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I guess it all started in January, just after I turned eighteen. I was dating Becky Sue since we were sophomores. We didn?t go too far in those three years, just kissing and some exploratory feels of each other?s body. But then, she called it off between us. Apparently she got paranoid about where we were heading. We were both going to college, but she wanted to stay within the state, while I was looking at the big Ivy League universities. So rather than spend all summer together, she decided it was time for us to break things up now.

It was a hard breakup for me. Becky Sue was the only girl in my life, the only one I ever wanted to really fuck. Oh sure, there were a few other girls in high school that I fantasized about, but I had hoped I?d get a chance to fuck Becky at least once before we went our separate ways. Unfortunately, it didn?t turn out that way.

So instead of spending my Saturdays nights out on the town, I spent them in the woods behind my house, fuming at the world. That?s when it first happened.

Susan King lived just down the street from me. You may have heard of her. She made a name for herself as a confrontational feminist. She would take on cases of sexual harassment, then blow them up into media circuses if they don?t settle quickly. She rented a small one-bedroom house that was covered by trees and bushes. For the most part, she kept to herself, and as long as she didn?t bring the media circus to the neighborhood, most of us didn?t give a shit what she did.

I was walking through the woods when I saw the light of Susan?s windows. A figure moved in the light. It took a moment for my eyes to adjust to the light, but then I saw Susan, with her long black hair tied back in a ponytail, in what appeared to be a bedroom. She was dressed in nothing but a bathrobe, which she quickly removed.

I never really thought of a feminist to be a sexual being, much less a woman. I mean, feminists like Susan always bashed sex, at least from a male perspective. But seeing her standing in her bedroom, wearing nothing but a bra and panties, made me re-think my position. Susan was breathtaking!

I knew I had to get a closer look, so I slowly crept up to the backside of her house, making sure to keep the noise level as far down as possible and to stay behind the cover of the trees. I got to within a few feet from the window, and I got the best look as I can of Susan as she started to take the rest of her clothes off. She had huge breasts.

I mean more than a handful. They looked quite natural too. Then she pulled down her panties, and I saw her dark mound.

I wished I could remember seeing more about her, but she quickly slipped on her robe again and headed out of the bedroom. I wanted to stick around for her to go back into the bedroom, but then I heard a dog barking nearby, and I didn?t want to be caught peering into her windows. So I quietly crept back into the woods and slowly made my way back to my house.

That night, I jerked off three times just thinking about what I had seen. I mean, I?m not talking about some teenage girl with still-budding breasts and a hint of baby fat. No, I?m talking about a full-grown woman, with a very mature body. The fact that she was the most rabid feminist in the area didn?t matter at the time. It didn?t matter that she verbally castrated every man who crossed her path. She was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen in my life.

>From that night on, I started to spend more and more time in the woods, peering into Susan?s windows as often as I could. The word "voyeur" didn?t even register in my mind. I thought that the so-called "peeping toms" were sick individuals looking in on little kids or elderly women.

That wasn?t me. I wasn?t looking in on kids or old folks.

At first, I played it real careful. The first sound that seemed suspicious, I left and called it a night. Eventually, I began to realize that the sound of a dog barking or the passing of a car didn?t mean I was busted. So I started staying longer and longer behind her windows. Sometimes, I didn?t even make it back to the house before I jerked off. Once I got into the woods, I just opened up my pants and went to town behind some tree.

In three weeks, I had seen just about everything on Susan?s body as possible. Her nighttime schedule was pretty much routine. She?d first wear a bathrobe, then she?d take off her bra and panties, then put the robe back on. A few minutes later, she?d come back into the bedroom, remove the robe, put on an oversized shirt, then go to bed.

Then I guess I got sloppy. I sat down in my usual spot just outside her window and waited for her to make her usual entrance. But she never showed up. The light was still on in the bedroom, but she wasn?t there.


The sound was distinct. It was the sound of the hammer of a gun being cocked back. I turned to face the sound and saw Ms. King standing at the corner of the house, holding a .44 revolver.

"Don?t say a fucking word, you pervert," she said snidely. "Just walk into the house."

