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Arcadia II

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I ponder this mysterious object inside me. It doesn't move or vibrate.

It's just there. Odd.

Three men file in and say hello. They walk up to the stage in front of my chair. It is covered in a blanket and many pillows. The lights are lowered and two of the men - the Asian, who was much better looking in person, very sensual and luscious - and the long haired one, kiss delicately.

Christ, they're good. Sucking each other's lips. God, they are so hot.

Big hands on each other's chests.

The third guy, Tony, I had named him, the one who had made me come, climbs up the stage. His hands on Long Hair's back, then his ass. Long Hair looks like Anthony Kiedis from the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Anthony and Tony kiss, and then the Asian one, I'll call him Hiro, begins to rub Tony's hard cock. My muscles clench the capsule within my vagina and suddenly it shudders, knocking inside of me. Like a tiny piston, or a jumping bean, shaking fron within. Interesting. I bear down again, and it doesn't move. Again, and no movement.

Tony and Anthony are going down on Hiro, who is on his knees. Tony is delicately sucking Hiro's cock into his mouth, causing his balls to swing back and forth with the force of the formidable suction. Tony's hands are around Hiro's thighs and his fingers are spreading apart his ass cheeks for Anthony, who is flicking his tongue back and forth, snakelike, over his hole.

Hiro's head is tilted back, and he moans softly. It causes me to again clench the capsule inside my cunt, but it doesn't move. I moan as Anthony begins to insert a long finger inside Hiro's ass and realize that I am shamefully pumping my engorged cunt up into the air, feeling the maddening silk of my panties encasing it.

The woman comes back in and silently attaches a pinching clip to my nipple. I gasp. Then, to the other. She is so clinical, so detached.

Then, just as I think this she meets my gaze, her eyes so brown and deep and heavily intent, and her fingers gently graze my pussy. The feel of her fingers gentle on the damp fabric makes me buck upward. I moan loudly, writhing. I feel like sex personified, a writhing female in heat.

Now, both men are sucking Anthony. Hiro takes his dick deep into his mouth while Tony takes first one, then the other testicle, into his mouth.

Anthony's fingers are clenching the side of the stage and his jaw is tight.

This woman is petting me and my nipples are so tight, and then she is gone again.

All of this stimulation overwhelms me, and I shudder and moan. Anthony looks in my direction. Looks at my splayed legs and clipped tits. This man is straight, ot at least bisexual, and I know this because of how his gaze lingers appreciatively. Hiro moves off of his cock until he is sucking just the head, and I can tell that his tongue is dancing over the swollen head and into the piss slit, and Anthony is writhing. Tony is jerking off furiously.

"Can I come, please?" he asks, and I realize that he is speaking to me.

"Yes. Jerk yourself off. Standing. So I can see. Don't be afraid to moan or scream. I like that."

Tony's eyes are glassy. He is on his knees, every muscle tight, clenched, head thrown back, still ecxept for his arm which is moving blurry-fast over his cock. His fingers grasp it hard I remember how coolly he stroked me with his thumb, meeting my eyes, deliberately and slowly. Now the roles reversed, and he is begging me to come. I realize that I am clenching the capsule tight. I want to cum. Suddenly the capsule inside again thumps and I shudder, clench, feel it fight my muscles that try to hold it.

Tony's left hand is cupping his nuts and squeezing and he began moaning in sharp bursts and his hand is a blur as it whips his cock. "Uhh, uhh, uggggh uhh! Oh, god, yeah, I'm coming, yeah, you like that?"

"Yeah. Fuck your hand." Suddenly my eyes are narrow and I am smiling.

I love this power.

His thighs are shuddering and his hips push forward and he is staring at my bared tits and his jizm is flying, one spurt for each of his loud yells, five in abrupt succession. "Unhhh uhh uh Oh, god, yeeeaaah!" and he collapses back onthe stage for a moment, breathing.

Anthony had the biggest cock. "You with the long hair, fuck him. Can you lube your cock up and fuck him?"


"I don't care. I want to see you fuck."

A bottle of lube had been placed at the edge of the stage. He reaches for it turns it upside down over his cock, waiting. A thin stream of it emerges slowly, threatening to fall, down and over his cock, and then covers his hot cock. It must be cold. He moans as it dripps down the length of his shaft and then with one hand he begins to jerk it, rub it in, breathing raggedly. His hips thrust forward. Hiro reaches around and places a finger inside of his ass, and he shudders, his thighs and ass shaking with delight.

"Oh, yeah," He moans, and grabs Hiroshi. Forces him down on all fours on the stage, puts a gob of lube at his asshole. There are hands on my cunt, oh god. I hadn't even seen her come in. With her fingernail she scratched the fabric directly over my jutting clit, and I cry out.

Anthony positions his fat cock at the entrance of Hiro's ass. He holds the ass in front of him and as I feel fingers snaking under my panties, he pushes slowly forward. It is very silent. I see his head moving in, its fat girth causing Hiro's tight hole to resist, and then it is locked inside, the tight hole clenched around the swelling ridge. Hiro moans, a high and raw sound, and Anthony, whose lips are open with heavy breath, begins to fuck.

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