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An Uninvited Visitor

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Back in the 80?s, my wife and I had been living in the Caribbean for several years. She had an excellent executive position in Puerto Rico while I owned a business on St. Thomas. We maintained two households but she had a pilot license and we got together most weekends sometimes at my place on St Thomas but often she would pick me up at the airport and we would fly to one of the many other islands for a couple days.

We were closet swingers and but only associated with a small group of friends and although we each had a social life on our respective islands, we only played together. The social life on St Thomas revolves around beaches, bars, and restaurants and I would regularly hang out in my favorite watering holes drinking rum and bullshitting with friends. Most of my female friends knew I was married and although they flirted with me all the time, they never went beyond that. The few that seriously hit on me thought we were separated because we didn?t live together and retreated when they found we had a solid marriage.

One woman in particular. Merrilyn, was always joking about getting in my pants but she was married to an abusive alcoholic and I never took her seriously. I always thought Merrilyn was pretty hot but she always was under her husband?s control and couldn?t understand why she let herself be treated like that. About 6 foot tall, fantastic legs, usually braless with natural breasts that looked like gr*pefruits cut in half and just stuck on her chest, and long brown hair reaching her halfway down her back. Maybe 140 pounds and 35 years old.

One weekend Linda came over and after a day on the beach, we went to a really nice restaurant and then home for an evening of sin and debauchery. After playing for hours we both dozed off and were awakened around 2 AM to the sound of a somewhat enebriated female voice yelling ?YooHoo, are you ready for me??

I could tell Linda was a little pissed off. She?s thinking it?s someone I?m screwing when she wasn?t around. I had no idea who it was so I got up to answer the door. There stands Merrilyn wearing an ankle length silk wrap around dress, and a white blouse with the top few buttons unbuttoned and looking absolutely ravishing. Obviously she had a few drinks but wasn?t drunk and she proceeded to tell me that she had left her husband a month earlier. She had been out with her friends but they all deserted her to go home after a night of partying. She wasn?t ready to go home so she thought she would stop to visit me.

I told her to come on in and have a seat in the living room while I would get Linda so she could meet my wife. The color drained out of her face when she realized my wife was there and started heading for the door to leave, apologizing profusely. I stopped her and told her to sit down. I said ? You woke us up in the middle of the night and now you have some explaining to do to Linda.?

By this time Linda has put on a robe and come out into the living room. She sat in the recliner but still hasn?t said a word. I tell Merrilyn to explain herself. She told Linda that she had never been to my home before (true) and had been drinking just enough to get up the courage to seduce me because I never took her up on her previous offers.

Linda, looking at me. says ?This calls for some sort of punishment, don?t you think??

Merrilyn looks up with a pleading look on her face and says she?s sorry, it was all a horrible mistake, and she just wants to go home.

Linda looks at her saying ?You came over here to fuck my husband so you have to pay.?

She looks at the floor and says ?What do you want me to do??

?You want sex?? ?Well sex is what you?re going to get.? You wanted my husband?s cum? My pussy is full of it, Stand up.?

Merrilyn stood up, still staring at the floor, her arms crossed across her partially opened blouse. ?Please, just let me go. I?ll never do this again? she mumbled softly.

Linda looked at me and told me to stand behind her and unbutton the blouse so she could see her breasts. Merrilyn tightened her arms and whispered ?No. Please, I just want to go home.?

?Drop you arms to your sides.?

Merrilyn dropped her arms, head still bowed and just waited. Her nipples were poking through her blouse. She was turned on by this and Linda picked right up on it. I stood behind her, unbuttoned her blouse and slid it off her shoulders. She never raised her eyes as I reached around and softly moved my palms across her stomach and up over her breasts. Her nipples were hard as diamonds.

Merrilyn whimpered a little and whispered ?Please, No? but she leaned back into me and her neck and chest were flushed a bright pink.

Linda looks up at us and tells Merrilyn that her punishment will be to do whatever she is told and she can leave at dawn after she fixes us breakfast. I?m still caressing Merilyns?s breasts and she?s breathing heavily when Linda tells her to lose the dress. She unhooked the button and it dropped to the floor. She wore no panties

Merrilyn had the most luxurious bush. So thick you couldn?t see through it but trimmed so it wouldn?t stick out of her bathing suits. I slid my hand down and ran my fingers through the thick curly bush. She was drenched.

?Come stand in front of me? Linda told her.

Merrilyn stepped over the dress and moved in front of Linda who spread her legs a bit and I could see her pussy when the robe separated..

?Closer? Linda told her.

Merrilyn moved closer and stood between Linda?s thighs.

Linda leaned forward and reached out to gently rub her palm over Merrilyn?s very wet pussy. Merrilyn?s legs seem to buckle a bit and she softly moaned ?Please?