She stayed right behind me as I slowly walked around the corner and through the side door. I didn?t know what she?d do to me. She had me dead to rights. She caught me behind her house, obviously peering into her bedroom window. She could?ve shot me where she found me, and she would?ve been in the clear for doing it. After all, I was a pervert.

She directed me into the bedroom, then closed the door and turned on the video camera, which she had resting on top of the dresser.

"So, you thought you would see me naked, huh?" she said snidely.

"Fucking little pervert.. how long did you stay there in my window, raping me with your little perverted mind? HUH? How long did you stand there, you little shit?? Answer me, you pervert!"

"I.. I.." I stammered. "A couple of days.."

"Oh," she said as she waived the gun about in the air, "so you were just raping me with you eyes for a couple of days. Did that get you some feeling of power? Being able to see me naked? Huh, you little bastard? That get you off, seeing me naked and vulnerable? Yeah, I?ll bet you did.."

She looked me over for a minute, holding the gun in the air, then looked over at the window. "You probably wanted to see me masturbate, didn?t you? Yeah, you filthy pervert. You probably sat there in the cold so you could see me strip down for you like some sex slut and degrade myself before you, huh?" I didn?t know when she had uncocked the gun, but she cocked it again and pointed it at me. "Well, let?s see how it looks when you?re the victim! Take off your clothes!"

I was hesitant to, but then I realized that she had the power right then and there. She could still kill me and claim I broke into her house trying to rape her or something. As I fumbled with my clothes, I prayed to God that she?d just see my naked body and let me go with a scolding or something. Visions of newspaper articles portraying me as some sex-crazed lunatic flashed through my mind. I was trembling as I was down to just my long underwear.

"No," she said snidely, "take it all off! You raped me with your filthy eyes when you saw my body. Now I?m going to see your little filthy body."

I peeled my winter shorts off, my hands instinctively covering up my crotch once I straightened up. She gestured with the gun for me to turn around, which I did quickly. I hoped that it would be it, that she would see my naked body and let me go. I swore to God that I would never, ever, peer into anyone?s windows ever again if I walked away from this.

"Your hands," she said, pointing the gun at my crotch.

I slowly removed my hands from in front of my cock. I closed my eyes in shame. I expected her to say something about how small it looked, or how pathetic it looked to her. But she didn?t say those things. What she would say floored me.

"Now play with it!"

I raised my head up. "Huh?"

"You heard me," she said with a smirk. "I said play with yourself!"

I looked down at my cock. It wasn?t even close to being willing. It?s not like I can just get it hard on command, you know. I tried a few jerks, but I couldn?t get a response.

"Well?" she said.

I looked back up at her. "I.. I can?t! I just can?t?."

She rolled her eyes up towards the ceiling. "Oh, I get it.. little limp-dick pervert can?t whack off in front of someone, huh? What?s the matter, can?t get it up without your little stimulation? Why not remember all those times when you were raping me with your filthy little male mind? Huh?"

I tried to remember back to all those nights I saw her strip. I tried to remember what her body looked like. But every time I remembered her, I saw the gun, pointed at me.

She groaned. "OHH! You little pervert, you HAVE to make things difficult!"

She put the gun down on the dresser and removed her robe. Dressed in nothing but her bra and panties again. That changed things. No gun.

No fear of death. She was there, right in front of me.

"That better, you little sicko?" she said. "Make you hard? Ready to jerk off for me?"

She looked down at my cock as I began to jerk it into hardness. I didn?t know why she was staring. After all, I wasn?t overly endowed or something. But just seeing her like that, standing there in her bra and panties, was bringing back all the fantasizes of what I wanted to do with her.

I began to close my eyes, imagining what I wanted her to do. What I hoped she?d do to me. I began to pump my cock hard and furious at the thought of me seeing her naked body one more time.

"Open your eyes," I heard her say.

But I didn?t listen. I was getting myself to the brink. I was lost in the fantasy of her that I completely shut myself off of the real woman in front of me.


I opened my eyes just long enough to see her standing in front of me, her right hand between her huge breasts. Those huge, delicious, bra-encased orbs only a half a foot away from my body. My whole body locked up as I began to spurt my white fluid out.

