June 20, 2018
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Aunt Jill&8217;s Got Some Biggons!

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Aunt Jill’s Got Some Biggons!

My family is spread across the US, and consequently, I don’t get to see them very often. Growing up out in California, one group I rarely got to see was my Aunt Jill, my Uncle Jeff, and all my cousins out in Nebraska. The summer after I graduated High School, however, I made the long road trip out to visit them, with Lance, one of my cousins. He had moved out near us in Cali a couple years ago with his wife Alexis.

They were both in their late 20’s, about ten years older than I was, and they were going to do the majority of the driving. Lance hadn’t been back home in over a year and was anxious to go see his brother’s and the rest of his family. I hadn’t been out to see any of them in years, and since I had just graduated and had no pressing plans for my summer, my mother thought it would be a good time for me to visit with family.

So, off we went, on a two day marathon of driving from California to Nebraska. Lance and Alexis handled the wheel most of the time, one usually sleeping in the back seat while the other drove, and I rode shotgun most of the way. Alexis was hot as hell, and she always seemed to love teasing me with her flirty personality. I’m sure my affection for her was obvious, as I was probably staring at her all the time. She was much sexier that any of the girls I had gone to High School with, and her and Lance always had their hands all over each other.

Once, when she moved up front to take her turn driving, I got a very nice view of her perky little tits. Her top had a couple buttons undone, and I could just get the slightest peek inside, giving me a nice side view of her tit and nipple. The show didn’t last long, but it was sure great while it did! She was a very small girl, nice and petite, and she had a sexy little shape to her. Her tits were probably only A-Cups, but she had these bullet sized nipples that seemed to poke right through every top she wore. Her taught, tiny waist and nice round ass completed a sweet little package. I’m sure my cousin loved fucking the shit out of her on a regular basis.

As if I wasn’t horny enough already, just simply being a normal teenage boy, but having her let me look at her like that was only making it worse. My cock stirred in my pants, and I knew that I would be jacking off while thinking of that little tit just as soon as I got the chance. It wouldn’t be the first time I had touched myself wish visions of Alexis in my mind, but actually know what her tit looked like instead of just imagining it was going to be very nice.

We made great time, getting there in less than two days, with only a few stops to rest for a couple hours here and there, and to eat quick bit. Once we got there it was great to see everyone, and we spent the first couple days running around like mad, visiting everyone and everyplace we could think of staying very active.. By the fourth day things started to settle down. Being the teenager I was, it didn’t take me long to get bored.

The sleeping arrangements at my Aunt’s house were awesome. She had a very large house, and there was room for everyone. I got the best spot in the house, though, as they let me sleep downstairs in their basement. It was a finished room, much like a studio apartment, that basically had everything you could need. There was a small kitchenette, a full bath, a big living room, and a small bedroom. I was in heaven in my little private escape. I could almost pretend I was out living on my own.

So, as I was saying, things started to die down and it was getting a little boring. I started spending more and more time down in the basement playing videogames and watching television. One awesome discovery I stumbled upon was in a closet off from the living room. Stacked neatly in several boxes were seemingly endless piles of Playboy and Penthouse magazines. I found out from my uncle that they were his collection, and that the issues went back for many, many years. He was more than happy to let me look at them, but he simply asked that I be careful and take good care of them.

Needless to say, I happily agreed. Now I had my own little pad, with food and TV, lots of privacy, and to top it off, I had hundreds of magazines filled with pictures of hot, naked women. It was awesome! I figured I would hardly spend a moment of the next two weeks anywhere but in my new hideaway.

I got a bit worried when my aunt noticed how much time I was spending down there. I was pleasantly surprised when she told me she was fine with it. She knew about the magazines too, of course, and she told me she didn’t mind me looking at those either…just as long as I didn’t tell my mother. Even though I was of age, she didn’t want my mom knowing I was looking at my uncle’s girlie magazines.

My Aunt Jill had always been cool like that. She was someone I could always talk to about anything. She wasn’t all judgmental like a lot of adults, and she seemed to still remember how tough being a teenager could be. If I was having problems with my parents or with school or with a girl, I could always call her, and she was always willing to take the time and listen to what I had to say.

One late morning I had slept in and was taking my time getting up and around. I had been sitting in the living room reading a Playboy and looking at the pictures. One of the pictorials, not the centerfold, was about older women. The wording said they were all average, everyday working women, who had always wanted to be nude in a magazine, but that they didn’t get up the nerve until they had reached an older age. I enjoyed looking at the pics, since I had always found older women attractive anyway, and I couldn’t help but notice that one of them looked surprisingly like my Aunt Jill.

