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After School (Female domination over younger male)

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If you're real good in class and behave, I'll let you stay after school and we'll talk about your dreams and goals. After our talk, I'll come over and sit in your lap and see what comes up! Of course, being the good teacher that I am, I must ensure my students comfort and happiness, and take care of all his needs, however big they may be! I will sit in your lap facing you, kissing you deeply on your mouth, on your neck, massaging your shoulders, while I'm rocking and grinding my clit against your growing cock, turning you on and myself at the same time. You can feel the heat thru my panties that are now soaking wet, as I shift my hips and rock harder and press firmer, all up and down the length of your big beautiful, throbbing cock, my skirt riding high on my ass. A feeling comes over me, of lust and desire and passion, feelings that I know are wrong to have for a student, but you're not just a student to me. You're a passionate man who has needs and desires that go far beyond his years, needs that are raging and strong like the currents of a river, wanting to explore what lies around the next bend, wanting to push forward with anticipation, wanting to experience all things good and new. I dry hump your cock thru your pants, knowing it is wrong, but it's too late now to go back, my feelings of desire for you are too strong, every fiber in my body is aching for you now, my mind is a blank, except for thought of you and us, hooked up as one. The passion turns into frenzy, as I arch my back, pushing harder on your cock at an angle that hits my now throbbing clit, all I know is I'm on fire, and since you are the one who started the fire in me, you are the only one who can quench it and put it out. I have to look at your gorgeous body and face every day in class and have been waiting for the right time to make a move. I quickly get up and lock the door! You tell me to hurry up and get back over there, you need to feel your woman. When I turn back around, you are stroking your cock and have let the beast loose from your binding school boy uniform britches. Oh my God, what a delicious sight to behold, my eyes are fixed on your gorgeous manhood, just confirming the fact that it is a man I see sitting there before me, not a child. Just then, a bolt of desire shoots thru me,almost knocking me to the ground, guiding me back over to you like a magnet. Without hesitation, I remove my panties, and sit back down on you, pressing myself on you,I spread my wet pussy lips, so that I can ride up and down your extremely long ,rock hard man shaft. I again rub my clit along your shaft, reconfirming what I already know, there's no going back now. When I rub my my feminine button against you,it brings all the nerves in my body even more alive with desire for you,, my hot center is burning and in flames, my mind is spinning, the room is spinning, my breasts are aching,the nipples hard and pressing thru my bra and silk blouse. You unbutton my blouse in a frenzy,missing some buttons,and they pop off, flying across the room with the same intensity as that for what we feel for eachother at this very moment. I pull the right swollen breast out so it is sticking out over my bra, and I shove it in your face, begging for you to suck it hard ,telling you to squeeze it hard and to bite my nipple. When you do this,I cry out with joy, and start to moan and softly and deeply, you continue to suck on my breast, but I tell you to do the left one,too. As you pull it out of my bra, I position myself over the huge head of your cock, teasing myself just a little further, feeling your heat and feeling your pulse, begging me to let you come inside my garden. At the same time that you begin sucking on my left breast, I impale myself down on your massive rod, feeling the pain of you biting my nipple, distracts from the pain I feel as I push down hard on your cock, wanting so badly to take it all in,and feel you deep down inside where I am aching so badly for you now!!!I can feel myself starting to tighten up and spasm with delight, and I'm still trying to get it all in, when a wave suddenly appears out of nowhere, and washes over me, making my entire body burn,damn,I'm on fire,I cry out, and arch my back. I want to fit it all in, but I am gripped tighly around you now, unable to move or push down any more, you hold me tight,as I am reeling, so that I don't fall backwards, just letting me ride out, the last wave,"Yesss,Baby,oh God yes,Aahhh,so good,oh shit!", I collapse on your chest, breathless,panting,my head is spinning so bad that it is hard to see and to focus. My cunt is throbbing from this orgasm like never before, it feels like heaven to be in your arms, sitting there in your lap with you still inside of me. I start to catch my breath and look up at you, my eyes still glazed over,I can see a sweetness in your eyes, a look that said you were so glad that you could please me sooo much. But there was also a fire there needing to be put out and soon. You asked me was I recovered enough, was I ready for you, was I ready for more love,for more of you? I just smiled at you, and nodded that I was,and I told you to "Bring it on and stick it to me, give me all you got ,Baby! Ride me Hard! Grind me in to dirt! Show me who's Boss,show me who's the Man! Make me feel like a real woman again, like only you can do!" You got your green light, ready, set,go! You grabbed my ass cheeks and re-positioned me on top of you, I got my 2nd wind, you put you arms around me, hugging me tightly,grabbing my shoulders, holding me close to you, getting ready to give me all of you! With one swift motion, you pull me down on you, on all of you, OMG, it feels so good, never in my life,have I been filled up like that before,I can feel it cramping way up in my abdomen, I can feel all of you inside now,it's hurting, and I just freeze up and clamp down on you. You tell me to relax, and you start rocking me back and forth, rubbing your pubic bone on my clit, forcing me to relax, making me wetter, making me desire. You nibble on my neck and take my breat in your mouth again as you are still rocking me pressing yourself into me further, I can feel your desires,can feel your heat and your need. I take in a deep breath and relax and push myself down hard on top of you, Oh God, now you're in all the way and it just feels so damned good. I start riding your pole, grinding myself into you,rubbing myself on your bone with each stroke, the pain has now turned into pleasure, we buck against eachother like wild animals,I'm riding you, you're riding me,like there's no tomorrow. Don't know what day it is and don't care. Don't know where we are or who's watching. There's no one in the world right now,at this moment ,just you and me, we are one, like a finely tuned engine,working together towards a mutual goal, something we both want and desire and need, even though we know it is wrong. You're pounding my pussy hard now, there's no stopping, I can feel all your pent up energy and lust coming together in this one moment of intense passion. I look in your eyes and they are rolled back in your head, you are biting your lip and clenching your fists,just looking at your pleasure,sets me off,too.Just then,you pull me on you real hard, I can feel the your cock, can feel it start to pulse,inside my tight pussy,Oh God,I'm starting to loose it again, can feel myself slipping, that familiar feeling aagain....feeling you pulse deep inside of me, sets off a chain reaction, my aching, yearning pussy muscles start to twitch ,too, you can feel me and I can feel you, we are melting together in a mass of pulsing flesh,the one triggering the other one,working as one, you and me,"Oh God, yes, here it comes,can you feel me",you say, and I say,Yes, Baby,I can feel you, I'm right there with you, just hold me tight and don't let go,don't ever let go!Aahhhhhh, sweet release, I feel your hot cum shooting hard deep inside of me,triggering off my own sweet orgasm, our bodies tense and we instinctively grip eachother, as if to keep from falling off the edge of the cliff. All I know is this can't be the one and only time,we were so good together, can't let it go,even though I know it's wrong, I'll just have to take my chances, and pay the consequences,should we get caught.It would be worth everything!

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