Susan jumped back like she was being electrocuted. She squeaked as she saw the blobs of sperm squirt out of my cock and down to her rug.

When it was done, I simply stood there, cock in hand, watching the clumps of white stuff on her dark carpet. Then I looked back up at her.

She had a look in her eyes that was one part rage and one part desire.

She wanted me to cum, and I did. But she apparently didn?t want me to cum on her rug. She also had the gun back in her hand.

She put the gun under my chin. "So? Did you like that? Huh, pervert?

Did you like jerking yourself off in front of me? Huh? Yeah, I?ll bet you did. Little rapist.. probably thought about what you want to do to me huh? Huh? Well, I?m not done with you just yet." She pointed down at the puddle of cum. "You see that mess on my rug? Clean it up!"

I knelt down and scooped up the cum in my hands. Then I walked over to the bathroom and washed my hands off. All the while, she watched like a prison guard, with the gun held casually in the air. I came back out of the bathroom with a ball of toilet tissue and dabbed up the remaining cum on the rug. Then I threw the tissue into the garbage and came back out into the bedroom.

I kept my eyes low, not knowing what she wanted me to do next.

"I should?ve made you lick the rug clean. Treat you like the dog you treat women to be," she said, still with a hint of anger in her. Then she looked down at my cock. "Get on the bed.. now!" She watched me quickly get on top of the bed. "Now lie on your back and put the pillow over your face!"

This made me nervous. What was she going to do? With the pillow over my face, I couldn?t see a thing. But I heard some kind of movement in front of me, then felt the weight of something getting on the foot of the bed.

Then I felt something settle around my hips, and a soft hand was pulling on my cock. I got really nervous. It felt good, so different for someone else to start jerking me off, but I didn?t really know what to expect. Was she going to jerk me off or was she going to cut it off?

After a while of soft, gentle massaging of my rod, I felt the weight shift over me again, and that same soft hand began sticking my cock into something that was tight, wet, and very warm. I didn?t know what it was, but it felt better than a hand job! Then I felt that weight move up and down, rubbing against my cock, and the feeling was even better than before!

I heard faint moaning above me. It kept up with the rhythm of the movement up and down on my cock. I was dying to lift up the pillow from my face, to see what was going on to make my cock feel this good.

As I thought this, I felt a hand rip the pillow off my face. There, hovering over me, was Susan. She was completely naked. I had seen her naked before, but not just inches over me. Her hips were sitting flush on my hip bone, right on top of my cock. I watched as it peered out from underneath her as she bobbed up, then vanish as she sat back down.

Then I looked up at her. She had her hair down, framing her face in a distorted black halo. From the bottom of my vision, I could see her huge breasts swaying back and forth with each bounce of her body.

"You like this? Huh?" she said with a wild look in her eyes. "This what you want to do to me? Huh? Bet you were dreaming about this, weren?t you little boy? Sticking your thing inside me? Huh? I bet you fantasized about this while you were raping me with your eyes. OOOHHH?

Yeah.. Just like this.. huh?"

I wanted to reach out and touch her.. to touch her breasts. She looked down at my hands as they fidgeted.

"You want to touch my titties, huh? Huh? You think you can touch me while I fuck you? OHHHHHHH? You touch me, and I?ll stop? you hear me you little shit? OHHH GODDDDDD?. You keep your arms right at your side until I tell you to.. you hear me?"

I nodded silently and let her make all the moves. The sensations I experienced was maddening! It was the most wonderful sensation in the world, and yet I couldn?t touch her! It was like just my waist was getting laid, but the rest of me couldn?t.

After a few more thrusts, she started to whip her head about and bounce up and down quickly on me. Her sounds with each thrust got more and more primal.

"GRAB THEM!" she screamed with a fire in her eyes! "Oh FUCK grab hold of my tits you bastard! GRAB THEM! OOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!"

I reached out to her huge breasts that lay just inches from my body.

They were soft and incredibly warm to the touch. I softly cupped them in my hands.


I grabbed them firmly. She started to buck up and down on my cock. I could feel the pressure in my cock start to rise with each thrust. I knew I wouldn?t be able to last for much longer.

