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2nd Honeymoon - 10th anniversary

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2nd Honeymoon - 10th anniversary

Wow, how time flies – we both can’t believe its been a decade since we tied the knot! We are in our 40s, have 4 kids and are really busy making sure they are where they need to be and doing what they love. So we were looking forward to a little get-away to celebrate. We didn't feel Mexico was a safe place to go back to celebrate like we did on our honeymoon (with all of the instability and scary drug war incidents), so we looked at other Caribbean locations and finally decided on Jamaica.

We are fairly conservative but had several partners in our teens and twenties and then settled down to start families, just not with each other. We met in our 30s and were crazy for each other from the beginning. We didn’t really start talking about our fantasies until a few years into our marriage when one day we stumbled on a resort that was clothing optional (Desire) and we really started talking about what it would be like to go there and what were are real fantasies. Amy loves to make her past lover’s, and my fantasies come true.

Amy is shy and really doesn’t like attention but was more and more turned on as we started talking about visiting the resort and the things that we (I) would find a huge turn on. We have an amazing connection and openly shared our past (I find her’s a huge turn-on) and future desires.

We boarded the plane and landed in tropical paradise. We made it to the house we rented for the week on the beach; which just happened to be near the Hedonism resort. We pretty much stayed to our selves the first few days and enjoyed re-exploring each other’s bodies and desires and being generally lazy. The 3rd night we pulled up some stories on SLS to get her juices flowing and my cock rock hard. I always read the stories making Amy the “F” in the MMF combination and she loves it. We both get so turned on as we read and she takes charge, becoming the center of attention all the while managing to take care of her guys. Several times we are reading and the amazing descriptions of both sexes and their feelings make me cum almost without notice, especially as I hear her sweet release and moans. Especially great as she takes the cock of another for the first time and gives herself completely while stroking my cock or sucking me deep in her incredibly capable mouth.

I have a hard time concentrating when she is giving amazing head so it’s a real treat when she goes down on me, especially when I cum in her mouth…..and since me, she swallows and loves it. Some of our beyond-fantasy sexy conversations have been centered around her demonstrating she has retained her oral skills from high-school and college. We have talked frankly about her fucking another guy, or two, but she has been hesitant to let another guy between her legs. She’s okay with getting it on with a former lover but the SLS stories have opened her thoughts to the random hookup from a night out on the town/beach/or where-ever.

As we read tonight she has her legs spread, beautiful breasts exposed and her hands around her favorite purple vibrator. Occasionally one of her hands moves up to caress her breast and squeeze her nipples. Drives me crazy!! Our night ends with finishing a story where the lady has spent her evening in deep sexual satisfaction while relieving her husband and new lover several times throughout the night. I comment that it would be great for us to make something similar happen tomorrow on our 10th anniversary night. She readily agreed and we talked about heading to a local bar we found the day before. We made passionate, reckless love and quickly fell asleep tangled in each other’s arms.

The next evening we dressed casually and went to the bar we talked about the night before. Amy dressed in a cute island top and short skirt with flip flops and anklet. She was smoking hot with her tanned skin showing and smelling delicious. We arrived and order drinks from a cute bartender that we had seen the day before. We chatted at the bar and as a few drinks went by we got a little more open, and probably louder than we should have been, about our talks the night before and her wanting to prove her oral skills. She had several guys hit on her, but they weren’t appealing for one reason or another and she let it slip that she really would like to take home a guy like the bartender. He was close enough to hear and said he had watched her all night and the guys that she turned away and there disappointment. He was definitely interested if she couldn’t find someone that fit what she was looking for.

She lit up and I felt her legs tighten on mine under the bar. It was near closing time and I told him we were just down the beach but not to expect any more than some heavy petting and maybe a hand or blow job. About 30 minutes prior to closing the bar tender’s friend arrived. He was the tall dark and handsome type that was definitely her type. She was struck! She hit on him immediately and I told the bartender to please invite his friend, if he was interested. I saw them talking and looking at her as she went to the bathroom ……. they both gave me the thumbs up! We finished our drinks and walked home on the beach. She was very excited and little nervous. We hadn’t done anything like this before. She said we had only talked about blow jobs but she was so horny she wasn’t sure she could limit one or both of them to her mouth and hands. I took her in my arms and told her to have fun. I wanted her to pretend that I wasn’t even there if that would make her more inhibited and to please let herself go. This wouldn’t be good for me unless she was totally into it. She smiled and gave me a passionate kiss and said you will be amazed. I smiled and we got our feet wet in the surf then went to our cottage. I got the hot tub going and she took a shower. Wow was she hot as she glowed with anticipation.