At that time, my Aunt had to be in her late 40’s. She had long, flowing blonde hair, probably dyed, and a beautiful face. She’s about 5’9” or so, with height running in our family, and I would guess she weighed about 160 pounds. She looked soft and curvy, like a real woman should be, and she had what appeared to be one hell of a pair of tits under her usually conservative dress. They had to be at least D cups, and I was sure they were all natural as well…just like I would prefer.

I never really thought all that much about her looks, her being my aunt and all, until I started looking at that issue. The lady in there, supposedly some lawyer, was posing in an office, her suit coat and blouse were wide open, exposing two massive, gorgeous tits. Her skirt was hiked up above her waist and the lacey panties she wore revealed just the slightest whisps of pubic hair around her pussy. Her hair was all pulled up, and she looked just like my aunt. I couldn’t believe it, and I also couldn’t believe how hard my cock was becoming as I came to this realization.

Not only was this lady turning me on, but the thought that my aunt might look just like that naked was also turning me on as well. My hardon had reached maximum woodage, and it was poking through the opening in the front of my boxers. Having just woken up, and needing to still get cleaned up, I decided I could get myself clean and still relieve my aroused state by jumping in the shower and jacking off...a common pastime for me both in my then teenage years and still today.

So, I went to the bathroom, which is small and right off the living room, stripped and jumped in the shower. As the warm water started running over me, I let my hands begin touching myself, slowly working down my body to my now aching cock. My thoughts began to wander, and they were immediately consumed by visions of this woman…or was it my Aunt Jill...nude, sitting on my lap…facing me…shoving her massive tits in my face. What a lovely thought it was!

I love stroking my cock in a variety of methods…first my right hand, then the left. I like to go slowly…using long strokes…my hand actually coming off my cock as I move forward, squeezing the tip tightly in my grip as I move it back towards my body. Then I will alternate again, switching hands some more…stroking it quickly, only hitting the rim of my large, swollen cockhead…using my other hand to tickle my balls or tweek a hardening nipple. It is like a dance, with a tempo and a rhythm…and if you do it just right…it can be just as beautiful, just as eloquent.

I love the taste of my precum as well, bringing it up to my waiting mouth one finger at a time. The sheer sight of it oozing out of my throbbing member is like heaven. Sometimes I completely let go of it, my love toy, and I flex my muscles and pulse my cock. As I look down I can see the massive head expand as it fills with blood, becoming wider, more purple, and more angry. It is usually then that a nice thick glob of juice will ooze out, sometimes even stringing down in a beautiful line of clear, salty fluid. I make sure and catch it all when it does, and I savor licking it off, amazed at just how good I really do taste.

So there I was, in bliss, envisioning this woman…or my aunt…a blur of the two, allowing me to fuck her, to touch and taste and suck her flesh, her beautiful breasts, her everything. I could feel the building now…unsure of how long I had been stroking myself, but knowing that it felt oh so wonderful. Thank goodness I had left the bathroom door wide open. If not, the small space would surely have been full of steam by now, and I would barely be able to breath in all the thick, moist air.

I pumped faster…grunting, thrusting my hips to meet the forceful strokes of my hand, my face contorting as I strained. As my thoughts moved to her face, my gorgeous Aunt Jill the clear vision now, her leaning down and taking my cock in her mouth, I could hold back no longer. That was my favorite fantasy of any woman, and seeing my Aunt Jill’s eyes look up at me…my thick, young cock in her waiting mouth, was more than my little mind could handle.

With an audible shout, the first stream of cum burst out from me like a rocket. It hit the shower wall with a splatter, and before the thick white glob could even begin to run, it was joined by another, and a third. It seemed like an endless succession of my salty seed flowed out from me that day, all in honor of my lovely Aunt Jill. Although I really had no idea she could inspire such lust in me, the cum soaked shower stall in which I stood made certain I had no longer had a doubt.

As my orgasm continued, even as I began to tire, I could not let this feeling subside. I began using both hands now, one stacked on top of the other, squeezing my cock as if I was trying to choke the very life out of it. A few more streams passed through my swollen, burning cockhead, red from the abuse I just put it through, but happier than it had ever been at that young stage in my life. I don’t think I had ever experienced a more satisfying instance of masturbation prior to that occasion, and I am certain that few have come close in the many years since.

