totally distracted me!!! “Bow down before your mistress” Nadia commanded, and I did… “On your knees” she screamed, and when I started to protest, Maria hit the back of my knees with a club and I dropped to the floor, kneeling and on all fours. “Boy has been disobedient and needs to be reminded who is in charge here, Maria, he is yours for now!” Nadia commanded. I was stunned and was going to say something but felt a sudden coldness moving down the crack of my ass, followed by a not so gentle push at my asshole and a sudden feeling of a full rectum. “Here’s your banana, tough guy” Maria said to me as she pushed the banana that she had taken from the banana split into my asshole. “Now wait a minute….” I protested, only to be cut off by Nadia grabbing my hair and saying “You were the one who wanted to be taught about whipping, boy, now you are going to get what you want”. What was I in for, I thought to myself, but could only whisper a “yes mistress” from my throat. The coolness of the banana and the trickling coldness of the ice cream combined with the filled rectum was a set of physical inputs that were taking some time for my brain to convert. It was not painful, it was…. different!!! Maria and Nadia ordered me to my feet and lead me into the “kitchen”, a room with several mattresses and many toys on the walls. This was not a kitchen at all…. And I was beginning to suspect that this was not a diner, either. There were certainly no foodstuffs or preparation tools, save the utensils that were used to whip and spank persons with….. I was roughly moved to a mattress and strapped onto it face down in a spread eagle position. My panic flared up again as I began to think that no one knew where I was at, if there was real trouble, I could be gone for days before anyone even missed me, then they would not know where to begin the search for my corpse. I shook my head and tried to clear these thoughts from my head. “Are you shaking your head no to me, boy!!” bellowed Mistress Nadia, no longer even trying to pretend to have any sweetness in her voice. “No mistress, no, I would never say no to you, mistress” I announced to her, very matter of factly. I was beginning to realize that I had less and less control over what was happening to me and my body. I had a piece of banana lubricated with ice cream up my ass, after all, how could it get worse than that??? Aaaaah, here it is, my slut by will enjoy this”. Mistress Nadia had removed a toy from the wall, a strap on, and was placing the harness of it around her waist. “Fuck” I whispered softly as I exhaled….. “Exactly what I plan to do boy, and lots of it”. I pulled at my restraints, hoping that one of the ladies had missed a clasp or let too much slack in the cuffs, but it was to no avail. I was trapped on the mattress and mistress had the strap on in place around her. “Now boy, Mistress is not a mean and terrible mistress, she sees you are worried about this eight inches of silicon going up your ass, so to show you how easy it is, I will demonstrate on Maria.” “Maria, on your knees, NOW!!”. Maria did not utter a sound, but obediently dropped on all fours with her ass right in front of me. Nadia dropped behind her and used her hands to pry apart Maria’s cheeks. “can you see Maria’s goodies, boy?” my mistress asked me. “Yes mistress, I can see them” I replied. “Are they pretty?” “Yes mistress, they are very pretty”. They were pretty, swelled up in excitement, Maria’s lips were full and covered the opening of her vagina. “Good boy, it is nice to see that you appreciate feminine beauty” Mistress spoke as she moved into position doggy style behind Maria. Boy may not see all that he wants to, but he should take notes on how Maria embraces Mistress’s cock” With that, Nadia plunged the phallic end of the strap on into Maria’s swollen pussy. Maria gaspe d but still did not say a word, she had not spoken since coming into the “kitchen”. Nadia pulled Maria’s hair and continued to pound her doggie style, telling her over and over what a good trainee she was and that one day she could rule like her mistress. Just as suddenly as she had started the assault on Maria’s pussy, she stopped and pulled the shaft of the strap on completely out of Maria. Just as quickly she turned to me and ordered “Suck it”. I waited a moment, thinking instead of reacting, and that was all that mistress Nadia needed to pounce. She grabbed my hair and bent my head back wickedly and demanded “Open that cocksucking mouth you pussy whore cunt!!!” I saw Maria looking from her doggy position with a grin on her face. She was really getting excited listening to Nadia order me around…. And all of their excitement was contagious, as my cock stiffened further when I noticed Maria looking. I opened my mouth and immediately felt the slickness of pussy juices against my lips, followed quickly by the fullness of a cock covered in those juices. Maria’s juices were sweet, and I did my best to open wide and take it. For some strange reason, it was beginning to feel important