Adrian and Rafael arrived fresh from showers about twenty minutes after she got out of hers. We both greeted them at the door with drinks and invited them in. Amy was comfortable with Adrian from the bar and easily conversed with him and invited him and Rafael out back to the hot tub. They said they weren’t prepared with swim suits and Amy boldly responded that she was hoping that was the case. We turned down the lights and she slipped out of her robe and the boys pulled off their shirts and dropped their shorts and underwear on the deck. Amy had gotten in the tub and was sitting with a big smile on her face as the boys turned and got in the tub with her. They were both stiff and big enough to be fun but not so large as to hurt her (she’s quite small, and I am on the small size of average). Needless to say these guy’s cocks were bigger than me but I was strangely not intimidated. I dropped my clothes and got in as well. We all relaxed and talked. We had one round of drinks and when I came back from getting refills I could tell her legs were extended into the crotches of both her new guys. Things moved quickly from there.

They enjoyed her attention and she told Adrian to sit on the side of the hot tub. As he pulled himself clear of the water it was clear his excitement hadn’t diminished and he wasn’t intimidated by her or the 2 guys watching. She crawled to him through the water, put both hands on his knees and pulled herself up with her nipples erect and dripping. She went down between his legs and was on him immediately. He gasped with surprise and excitement as her tongue and hands caressed his cock and balls. He commented in gasps that he hadn’t had a girl go down on him in a while. She expertly read his body’s signs and pulsating balls / cock and had him at her mercy in less than two minutes. He cried out and groaned as he released his load in her mouth. She swallowed once, twice and then she deep throated him and she took his last two contractions straight down her throat. As she pulled off of him he gave her one last shot of cum in her hair and then gave her a passionate kiss. He ran his hand across her stiff nipples and down between her legs where he felt her freshly trimmed pussy very slippery with her juices. She smiled and slipped back into the water and expertly floated over to Rafael. He was out of the water with a quick shove up and she quickly started work on his slightly darker and smaller cock.

As she expertly worked Rafael’s cock she grabbed me and started stroking me. Knowing she just sucked down Adrian’s’ cum and the sucking noise of her going at Rafael and hearing him groan was driving me crazy. She looked at me with his cock stretching her lips and I told her to please concentrate on Rafael and sure enough she worked his cock and did something totally unexpected; slowly pushed her left hand under his balls and toward his ass. He knew what she wanted and scooted closer to the edge. As her finger wandered between his ass cheeks he groaned as she hit home. Within 30 seconds he was breathing heavily as her finger and mouth expertly brought him to orgasm. He cried out loudly enough to wake the neighbors and burst into her mouth. His orgasm was so forcible that his cock came out of her mouth and he shot 2 huge spurts on her check and into her hair. She quickly got him back into her mouth and finished sucking him dry and swallowing every remaining drop. As she got out of the tub she smoothed his cum over her breast and into her hair.

She smelled great as her love juices were flowing and the guys scent were all over her sexy body. We gathered our clothes but were all naked as we went inside for water and snacks. By then we were all very comfortable and I was amazed as Amy let them touch her and giver her light kisses and we moved about the small kitchen and living area. She flirted back and I was so turned on that I never got soft the whole time we chatted and snacked. It was a little after midnight and she suggested we head to the king sized bed if the guys didn’t have any where else they needed to be. They had both been prepared to go, but were excited at the possibility of getting to experience more of Amy’s expert sexual skills.

She lead the way and immediately went to the middle of the bed. I let both guys get in but told them to please leave the covers off. I asked if they minded if I took video and pictures. I was surprised that Amy was the first to agree and they said absolutely. What came next blew my mind. It was like I wasn’t there as Amy totally let these guys take her over the edge and they/I/we got more than any of us had thought while at the bar.

Rafael felt that crazy unspoken attraction earlier and noticed how Amy rubbed his cum on her body like she was making him hers. He was quick to move in to give her a passionate kiss. As she was totally swept away by his passion Adrian didn’t miss a beat, moved forward and had his hands running up her legs. She moaned and spread her legs and exposed her beautiful pink trimmed pussy. Adrian whistled and groaned as he got a closer look at the soaking wet thighs and tight hole for the first time.

I was rolling video on my phone and recording the noises on another by the bedside table. I was trying to stroke my cock without wiggling the camera as these two guys ravished my willing wife of 10 years. Adrian fingered my wife while Rafael completely had my wife’s upper body in total distraction. She moaned around Rafael’s tongue and lips as he pinched her left and right nipples (which she loves) and made love to her mouth! I couldn’t tell if was Adrian or Rafael was causing her gasps and groans. Adrian actually lowered his tongue and lips around her pussy and when he sucked hard and swished his tongue on her clit Amy screamed as she uncontrollably had her first orgasm and Adrian was treated to her juices. This totally drove him crazy. He continued to suck and finger her pussy and got his other hand between her ass cheeks and finger both entrances. Amy gave him another shot of her cum juices. By now Rafael was ready to take her. He stopped kissing her and politely asked if he could please fuck her….right now. Amy was breathless, but as he sat up she grabbed his cock and told him she wanted to feel him pump her, raw. I almost fell over with excitement. She was going to let him fuck her and cum inside her. I was going to get sloppy seconds, maybe thirds! Adrian finished his delicate assault between my wife’s legs. I noticed he moved his soaked fingers from her pussy to between her ass cheeks…… I knew he had something quite dirty in mind as between her ass glistened.

