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A Teenage Girl's Married Man...True Story

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Lady?s, for those of you who have done the things I?ve done you will probably agree with what I am about to say. For those of you who have never thought about it, I just might plant a seed. What I am about to tell you is how I discovered at a very young age that there is nothing better than having a married man to meet all of your sexual desires. Why? There is no risk of them becoming emotionally attached. There is no worry that they are not going to be discreet. They are usually sexually frustrated and therefore very appreciative and attentive in bed. All in all, I?ve found them to be the best ?on-the-side? lovers around. The following is a true account of how I came to discover the ?Married Man?Secret Lover? for myself.

In a previous article I recalled for you the story of my ?not so memorable? first penetration by my high school boyfriend and the subsequent sexual experience that I had a month later when I cheated on him with a guy I met on vacation. That experience, at the tender age of 15 taught me one thing; I love a hard cock. After that vacation, I went to family planning, started on the pill and screwed my boyfriend every opportunity that I had.

Now even though I had cheated on? we?ll call him ?Andy??

a month after I let him take my virginity I was a good girl after that. For about a year I never had sex with anyone but my boyfriend and was content to remain faithful. That is to say I was physically faithful but no matter how hard you try, every physical relationship is bound to lose that initial excitement and fireworks. The sex will become mundane and routine. So while I was faithful in the physical sense, I soon began to have impure thoughts and fantasies about other men. Usually they involved men and boys that I knew in my everyday life. Having cheated once before, only a short year ago, and knowing the excitement that having someone new to you can bring, I began to wonder what it would be like to see other men naked, to feel their touch and what it would be like to have their cocks inside my body.

As my one time indiscretion was with a man who was older than me, I began to fantasies about older men. To have Andy sweating on top of me, always using missionary position, until we both came was no longer enough for me. I wanted to know what it was like to have an experienced man. Little did I know I would soon find a way to make that fantasy a reality.

At this time, I was working as a part-time hostess at a local restaurant. I worked a couple of nights a week after school and weekends. There was a manager there that all of the women employees swooned over. For this story I?ll call him ?Chuck?.

He was probably around age 40, a little shorter than six feet tall, trim and fit with broad shoulders and a stocky build, a full head of salt and pepper black and gray hair and dark brown eyes. Even now, all of these years later, I?m getting turned on thinking and typing about him. In the break room the waitresses and other hostesses used to swap fantasies about what it would be like to bed him down.

Even one of the female managers sometimes jumped in on a discussion about secretly wanting carnal knowledge of this man. I was probably the only one who didn?t engage in those discussions but it didn?t mean I didn?t have those exact same thoughts.

I was working one Saturday evening as the closing hostess and Chuck was the closing manager. We were very busy during the night and at one point I got a chance to take a break for a few minutes so I headed back into the kitchen to grab something to drink. While I was pouring a soda from the fountain I could here the cooks engaging in some nasty sex talk the way that most young men often will. Chuck happened to be walking into the kitchen at that time and noticed the vulgar talk and the fact that I was standing only a few feet away. Being that I was so young he must have been a bit embarrassed about the fact that I was over hearing this rhetoric so he politely told the guys that they had to watch their language and to change the subject.

At the end of the night everyone had gone home except one waitress, Chuck and myself. Chuck was in the back in a little office off of the kitchen balancing the cash receipts to the register drawer and the waitress, an older woman, and myself were cleaning up the dining room and setting up for Sunday morning brunch. When we finished, the waitress said goodnight, punched out and went home leaving me alone with Chuck. Having nothing left to do myself, I went back to the office to tell Chuck that everything was set up for the morning and that I was going home. I had no idea that I was about to be presented with a unique opportunity.

?I?m sorry about the language you had to over hear in the kitchen earlier this evening? Chuck said after I told him good night.

?That?s quite alright? I said, ?It was nothing I haven?t heard from boys before.?

?Still they shouldn?t be talking like that at work? Chuck replied.

I understood his embarrassment for me. You see, I had a good girl reputation because I never talked dirty or even discussed sex with anyone. So out of the devious desire to have a little fun, I decided to shock him and see how he would react.

?Well? I said, ?it?s nothing that Andy and I haven?t done before either.?

?Really?? he said, a little surprised at my admission, ?You and Andy are sexually active??