Somehow, and I really am not sure how, I began to regain my composure. My breathing was quite fast and my legs felt like I had just run a marathon, but I began to slowly come back down to earth. As the moment subsided, I returned to the normal duties of showering, washing my hair and body, and rinsing myself clean. My mind was still not clear, the wonderful visions, and the confusion they were causing within me, continued to blur my focus and awareness.

I exited the shower, dried myself…including my still half-hard cock…and wrapped the towel around my waist. As I exited the restroom, I was rocked back out of my daze by and abrupt, “Good Morning Sweetheart!” shouted at me from the direction of the couch. I immediately recognized the voice. It was the melodic sound of my fantasy playmate, my sweet Aunt Jill.

There she sat on the couch, facing directly towards me, smiling from ear to ear. I returned her greeting and walked over to the couch, suddenly acutely aware that I was wearing only a towel in front of her. As I sat in a chair across from her, I also realized the magazine I had been looking at was still on the coffee table between us, and it was open to the picture of my aunt’s look-alike.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” I said, as I reached to close the pages. “Just leave it. I told you I don’t mind you looking at that stuff. I know how the mind of a young boy works. Don’t forget that I have raised your four cousins.” She looked at the photo, eyeing her twin closely. “I sure wish I had her confidence…to do something like that at her age. I wouldn’t think men would find women like us sexy…especially sexy enough to be in a magazine with all the hard-bodied little 20 year olds that these things are usually filled with.”

“I think she’s the hottest one in there,” I blurted, almost before I thought about what I was saying. Aunt Jill’s mouth moved into a smirky little grin. “Really?” she asked. She picked up the issue and examined the picture more closely. “I like her outfit…looks almost like something I would wear to work.” She paused as she looked at it. I could feel my cock growing under my towel as I watched her. “So what do you like about her?” she asked.

I nervously cleared my throat. “Let me guess…it’s her big boobs, right?” she ventured. I just nodded, and I could feel my face flush with redness. “That’s what I figured. Nothing wrong with being a boob man!” she exclaimed. I shifted in my seat. “Have you had any girlfriends with boobs like that?” I told her no. She smiled. “I’m sure it’s pretty difficult to find someone who is built like her…she’s pretty big!” she added. Without hesitation, almost involuntarily, my gaze fell to Aunt Jill’s chest.

I responded, “I think you’ve got her beat!” I couldn’t believe I had said it, but I was so glad that I did. I sure felt that she was playing with me, and I had somehow sensed it, so she deserved for me to play right back. If she was offended, it would be her own damn fault. But she wasn’t offended, of course. Instead, she smiled that beautiful smile back at me, as my eyes moved back to her face.

“I don’t know, it’s pretty close,” she replied, smiling even wider, glancing down at her breasts as she moved her shoulders a bit, making them jiggle oh so slightly. We both let out a chuckle, the mood lightening a bit. As I looked into her face I noticed her gaze fall, breaking eye contact, and although it took me a moment, I eventually realized she was looking at my crotch. I hadn’t realized it before, but my legs were apart, and she could see right up my towel. I wondered how long ago she may have noticed.

I also became acutely aware that this conversation had caused me to again become thoroughly aroused, and that I was sporting a full hardon. I knew Aunt Jill had a clear view of it, and I cold feel butterflies flipping all around my stomach as she took it in. She left her eyes on it for a few moment, seeming to enjoy the sight of me, a devilish look on her face. I thought about trying to cover up, but before I could take action, she broke the silence and took my mind in another direction, for the moment.

“Having big boobs definitely gets a girl lots of attention, although it can sometimes be a pain in the butt too. Sometimes you don’t want them to be noticed, but when they are that big…she looked down at her own chest again…it’s not that easy to keep them as hidden as you may want to.” We both laughed a bit. “Why would you want to hide them?” I asked her. She smiled back at me, appreciating the comment.

She explained, “Well, like when the boys were growing up and their friends would come over. When they were young it was no big deal, but once they hit adolensence, everything changed. I suddenly became aware that if I wore a bathing suit or something tight or whatever, I would catch their friends staring at my boobs. I really didn’t mind, I was used to men looking at them, making comments about them or even trying to touch them, but I was afraid it would make the boys uncomfortable.”

“I’m sure that must have happened all the time,” I replied. “Guys my age don’t talk about much else, so if they go the chance to be around you, I am sure they were totally mesmerized.” She thanked me with a smile. I saw her steal another quick glimpse towards my crotch, and my partially exposed cock. “I know just how hard it can be to maintain control around a nice set of tits,” I added, purposefully using that word, wanting to make the tone of the conversation a bit more raunchy. “Hopefully none of them got too stupid or out of line with you though.” I added.