?Please what?? Asked Linda.

?Please let me go home.? She whispered.

?You came here to make my husband cum and it?s only fair that you make me cum, too.?

?No, please, I?ve never done anything with a woman before. I?m not a lesbian.?

?Don?t lie to me, Merrilyn. You?re soaking wet. You really want this don?t you??


?You never thought about being with a woman? Never wondered what it would be like? We?re so much softer and we know exactly what each other would like.? Linda said as she slid a finger into Marilyn then withdrew it to rub the wet finger against the clit.

Merrilyn didn?t answer.

I was standing behind her with my rock hard cock poking out the front of my robe and pressed between her cheeks, my arms wrapped around waist. When Linda touched Merrilyn?s clit, her knees went weak and I had to support her. I lowered her to the floor and she was directly in front of Linda?s widespread legs.

?Merrilyn, feel my pussy.?

?Please don?t make me.? She whispered as she stared straight ahead at Linda?s glistening pussy.

?Would you rather get a spanking??


?Then do it! Feel how wet I am.?

Merrilyn slowly raised her hand to Linda?s bush and tentatively rubbed it. She made no move to withdraw her hand.

?Have you ever tasted yourself, Merrilyn??

?Yes? she said so softly it could hardly be heard.

?Do you like to taste yourself? Is it good??

?Yes.? Her eyes still averted to the floor.

Linda reached out her hand. ? Lick your juices off my fingers.?

Merrilyn closed her eyes and opened her mouth to accept the wet fingers. She didn?t have to be told what to do but instead sucked them gently and made little moaning sounds.

?Now lick my juices off your fingers.? Linda ordered.

Without hesitation, Merrilyn did as she was told.

?Do you like that? Do you like the way my pussy tastes??

?Yes? she whispered, barely audible.

?Louder, Merrilyn. I didn?t hear you?

?Yes? she replied, a little louder.

?Merrilyn, I want you to lick my pussy. Do you want me to suck your pussy too? Would you like that?

?Oh God!? Merrilyn moaned as she leaned forward and buried her face in Linda?s dripping bush. She was moaning and I could see the juices running down her thighs. Merrilyn raised up onto all fours so she could get closer in to Linda?s pussy.

?Merrilyn, do you want Richard to fuck you while you suck my pussy??

?Mmmph, ummm hmmm.? She moaned from between Linda?s thighs.

I put my cock against her pussy from behind and she was so wet it went in like a knife through hot butter. She reached up and pulled Linda closer to the edge of the recliner while at the same time pushing backwards to envelope my cock.

Merrilyn was drenched with sweat. So slick and shiney and sexy. Her hair was plastered to her face. Never once did she pull away from Linda?s pussy. All of a sudden she raised up and moaned ?Oh God, Fuck ME!!!? and she came and came and came. The juices ran down both legs and puddled on the floor. My thighs were drenched as well. Merrilyn didn?t miss a beat. She lowered her face back into Linda?s bush and in a few seconds Linda started wailing like a woman possessed, grabbed Merrilyn by her hair and jammed her face into her pussy as she came.

Merrilyn fell back against me with a dazed look on her face. My cock was still buried in her pussy but I hadn?t cum yet. Linda was spread eagled in the recliner. She released it backward so she was almost lying flat on her back then told Merrilyn to get up off the floor and join her on the chair. My still hard cock slipped out of her dripping pussy. They were face to face, rubbing their sweaty breasts together when Linda grabbed her hair and pulled her closer for a kiss. Merrilyn eagerly returned it.

I moved closer and reached between them and soaked my hand with their juices then brought it up to lubricate Merrilyn?s ass. After a few passes, her ass was slick and shiney, entirely drenched with both sweat and juices. Linda realized what I was doing and pulled Merrilyn into hold her tight. I used my index finger to rub all around her little brown hole, little by little, pressing harder until the tip popped in past the muscle.

Merrilyn raised her head and whispered ?NO, not there.? But her body betrayed her as she pushed back against my finger. As Linda held her tight, she whispered in Merrilyn?s ear ? Richard is going to fuck your ass. Would you like that??

?NO, Please don?t? She moaned. All the while pressing and pumping on my finger.

I started moving in and out faster and faster while she clenched Linda and held on tight.

?OOOOOOOHHHHHHHH God!!! DO IT!!!! Stick your dick in my ass!!!

I came almost as soon as I got into her. Linda was holding her tightly so she could barely move while I unloaded into her. Merrilyn started coming even more intensely than before and grabbed Linda?s hair to pull her in for a tonsil throbbing kiss while quivering and finally melting into a sweaty puddle at Linda?s feet.

The room was starting to lighten as the sun was coming up. Linda looked down at Merrilyn and said ?You still have to fix breakfast.?

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