?Don?t sound so shocked. You were a teenager once. Don?t tell me you saved it for marriage?? I said with a little giggle.

?No? he said, ?No I didn?t. Tell me something, do your parents know about this??

?No way? I admitted, ?They?d freak out. My mother would rather believe that I would never do such things at my age even thought she obviously did.?

?What do you mean?? he asked.

? I wouldn?t be here today if it weren?t for teenage sex?

I answered bluntly.

?Speaking of which, you and Andy are being careful aren?t you? he asked in a sort of fatherly tone that I found amusing.

?Of course. I went to family planning when we first started having sex last year. I?ve been on the pill ever since.?

?Just making sure you are at least being safe? he said again in that father like voice.

?Thanks dad? I joked. He just chuckled and continued to sort out his cash receipts.

As I turned to go I saw him smile and chuckle a little to himself.

?What are you smiling about?? I asked him almost accusingly.

?Oh, I was just remembering how bad Karen and I used to be when we were your age? he replied.

?Karen is your wife?? I asked.

?Of 23 years? he said, ?we got married right out of high school.?

?Are you saying you weren?t careful?? I asked.

?Oh no, we were careful. We had just planned on getting married young.?

?Well, I?m not planning on getting married until after college so I am being careful too. So just how bad were you and Karen when you were my age?? I boldly asked.

?Well lets just say I?ve got some stories to tell? he said as if wanting to leave it at that. Of course at that point, I wasn?t so willing to let it go.

?Well don?t tease me. Let?s hear some!? I coaxed.

?I don?t really thing I??

??should be talking to me about this? I finished for him.

?I really don?t think I should be discussing this with a minor? he said.

?Oh come on? I continued to coax, ?Who is going to know.?

?I guess no one? he confessed.

?Then spill it! How wild were you two??

?Oh we used to do it on the couch in Karen?s parents house after they were asleep. When we were supposed to be studying in her room. Once we did it in the woods at her family reunion and then there was one time when we did it in her uncle?s pool in broad daylight? he finally conceded to tell me.

I gave a little laugh and then confessed that Andy and I always did it in my parent?s living room when everyone was in bed.

?Ever almost get caught?? Chuck asked me.

?Once. We were on the floor by the TV. Fortunately we were under a blanket. A precaution incase the worst should happen.

My mom suddenly came out of the bedroom and walked through heading for the kitchen. We had been doing it in the spooning position with Andy laying behind me so we just stopped and pretended to be watching TV.?

?That must have been scary? he said.

?What was even more funny is that we had our shirts on but we were naked from the waste down under the blanket. While we were lying there, pretending to watch TV, Andy?s dick was still up inside of me. Then she stopped for a minute to talk to us and ask if we wanted anything to drink! There I was with my boyfriends dick up in my pussy talking to my mom like everything was normal!?

?That must have been weird? Chuck said, ? How did you get rid of her??

?I just pretended like I was really interested in the program on TV and she was annoying me with her idle chat. She quickly got the hint and went into the kitchen for a glass of water then went back to bed? I finished telling him.

?I?ll bet it didn?t stop you guys from doing it again though, did it?? Chuck asked.

?Of course not. That is part of the thrill; the danger of being caught? I said deviously.

?Yes I remember that? Chuck said, ?At my age there aren?t many thrills left.?

Boldly I asked, ?You mean you guys don?t still??

?Not for a long time? he interrupted.

?Your sex drive has gone down?? I again was bold enough to ask.

?Hers has. Not mine? Chuck, sort of grudgingly, admitted.

?That?s a shame. If I were married to you, I wouldn?t waste a single opportunity to have fun with you? I said, wondering if I?d gone too far with that comment.

?That?s easy to say when you are 16? he said, ?Karen and I started having sex when we were both 14. Try saying that after you?ve been having sex with the same person for 27 years.?

?You?ve never cheated? I asked.

?Nope? he said. Never did.

?But I?ll bet you?ve thought about it? I said. He just smiled.

?You know, there is not a woman in this place that doesn?t want to sleep with you? including me.? I knew I was way over the line with that last comment but I just had to see where it would go.

?You better get going home? he just said. But he was still smiling that smile that prompted the entire conversation in the first place.

?Why? I innocently asked.

?Because this conversation got way too personal. I have a daughter that is five years older than you in college for God?s sake? he protested.