“No, they were generally well behaved,” she responded. I could tell she was thinking back in her mind…a smile crossed her lips…and then a quick chuckle. “What?” I asked. “Well...she started...Lance did have this one friend that I can remember pretty vividly.” She looked and could see I was hanging on her every word. “His name was Thomas, a big football player type…she paused…much like yourself. He spent the night one time, and when I went into Lance’s room to tell the boys goodnight, I guess I had not been thinking and I went in wearing my nightgown without a bra underneath.”

“SWEET!” I responded. She laughed out loud. “Yeah, apparently that is what Thomas thought. I talked to them a few minutes, and when I hugged each Lance goodnight…she paused and swallowed…I was a bit surprised, but Thomas came up and hugged me as well…she paused again…he hugged me very firmly, he had big arms, and probably for a few moments longer than he should have…and during the whole thing I could feel that his dick was very, very hard.”

“DAMN!” I replied. She giggled again. “I didn’t know what to do. I was flattered, but a bit embarrassed at the same time. He was clearly pushing it into me too,” she said. I was shocked that I had actually heard the word “dick” come out of my sweet aunt’s mouth, and I loved her telling me the story as well. Things were really getting interested, and I was in heaven.

“I never see you dress that way,” I told her. She gave me a sneering smile. “I’m too old to be walking around like that these days.” “Like hell!” I immediately retorted. We both laughed again. As we did, I noticed her big tits jiggling up and down, and could not help but stare. Absentmindedly I also let my right hand slip down and squeeze my throbbing hardon. I was a bit surprised by the amount of precum all over the tip, and I realized that it had probably been stringing down all this time…and that it was doing so right in front of my aunt.

As I moved my eyes off her titties and up to her face I could see her smiling, her eyes moving back and forth from my cock to my face. I quickly let go of it, unsuccessfully trying to push my towel further down to hide the angry monster.

As my Aunt Jill and I pass knowing glances back and forth, she made an abrupt move and stood up, stretching, as if she had grown tired of sitting in one place. I stood as well. “Well sweetie,” she started, “The reason I came down here was to clean your restroom, since I hadn’t done that since you got here, and also because my shower upstairs is not working properly. I was planning on getting it all cleaned up and then jumping in for a quick splash off. You don’t mind…do you?” “Of course not,” I replied.

“When I came down stairs a little while ago,” she began, “I couldn’t help but notice how dirty the damn thing looked…she paused…that is one of the benefits of having that clear shower door on there. You can see right in from all the way out here!” She smiled from ear to ear as she looked me up and down, her eyes taking in my near naked body in front of her…my privates only hidden by the thin towel.

It was then that I realized it…when I came out of the bathroom earlier she had been sitting in the living room, facing right at me…I had left the door open…It was becoming clear to me now…her comment about the shower stall door…she had seen everything…certainly seen me drying off my body, with my cock still semi-hard…and she had probably watched me the whole time as I jacked off…pounding my cock with my hand…with visions of her naked body in front of me…my cum spraying the shower stall from one side to the other.

The butterflies began flipping again…my head reeling…as I was both excited and somewhat scared. Seeing what must have been a tortured look on my face my aunt reached out her hand, taking my bicep in her grip…”Hey, relax…don’t worry, I have four boys of my own remember…I’m not nieve about what teenage boys do to themselves.” I felt her hand squeeze my arm. “Nice muscles, by the way.”

“I’m so sorry Aunt Jill…If I had known you were out here or that you were going to have to clean the shower, I never would have…my voice trailed off. “Knock it off,” she replied, releasing my arm and punching my shoulder. “It didn’t bother me at all. I’d be worried if you weren’t doing things like that.” She paused a few seconds. “It was actually kind of fun,” she said, grinning. “I haven’t seen a taught, firm body like yours in many, many years. You should be very proud of it!”

Her eyes moved over me, touching me with her gaze. “And you should be proud of yours too,” I shot back. “Touche’!” she replied. We laughed again. “So, let me get to work,” she said, turning and heading into the bathroom. “You sure you don’t want me to clean it up a bit first?” I asked. She ignored me and got right to work. After just a few seconds she called out, “Dear lord, I didn’t realize a person could have this much stuff inside them! I think you could have practically filled the tub with it. I dont' think I have ever seen so much in my entire life!” She giggled loudly I just listened, unsure how to respond. “Too bad it’s not all nice and warm anymore!” she continued.