She leaned back as she continued to ride on my cock, pulling her giant orbs from my grasp. She grabbed them with her own hands and continued to ride me.

"OHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKK!!" she waited at the top of her lungs.

I could feel her pussy get wetter and wetter as she climaxed on top of me. Her body spasmed, then she began to grind down.

Then she looked back down at me. "I?m done," she said between pants of breath.

She pulled herself off of me. My body got incredibly cold. And my cock was still hard from being brought to the brink. I hadn?t cum yet!

She reached for her robe, then looked down at me, my cock still hard, and a hungry look on my face.

"You served your purpose," she said icily as she tied the sash of her robe tightly across her body. "Get your clothes on and get out of here."


Her hand started to reach for the gun on her dresser. "I SAID get your clothes on and get out of here! You don?t want me to say it again, do you?"

That was it. I didn?t cum, my loss. I got up off the bed and started to put on my underwear on. I had gotten my pants and boots on when she turned around and pointed the gun back at me. She didn?t have to say it again. I knew what she meant. I grabbed the rest of my clothes and headed for the door.

"Stop!" she ordered.

I paused. I thought this was it. She was going to shoot me then and there.

She pointed the gun under my chin. "You?re good," she said softly.

Then she caressed the barrel down my chest. "You?re not going to say a word to anyone about this, are you?" I shook my head. "Good. Because if you did, I?d have to tell everyone you raped me. I?d embarrass you, your family, and everyone you knew. I?d blacken your name for years to come. You understand?" I nodded. "Good. Now, you behaved yourself, so I?m going to give you a reward. You?re going to be allowed to come back here tomorrow, and we?re going to do this whole thing again.

You?re going to be back here at the usual time, waiting for me to bring you in from your usual pervert place. Understand?" She waited for me to nod again. "Good. Now get out of here!"

I rushed out of the door and into the snow-covered woods. The cold bit into my skin, but I didn?t finish getting dressed until I was back in the woods. I was still chilled to the bone when I got home. I got in the shower, then proceeded to jerk myself off twice in the hot water.

The next day, I went back to Susan?s house and waited at my usual position. She opened the door and silently waited for me to come in.

She had me strip, then she had me get on the bed and rode me until she came. Once again, I wasn?t allowed to cum. When she was done, she told me to get dressed and leave. At least that time, she allowed me the time to get dressed before ordering me out the door.

The scene repeated itself every night for two weeks. She would order me to strip. She would get on top of me, then rode me to her climax, and then told me to leave. I?d have to finish myself at home every night.

Then one night, police were at her house. I went back home, only to have one of the officers meet me in the living room.

It seemed that Susan had gone to a bar to confront a few patrons on some charge of sexually harassing a waitress. She decided to teach them "a lesson," much like she had taught me one. She offered herself to them right there on the pool table. Five guys took turns with her, and she belittled them at every opportunity. She told them they had limp dicks and pathetic techniques and were all faggots and pedophiles. All the while, her video camera was recording the gang-bang from a concealed location. It also recorded how the last guy didn?t react well to her insults in the middle of his turn and grabbed a knife?

When the police found the video camera, they decided they also needed to gather any other video information about that case. So they searched her house, where they found her empty revolver, and the tapes she made of her dominating me.

I became an unwilling celebrity. The local press started to talk about Susan?s dark FemDom secrets, and painted me as an unwilling victim in all this. I got a dozen offers from religious groups to talk about the evils of sex to their parishioners. Susan?s friends were quick to paint me as some sick sexual predator who somehow made her into a sex maniac.

My social life was essentially ruined by the scandal. No woman would want anything to do with me, either because they considered me to be a lecher or a pussy-whipped loser. Guys considered me to be a joke for the very same reasons. I knew they talked about it behind my back.

A year later, I suffered an emotional breakdown and tried to commit suicide. I was in a mental hospital and extensive therapy for five years before I could return to society. I had to move to a different state and abandon all hopes of college. I worked hard in grueling jobs, and eventually felt good enough about myself to even think about a relationship. I got married, and now have an active and fulfilling sex life with an extremely beautiful and vibrant woman.

But every so often, I still like to walk about the street at night, wondering whose windows are open to me.

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