I turned to go, a little dejected but then I knew our talk would be just that. Talk. He was a married man and he was a gentleman. Not to mention he was right. He had a 21-year-old daughter. I should never have been thinking that he might go for me. I was, after all, a child in his eyes. That?s it!

I thought deviously. Maybe I should show him I am not a child anymore. He does, after all, have a serious case of blue-balls.

How strong is his constitution at this point? If I were wrong, this would probably cost me my job. But then it would be my word against his!

Chuck continued to count cash and to feverishly punch numbers into his adding machine. I stood behind him and quietly kicked my shoes off. Our uniforms for work were a knee length brown colored skirt and a white blouse with a plunging neckline.

We were required to wear pantyhose under the skirt. I also wore panties in those days as the thrill of going without was not something I had thought about yet. So after kicking my shoes off, I lifted up my skirt and pulled my pantyhose and panties off. They were plain white panties but I was surprised to find the crotch wet. I touched my pussy and I was dripping. My conversation with Chuck about our high school sexual escapades had really turned me on.

I tossed the pantyhose into the corner, lowered my skirt and then carried the panties back around to the front of the chair. I held them out for Chuck and said, ?A present before I leave.? He looked at the panties then up at me. I was grinning from ear to ear. Then he smiled back and said, ?You are a naughty little thing aren?t you??

?Just a little present for opening up to me and being honest?

I said. He looked down at my now bare legs and then at the panties and then at my face. I looked directly at his crotch and saw a bulge beginning to grow.

?You?d better put those back on? he said, trying to sound angry but he never took his eyes off of them.

?Okay? I said, ?If that?s what you want.?

?It is? He said more sternly but I could see that his dick was almost busting his zipper.

I put my panties down on his desk and then stood really close to him and lifted up my skirt. My hairy pussy was just inches from his face. Then I sat down on his desk and spread my legs enough for him to see my wet pink petals framed by my soft brown curls. His expression was deadpan but his eyes were wide and glued to my pussy. Slowly I picked up the panties and started to slip them over one foot.

?Wait!? he suddenly shouted. I froze. Then he looked me dead in the eye with the most serious expression I?ve ever seen one person give to another. ?You can never tell anyone about this.?

?Tell anyone what?? I answered playfully. He hesitated a minute as if arguing some moral issue with himself. As he did, feeling I was very near to victory, I put the panties back down on the desk and spread my legs slightly apart again.

Finally he seemed to reach a decision. Still sitting he moved his chair, which was on wheels, between my legs. I spread them wide apart for him. His face was now directly across from my dripping gash. Staring at it, he paused again then looked me in the face and asked, ?What about Andy??

?What about him?? I said, ?He doesn?t have to know and neither does Karen.?

That was his green light. He started to kiss my inner thighs slowly working his way up from my knees to my crotch. His kissing of my thighs made my pussy actually drip onto his desk. I?m not speaking metaphorically. I actually made a little puddle on the desktop. Soon I felt his velvety tongue on the petals of my pussy. Now I usually don?t like to receive oral. I know it is a bit strange for a woman to not like it but I was never really all that thrilled about it. I had never let Andy do that to me. No one had ever done that to me. But I wanted this man so badly that I didn?t care. I was all his at this point. I was a quivering mass of horny jelly. He could do whatever he wanted.

He began to slurp at my pussy and my juices soaked his mustache.

Suddenly I felt his soft tongue enter my love hole. What a sensation! I had never felt anything quite like it and I suddenly surprised myself with a huge orgasm, cumming right into Chuck?s mouth. He swallowed every drop and then he suddenly stood and planted his mouth right on mine. I eagerly parted my lips and took in his tongue. As our tongues wrestled, I felt his bulge against my pussy lips. He began to gyrate his hips and rub the crotch of his pants against my pussy. I couldn?t wait any longer. As we kissed I quickly reached for his belt and zipper. In no time at all I had his pants and underwear far enough down his thighs that it released a beautiful eight-inch long cock. It sprang free and up against my bush leaking precum onto my brown, curly pubes.

He was going to pull his mouth off of mine to say something but I reached around to the back of his head with my left hand and pulled his head and lips closer to mine as the kiss continued to linger. At the same time I grabbed his cock with my right hand and quickly pointed it?s head at my slit. He pushed it towards me and when the top of his dick touched my petals, I almost came again. His dickhead popped inside of me and then got stuck. He was really thick!