I’m sure my draw fell to the floor. She was so hot, and now I knew, she was also damn naughty. There she was, cleaning up all my cum, and instead of being repulsed, she clearly seemed to be thoroughly enjoying herself. I peered in the shower stall and I could see her, kneeling down, looking at her hands. As I looked at them as well I could see what she was doing, and I was shocked…in her left palm she has gathered a massive handful of my cum…it was dripping off all sides of her hand…and it was jiggling from side to side as her hand trembled. She was obviously very excited to be doing what she was doing.

With her right hand she was using her forefinger to play with the cum, dipping it in the puddle that her left hand held…moving it around…apparently loving the texture and look of my seed. It had to be the sexiest thing I had ever seen to that point in my life, and I don’t think anything has since topped it either. I wished to myself that she had been right there with me when I shot all that cum out…and I wanted to tell her so…but the words would not come to me. After a few seconds, Aunt Jill looked back at me, a smile showing her pleasure in the fact that I had been watching her. She then climbed out, coming out of the bathroom to where I had been standing.

“That’s good enough for now. I can clean it up more thoroughly later on. I’m gonna go ahead and jump in, if you don’t think you’ll be needing to get in here anytime soon?” I nodded in agreement. “Since there is no exhaust fan in here, I have to leave the door open, and since I’m just a shy ole’ lady, you won’t mind going into your bedroom while I shower up, will you?” “You got nothing to be shy about,” I told her, but I agreed to her request.

No longer had I entered the bedroom than I heard the shower turn on. Thinking of my Aunt Jill in there, her big titties in plain view…her lathering them up…rubbing her hands all over them…her nipples growing hard from her own touch, was a vision straight from heaven. In my mind I could see her hands moving down…touching her aching pussy…rubbing the lips while she pretended it was my cock.

As these thoughts filled my head, l leaned back on my bed and started stroking my cock once again. I was rock hard, my full, thick head flaring out from the sides of my wide cock. It felt so good, touching myself as I thought about my aunt again, and I wanted it to go on forever.

I was interrupted, however, as the running water turned off and I heard my aunt call out to me. I wrapped the towel back around me, trying to cover my raging hardon, and heading to the bathroom. I was a bit frustrated to find her standing in the bathroom doorway, trying to hide herself behind the door, her head peeking around the side. We smiled at each other.

“I’ve got a small problem,” she said. “I wouldn’t call them small at all,” I replied. She giggled and shouted back, “I’m not talking about those!” her eyes looking down towards her hidden, beautiful breasts. I just grinned at her. “You have the only towel.” I looked down, the front of my towel tenting out from my raging hardon that it was trying to hide. She looked down as well.

“Well, that is a problem,” I replied. “If I give you the towel, I will be the one standing here naked.” “I’ve already seen you naked,” she shot back, “so that is no problem for me at all.” We both laughed. She was clearly enjoying the flirting between us, and had no problem seeing me naked, but she also seemed uncomfortable lettting me look at her. I couldn’t tell if things had gone a bit to far from her point of view, or whether she was just trying to play coy. Being just a young man, and not wanting to push my aunt too far or ruin our relationship, I decided that if she wanted to be shy and stay hidden, either behind the door or the towel, that I should allow her to do just that.

“OK,” I told her, “here goes nothing.” And in one quick yank I pulled the towel off and held it out for her to grasp. Aunt Jill grinned widely and moved her gaze to my erection, in clear view now, and nearly pointing straight up from the excitement of the moment. “I wouldn’t call that nothing!” she exclaimed. I blushed some more, and my cock jumped from the excitement.

Aunt Jill took the towel from me, moved back behind the door, and began to wrap herself up. “Oh, damn it!” I head her say. “What?” I asked. “This old towel is long enough to go around me, but it isn’t wide enough to reach from my underarms to my ass. It only has enough material to cover my top or my bottom,” she complained. I silently celebrated this news. “You’re kidding,” I replied.

With that, my gorgeous, nearly 50 year old Aunt Jill stepped out from behind the door. She had the towel wrapped around her torso. Her massive tits were covered, but the towel stopped about her waist, and her neatly trimmed pussy was completely in view. “See what I mean!” she cried. I was speechless, staring at her bare pussy, the hair was trimmed neat and short, the sides going down along her lips appearing to be completely cleanly shaven. “Yeah,” I stammered, “I do SEE what you mean.”