that I please my mistress. “Good boy, lick it, lick it dry, taste all of Maria’s sweet juices” Nadia purred, with an almost fondness in her voice. “Maybe you will work after all, BOY!” and with her yelling of the word boy, she plunged the shaft deeply into my mouth and my throat. I gagged and turned my head instinctively, but could not move far because mistress’s hands were still holding my head in place by my hair. “awwww, boy is not such a good cocksucker after all…… if he can’t swallow it with his mouth he will swallow it with his ass!!” All I could think of was SHIT! I had tried to get all of my girlfriends to let me fuck them in the ass, and the few that let me said it was fun, but I had an average 6 inch cock and mistress had an eight inch monster strapped to her thighs. Once again I tried my restraints and once again they held fast. These crazy bitches knew what they were doing!!! “Maria, prepare the slave” barked Nadia, but I knew there was not enough preparation in the world for my ass to easily accept that 8 inches of fake cock. What to do, what to do… my mind raced…. Then I felt the slippery goo being placed on my crack……. Oh my oh my oh my – my mind raced with ideas. What would Indiana Jones do? What would McGyver do?? What would Jim West do!!! I felt Maria rubbing the lube down into my crack and felt a very unusual feeling as she touched my asshole. It was erotic, pleasant, interesting feeling…. Not at all what I had expected. I gasped as Maria parted my cheeks and wiped what remained of the banana from around my ass. I felt a moan escape my lips as she pushed a finger into my ass. The hardness of the finger contrasted greatly form the soft mushiness of the banana. The finger spread my asshole wider and wider as I felt it deeper and deeper…. Uuuunnnnnn I moaned again. “Boy seems to like That” Maria said, “He will love what is coming next!” “Two fingers, Maria” I felt the first finger leave my ass and a feeling of relief came over my asshole, but then a larger intruder was pushing its way in…….. I protested with an aaaaaaaah, but it did no good. The two fingers made their way into my ass and I was ready to surrender to my helpless position. I tried to relax as Maria worked the two fingers in and out. When they were pulled completely out, my ass once again felt the relief. That feeling did not last long, Nadia did not speak a word as she mounted me doggie style, I could feel the head of the strap on push against my asshole and I gasped as my asshole gave up the fight and allowed the silicone cock to enter me. I could feel the stretching and pain as my gasp became a pain filled ouch ouch ouch which brought a swift response from my mistress “What’s wrong pussy boy, you enjoy fucking women in the ass but you are not man enough to take it? You wanted to fuck Nadia didn’t you? Now you are getting your just desserts”. With that she rammed the cock into my ass, creating a great burning sensation. “Did you think it would all be fun and games and eating sweet pussy?” asked Nadia and I replied slowly “no mistress”. “Good answer, boy, you deserve a reward”. I was hoping that removing the cock would be my reward, but instead she pointed at Maria and made a motion for her to move. Maria moved into a position in which she was spreading her legs and giving me a wonderful view of her pussy. It was clean shaven except for a “landing strip patch above her clitoris. Maria kept her crotch at a distance, not allowing me to do anything more than catch the musky scent of her sex glistening on her pussy lips. After a moment, Nadia spoke: “You liked the taste of her pussy on the dong, now you can lick it to your hearts desire… now please my Maria, lick her pussy NOW!”. With that command Maria moved closer and I obediently dove into her small muff, sucking and licking immediately, not wanting any more punishment. Maria responded with a low growl of pleasure, her clit standing up as it grew swollen with excitement. “Good boy” Nadia spoke, “Very good boy” she said as she pumped my ass harder and harder, faster and faster. My tongue and lips were pushed as Nadia bumped me, but I wanted to do my best to pleasure Maria, and soon it became evident that I was doing well, as her hips began bucking faster and faster and she exploded with a statement of “I’m cuuuuummmmmiiiinnnggg”. “Good, good” spoke Nadia. “Time for something else” she said as she slowly dismounted me and Maria fell from my tongue and lips. My mind raced as I thought “what could be next?”. As my mind was wandering, I looked up to Nadia and there were……. The two couples who had left the diner earlier in the evening…….. and the squeeze of the ass made all the sense in the world now. I understood now that I was the main course for these people, that it was a diner of a whole different kind than what I was used to….. “Fresh meat” one of the men said, as he and the other three people were disrobing………. Oh well” I thought, “this is going to be truly something special”

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