He managed to finally pull his face from mine. ?It?s stuck?

he said.

?You are much thicker than Andy so it might take a little work but we?ll get it in? I said with my head spinning with lust. ?Start working it in and out slowly. Don?t push too hard or it will hurt. You should be able to feel my barriers slowly break down.?

?Okay? is all he said. Then he began to slowly and gently thrust in and out. About six or seven times thrusting inwards is all that it took and then I felt his tip touching my cervix and his balls laying on my butt cheeks.

Slowly he began to slide in and out. I looked lustfully into his eyes and began to lightly moan. I could hardly believe I was doing this. I almost had to pinch myself to make certain that I was awake. I had the cock of this beautiful middle aged, married man buried deep inside my womb. It only took about five thrusts and I came again; hard. As I came my moans became a low-throated shout. The orgasm seemed to go on for hours but when I was finished he began to kiss me again and picked me up in his arms with our bodies still joined.

He sat back down on the chair, which was an armless office type chair, with me sitting in his lap facing him. As I began to slide up and down on his pole, he unbuttoned my blouse and threw it on the floor. I released my bra clasp and he tugged it off. Quickly the bra suffered the same fate as the blouse and his mouth quickly went to suck on one of my boobs. As soon as his mouth engulfed my tit I came a third time. It was not nearly as big as the second one but very satisfying.

I unbuttoned his shirt and bared his chest. It was covered with light hairs and my mind contrasted it to Andy?s smooth 16 year-old boy?s chest. Chucks hairy, barrel shaped chest really turned me on. I leaned forward to lay my boobies against his bare chest and began to lick his ear. As I did this, I began to thrust up and down hard on Chuck?s big cock. I was thrusting so hard that my hips were slamming down on his over and over.

I was so wet and horny and had slicked his shaft up so much that there was almost no friction as my pussy slurped his dick in and out. I couldn?t believe this man?s stamina.

Andy would have cum long ago. I rarely ever had multiple orgasms with Andy and now I just had three of them with Chuck.

Chuck let out a small moan then he picked me up again and sat me back down on the desk. Then it was his turn to thrust. He pounded my little pussy with a vengeance and I could feel my next orgasm building. Suddenly his cock became very hard. He let out a loud moan and then I could feel his cock pulsating inside of me. As always, feeling a cock filling me with cum sent me over the edge and I came again. This was the most intense of my four orgasms with Chuck.

With his dick still in me, we began to kiss again sensuously.

Then we parted lips and he looked me very deeply in the eyes with his face only an inch from mine and said, ?Thank you.

That was the best love making I?ve had in a long time.?

?Thank you? I said with a smile and tears welling up in my eyes.

?What?s wrong?? he said concerned.

?Nothing? I choked, ?I?m just so glad you let me be the one to end your frustrations and I am so happy you finally made love to me. I?ve had a crush on you for a long time.?

?You have to promise me you will never tell a soul? he said, again concerned.

?I never will? I promised.

He pulled away and his cock made a suctioning sound as he pulled it out. His cum ran out of me immediately and onto the desk.

?Oops? I said.

?Don?t worry about it? he said, ?I?ll clean it up before I leave.

?What about me?? I asked playfully, ?I can?t exactly go home like this!?

?No? he said, ?I guess you can?t.? Then he pulled a clean rag from his desk drawer and began to wipe the cum from my ass and bush as I just grinned at him appreciatively.

We got dressed and he walked me to my car. With a quick look around, to be certain we were alone, we kissed lightly and said good night. I drove home with my pussy still wet from his cum. When I got there, Andy had been waiting for me. ?Where have you been?? he asked me in a very accusing tone.

?I was screwing someone else? I answered sarcastically and with more than a bit of edge in my voice. ?Where are my mom and dad??

?Down stairs watching TV? he answered having changed his tone when he sensed a fight coming on. That could only mean one thing. When Andy was avoiding an argument it was because he was wanting to get laid and not willing to risk a fight that would certainly blow any chance of that happening.

When my parents went to bed, Andy and I lay in front of the TV under our blanket. I had on only a T-shirt and a pair of panties. We kissed and he pulled off his shorts as I removed my panties. Then he stuck his hard cock in my pussy that was still leaking some of Chuck?s cum. That thought made me cum for the fifth time that night.

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