“If I try to hide my bottom,” she started, and she untied the towel, moving it to her waist, “then I have to walk around with these hanging out.” Her massive tits were now in plain view, her hands down at her sides, her face aglow, staring me straight in the eye. I was in awe. The woman from the magazine had nothing on my aunt, as her tits appeared even larger, they were a perfect tear drop shape, and her nipples looked like the were hard and long enough to poke me from across the room. The sagged perfectly, as a large set of perfectly natural breasts should, and they had a wonderfully soft, milky white tone to their complexion.

I just stared at them, loving every inch. When I looked at my aunt’s face she was smiling, her eyes looked to be on fire, her face beautiful and flushed. “I guess you don’t mind, huh?” she asked. I reached down, squeezing my cock…this time right out in the open…directly in front of my aunt. “God, you are perfect!” I replied. I could see her blush even further. We stood there, in silence, taking in the moment, until she spoke and broke the trance.

“We’ll, I must admit, I feel a bit awkward trying to decide. Here I am, 51 years old, the mother of four, facing the proposition of having to be nude, to at least some degree, in front of another person. And it’s not just any person. You’re my nephew, the son of my sister, and I somehow have to come to grips with the fact that I can’t take my eyes off your body and that I feel completely at ease with the thought of you looking at mine.” She paused. “So you decide.”

“Decide what?” I asked. “Do I wear the towel around my waist or around my tits?” she replied. I stepped forward towards her, reaching out my left hand, realizing my right was still clutching my cock. “That’s easy,” I said. “Neither!” And with that, I pulled her towel off and tossed it to the floor. Before I could even speak another word, Aunt Jill moved to her knees…just in front of me…and looked up…her face the picture of lust.

“I want that beautiful cock in my mouth, and I want you to feed me a load of cum like you shot in the shower before,” she commanded. “I was only able to do that because I was thinking of you when I did it,” I informed her. “I know,” she replied…just as her open mouth closed around my throbbing and burning cock.

Her mouth felt like velvet, and she sucked me like I had only imagined a woman might be able to suck. I had quick, cursory blowjobs from girls at my school before, but my Aunt Jill sucked me like she was making love to me with her mouth, like she wanted to taste my cum more than anything she had ever wanted, and I was determined to fill her with even more than I had managed earlier on, when I was alone.

It didn’t take very long…she was an expert…and her beautiful face looking up at me…my cock in her mouth…her hands alternating between touching my balls…stroking my cock…and squeezing her own tits…the sweet moans and groans as her mouth, tongue and throat all worked wonders on me…giving me pleasure I had only dreamed of before…all were signs of a woman who loved to suck cock as much as any guy ever dream or ask for.

When I began to cum, the force was so great that my legs nearly gave out below me. My aunt reached around my ass, her arms clasped behind me…pulling me in close to her…shoving my dick as far in her mouth as it would go…ensuring every drop of my cum would find its way to her waiting mouth…where she could savor it…tasting me…swallowing me deep…being nurtured by my seed. I don’t know how much I blasted, but it felt like it lasted forever, and my Aunt Jill was snorting and grunting and swallowing like it was taking everything she had not to drown in my ocean of foamy, white cum.

Once I recovered, I picked up my aunt and carried her to my bedroom. For the next 24 hours I kissed and licked and fondled and fucked every inch of my mother’s sister, making her cum so hard she cried at times and nearly passed out at others. She taught me how to use my mouth to make a woman my servant, how to use rhythm and timing to make a woman’s loins burn with anticipation before making her wait…taking her back down…and letting her build again…only to cum twice as hard as she might have the first time.

We forgot we were blood relatives and we fucked as if we were animals…at times almost fighting each other in our intensity, but always returning to the pleasure of mutual satisfaction, each wanting nothing more than to make certain the other was exhausted in esctacy. I learned more about a woman, about pleasing her, and her needs and wants, in that short time span, that I have managed to learn in the many years since.

It was the greatest day of my life, and I will never forget it. My Aunt is no longer with us, but her taste and smell and very essence will never leave my mind, my lips, my fingertips. She later confessed to setting the whole thing up, sending everyone else to visit relatives for the day, knowing she would have me to herself. She had seen me showering earlier in the week, touching myself after looking at a magazine, and she knew I would do it again.

She plotted to use me…to make me her fucktoy and playtoy for the day…and I will be forever grateful to my beautiful Aunt Jill for doing that…and for her wonderfully massive biggons that gave birth to the man and lover I am today.


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