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NOTE: These are stories that I wrote a while back, as requested by my Yahoo groups members. I was only honored to oblige them. I hope you enjoy them. But beware, they are hard core female dominant storys and may not be to some people's liking. And "do not", in any way, reflect my interest of actual participation.

Written by: Mary - (JoesSexyRedhead)

He had come over from Europe for a tour. He saw the bulletin advertising the party, on a bulletin board hanging in the motel's launderette for customers. The party was to be held in an exclusive dance hall and everyone was welcome to come and enjoy the fun. So, he decided he'd go check it out. It sounded like fun and he didn't have much else planned for the evening. He finished his laundry, went back to the room and proceeded to get ready for the evening's affairs.

He arrived at the party. The dancehall was a very old, historic building. Situated on a back street not far from Bourbon Street. From the looks of it, there seemed to be a lot of guests inside and he could hear the music and laughter coming from within as he stood out on the sidewalk. He went inside. He walked around a little, found the wet bar and ordered a gin and tonic. As he sat at the bar observing the couples on the dance floor, he noticed a woman at the other end of the bar having a drink. She had long red hair, was dressed to kill in a long, sleek, black dress and black spike heeled shoes. "Man! I'd love to lie under HER feet for a while!" he thought to himself. She looked up and caught him watching her.

She made a half smile at him and went back to her drink. "Handsome man," she thought.

After he downed another drink, he worked up the courage to walk over to her and offered to buy her another drink. She accepted with a smile from her cherry red lips. He could smell her perfume drifting into his nostrils, making him dizzy. How he'd love just one night alone with this woman. He started a casual conversation with her. "Do you live here, in New Orleans?" he asked. "Yes, just a little ways out of all of the city hustle and bustle on an old plantation", she answered back casualy. "Why?" she asked. "No particular reason, just trying to make conversation with you," he replied. "You obviously aren't from these parts, are you?" she said. "No, I'm on tour here from Europe," he answered back as he was raising his glass to his lips. She watched him with interest. The thoughts she had going thru her mind at the time were starting to give her chills. One night with this guy and he'd be putty in her hands. "So, how come a pretty woman like you isn't out there on the floor dancing with some lucky gentleman?" he asked her. "No one here I'm interested in dancing with," she answered as she ran her fingertip around the rim of the glass, "Until now," she she said smoothly, as she looked him dead in the eyes with a straight face. He was taken aback, so much so, that the excitement was almost too much to handle. "So, you want to dance then?" he asked.

She held out her hand to him, he gently took it in his and led her out to the floor. They spent the next couple of hours dancing and drinking and talking. He was enjoying the hell out this party. She, on the other hand, was making big plans for him. And what he didn't know was the best was yet to come, for HER at least. Whether he enjoyed her plans was of no matter to her.

The final dance ended with a tune called "Blue Flame", one of her favorites, everyone finished up their drinks and started for the doors. He asked if he could hail a cab for her. "No, I have my own car," she said. They walked outside. He walked her to her car. It was a nice one. A black Lexus. He started to open the driver side door for her when she handed him the keys. "What's this?" he asked. "The keys, you will need these to drive the car back to my place," she replied. He was agog with awe and wonder.

The surprise had quite taken him back. He had never expected this beautiful lady to, in so many words without saying them, ask him back to her place. He looked at her and smiled.

She smiled back. He walked her around to the passenger side and opened the door for her. Then went back to the driver's side and got in. "Which way?" he asked. She told him.

They drove for about 25 miles out of the city and into a bayouish area. Secluded, Spanish moss hanging from the two to three hundred year old oak trees and dark. VERRRY dark.

He felt just a tad bit uncomfortable, but shrugged it off as just being in a strange place.

They pulled into the drive just off of the main road, and followed it down for about a mile or so. Trees lined the sides of the drive. As he neared the end of the drive, a huge, old, white antebellum plantation mansion loomed out before him. The only lights on were the porch light and what appeared to be a light in the living room or parlor as they call it here in the south where these types of homes were concerned. He parked in front of the house near the steps. Got out and walked around to her side and opened the door. He took her hand and led her out of the car. She stood there and gazed at him, he stared back. Trying to read her mind thru the windows of her eyes. Nothing doing. This woman was too mysterious for him to figure her out. She put her arms around his neck and kissed him. He returned the gesture, graciously. Her kiss was making him feel the fire from deep within him, rise to new heights. He could not believe this was happening. He had never expected the night to end like this instead of alone, back in the motel room and falling asleep to the sounds of the television for company.

"So! How do you like it here so far?" she asked as she looked around. "Not bad. This place seems so immense for you to live here alone, do you?" he asked. "Yes, I do" she answered. "No one here but me and the ghosts that roam this cold, dark and lonely place. But, don't worry, they won't harm you." she said with a giggle. They walked into the mansion. She locked the door behind them and led him to the parlor just off to the right of the hallway. He noticed the huge and wide staircase spiraling upwards in front of him as he was following her into the parlor. "Hmm, wonder if she sleeps up there or down here on the settee?" he thought to himself. She fixed them a drink and sat down next to him and asked him if he was into female domination and the sort. He looked at her, questioningly.

"Depends on what sort of domination you're referring to, my dear," he replied back to her, watching her face with much interest. She sat her drink down on the coffee table and took his from his hands and sat it next to her glass and moved closer to him. She put her left hand in his hair and began running her fingers thru it as she started to loosen his tie with her right hand and gazed deeply into his eyes. He could feel the warmth deep down within his loins. She could sense it. She said, "the kind where you are at the mercy of a desirous woman and her feet. The kind where you bow down to your mistress' every wish and command, no matter what she wants of you. The kind where you could be led into almost sudden death in the end."

Oh man! He certainly knew where SHE was coming from AND leading to!! "Maybe," he said. "Why? Do you want to play my mistress for the rest of the evening?" he asked her as he turned slightly towards her and put his hand on her hip. She leaned over and started to kiss him, hard and deep and passionately. He returned the kiss the same way. Not knowing what she had in store for him tonight, but hoping it was going to be a night he'd never forget. And it would DEFINITELY be that.

~~To Be Continued~~

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