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dance lessons

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It all started some four years ago my sexy wife Kate started going to Salsa lessons every Monday evening with one of her girly friends. I would have gone but two left feet and the coordination of a dump truck meant that it would be a total disaster Any way back to the Monday dancing, the first thing I noticed was that she came home horny and sex was top of her agenda. I would tease her that she loved all the flirting and male attention which she totally denied but let me tell you the sex was getting hotter and hotter so there were definitely no complaints from me.

As a closet pervert I took my opportunity and persuaded Kate to wear sexier outfits on a Monday night. Thin floaty skirts that would swirl up when she danced and on this occasion a shear white bra and a stretchy top. She looked incredible her tits were held in places like two big oranges and her big nipples were clearly visible pushing against the fabric of her top.

I told her she looked great gave her nipples a tweak and sent her on her way. That night seemed to go on for ages but when she came in she was even hornier than normal and she told me that Gus the dance instructor had commented on how sexy she looked As we were making out I was telling her how hot and sexy she looked and I bet all the guys had been checking her out and hitting on her. This is when she told me that Gus had been dancing really close to her and had been grinding up against her and she even said that she thought she felt his cock against her thigh . Her pussy was soaking and as I kissed her and slid my fingers in and out and across her clit I told her he was most likely at home with his cock in his hand lying on his bed wanking thinking about her and how he was going to seduce her. Kate was bucking up against my fingers and I whispered in her ear “do you think he has a big cock,” she moaned yes, would you like to watch him stroking it “oh yeah yes she groaned,” “I bet he’s coming thinking about fucking you,” I said,” as he’s shooting his cum everywhere,” would you like that she just let out a massive groan and started cumming as she said “I want him to fuck me with his big hard cock I want to feel him on top of me as he comes,” and she started to shake and jerk in one massive orgasim. Wow I was speechless my wife had just shown a side of her that had me hard as hell and stunned in the same moment. For a split second I did not know what to do but then the testosterone took over and I just fucked like I hadn’t had sex in years.

We both fell asleep and the next day she was very quiet. After a bit she just grabbed me and said are we alright as she looked down with a guilty but horny look on her face I took her hand and placed it on my cock which was wide awake by this point. Katre just fell to her knees and took me straight into her wet hot mouth, I would love to tell you I lasted for ages but her incredible blow job and as she said to me “that was hot last night wasn’t it,” well that was it I just shoot cum all over her silky top ,cheek and the floor.

Next week the preparation took longer she started with a tiny thong and a halter neck top with out a bra which meant that her nipples were clearly on view and when they get hard they stick out, I find it so sexy when she dresses like that and other guys are always checking her out. Any way back to the story she came back about half an hour later than normal, she told me that he danced really close and that she felt her nipples harden against his body and his cock was pushing against her every time he spun her and pulled her back in. As he danced with her she saw him looking at her nipples and checking her ass out in the mirror and when he pulled her in close he said you feel and smell so good then he whispered you’d look good on me as his hand pulled her butt so that his cock was pushing against her pussy. It was only for a few seconds but she told me that she nearly came with the sexiness of it.

Kate and her friend were talking in the parking lot and as her friend said goodbye Gus came out and called her name out and waved her over to the door and as she went over she felt a rush go through her body. Gus told her that he was looking for a hot sexy dance partner for a competition in Syaracuse on Saturday. He said, “ I know your hot and sexy and I know you’re a great dancer but I don’t know if your husband will let you?

Kate told him I would be fine with it and she’d love to. He told her there was a new move he had been thinking about trying and asked if she'd want to try it out. She felt her self-blush and her nipples harden which didn’t go unnoticed, as he said “Don’t get all shy on me you have to be confident to get what you want “ and with that he hit the music and they were off. Kate told me that she was in a daze and it was lucky that the man leads in Salsa as he spun her, dipped her and by the sounds of it did what ever he wanted his hands and she felt him pushing his cock in between the cheeks of her ass as his breath was on her neck and his hands traced up her body and across her breasts. The next thing she knew he was kissing her and had her breast in his hand as he gently played with her nipple. She told me that she couldn’t believe it. Here she was a married woman making out with the dance instructor but . What happened next I asked ? I grabbed his cock and kissed him and pushed my tongue inside his mouth then I unzipped his pants and reached inside but I couldn’t get hold of him as he was so hard, that’s when his hand cupped my pussy and I opened my legs to give him better access I just wanted to be fucked. He undid his belt and his cock sprang out into my hand, it was so hard and so big I was shaking as I started to stroke him as we kissed and then his fingers were sliding across my pussy and as he touched my clit it was so horny I would have done anything he asked I just needed him inside me. I was so close to cumming when my phone started ringing and I came back to earth with a bump. I felt sick and sexy at the same time. It turned out to be her friend who had left her purse behind . They quickly adjusted themselves as her friend came back in. Gus grabbed my wife and pretended to be finishing some Salsa move.