Amy turned over to her hands and knees with her ass in the air; her favorite bed position. Rafael looked at me to make sure all was good and I nodded approval while the video continued to roll. Rafael’s extra hard cock lowered between Amy thighs and I saw her duck her head to the bed and raise her pussy to meet his hardness. He hardly had to push as I watched his cock slip past her pussy lips and disappear into her warm moistness. She groaned as his cock touched places she needed to feel after being so turned on for the last hour. His balls banged against her legs and she groaned again as she knew he was completely inside her. He slowly and expertly fucked my her for the next few minutes. Adrian and I enjoyed watching them make love. It slowly got fast and faster and pretty soon he was pounding Amy and I couldn’t tell when one of her orgasms started and ended. She was putting out wetness and it was running down both of their legs. Adrian went around and offered her his cock. She quickly pulled up and sucked him in-between her lips as she was getting pounded from behind. This new scene drove Rafael wild and he quickened even faster and started to grind and grunt as his cum coated the inside of my willing wife. She moaned with delight around Adrian’s cock.

Adrian wanted to fuck her. She pulled him out of her mouth and he asked if she could take another cock fucking and cumming inside her. She smiled, pulled him out of her mouth and made him sit up at the head of the bed. She told Rafael to grab the camera and motioned for me to join her and Adrian. She moved up on Adrian as his cock sat straight up from his waist. She lowered her dripping hole with her and Rafael’s juices onto Adrian’s slightly larger cock. He moaned with delight and she sighed as his cock went even deeper than Rafael’s. She moved back and forth, grinding until she became completely comfortable with his depth and even got into a rhythm. She didn’t want to get too sore just yet so she stopped and motioned me to go behind her.

She said happy 10th anniversary as she guided me into her from behind. She folded herself over onto Adrian and let both he and I move with her sandwiched between. Adrian slowly raised her up and kissed her as I started to move faster. Amy came 2 more times as we slowly moved and drove her crazy with stimulation. I could feel him inside her which was weird but strangely a turn-on knowing she was getting something that I couldn’t give to her by myself. She straightened again and with passion made out with him and moaned as I made slow but deliberate love to my wife of 10 years. Her making love to his mouth with her tongue and my regular movements must have sent Adrian into heaven and I heard him moan through their kissing and I felt him jerk inside her just a few layers of tissue away. She kept his mouth occupied as he finished dumping his second load, only this time deep inside her pussy. I swear these guys had given her a cup of cum throughout the night. He kept jerking inside her forever.

He couldn’t stand it anymore and broke the kiss and had to get out as he shrank. I cleaned myself up quickly and told Amy I had been wanted to fuck a cum’d in pussy for almost a decade…..she smiled and said “Happy anniversary honey!” She lay on her back and spread her legs. As I crawled on top of her I could see marks where the guys had bitten a little aggressively around her nipples. Boy was she going to be sore tomorrow in several places. I lowered myself onto her taking in the scents of her sweat and the strange smells of both of her lovers. I got even harder than I was as I took all of it in and lowered my swollen cock into her very well lubed and swollen pussy. She groaned and we moved in concert as we made slow, passionate love. Adrian and Rafael both picked up the phones and were filming from either side of the bed as we fucked their cum out of my wife. I smiled and so did she and then we drew into each other and picked up the pace. I lasted less than a minute and exploded deep inside her.

Never did I dream that our first encounter with another guy would be not one, but two guys. They were really cool and made her feel so comfortable. As she lay there the two guys came over and made out deeply with her one last time and told her this was a night they would never forget. She grabbed their cocks and told them neither would she. They cleaned up as we brushed our teeth and went to the bathroom. Amy gave them each a hug and kiss and went off to bed. I lead them to the front door and got their numbers in case we were able to do another performance a few days later. They wanted ours in case they came to Houston for a visit. I told them we would definitely be in for a repeat performance with one or both of them.

I crawled back into the bed with my totally worn out, hot, sexy wife. As I snuggled up and she put her head on my chest I could feel and smell the scent of the two other guys mingled with her sweet smells. As I played with her hair I found the cum from Rafael and Adrian’s earlier release and massaged it into her hair and savored her smell mixed with their cum. Amy sighed and said, “I love you and Happy 10th”. I leaned down and kissed her cum soaked hair and told her she was the most amazing woman that I knew. I love you Amy!

The great part is we have some really good video that we password protected to take home so that we can watch later and get off to the real thing along with all the great SLS stories we like to read. It’s great to have a wife that likes to play!!

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