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Written By: Mary - (JoesSexyRedhead)

She managed to work herself between his legs and started kicking his balls. He screamed out violently, begging her to stop, pleading with her. Tears rolling down the sides of his face. "HOW DO YOU LIKE THIS DAVID?" she screamed out at him. "THIS IS WHAT ALL MEN LIKE FOR A DOMINANT WOMAN TO DO TO THEM!!"

She reached down with her hands and tightly grabbed hold of his cock and began to twist it as hard and tight as she could. Enjoying the pained grimaces on his face, taking in his screams, his pleas. "YOU CAN SCREAM OUT AS LOUD AS YOU WANT TO. NO ONE CAN HEAR YOU WAY OUT HERE. NO ONE!!!" she yelled at him and began to laugh, harshly. She took the toe of her shoe and placed it on his balls and began to stand, full weighted on them. Flattening them to the floor. They started to look as tho they might burst. He tried to reach down and grab her leg. He just could not stand anymore of this abuse she was bestowing upon him. If only he could get her down onto the floor and knock the hell out of her. That would give him enough time to get away from her. Hopefully. But, she knew all too well of what his movements were meant for. As she stood on his balls with one foot, she kicked his cock with the other. He fell back to the floor. Unable to roll about as she had him completely pinned to the floor. She ignored all of his pleas to stop. She relished in his sheer agony. This caused her so dam much pleasure, she thought she was going to climax on her own right about now. She stepped off of his balls and began to slide the toe of her shoe under his ass and into the crevice. Thrusting it hard as she could without losing her balance. She took the heel of the other shoe and stuck it deeply into his cock. Pinning him down again. By this time, his screams were becoming weakened. His strength to go on was seeping out of him. He was beginning to feel numb all over. His eyes were so tightly shut, he could only see black and white spots dancing around inside of his eyelids. Small flashes of white light popping around. She stepped back up onto his body and began walking forcefully on his body, piercing heel marks into his flesh until he bled. She walked up to his face and put her heel deep into his throat. He gagged convulsively, but was really not feeling anything anymore. He was starting to fade out. She could tell this and was becoming angry. She stomped her foot into his chest trying to bring him back. He only heaved a little from the force of pressure in his lungs. "DAMMIT DON"T YOU DARE DO THIS TO ME!" "I'M NOT DONE WITH YOU YET DAVID!" He only rolled his head from side to side and moaned. Not hearing a word she screamed at him. She stepped down and started kicking him, over and over and over. His body was a mass of huge purple bruises. Blood was running from all over his body where the heels had pierced him deeply. He thought to himself, "God, I think she's cracked a rib, I can hardly breathe. I can't move." "What has she done to me?" He felt as if he was going to die any minute now. And of course, if he did, he certainly wouldn't be the first one to die on her. Just another hole she would have to dig out back in the garden he was so unsuspectingly gazing at. "DAMMIT! COME BACK TO YOUR SENSES RIGHT NOW OR I"LL END IT ALL RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!" "YOU'LL NEVER SEE EUROPE AGAIN! DO YOU HEAR ME YOU SPINELESS BASTARD?" she yelled at him violently. Her body was so tense from the anger she began to violently tremor. Her fists were clinched at her sides. She aimed for his head again and kicked the HELL out of him. THIS time, knocking him completely out. Blood was gushing from his temple. His pulse started to weaken. His body was limp. He was completely still and unmoving. His breathing so weak she couldn't see his chest moving. "FUCK!" she screamed out!!! She got her clothes on and managed to dress him as best she could and drag him down the stairs and out to her car. It was almost dawn now. If she hurried, she could get him out to the main road and drive down a few miles and dump his body out of the car onto the side of the road. Like she had done the last 4. Someone would come along and find him and take him to the hospital and no one would be the wiser. She doubted he'd open his mouth to ANYone about ANY of this or about her.

She finally got him into the car and carried out her plan. She arrived back at home right when the sun was rising thru the moss covered trees.

David awoke two weeks later in ICU in Touro Hospital. He was sore as hell and at the moment, couldn't remember what the hell happened to him. He lay there, unmoving. Trying to figure out what the hell happened. The doctor came in to see him. "Hello there! How are you feeling?" the doctor asked him. "Like I was beat to death," David answered back.

"Well, you were, I'm afraid. Beaten AND kicked ALMOST to death. One of the locals found you on the side of the road, unconscious about two weeks ago and brought you here. Do you remember what happened or who did this to you?" he asked David. "No, not really." It hurts too bad to even think about it right now." When can I get out of here and head back home?" David asked. "Probably in a couple more days. Where you from?"

"Europe and believe me, I"m ready to get back there!" David said insistently. The doctor finished up with his examination and started to leave, then turned around and said, "You know, you're not the first man someone has found in this condition out there in the same area and brought here." "Oh?," David replied. "This has happened before then?" "Yeah, several times. And from what I can tell, it looks like some woman has one hell of a wild and violent temper." "She wears some mighty spiked heels and carries a strong set of legs. Man! Wish I could find her myself," he jokingly added. At that remark, David started to remember HER. And how he met her and where they went and what she had done to him. That vision of loveliness. Her long red hair. Her slender body in that long black dress.

"SHE did this to me" he thought. He just layed back on his pillow and smiled as he drifted back off to sleep. Thinking to himself, "Doc, be careful what you wish for."


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