She came home all flushed and as she told me the story I asked her are you intrested in him that much? “Oh yes I want his cock, I want to feel him fill me as he fucks me against the wall” Well I was stunned but more than that I was hard, here was my wife laying there looking like she had been fucked so I just pulled my pants down pulled her forward and pulled her very wet panties to one side and slid in to her soaking pussy. As I picked up the pace I said “he’s going to fuck you on Saturday isn’t he, he is going to fill you with his big cock and make you cum as soon as he enters you. Then your going to suck your juice of his cock and send me a picture of that. Yes I will she groaned as long as you don’t get mad and I can fuck him I will take the camera. What’s a guy to do I started thrusting wildly and said I want him to fuck you and we both came together. As I pulled out she just lay there shaking and twitching with my come leaking out of her and I thought to myself I am a lucky guy and I said he’s going to be a lucky guy, Kate purred and she opened her eyes smiled and said I will make him feel more than lucky. Well two days later she gets a call from Gus he’s in Hospital got knocked of his Motorcycle and has broke his leg. I joked that was taking it to far and he could have just said he didn’t want to take her, which went down like a lead balloon . Mark another guy from Salsa had been given the tickets by Gus asked Kate if she would be in the morning she said “sure “and I thought mmm! As I left for work I said make sure you wearing something sexy and give him a thrill. When I came home I was greeted with a I’m horny kiss from her in a tight very thin and clingy pink top and showed her nipples and a white see-through skirt with a tiny pair of panties that you could see. She asked me if her outfit was ok and told me she’d caught him looking at her. She said you are lucky that I didn’t fuck him I felt so sexy. I slid my up her skirt and felt the wetness of her pussy and her clit was protruding like a little bud. As I slipped a finger into her I asked if she liked him looking at her she moaned yes as I rubbed her clit. Then I asked her if she made his cock hard she told me she saw him adjust himself when she bent over she knew that he could see her pussy barely covered by her tiny thong and she took her time . “If he had touched me then I would have let him lick me I just needed to cum” she groaned. You like the idea of other men getting hard and wanting to fuck you it makes you wet and horny doesn’t it I said as I pushed into her on the kitchen floor, I’m always wet lately its all so sexy I just need to be fucked I wanted Gus I nearly fucked Mark I just cant help it fuck me and tell me what a naughty slut wife I am she groaned into my ear. So I did just that and told her that I wanted to have a threesome and have her suck both our cocks and then fuck both of us, you’d like that wouldn’t you ,two cocks at once. Well I knew I was onto a winner when she bucked and groaned as she came saying I want you both to cum on my tits.

Gus was still layed up but she was still going to Salsa so the Monday night ritual continued. It was a hot night so Kate put on some sexy underwear and I picked out a brown red summer dress. So off she went looking very sexy the dress was so thin I told her it was like she was dancing in her underwear as I gave her a kiss and sent her on her way. Three and a half hours later she’s back looking radiant and so very sexy. “You wont believe it I have had so many dances tonight I was dancing with Philip and I noticed he kept on doing some move that had me twisting and dipping, then when he held me longer than normal I caught him looking down my top he smiled at me and kept on dancing and , it felt flattering . I finished the dance and went to the ladies room and adjusted my dress, which is when I noticed that both of my nipples were clearly on view . My initial thought was pervert then I smiled and thought it was kind of sexy even though I didn’t fancy him. I was going to adjust myself when I suddenly just felt naughty so went back to the dance floor. That’s when I noticed that I was getting an extra workout as I kept on getting asked to dance one after another and they all did the same move. The fact that they must have been saying you need to dance with Kate you can see right down her dress. I just loved the attention and I even found myself doing things like leaning forward to check my shoe in between dances so that my next partner got a clear view. One of the bolder guys even rubbed his chest against my breasts and I saw him look straight down my top.I didn’t know what to do so I just smiled which made me feel really slutty. Then she said, “you like that don’t you, all those men looking at my tits“as she grabbed my cock. Yes was all I could manage but my cock told the full story. She was sitting down and undid my pants and started to stroke me as she looked up at me and said look at what they saw as she leaned forward a bit. Wow her tits were just there in full view when she said, “do you think they were hard looking down my top” Yes was all I could manage as she pumped me. “Do you think they wanted to fuck me” “You wanted them to fuck me didn’t you?” Yesss I moaned as I shot wave after wave of cum onto her tits. As the cum splashed onto her she said you like me being dirty don’t you then she said. “ I like being naughty”

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